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CCMP’s Interactive Private Equity Model is Growing Sustainable Corporate Investments

CCMP is a global investment firm that has interests in private equity, capital buyout and growth equity investments. The New York based company operates in North America and Europe and has a net worth of over $12 billion with satellite offices in London, Tokyo and Hong Kong. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital was founded in 1984 and invests in a variety of target sectors, which include consumer and retail companies, industrial companies, healthcare companies and energy companies. The success of CCMP is attributed to its management style and business creation model, which has established the firm as a world-class investment entity.

The Stephen Murray CCMP Capital on crunchbase acronym reflects the names of the previous management partners that it serviced as a venture capital and private equity arm. CCMP stands for: Chemical Ventures – Chase Capital – Manufacturers Hanover Capital/J.P. Morgan Partners. The name is a reflection of CCMP’s relationship with its predecessors Chase Bank, Chemical Bank, Manufacturers Hanover and J.P. Morgan. In 2007, CCMP raised $3.4 billion to establish itself as an independent private equity firm. CCMP currently has 35 companies in its management portfolio, which include Aramark, Quiznos Sub, Cabela’s and Brand Energy & Infrastructure Services.

Over the years, CCMP has earned the trust of limited global partners that represent the private equity and asset sector. These investors reflect a vast array of entities, which include public pension capital funds, endowment funds, sovereign wealth capital funds, corporate pension funds, foundations and investors that have a high net worth. In addition, CCMP investment specialists contribute an impressive amount of their personal financial assets to contribute to the funds from their affiliate partners.

CCMP maintains an exceptional reputation for building the confidence of their limited partners with the execution of CCMP’s world-class investment strategies, hands-on management style and well-researched initiatives. Investment professionals at CCMP have established a routine of getting into the trenches with their management team at each level of the investment process. The goal for each CCMP initiative is very consistent; the objective is to create a universal vision for the future of an investment by structuring an identity for a business and defining its most valuable elements. Once the terms of a company’s financial model, strategic objectives and expectations are understood, then CCMP’s operating team plays an active role in monitoring the development of each initiative. CCMP’s transaction range is between $100 million to $500 million per company, and each company in the CCMP portfolio has an estimated value of $250 million to $2 billion.

The cultural fabric of CCMP is demonstrated by its attributes of teamwork, diversity and integrity. Even though each business that is found in the CCMP portfolio is completely different, the proprietary system that CCMP adheres to empowers portfolio managers to utilize a wide spectrum of resources that are designed to facilitate the execution of strategic plans.

In March of 2015, CCMP suffered a great loss when its co-founder, Stephen Murray, died from health complications at the age of 52. Murray was a key-man in the company’s hierarchy and he played a pivotal role in the company’s growth as the CEO and as a board member for CCMP’s biggest companies, which include Aramark, AMC Entertainment, The Vitamin Shoppe and more. Murray is survived by his wife Tami Murray and their four children.

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Why You Need Lime Crime in Your Life

Trying out a new brand and company of makeup can sometimes be scary, especially if it’s a makeup brand that is completely different from any other that you have tried in the past. One of the major reasons to give a new company a try is because of the fact that they might offer a product that you absolutely fall in love with and cannot live without. Lime Crime is one such company that you may want to give a try just because of the differences you will find when using their products as compared to many of the others that are out there.

The Lime Crime company is still pretty new as far as companies are concerned, but it is growing very quickly because of its potential and the fact that it is totally different from some of the other brands that you might find out on the market. The main premise behind this particular company is its look into quality to ensure that every single product is going to deliver the results that a person wants for themselves. You will find that this is what makes Lime Crime stand apart from some of the other brands you may have tried before in the past.

This particular company is known for its bright and bold makeup items that you probably will not be able to find anywhere else. The fact that these colors are being made with the best quality ingredients you can find out there also makes Lime Crime stand apart from many of its competitors. There are tons of people currently making good use of Lime Crime cosmetics, and this might just be the line of makeup that is right for you and your own needs as well.

Once you find that Lime Crime is a great company to buy your makeup from, you will want to take a look at their site to see what they are all about. When visiting their site, you can browse through the many colors and styles that they have as well as search for specific products that you are interested in using for yourself. You can even send the Lime Crime crew an email if you have questions regarding their products or line of makeup in general. The Lime Crime company is also available on most social media sites, so be sure to follow them for the latest news in things being added to their line.

