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Bruce Levenson, Former NBA Team Owner is an Accomplished Investor

The NBA competition attracts huge following from fans and fanatics across the globe. Owners accumulate immense profits by the revenue they get from ticket sale and Television viewership. The success achieved by these teams in the past few years has attracted top-notch investors. The year 2015 has experienced rapid increase of the value of NBA teams at an astonishing rate. Currently, the average value of a NBA team is $1.1 billion, while last year value was $634 million. The worth of a single team has increased by 74%. This statistics indicates to be a NBA team owner you must be a billionaire.

Both Mary Lasry acquired Milwaukee Bucks at $550 million since the team was struggling. Steve Ballmer purchased Los Angeles Clippers at a record $2 billion. The sale of these teams revolutionized the market, and price of all the teams is on an upward trend. The NBA league has landed new television agreement and deals.

A group led by Antony Ressler, billionaire equity and investment manager won the rights to operate the Atlanta Hawks team at $730 million bid. The group comprised of Grant Hill, former NBA player and Jesse Itzler, the co-founder of Marquis Jet. Despite Hawks having an impressive record last season, they were lagging behind in terms of attendance per game. The team stands to lose money this season but they are still hopeful the new local and national TV deals will boost its finances. The owners plans to draw attention of investors from the Fortune 500 companies.

Ownership of NBA teams are counted as assets and many owners have become billionaires. Leslie Alexander who owns Houston Rockets and Jerry Reinsdorf, the owner of Chicago Bulls are two proud billionaires. Majority of these super rich club owners have other side businesses and investments. For example, Paul Allen who owns Trail Blazers is worth $17 billion and he is also the owner of NFL’s Seattle Seahawks. The richest club owner is Ballmer is valued over $22 billion and is the 32nd richest person in the entire globe.

Bruce Levenson is a skilled and versatile businessperson. He co-owned Atlanta Hawks LLC, which owned rights to manage Atlanta Hawks basketball team. He is the CEO and President of United Communications Group(UCG). He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Washington University in St. Louis. Endowed with ability to balance both academics and work, was employed at Washington Star as journalist and pursued law degree at American University law school. Levenson together with his business partner cum friend founded United Communications Group in 1977. The company was started in Levenson’s apartment in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

He is an active philanthropist; he is member of various community organizations that offer humanitarian assistance to its residence. He supports needy children to realize their higher education dream hence served as Washington Chapter of I Have a Dream Foundation president. Mr. Levenson’s family is of Jewish origin, he was born in Washington, D.C and brought up in Chevy Chase, Maryland. When not in office making deals, he will be playing golf or basketball. He loves having a quality time with his grandchildren and adventuring with his wife.

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Help Support Early Childhood Development with Jon Urbana

Jon Urbana is a former professional lacrosse player who was born in Colorado. He returned after playing professionally to share his love and passion for the game through instructional camps. Urbana co-founded Next Level Lacrosse camps where he helps prepare the next generation’s superstars. Urbana’s unrivaled talent on the field and highly competitive spirit is infectious for the campers who hang on to every word the former pro says on his website.

Also known as one of the area’s best pilots (source: Aviation Business Gazette), Urbana also actively blogs about lacrosse and other news of the world on WordPress, Twitter (@jonurbana1), and Tumblr.

Aside from his entrepreneurial ventures, Urbana also likes to give back to the community through GoFundMe and other platforms. Urbana is currently running a fundraiser on in order to help raise money for early childhood development. The fundraiser will go toward benefiting Colorado non-profit Bright by Three.

Bright by Three offers completely free early childhood development services to all children born in the state of Colorado. It currently serves 21,000 of the 68,000 children that are delivered each year in the state, but hopes to one day help every single one of them. The company focuses on children from newborn until the age of three because it is during this time that 85% of a child’s mental and social skills develop. By providing this development to children when they are at the prime age for absorbing it and benefiting the most this non-profit aims to give every child in Colorado the best start they could ask for in life.

