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Concern Raised About Computerized Insurance Fraud Investigations

Insurance fraud has become a significant white collar crime issue in the United States in recent years. Brad Reifler suggested that recently, two professors from Michigan have raised concern that an extensive reliance upon computer programs to detect unemployment insurance compensation fraud have resulted in abuses.

The insurance fraud issue concerns many state governments. For example, just this month, the Louisiana State Police announced 12 arrests for insurance fraud and auto theft, with more arrests likely in an ongoing investigation of staged automobile accidents. In Pennsylvania, news reports today indicate that some 20 people were charged with insurance fraud by the state Attorney General’s office. Although most of the incidents involved allegations of car insurance fraud, some concerned fraudulent workers compensation claims.

Professor Steven Gray runs the Michigan Unemployment Insurance Project. Together with social work professor Luke Schaefer, he recently expressed concern that a computer program used to detect fraud on behalf of Michigan’s Unemployment Compensation system has automatically accused some people of seeking to defraud the system when either no fraud occurred, filing errors resulted in inaccurate data or employers made innocent reporting mistakes.

Professor Gray noticed a huge surge in fraud cases beginning in 2013. More than five times the average number of fraud cases were filed in Michigan during 2014. Professor Gray believes the process for detecting fraud should be examined more closely, and he has asked the Department of Labor to investigate the situation.

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ISPs and Net Neutrality: Betraying Customers

If you’re one of millions who have internet issues at home, you may have dreaded calling your ISP. Honestly, while many internet providers promise high speeds and satisfaction, many never receive what they are promised. Sam Tabar says that getting handed over from department to department is a fate worse than death, so what can you do?

If you are currently worried about your terrible internet speeds at home, there may soon be a major upheaval to call out shady ISP’s. It’s called an Internet Health Test, and it analyzes an Internet connection to find out if ISP’s may be violating the net neutrality rules by slowing your connection deliberately. This test was created by a site called, whose aim is to maintain a free unrestricted Internet experience for citizens.

From an analysis of 300,000 tests, Time Warner, Verizon, AT&T, and two other large ISPs are being accused to slowing data flow to dozens of cities. The net neutrality laws are supposed to entail no blocking of content on the net, no slowing down of sites, and no shortcuts for higher-paying customers. And yet this issue persists. Netflix had to buy a way out of the same issue last year with Comcast. What are we going to give as citizens? Even more of our hard-earned money?!

This subject is bound to implode at some point, and hopefully this will mean a fairer kind of Internet. After all, you spent your money on it, so why are ISP’s abusing their customers?

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Piracy Rates Are Down But Still Prevalent Compared to Streaming

Apple is set to launch a new streaming service to its users that will rival Tidal and Spotify, but their real enemy is an old foe that the company knows very well: music pirates. Even though many laws have cracked down on piracy over the last decade about 20% of all Internet users across the globe still visit sites that offer downloads of copyright protected music.

In fact, some folks at Beneful feel that just within the US borders approximately 20 million people still use peer to peer file sharing networks and the numbers are much larger in other countries where piracy laws are harder to enforce. As the technology of websites has evolved so has the software that allows piracy with many people using software and mobile apps that allows them to rip audio from YouTube and other streaming sites. On the flip side, only 7.7 million Americans actually chose to pay for a subscription service that allows them to listen to music via a live stream.

The good news is that licensed streaming has helped to reduce the frequency of piracy and is estimated to have been a large contributor to the reduction of file sharing rates. Over the last five years file sharing has been cut in half which is also largely due to great anti piracy efforts by the recording industry.

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Taylor Swift Influences Apple Music Stream

According the the buzzfeed article,, musical artist, Taylor Swift, had a big influence on Apple’s decision to change their new music stream policy. The company originally had plans to offer a three month trial period of free music streaming to their new customers. During this trial period, Apple would not be reimbursing the music artists.