Once you discover the Lime Crime brand of makeup, you may wonder why you never thought to give bolder and brighter cosmetics a try. You will find that many of the colors and palettes available complement just about any look that you happen to be going for. You can try anything from their eye shadows to their gorgeous and smooth lipsticks. You will find that Lime Crime is growing in size because of its originality and the fact that it is a totally different company from others that you might be used to at the moment.

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Are The Feds Trying To Drive The Global Financial Market?

Ever since the 2008 recession there has been talk among investors that the government quietly kept the stock market from crashing and burning instead of just crashing. The Federal Reserve’s recent decision not to raise interest rates has started another rumor like the one that spread seven years ago. Some investors like Jim Dondero, the co-founder of Highland Capital Management, think the Feds did the right thing by not raising rates at this point in time. Mr. Dondero thinks the global economy would not be able to withstand the rate increase.

Many economists think there is a 50 percent chance of a global recession in 2016, and Mr. James Dondero on crunchbase says investors are faced with new choices when it comes to managing global assets. Highland Capital manages more than $26 billion in assets, and wants to protect the profitability of those assets. Keeping interest rates the same helps protect those assets at least for the short-term, according to Dondero.

But Dondero also says there are signs out there that could spell another recession even though the interest rate stays where it is. For example, credit card companies are getting less comfortable with the amount of outstanding debt especially with the debt they call “junk debt.” Another sign is a stall in cash-flow growth in corporations, and another issue is the Junk spreads. They have been racing higher recently and that is concerning some investors, according to Dondero.

The United States market is still growing and that is a good sign, even though some investors think the government is behind that growth. It’s not real in terms of actual growth according to some investors that think the numbers don’t indicate the actual state of the economy in the United States. Mr. Dondero points out that domestic companies are doing well, but the companies that focus on the global market are having a difficult time. The real story about domestic growth will be revealed as China takes more steps to recover and is in a position to export and import more goods from other countries like Brazil and South Africa.

The hedge fund investment market is trying to protect their assets by staying away from stocks at this point and investing in foreign assets that will weather a global recession better than others. That is a risky business, but that’s what hedge fund managers do. Mr. Dondero and Highland Capital Management executives know that market. Highland Capital executives and other investment firm managers are moving away from Brazil and focusing on India. But that strategy may be short-term.

But given the circumstances that the global market is facing, the question is will the Feds try to drive the financial global market if another worldwide recession returns. The answer is no, according to some experts, but other economic experts say the Feds have no choice. A global recession will have a major impact on United States exports and the currency exchange. Those two things are the fuel for economy growth in the 21st century.

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Doe Deere’s Lime Crime Cosmetic Line Changed My Life

Makeup can be a gift, and a curse depending on how you wear it, and where you buy it. For me, makeup had always been uncharted territory. Having sensitive skin makes it difficult to try different brands of makeup, without ending up with skin irritations and breakouts. For years I watched as my friends in school tried out every brand, and shade of makeup from the drugstore without a single skin issue, while I had to read labels just to get a safe to use skin lotion. Even when it came time for prom, I had to sit out the complimentary makeovers at the mall.

This year I invested in some expensive makeup, that promised not to cause skin irritation, not only did I land myself a trip to the dermatologist, but a hefty bill to go with it. Needless to say my experience with makeup had left me with much to be desired, and I wasn’t ready to just give up. My company’s costume party quickly revived my search for a cosmetic line, that wouldn’t make my skin red and blotchy. I wanted to finally experience the thrill of enjoying makeup, without the embarrassment of weeks of skin damage. It almost seemed impossible, but just when I was ready to give up I made an amazing discovery.

One of my friends was reading an online article about Doe Deere, and her amazing line of bright and daring cosmetics, that were cruelty free and great for all skin types. Doe Deere not only creates her own cosmetics, but insists on wearing them herself before distributing them to her customers. When I looked into Doe’s insane social media following on youtube, I was instantly impressed and obsessed with her adorable line of cosmetics and her user friendly online store. It didn’t take long before I was placing my order, and crossing my fingers. Something about Doe’s personality put my fears to rest, and her customers all seemed to love her products so I felt confident in my decision to got with Lime Crime.