Because the company is available at no cost it is run completely on donations. These donations come from a variety of corporations, individuals, and foundations, both public and private. A donation as small as $25 is all that is needed in order to provide a development kit to an interested family. Be a part of something bigger than yourself today and donate to Jon’s fundraiser on!

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Attorney Dan Newlin Seeks To Help As Many People As Possible

Personal injury attorney Dan Newlin understands the need for speedy representation for all those who are faced with the common problems of personal injury, worker’s compensation or other legal problems. Newlin has recently unveiled his own personal hashtag that allows any potential client to get in contact with the simple dialing of #Dan from their cell phone, which Newlin believes places his company at the forefront of the technological revolution wireless communications are ushering in. Instead of being forced to remember and dial a long phone number Newlin has made sure his clients have the chance to dial just four digits in what is seen as the first commercial use of hashtag technology in this way.

Dan Newlin is a popular figure in the Orlando region of Florida after spending many years working in the area as a personal injury lawyer. Newlin has always been interested in helping others and spent a large amount of time working in law enforcement and firefighting before completing his training as an attorney. The personal injury specialist embarked on a career assisting others in the personal injury field that resulted in his representation of a gunshot victim in Orlando, Florida, who was left paralyzed by a stray bullet fired during a home invasion. Newlin secured a $100 million payout for Danielle Sampson after she was left unable to move or talk following the incident.

Following the completion of the legal case revolving around Danielle Sampson, Dan Newlin embarked on a new venture by opening an office in his hometown of Chicago. This has led to the development of the new telephone technology, which has seen Newlin and his partners work with major telecommunications providers work alongside the attorney and his team to develop new ways of contacting his office. The hashtag technology developed is brand new to the major telecommunications providers and sees software developed for marketing campaigns adapted for consistent use by Dan Newlin and his legal team.

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The Benefits of Choosing the US Money Reserve

Investing takes a lot of skill and knowledge to ensure that you do not lose money over time. Unfortunately, bad investments are pretty easy to make if you are not too careful. Many people are putting their money into stocks and bonds that can easily and quickly change over time. Stocks lose their value and markets crash without any notice, so you need a more reliable way to earn money over time. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by investing into both gold and silver.

Precious metals offer a lot of investment opportunities and benefits to those who choose to get away from traditional forms of investing. For example, the price of gold and silver continues to go up day after day. Unlike stocks and bonds that fluctuate with time, precious metals only rise in value to benefit those who have invested into them. If you think that investing in gold and silver is the right choice for you, you should always do your business with the US Money Reserve. This company is the most reliable and trusted gold and silver provider for anyone who is living in America.

The US Money Reserve helps people to get the gold and silver that they need in order to begin their investments. You can choose your precious metal in either coin or bullion form depending on which one fits your needs better. Once you have chosen the right investment, they put a guarantee on your purchase so that you know you are getting something that is fully genuine. This is a guarantee that you probably will never be able to receive when doing business with a totally different company. When you are getting your precious metals from the US Money Reserve, you know you are getting something reliable and substantial.

Investing is pretty difficult work unless you have put your money into something that is going to grow with time and be guaranteed to do so. The price of precious metals is not falling at all and is continuing to rise in price over the years. This is why it might be time to give up the idea of going with stocks and bonds in order to choose a type of investment that is guaranteed to grow with time. The best way for you to do this is to go through the US Money Reserve to get any and all of your metals.

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Current Real Estate Climate

When you think about the real estate market in general, you know how volatile it can be. Over the past few years, however, you have seen nothing but strong growth in the Brazilian market and more and more areas are starting to pop up out of nowhere thanks to the strong developers in general. With the reports that continue to come out saying nothing but rising prices and appreciation on the horizon, the real estate world will absolutely be one of the most invested in markets in all of Brazil.

There are some companies that have not only helped to ride this wave of real estate success in Brazil over recent years. One of the top companies in the Brazil development realm is most definitely Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos, and with their track record of success more people would say that they are helping to cause the wave in the first place and not just ride along with it.

