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Dan Newlin is committed to the public

Dan Newlin is an injury attorney based in Florida, who has been awarded over one hundred million dollars for his clients. He has based his life on public service. First he worked as an EMT at 18 years old in Indiana before going into law enforcement. In 97 He attended law school while still working for the sheriff’s department. He worked for the Sheriff full time while going to night school for a degree in Business Management before going on to attain a law degree from the law school at Florida State. Mr. Newlin was very grateful to Sheriff Kevin Beary who kept him on staff while he was in law school.

Dan Newlin’s practice has grown from a small office to a large practice of note. Mr. Newlin is licensed in Chicago, as well as Florida. He has offices in both states. His firm provides personal legal amenities from exceedingly experienced attorneys. These attorneys specialize in a broad range of specialties to better meet customer expectations. They pride themselves on being a first tier practice committed to their clients. Newlin’s team has been acknowledged as a Super Lawyer Law Firm.

Dan Newlin has also made a name for himself by being ahead of the Hashtag curve. In Florida people can dial #Dan to contact his law office. He wanted to raise awareness of his company and give his clients new or old, a better way to get in contact with him. #Dan is available in Chicago as well as Florida. Newlin’s law offices are located in both states. It took Newlin around eighteen months and talks with four major companies to get the needed agreement for him to use the #Dan number as his own. Newlin then started advertising so that clients would know this new development. He is most definitely in the lead of the abbreviated dialing code front. Check out Dan Newlin on YouTube.

Newlin is proud that the US has a system that allows people to be more than victims. The fact that he can be there to help clients fight for their rights and receive proper recompense for their losses makes him grateful. He also draws a line at insurance companies not giving the benefits that clients had paid for, trying to back out of responsibility to keep from paying out. Dan Newlins Law Office opened in 2001. The Attorneys of MR. Newlins firm has focused on protecting their client’s rights and trying to get them a settlement that will help provide for the patron during their recovery. Dan Newlin is inspired by his clients. Their stories remind him regularly, why he became an attorney. He wants to be there for them as their defender and support.

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Take a Picture. It Searches Faster.

In today’s technology driven world, consumers are looking for ways to find information quickly and efficiently. Gone are the days of sitting at the computer for hours searching for a product and where to find it at the best price. In this mobile generation, everything is at consumers’ fingertips and the faster information can be found, the better.
Companies are constantly working to build their customer base and the ability to market their product online has given them that ability. Company websites brought products to consumers in other states and countries and search engines brought company websites to consumers in a split second. Smart phones enabled customers to search on the go and find the things they need locally or online. Virtually anything can now be found with a quick and simple search, no matter where a customer happens to be.
The next leap forward in online marketing now comes in the form of product recognition. Companies can now add more products to their online store and consumers can find these products by putting a picture in their search engine. Image recognition saves space on a company’s website by allowing the company to put less information, because the need to overload a product description with words to boost SEO isn’t as essential. Companies can post pictures of a product and when consumers use visual search, the search engine finds products based on elements in the search photo. This enables companies to post more pictures of products they offer.
Slyce is one of the leading providers of product recognition technology. Slyce has developed their own product recognition software that companies can incorporate straight into their app, allowing consumers to snap a picture and find a product that is close to or exactly like their search query. Slyce also enables consumers to download one of their existing apps and search by image to find whatever they may be looking for.
Search technology has come a long way since the first search engine was created and consumers have faithfully followed the ease of access. Companies have jumped on ways to bring more customers to their business and product recognition has brought that ease of access to both. Visual search is the new forefront of search technology and is bringing businesses and consumers closer than ever.

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Being a Businesswoman

Women are every bit as capable of running a business as men are. They can handle everything that comes with running a business of any size. There are certain skills that need to be learn in order for anyone to be able to run a successful business, male or female. While many still say tat it is a man’s world, there are plenty of business owners and managers that are women. As a matter of fact, running a business as a woman is almost exactly the same as running a business as a man.

In order for a woman to run a successful business, she has to take a few steps. The first step is knowing what she is passionate about. The best chance anyone has to run a successful business is for it to be based around what one is passionate about. It doesn’t matter what her passion is. If her business is centered around something that she is not passionate about, then it will more likely fail. Also, she will also be more vulnerable to burnout and other work related issues.