Once my first order of Lime Crime arrived I was hooked, I finally got the instant gratification of transforming into new person with amazing makeup. The next day was the real test, after an evening at my office costume party I woke up and my skin was fine. It’s been over a year now, and I am still breakout free and having a blast experimenting with makeup. Now I can recreate makeup looks that I’ve always dreamed about, without causing my skin to rebel. I owe my new love for makeup to Doe Deere’s Lime Crime cosmetic line, I will never be the same again, and I mean that in the best possible way.

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Kevin Seawright and the Executive Leadership Program

Newark CEDC-(Newark Community Economic Development Corporation) announced today a special certificate of completion that was given to their Executive V.P. and CFO- Kevin Seawright from the Mendoza College of Business at the University of Notre Dame. He effectively completed the second part of the Nonprofit Fund Development Program. Mr. Seawright feels very strongly about completing this program and wants to guarantee the programs continues on with its success in the Executive Leadership Program. He has always felt strongly about participating and being devoted to his community, the school systems, and the government. He feels now more than ever is the time to get involved in groups that can make an impact to make our communities stronger and better.

The Executive Leadership Program was started to keep company executives up with the latest in the non-profit arena. The second part of this program “Leading Nonprofit Boards,” explains what makes up a board and how to run a board to be efficient and to be as effective as possible. In order to be successful, you must lead an organization as the organization expands and grows. He also feels that there is a system to putting together a successful board using orientation, evaluation, training, and finding possible new board members, is imperative to making the organization successful indefinitely.

Mr. Seawright through NJBiz has worked in Financial Management for the last thirteen years for different government agencies in the area. He has worked in many different positions for different agencies all over the East Coast. Mr. Seawright looks forward to completing the third and final part of the leadership program while still working in both of his positions at Newark CEDC-(Newark Community Economic Development Corporation).

Kevin Seawright is a manager in project and accounting working in Newark, New Jersey. Before he moved to Newark, he worked out in the field for local government agencies, various school districts, and in development of real estate in Baltimore, Maryland and in the Washington, DC area. Kevin Seawright was a board member for the Babe Ruth Museum as an advisor and was a coach for several kids’ sports teams in his area.

Kevin Seawright joined the Community Economic Development Corporation (Newark CEDC) as their new manager in May of this year. The group is an organization that handles economic development in Newark, New Jersey and helps bring in, grow, and keep businesses in Newark and encourage real estate growth in the city.

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Ten Toxic Foods for Dogs – Give Your Dog a Complete Diet with Beneful

At Purina, we know that your pet becomes part of the family as soon as you bring them home, so you want to keep them in the best health. Purina products are made like they are preparing it for their own pets, and they truly are. Their slogan describes the dedication and commitment Purina employees put into their products: Your Pet – Our Passion.

Nestle Purina has established a solid reputation over the past 100 years by using high-quality ingredients and high standards in manufacturing. Beneful is one of the most recent varieties from Purina. It is a nutritious whole food dog food that ensures your four-legged friend is getting 100 percent of the nutrition needed in a tasty new recipe. The new Beneful is made with chunks of lean meats and veggies, such as carrots and potatoes that are crunchy morsels of food for your favorite dog.

Beneful on purina comes in 13 different dry kibble varietes, over 20 canned types and four different treats. It is a perfect, well-rounded nutritious diet for your pet, and there is a healthy choice for every season of their life.

Toxic Foods for Dogs

There are foods that are extremely toxic for your dog though they are perfectly fine for humans.

There are some foods that are fine for humans but are extremely toxic for your dog, so avoid giving these 10 foods to your four-legged friend.

1)avocados – including the stems, leaves and skins because it contains an enzyme called persin, which is poison for your dog.

2) liquor or any food made with a liquor – it affects a dog’s liver and brain just it does for a human. A small amount will cause vomiting, diarrhea, difficulty breathing, a coma and with more may even cause death.

3) sugar-filled drinks and foods – they cause obesity, cavities, diabetes and other diseases.

4) onions and galic – in all forms can destroy a dogs red blood cells, which can lead to anemia, Symptoms of anemia include vomiting, no interest in food, problems breathing and weakness.

5) Caffeine – included in coffee beans or grounds, energy drinks, cocoa and soda. Too much caffeine is fatal for a dog.