Some of the reasons that Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos has come to be known as one of the top organizations in the field is because they aren’t simply a builder. The ability of Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos to jump into the field and command the operations from the ground up on beyond is one of the reasons that they truly are towards the top of the class. When you think about a development company being able to truly form a property from the ground up, there’s no wonder that they can bring significant returns on investment back into the game. Any company or real estate developer that is able to simply take an unrefined parcel of land and then have the vision to transform it into something usable is already amazing. But when a company like Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos is also able to have the resources to continue to manage it, you also have that ability to see even more profits than the other property managers in the market.

At the end of the day any company out there has the ability to manage properties, invest in general resources, or even speculate on parcels of land. That being said you can’t help but look at some of the companies that have had significant and repeated success over time. The ability of companies like Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos continue to make their mark, and it’s because they control every aspect of the operation from the ground up; literally.

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How New Professionals Can Emulate Brian Bonar’s Success in Corporate Finance

Finance is a wide field that focuses on how liabilities and assets are managed in regard to certainty and uncertainty of the economy. Finance appreciates that the purchasing power of a currency unit may fall or rise over time. Professionals in this field aim at identifying the possible direction money value will take over time and advice companies, individual, and governments accordingly. Finance is mainly divided into public, corporate and personal sub categories.

In corporate field, financial experts are mainly involved in ensuring corporations find money to run the business, make acquisitions, and grow. These experts are also involved in planning the financial future of the corporation and managing the firm’s cash on hand. An individual in corporate finance field may work for a small company or a multinational corporation.

Brian Bonar is a corporate finance expert who has helped many corporations to grow. Currently, Bonar is the Chairman at Dalrada Financial Corporation. He was Adaptec’s Worldwide sales Manager and QMS’ Executive Director of Engineering. He has also previously worked at IBM U.K Ltd.

In order to have a successful career like Bonar, an individual must acquire and develop his or her problem solving skills. These skills will enable one to quickly perform tasks solve problems that his or her firm faces. Apart from problem solving skills, the individual should also have educational background in finance. Individuals from other backgrounds have also had successful corporate finance careers. Brian Bonar has a background in engineering.

The main duty for everyone in corporate finance is to create value for the firm he or she works for. This responsibility will never change. Corporate finance firms offer various services to clients. Some of the main services include banking, credit solutions, investment management, and buying and selling of securities. In all these fields, a corporate finance expert must use his or her skills to ensure the corporate achieve positive growth.
For one to enjoy a long successful career in corporate finance, one must deliver. The key is usually to develop strategies that will make one’s company successful over a long period of time. Instant success in corporate finance is usually translated as luck. Only professionals with quality strategies like Brian Bonar can ensure long term successes corporations.

Experts in corporate finance field get to enjoy lots of benefits. These individuals are generally paid well and live quality lives. They also enjoy working with lots people and solving problems that really matter. New professionals joining the field are encouraged to work with experienced experts like Bonar to benefits from their experiences.

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Born to a wealthy family in North Korean standards, Yeonmi Park’s father was a civil servant while his mother was a nurse. She was born in Hyesan a town in North Korea in the year 1993. She is fluent in three languages namely English, Chinese and Korean. Ms. Yeonmi Park is a human rights activist and North Korean defector. During the 90s, her family was well recognized, educated and a politically front family. When the North Korea economy collapsed in the 90s, her family resulted to dealing in the black market trade so as to survive the harsh economic times. Due to this, her father was captured and subjected to hard labor. Ms. Yeonmi Park’s life took an immediate drastic turn as they started lacking even the basic needs of life. After the Dad had been released, he urged the family to escape North Korea. Fortunately or unfortunately, Yeonmi Park’s elder sister had already fled to China earlier. Through the help of human traffickers and South Korean officials, Ms. Yeonmi Park, and her mother, escaped to Mongolia then China. Their father later joined them but succumbed to illness and buried him on a mountain to avoid revealing their North Korean Identities.