An aspiring businesswoman would be wise to learn from other businesswomen who have set out before her. She could learn from the mistakes that they have made, the methods they have tried which have helped, and other small bits of wisdom that could help the woman succeed in whatever business they try to start. There are plenty of books and articles that she could read that provide a lot of information that would prepare her for what she has to take on. Among the things she will learn about are leadership skills, hiring the right people, working with her employees and other business related activities.

Among the businesswomen that have a lot of lessons for aspiring businesswomen is Susan Mcgalla on She can give a lot of advice on being a business owner and a business woman. A lot of what she has to say is very helpful getting women to advance in their careers and take on leadership roles. Susan McGalla has spoken on a lot of topics related to being in the workforce as a woman. She has advice that is not just generic and pandering, but they actually could be applied in the lives of women.

When an aspiring businesswoman learns from a successful woman such as Susan McGalla, then her chances of succeeding improve as she applies what is told to her. There are other successful business owners to learn from. A large part of one’s success is education and knowledge. Another part is her application of the knowledge that she has gained.

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Tips For Efficient Capital Management

Implementing efficient capital management is a vital step towards ensuring a business maintains adequate liquid resources required to conduct its daily operations. Capital management is also commonly referred to as gross working capital, which refers to a company’s current short term assets, such as: cash, inventory, accounts receivable and marketable securities.

Efficient capital management involves trying to strike a balance between minimizing the risk of insolvency and maximizing the return on total assets. It is important to remember that while a long term analytic approach to managing finances is mostly strategic planning, managing gross working capital through capital management tactics covers day to day operations.

Here are a few quick tips to help business owners effectively manage their working capital.

1. Cash Flow Forecasting

Proper cash flow forecasting requires the business owner or accountant to take into consideration a variety of elements, such as: The nature of market cycles, steps taken by industry competitors, the impact of losing returning customers, unexpected events that may affect the overall performance of the business, and taking into consideration the unanticipated demands that may affect working capital.

2. Contingency Plans for the Unexpected

It doesn’t matter how profitable a business might be, it is crucial to the success of any company that plans and preparations are made, which will make it much easier to cope with unexpected events that can have a lasting, damaging impact on overall performance. Practice preparing for these unwanted events by creating and revising several risk management procedures. Keep in mind that it is imperative to ensure that each risk management procedure is created based off the realistic and objective point of view of the company’s working capital needs.

One person who knows just how major an impact proper capital management can have on a business is Claudio Loureiro. Claudio Loureiro is co-founder of Heads Propaganda, the fourth largest Brazilian advertisement agency in Brazil, with over 25 years of experience. Apart from running one of the top ad agencies in Brazil, Claudio is a businessman and entrepreneur in his own right.

Loureiro is always seeking new investments in popular culture, always striving to create new forms of advertising, new ways of thinking, and is always attempting to bring new innovations to his beloved South American country. His firm represents such companies as Volvo, Apothecary, and Shop South Federal Savings. In 2011, his business was selected by the Great Places to Work Institute as the single best advertising agency in Brazil. Claudio Loureiro was also the man responsible for convincing Woody Allen to come to Brazil to film.

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Visual Effects Change Over The History Of The Film Industry

In 1896 French filmmaker Georges Melies shocked the world with his accidental discovery of the stop substitution trick, which he would go on to use to great effect in the silent films he created. This simple use of visual effects has led on to the development of different effects and much later to the discovery of computer generated images that are leading to groundbreaking work within the field of visual effects. The use of computer effects is a major area of growth within the film industry and is now creeping into live entertainment at awards shows and in major stage productions.

Melies work can be seen as a direct ancestor to some of the major visual effects producers of the 21st century. Computer generated effects are now being used solely by some film industry visual effects experts and merged with more traditional techniques by others. Variety writes that John Textor has been one of the biggest supporters of visual effects producers of recent years through his work with Digital Domain and now with the Pulse Evolution Corporation. The appointment of Textor to the board of Digital Domain provided the company with a direction and boost it had required for many years. Textor repositioned the company as a visual effects specialist who won an Oscar for its work on The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, before John Textor departed for the new challenges offered by Pulse Evolution.

The evolution to computer generated characters has been on the cards for many years and has reached a high watermark with the production of major characters in some of the top blockbusters of recent years. The work overseen by John Textor on The Curious Case of Benjamin Button was so good that the work was nominated for a makeup Oscar despite the fact that the character was completely computer generated.