6) Milk and milk products – incuding ice cream and cheese because it leads to diarrhea, stomach upset and digestion issues.

7) Chocolate – even white chocolate is dangerous because of an element called theobromine which cause a dog to vomit, have diarrhea, and dehydrated; it can also cause tremors, seizures, and death.

8) Gtapes and Raisons – They do not make good treats because they cause kidney failure. and within one day, your dog will become depressed and lethargic.

9) Raw fish, meat and eggs – There is always the risk of salomonells poising or E.coli, and there is an enzyme in eggs that blocks the absorption of B vitamins that are vital to their system.

10) Too much salt – excessive amounts of salt will cause excessive urination and dehydration that leads to sodium ion poisoning. Tremors, seizures, diarrhea, dpression and vomit are all common signs of toxicity.

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Susan McGalla Proves to The World That Gender Doesn’t Hinder Someone’s Achievements

For women who are willing to advance their career this year, there is a lot of advice available out there. However, most of them find the knowledge out there to be far too pandering or even way much generic.

Susan McGalla,is the famous founder of P3 Executive Consulting. This company is experienced in offering consultation to clients, especially on branding, operational efficiencies, marketing and many more.

Most of thewomen she has spoken to are always looking for an authentic perspective which has practical application. Some women who do not want to be targeted as women but as professionals find the buzzwords and party lines to be too hollow. Susan says that the evolution that has occurred over the years is quite encouraging.

Ms Susan McGalla is believed to have grown up in a family with two older brothers. Her father was a football coach, and he did not treat her any better than the brothers, just because she was a girl. Everyone was treated equally in the family, regardless of their gender.

Susan was brought up by parents who encouraged her to work hard and present her good ideas with the required confidence, no matter the people she would address. Her parents taught her that gender didn’t matter at all, and it wasn’t able to hinder or help her achieve anything in life.

Due to this upbringing, she has been equally comfortable with all people, and has managed to do well when working with both men and women. This confidence has made her go places; she has actually become very successful.

McGalla graduated with her BA from Mount Union College. After her graduation, she started her career at the Joseph Horne Company. In the year 1994 she started working for the American Eagle Outfitters.

When Susan was joining the American Eagle, t was a male dominated company. It didn’t actually have any women on the board or even in the executive positions of the company.

With time, through hard work she managed to excel in the company with a career that was an experience she would never forget in her lifetime. Her ascension to the position was responsible for a true culture change where women and men would be treated alike.

Since then Susan McGalla has taken control of her career and has become successful. She has become a great consultant for the top people in who are in the finance sector when they need an insider’s perspective on the world of retail.

Susan’s autonomy over her career is a luxury that she has afforded by years of hard work, being flexibility, and also pursuing what she was passionate about. Being a woman has never limited her achievements.

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Lawyers and Law in Brazil

Lawyers are people we cannot live without, in cases where a police case is not solved to a satisfactory point, the case is taken to court and in so doing, a lawyer has to be hired. Serving as a lawyer, in this case, involves the practical application of abstract legal theories and knowledge to solve specific individualized problems. Looking at Brazil, this is a country with many lawyers, and this is possible because of the widely spread law schools that have been established within the country. The numerous law firms have produced many lawyers and made Brazil the third leading country with the largest number of lawyers in the universe. This is to show how good conducts and morals are maintained in Brazil. Brazilian law is derived from Portuguese, French, German civil law as well as Italian. This law is based on statutes and partly stare decisis. Since 1988, the federal constitution has been the supreme law of the country and is characterized by its rigid written form. The 26 federate states have the authority to make their constitution and laws, but their autonomy, however, is minimized by the principles established in the federal constitution. The powers of the Union are the executive, legislature and judiciary that are independent and peaceful among them. The superior court of justice handles upholding treaties and federal legislation.

Brazil has produced best lawyers and among them is Ricardo Tosto, who is a graduate of Universidad Presbyterian Mackenzie in business administration. Mr. Tosto is one of the greatest leaders in Brazilian legal matters. He started from scratch and has worked his way to a corporate litigation law company and later established his firm. He is also a member of the international bar association and law firms together with partnership research centers. Tosto was a president of the Sao Paulo a commission for modernization of the judiciary and a founding member of Brazilian Institute for electoral and party law research. He is a co-author of the book processor de tridents also a frequent speaker on legal topics at conferences.