The 21-year-old later settled with her mother and sister after reuniting in South Korea, where she and her mother hassled between jobs like waitresses and shop assistants. She is currently majoring in Criminal Justice at the Dongguk University. Her rise to fame came when she delivered a moving speech at the One Young World summit in Dublin. She has also told her story of escape from North Korea at the Oslo Freedom Forum. She has found a cause in fighting for the oppressed people in North Korea. Being a volunteer Ambassador of Teach North Korean Refugees Program, she voices her concerns about how oppressive the North Korean leader is. She strongly thinks that Kim Jong-un is a cruel and oppressive person and that he should greatly pay for using his people as puppets. She also strongly believes in a united Korea doing away with the south and north differences. She has hopes that other North Korea defectors will soon join her in the fight for her country.

Ms. Yeonmi Park has done many interviews with media houses and newspapers who all want a fair share of her story, include the NYTimes, Washington post, Radio Free Asia, Guardian, Voice of America and other South Korean TV shows.

She has also been featured by a talk show host of the North Korea Today Podcast which focuses on the North Korean issues faced by its people, their afterlife in escaping the country and other issues which mostly pertain freedom in the country. She also co-hosts for Casey Lartigue and Yeonmi Park show an English show. In South Korea, she is involved in a TV show that tries to lessen the gap between North and South Korea which has always been her dream of the two countries to unite. She is now well recognized for her fight for human rights especially triggered through her personal experience.

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Contacting Dan Newlin Has Never Been Easier : Call #DAN

Injury Attorney Here To Help

If you have been in an accident or need legal advice, there is no better place to go than the Law Offices of Dan Newlin. Don’t be wronged by other peoples’ negligence. Dan Newlin and his team of highly qualified attorneys have helped countless people regain their strength and well being. Accidents and negligence account for a large number of people who are off the job market. These people are unable to find work. They are missing paychecks, which makes it very hard to keep a roof over their heads. The Law Offices of Dan Newlin are located in South Florida, Central Florida and the Greater Chicago Area. If you are in a situation where you need help with an accident or negligence, take the time out of your day to speak with a representative from Dan Newlin’s law offices. You won’t regret it. They are patient, friendly and will guide you in the right direction.

Consultations With A Professional

It is easy to get started and reap the benefits of following through on a lawsuit if you have been wronged by another in an accident or over negligence. It could be an automobile accident or negligence from a job site work related injury. Either way, the Law Office of Dan Newlin will be able to guide you in the right direction to gain back anything you have lost to injury, personal damage and emotional stresses.

Their staff is highly trained to assess your unique situation. When you call their offices you will be greeted by a friendly, outstanding person who knows exactly where to connect you. They will assess some of your situation. They’ll ask the right questions about your unique case. Then, they’ll get you in touch with an attorney who is specialized in your case type. If an attorney is not currently available, then they will have one contact you.

New Way To Contact Dan And His Team

This is new and helpful for anyone who needs immediate assistance and doesn’t want to remember the long phone number for Dan Newlin and his team. Instead of calling their law office number, returning clients will feel safe knowing that they can easily reach the offices at any time of the work day. The newer, shortened phone number is similar to a hashtag, as used on social media sites like Twitter. Clients can dial #DAN from their mobile device to be connected with Dan Newlin and his team. This saves time and energy. It’s an easy number to remember when you need it. Give Dan Newlin and his team a call today if you have ever been injured.

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Town Residential: Key Developments Coming Up

The month of September saw the largest application for construction of revolutionary residential projects around the city. The major projects are expected to be built in different locations, mainly Bronx, Brooklyn, and Staten Island. The project also intends to cover up to 100,000 square feet of residential office and retail space. To get a closer look on these projects, you can read below and learn more as published by The Real Deal.

