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Kevin Seawright and the Executive Leadership Program

Newark CEDC-(Newark Community Economic Development Corporation) announced today a special certificate of completion that was given to their Executive V.P. and CFO- Kevin Seawright from the Mendoza College of Business at the University of Notre Dame. He effectively completed the second part of the Nonprofit Fund Development Program. Mr. Seawright feels very strongly about completing this program and wants to guarantee the programs continues on with its success in the Executive Leadership Program. He has always felt strongly about participating and being devoted to his community, the school systems, and the government. He feels now more than ever is the time to get involved in groups that can make an impact to make our communities stronger and better.

The Executive Leadership Program was started to keep company executives up with the latest in the non-profit arena. The second part of this program “Leading Nonprofit Boards,” explains what makes up a board and how to run a board to be efficient and to be as effective as possible. In order to be successful, you must lead an organization as the organization expands and grows. He also feels that there is a system to putting together a successful board using orientation, evaluation, training, and finding possible new board members, is imperative to making the organization successful indefinitely.

Mr. Seawright through NJBiz has worked in Financial Management for the last thirteen years for different government agencies in the area. He has worked in many different positions for different agencies all over the East Coast. Mr. Seawright looks forward to completing the third and final part of the leadership program while still working in both of his positions at Newark CEDC-(Newark Community Economic Development Corporation).

Kevin Seawright is a manager in project and accounting working in Newark, New Jersey. Before he moved to Newark, he worked out in the field for local government agencies, various school districts, and in development of real estate in Baltimore, Maryland and in the Washington, DC area. Kevin Seawright was a board member for the Babe Ruth Museum as an advisor and was a coach for several kids’ sports teams in his area.

Kevin Seawright joined the Community Economic Development Corporation (Newark CEDC) as their new manager in May of this year. The group is an organization that handles economic development in Newark, New Jersey and helps bring in, grow, and keep businesses in Newark and encourage real estate growth in the city.

Posted by Tommy LeDeux on

Ten Toxic Foods for Dogs – Give Your Dog a Complete Diet with Beneful

At Purina, we know that your pet becomes part of the family as soon as you bring them home, so you want to keep them in the best health. Purina products are made like they are preparing it for their own pets, and they truly are. Their slogan describes the dedication and commitment Purina employees put into their products: Your Pet – Our Passion.

Nestle Purina has established a solid reputation over the past 100 years by using high-quality ingredients and high standards in manufacturing. Beneful is one of the most recent varieties from Purina. It is a nutritious whole food dog food that ensures your four-legged friend is getting 100 percent of the nutrition needed in a tasty new recipe. The new Beneful is made with chunks of lean meats and veggies, such as carrots and potatoes that are crunchy morsels of food for your favorite dog.

Beneful on purina comes in 13 different dry kibble varietes, over 20 canned types and four different treats. It is a perfect, well-rounded nutritious diet for your pet, and there is a healthy choice for every season of their life.

Toxic Foods for Dogs

There are foods that are extremely toxic for your dog though they are perfectly fine for humans.

There are some foods that are fine for humans but are extremely toxic for your dog, so avoid giving these 10 foods to your four-legged friend.

1)avocados – including the stems, leaves and skins because it contains an enzyme called persin, which is poison for your dog.

2) liquor or any food made with a liquor – it affects a dog’s liver and brain just it does for a human. A small amount will cause vomiting, diarrhea, difficulty breathing, a coma and with more may even cause death.

3) sugar-filled drinks and foods – they cause obesity, cavities, diabetes and other diseases.

4) onions and galic – in all forms can destroy a dogs red blood cells, which can lead to anemia, Symptoms of anemia include vomiting, no interest in food, problems breathing and weakness.

5) Caffeine – included in coffee beans or grounds, energy drinks, cocoa and soda. Too much caffeine is fatal for a dog.

6) Milk and milk products – incuding ice cream and cheese because it leads to diarrhea, stomach upset and digestion issues.

7) Chocolate – even white chocolate is dangerous because of an element called theobromine which cause a dog to vomit, have diarrhea, and dehydrated; it can also cause tremors, seizures, and death.

8) Gtapes and Raisons – They do not make good treats because they cause kidney failure. and within one day, your dog will become depressed and lethargic.

9) Raw fish, meat and eggs – There is always the risk of salomonells poising or E.coli, and there is an enzyme in eggs that blocks the absorption of B vitamins that are vital to their system.

10) Too much salt – excessive amounts of salt will cause excessive urination and dehydration that leads to sodium ion poisoning. Tremors, seizures, diarrhea, dpression and vomit are all common signs of toxicity.