This concept came to the ears of Swift, and she swiftly took action. The musical artist wrote a blog post that caught the attention of Senior Vice President of Apple, Eddy Cue. In her post, she vowed not to stream her music via the Apple streaming service. After watching the discussion and responses to the streaming/artist pay issue over the course of the week, Cue resolved to take action.

Apple will now pay artists 71.5% of the Apple music streaming revenue. Cue expressed the fact that he would like artists to be paid for their work. He wants people to know that Apple listens to the concerns of artists. Cue even went so far as to contact Taylor personally and inform her of the companies decision. Swift, however, wasn’t the only concerned party. Independent record labels were also heavily concerned, as they would have to pay a large amount of money to be included in the music streaming platform.

James Dondero noted that Swift has not yet confirmed as to whether she will now become a part of the service. Although, she publicly posted the fact that her voice has been heard, and that she is elated and relieved.

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Companies Slowing Internet Speeds

Have you noticed a change in your internet speeds lately? Unfortunately. Brad Reifler suggests that it might not just be your imagination.

According to The Guardian, several internet service providers such as AT&T, Verizon and Time Warner, have reduced speeds to several websites with high traffic for both business and residential customers in dozens of cities across the US.

In a study released this Monday by BattlefortheNet, surveyed 300,000 internet users and determined there was a significant decrease in speed despite the connections being provided by some of the largest ISP providers in the country.

This slowdown comes on the heels of the Federal Communications Commission agreed on rules to maintain net neutrality, including the rule that would keep ISPs from reducing traffic at their discretion.

ISPs have been outspoken concerning the FCC’s regulation. AT&T has been particularly present at the forefront in its opposition to regulation of their business attempts to corner the certain markets of communication services, such as their attempted merger with DirecTV.

Tom Wheeler, chairman of the FCC, has been more aggressive than former chairpersons when it comes to mergers in telecommunications. He stated at the Internet and Television Expos earlier this year that competition is essential to creating economic incentives that both help the market grows and provide service to customers are more equitable and ethical.

These reductions in speed seem to come at a curious time as telecommunications companies are preparing legal challenges to the FCC’s new rules on net neutrality. AT&T has gone a step further than their competitors and has decided to sue the FCC.

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Justin Bieber Wants To Work With Taylor Swift, Again

The only thing that better to happen to pop music than Justin Bieber is Taylor Swift. On Thursday Justin may have hinted that the two may work together again by mentioning he wants to get back up on stage with Taylor Swift.

The reason why the duet may actually happen is because when Billboard tweeted that Taylor Swift is leading the top 100 while Justin is finally making a comeback, he responded with how it may be time for the two of them to work together again says Ivan Ong. He even decided to throw a winky face in the tweet just to spice things up. Those are the signs and usually when something like this happens, the duet follows very shortly. Although Taylor may not have as free of a schedule as Justing does with her strong career trajectory skyrocketing with her album after album successes.

There was a time when Justin was supposed to be on stage with Taylor in London for her opening, but instead of going through the performance Justin ended up tipping on stage and breaking his ankle. He was taken to the hospital and treated for his broken foot.

They also made a song together when Justin was working on his Believe album but Scooter Braun, Justin’s manager decided to pull the song off the album since it didn’t fit in right with the other songs.

It is still not sure when they will work together again but all we can do is hope.

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Windows 10 Offers a WI-Fi Sense Feature

Windows 10 is offering a Wi-Fi feature that is built right into it. According to business executive Shaygan Kheradpir, this is a feature that will allow the user to share Wi-Fi login information. It is designed to connect automatically to shared networks. This Wi-Fi Sense had been a Windows Phone 8.1 feature. It had made the jump to tablets and desktop PCs with Windows 10. The user will have the ability to share Wi-Fi network access with, Facebook, and Skype contacts. It will automatically work in the background sharing networks that the user decides to share. The user will have the ability to control which of theWi-Fi details are shared. When the user selects the “share network with my contacts” checkbox, your details will then be automatically shared with all of your contacts. This will be completed with the use of Windows 10 devices. Wi-Fi Sense will have the ability to tap into your network of Facebook friends and contacts.