Tosto has stood up for many individuals and companies in nationally known cases as well as Brazilian corporations among many and has provided legal services for them. Some college students are in great gratitude for being their mentor during their internship; he was a pioneer in the adoption of several legal mechanisms as well. He is a lawyer who oversees his firm’s most important cases and offers innovative strategies and in the event of problems, he provides necessary leadership. A lawyer like Tosto should be applauded for his excellent legal services, and upcoming lawyers are encouraged to follow the footsteps or even become much better than him. The future is rest assured to have non-corrupted legal systems.

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Bruce Levenson Makes A Large Profit From Atlanta Hawks Sale

The sale of the Atlanta Hawks by the consortium that has been in control of the franchise since 2004 has reported a large profit as the business of the NBA looks to billionaire owners. The Hawks are one of the most historic franchises in the NBA and have recently been on an upward trajectory after Maryland based businessperson Bruce Levenson on took control of the team and made many important business decisions for the team. The arrival of billionaire businessperson Tony Ressler as the hawks new owner sees the work of Bruce Levenson being remembered and the change in ownership highlighted in Atlanta, Georgia.

The business side of the life of Bruce Levenson has seen success follow success, which all began with the establishment of an oil industry newsletter in a spare room. The Oil Express newsletter Levenson co-founded in the 1970s led to a newsletter empire being established, which has morphed over the years to include real time analytics and offshoots formed from the technology being produced for the parent UCG company. Levenson has seen the Atlanta Hawks sell for a reported $830 million after the sale of the Atlanta Thrashers was completed earlier for around $170 million. This follows the purchase of the two franchises in 2004 by Levenson’s consortium for just $250 million.

One area the sale of the Hawks has highlighted is the change in ownership trends that has been seen in recent years. The Atlanta Spirit consortium Levenson headed will be one of the last to see owners who are not billionaires have the ability to purchase an NBA franchise. Levenson and his consortium have spent a large amount of time and effort looking to turn around the goals of the Hawks and the performance of the team on the court, which saw them turn the Hawks into a contender for a second NBA Championship.

After turning the franchise into a contender Bruce Levenson headed the decision to sell the franchise to the highest bidder, which in this case turned out to be Tony Ressler. The arrival of billionaire owners has made it more difficult for those who have a variety of interests to care for to turn a franchiose into a major sports team. Levenson spends a large amount of his time looking after his business interests and plays a key role in many community based programs along the easty coast of the US. As the NBA replicates the soccer leagues of Europe with more billionaire owners looking to create sporting dynasties, the community based work of Bruce Levenson will become an even more important aspect of NBA life.

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Dating Apps and Meeting People

For many people, meeting people is hard. Many people respond to it in different ways. The common response to the hardship of meeting people is to give up and resign to a non-existent social life that is filled with mere acquaintances. If one does not have a family, then the closest thing he has to a friend is an acquaintance. However, there is a solution to this problem that can be viable for some of the users. This is online dating apps like Skout on zendesk. Dating apps make it easier and more convenient for people to find someone that they can connect with.

There are also plenty of dating apps that are available for uses to sign up on. This gives people tons of options to meet someone from different walks of life that they can connect with. This is much better than the limited options that places that are designated for meeting people. Dating seems to be only for those that are hyper social and extroverted. Fortunately, the availability of online dating apps levels the playing field for people who are not so confident about meeting others outside of the Internet.

One dating app that is worth checking out for people that are more introverted is Skout. Skout is the app that people could use in order to meet others not just for dates, but also for meeting friends and socializing in general. This can also give people practice in getting comfortable in social situations and actually go up and meet people. They can share with each others ways to get out of their shell and become confident in who they are. After all, if one does not feel confident about himself, he is less likely to expect others to want anything to do with him.

Even with dating apps, one is likely to fail at dating. It is just the dating world moved to the online realm. For those that are having problems outside of the Internet, they are likely to have the same problems meeting people to a certain extent. If they know how to get comfortable with people over the Internet, then they might have a chance of meeting the same online friends that they have made. Fortunately, dating apps can provide a platform for users to improve their skills so that they may have the confidence to meet someone outside of the Internet. As one could see, there are plenty of advantages that could come with dating app which may or may not be expected. All that is needed is for one to sign up with a service and fill out his profile as completely and possible.