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Building Wealth With Investment Banks


Building wealth over time is one of the principal goals of many people. There are millions of people in the United States that are right on the cusp of retirement, and having enough money to do so is vital. One of the best ways to build wealth over time is to earn a high rate of return on investments. However, there are many people that do not understand how to earn a higher rate of return on their invested capital. At the end of the day, anyone that is able to do so is going to have a huge advantage in building a large amount of wealth over time. Investment banks are places that work to manage money professionally for people in an attempt to earn a higher rate of return. Although they typically charge some sort of fee, the clients should come out ahead in the end due to the higher rate of return on the invested money. James Dondero is one of the leaders in the field of investment banking today. Here are several ways to build wealth through investments.

Increase Contributions

There are two variables that will determine how quickly a person can build wealth over time. These are the amount of money invested and the rate of return that a person earns. Even with a high rate of return, if a person does not invest enough money each period they are not going to build enough wealth over time to move the needle. Likewise, anyone that invests a lot of money each period but earns a low rate of return will not build wealth either. One of the best ways to speed up this process is to increase the automatic contributions that are used each month or quarter. There are many different types of funds that people can use in order to invest their money in a tax free way. This can have huge advantages over time, as the money grows without having to pay tax on it.

James Dondero

James Dondero is a great leader in the field of investment banking today. As the founder of an investment banking firm, James Dondero has been able to add value to thousands of clients through the years. James Dondero has one of the highest rated investing firms in the United States. Not only does James Dondero do a great job of earning a high rate of return for clients, but he also takes time to educate them on the process as well.

Final Thoughts

Overall, building wealth is a goal for many people over the long term. One of the best ways to do so is to use the services of investment banks.

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Product Recognition Software And Its Implications For Commerce

Commerce is about to get a big boost in the form of image recognition software. This of course is the type of software that one uses when they want more information about a particular product they see while out and about in the real world. In many cases, they may see something that captures their attention, but that they do not know what it is.

It is now simple to point a phone camera at a product and use product recognition programs to gain new information on the product that one is looking at. Even if they do not know what the product is, they can always find out what they need to know so long as they have a smartphone in hand.

With this technology, one can search through the Internet for information about what it is that they are looking at. They can find out what kind of prices are available for that product, and they can also see all available designs and quantities available at various stores. This information is very important to a lot of people because they may want to comparison shop between the various options that they have.

Product recognition software is the answer to the long standing question of how to inform customers about the products available in a store. Stores have always wanted to know how they can convey the most information to their customers about the products. When customers know more about what they are looking at, they can make more educated choices about those products and become more likely to make the purchase. With that in mind, it is pretty obvious why stores want to get that information out to their customers.

People who do a lot of shopping at the ones most likely to benefit from this product. They can look into the offerings that are available for it on their own phones. They may well find that the benefits of having product recognition make it well worth their time. The software is something that makes shopping a lot more productive and can help them to save a lot of money in certain circumstances.

Product recognition has helped change commerce in a lot of ways, and it will likely continue to do so in the future. More people are bound to get this technology and start using it every day.

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Economists Have an Important Job

There are many jobs out there that everyone automatically thinks of when they are considering which jobs are important. There are jobs out there that give a person a sense of respect. There are jobs out there that cause individuals to feel important. There are some jobs out there that are truly important but often overlooked. There are jobs out there that are big jobs but are often thought of simply as hobbies. There are individuals out there who dedicate their lives to their career as an economist and fail to receive the respect that they deserve. The job of an economist is one that is important, and it is one that should not be overlooked.

An economist can help to make predictions about the future, predictions that are based off of much research. These individuals can help to guide a company so that that company knows just what they need to be doing in order to be all that they are meant to be. Economists are there to help others succeed, yet their success is often overlooked. Some ignore economists purposefully, and others don’t even know that economists exist. The work of an economist is important, and it should be recognized as such. The work of an economist is helpful to others and it should be respected. Those that choose to work as economists are often overlooked, but that should not be the case. Their job is an important one, and it is one that is needed.

Christian Broda is one of the many economists that are out there, and he is worthy of respect for the work that he does and all that he has accomplished. This man deserves respect for all that he has brought about in the life of his career. The economists of this world such as Christian Broda should not be ignored, they should be respected. Through the help of individuals like Christian Broda, businesses know just what they should be doing to prepare for the future. An individual with an important job like the job that Christian Broda has should be respected and honored for all that they do and accomplish.