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Grim Google Predictions

Google can turn just about anyone into a hypochondriac. The ongoing joke that WebMD will always tell you the worst possible news incites laughter among the medical community. However, one British teenager proved that it can a serious thing.

Bronte Doyne suffered from a rare liver cancer that only affects roughly 200 people per year. After undergoing initial treatments, doctors assured the girl that she would live. Doyne and her mother googled symptoms after she became fearful her cancer was returning. What they found coincided with their worst fears, but despite all of this doctors refused to take her seriously. Instead, they instructed her to stop googling her symptoms.

She pushed herself into the hospital determined to be seen for her ailments. Keith Mann also says that after finally taking her word, it was revealed that her cancer had returned. Unfortunately, by that time it was too late to do any form of treatment. Bronte Doyne was going to die.

In just 10 days of admitting their mistake, Doyne passed away in a tragic twist of fate. Doctors at Nottingham University Hospitals are now rethinking the way they handled her case. The family has decided to use their tragedy to reshape and change the way hospitals treat googled symptoms. This sad story might be inspiration to save more lives.

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Netflix Available in Hotel Chain Soon

What do you do when you are at home and there is just nothing worth watching playing on your television? You will turn to Netflix and see what is available there. What do you do when you are at a hotel and you can’t find anything on TV that you would like to watch? Those staying at a Marriott hotel will soon have the option of using Netflix according to Beneful.

It seems that Marriott is going to be adding Netflix as an entertainment option at their chain of hotels sometime soon. This will help the guests who choose Marriott to have options when they can’t find something to watch on TV. This is a smart move from a hotel chain that is concerned about their guests and that wants to keep those individuals happy. Offering Netflix at a hotel is a good decision, and it will definitely encourage individuals to stay at Marriott.

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Marc Sparks Explains Why Academic Failure Doesn’t Decide Your Future

A lot of great people in the world were not successful academically. Bill Gates is the most common example who proves that academic success isn’t everything. Also, various people who were brilliant academically didn’t achieve greatness in life as compared to others. Marc Sparks is one of the people who was a C student but is now Timber Creek Capital’s head, venture capitalist, businessman and a successful entrepreneur. He is a success story proving that despite being average academically, people can still achieve greatness and their future doesn’t have to be bleak.

Here are some points that explain why academic failure isn’t the end of everything –

Dreams Achieve Success, Not Grades – Marc Sparks believes that in order to be successful in life, people need to dream big. Dreams lay the groundwork for success and instill confidence. On top of that, ambition and creativity are fueled by dreaming big. The most successful people in the world were big dreamers and Marc Sparks still dreams big. Grades and success should not be compared.

Dedication, Intelligence and Talent Can Be Missed By Academic Performance – Academic performance is dependent on a number of factors – ability to thrive under pressure, some amount of rote learning, state of mind, confidence, and so much more. Most of these factors are honed as people experience new things. Marc Sparks believes that traits like talent, intelligence and dedication can often be missed during exams.He, however, also mentions that people should try to see their grades as building blocks that improve basics and shape confidence for the future.

Development Depends On Perseverance – Perseverance is something that can make any person achieve the unexpected. People who don’t achieve academic success work that much harder for their dreams because they have not had everything easy in their life. It leads to growth in an individual because without academic success, hard work has to compensate for everything. Persevering to achieve something has never gone wrong for Marc Sparks and this is why he tells people not to let academic failure get them down.

However, according to Bloomberg, Marc Sparks also stresses on the fact that doing well academically would make the road easier for most people and reduce some hardships. It provides a great theoretical basis for life and smooths out the roadblocks. However, simply because one doesn’t do well in academics doesn’t mean that dreams and ambitions have to crash down.

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