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FreedomPop Expanding Across the World

FreedomPop is one of the newer wireless service providers found in the United States. It literally popped up in 2012 out of Los Angeles and, at the time, wasn’t given much of a chance to survive. After all, there are all sorts of different mobile companies attempting to take bites out of the big boys in the wireless industry, with most folding before even obtaining a footing. That did not stop FreedomPop though, as it looked at offering a different kind of service: free. Unlike discount service providers that aimed at helping customers save a few dollars every month in exchange for downgrading their service, FreedomPop aimed itself at providing customers with free service. While limited, the free service proved to be the catalyst the company needed in order to gain ground against the major wireless carriers. Now, with nearly a million users and counting, FreedomPop is aiming at moving to the big time and expanding not only throughout the United States, but the world.

How Does the Company Do it?

In order to offer free mobile service, how exactly does the company do it and afford it? First, it is necessary to look at the services the company provides. The free wireless packages start with 300 anytime minutes, 300 text messages and 300 MB of data. For customers who need more, they can pay for bundles of minutes, data or text messages at a nearly wholesale price. While it no longer is free once they exceed the limit, it still remains a drastic cut from what the average wireless user is familiar with.

Now, does the company simply offer free service through its own network? Not exactly. It costs hundreds of billions of dollars in order to build a wireless network. Instead, FreedomPop buys data from Sprint at wholesale prices. This way, Sprint makes a small amount off of the data purchases and FreedomPop offers this data to its customers for free through the monthly usage amounts. The individuals who go over (FreedomPop estimates this to be just under 50 percent) pay for some of the data amounts, while FreedomPop also actively raises money. Within the last three years, the company has raised around $50 million to pay for the free data and services it provides.

Expanding Across the Globe

The idea is for FreedomPop to offer free services across the globe. As it expands through the United States it has its eyes on the UK. It now provides free plans to UK mobile users at 200 anytime minutes, 200 text messages and 200 MB of data. On top of this all, users of FreedomPop (both in the United States and the UK) receive free long-distance calling to over 60 countries. The company is also looking at providing a traveling SIM card. The traveling SIM card would allow users to bounce around between a few dozen countries without paying any sort of international roaming fee. For regular travelers or those just looking to call home while visiting Europe, this offers an excellent money saving opportunity.

FreedomPop is still in its infancy, but it has the legs to continue to grow and thrive. This way, the company is able to offer free mobile wireless service while still raising money. At this rate, FreedomPop is poised to become a major player in the industry.

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Survivor’s Guide for Beginning Retailers

For anyone considering the idea of investing in a small retail business, there’s no limit towards the amount of opportunities that are available to choose from. Each retail industry is under development and is seeking new improvements. Improvements include new products or ideas to increase productivity. While being an investor can open the door to many possibilities towards contributing to a industry, there’s several challenges that must be overcome in order for success.

Tips for Starting a New Retail Company

Start off with a decent gross margin for any product being sold to consumers. Marketing and distribution play a dominant role in the process.

Find something unique to offer from a product brand. The following formulas/recipes can virtually be replicated from the brand, but the brand can’t be copied!

Search for a CEO that has a major understanding and passion for the business. reference and third party background checks are reliable methods for evaluation.

Conduct research from consumers to promote recurring revenues.

Security Assurance

Most individuals or groups devote a majority of their savings into starting a business instead of sustaining it. However, it’s important that they decide to make their money easily accessible. Future investments and business expenses are bound to occur unpredictably.

Reduce the temptation of making hasty investments that are associated with the low probability of high returns. These risks can potentially lead to negative returns and ultimately endanger the company.

Exit Prospects

It’s common for several business owners to depart from a business in order to move into a better position. Someone can leave their business due to retirement, lack cohesiveness in their partnership or being disabled. On the other hand, they can leave in order to start a new business and relieve stress. To exit properly, it’s essential that the owner represents their business to a strategic acquirer in a efficient manner and cooperate with them.

Bowdoin College alumni Brad Reifler expresses the impact from leaving a business through his experience as a serial entrepreneur. Before being the Founder and CEO of Forefront Capital for several years, Reifler conducted several business ventures in the U.S for several years. He developed the Reifler Trader Company during the early 1980s, where the corporation handled accounting and financial services. Following the discovery of RTC in 1995 was the Pali Capital, another global financial service firm. Through several trades and transactions between the two companies, Reifler eventually became apart of Forefront Capital, currently grossing over $120 million in assets.