There are plans to develop a massive office building on One Vanderbilt Avenue, Manhattan. The building will have over 1.3 million square office space and standing 67 stories tapping into the ever growing skyline population on NYC luxury real estate. Only the first to 3 floors will contain retail space. Another structure will be erected on Lincoln Avenue in Bronx. Cheritt Group is building a 25 story residential building to cater for customers looking for middle class residential units. The building will contain up to 785,000 square feet of residential space, 33,000 fir retail and 3000 square feet for community facilities. Another Cheritt property will be erected on 2401 Third Avenue with approximately 345,000 square feet total space. The building will have space foe community facilities, another one for retail services and approximately 335,000 square feet residential space. Green land Forest City is not left behind either. It applied to develop a park on a 22 acre piece of land named Pacific park Development in Prospect Heights. The building will be 26 story with 346,000 square feet in total. It will contain 322 rental spaces, a public school with a capacity of 616 sitting spaces on its second and third floors.

Reality Developers applied to construct an 11 story building with 162,000 square feet of residential space, 27,000 synagogue and 127,000 square feet of retail space. L and M Development partners are also seeking to erect a residential building in 4439 Third Avenue that is going to be affordable with 12 stories, 139,000 square feet for residential space containing 133 residential units and 11500 square feet for commercial retail services.

For clients who are seeking residential spaces, office space and retail space, they can contact Town Residential to have a look at the current properties and services available. Town Residential is a service division that is dedicated to advising, branding, project development, marketing, advertising and do active sales operations on aspects of NYC luxury real estate developments. It is a company that is experiences with a team of personnel who are competent and always advising on the best available services or making your property known to potential customers as well as realization of desired sales.

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The Crucial Importance of Online Reputation Management

Unfortunately, businesses are most likely to be hit with a negative review online sooner or later. And there are times when negative reviews can wreck havoc on one’s business. It’s unfortunate, but a negative comment on Twitter, Yelp, or wherever online can persuade people not to become a customer. Even when executives try to live under the radar, and be very private, unfortunately, the social media and other media outlets are watching. And as a result, anyone can misconstrue situations that can badly affect the business. So with that in mind, it will behoove anyone to be proactive to guard against the potentially bad comments. Businesses owners/executives must not concentrate on being so private, because their lives won’t be as private as they may wish it to be anyway. And also, it’s important to eliminate any bad online reputation that has been initiated.

The followings steps should be adhered to ensure protection of one’s business in regards to online reputation:

1. Building a Digital fortress- creating one’s content, instead of letting others do it, will go a long way to establish in the audience mind of your brand/business. Doing this is very beneficial before a crisis erupts. This should be done by creating compelling content to the website and blogs.

2. Optimizing Content- When optimizing content, certain questions should be adhered to concerning relevant search terms, insights to offer, the passionate project, etc.

3. Realizing that Privacy can’t Truly be Established- Businesses owners/executives must not concentrate on being so private, because their lives won’t be as private as they may wish it to be anyway. Many times, professionals in certain industries, like private equity firms, hedge funds, and investment funds, try to remain under the radar to elude the competition, or for other reasons. However, more people are searching more about businesses and their executives before deciding rather or not to become their customer. Besides, being anonymous can be hurtful to businesses which can lead to negative press, or a negative perception.

4. Thinking beyond the Business- With content, it’s important to include relevant things outside the business, like charities, for instance. Including such passions will make the business more humanizing and more engaging to potential customers.

5. Also Focusing on Management- Key management within the business are normally focused on, especially in certain industries. Studies have shown how searches of executives have increased up to 50 percent than in previous years. Even if the executives do not participate in social media, they are still being watched.

For more assistance with such matters, an outstanding professional in PR, digital marketing, and online reputation management named Darius Fisher is the one to turn to. He is the cofounder and president of Status Labs that is headquartered in Austin, TX. This online reputation management, public relations, and digital marketing firm started four years ago, and it has already grown significantly. Darius has grown a staff of 30, and he has expanded in New York and in Sao Paulo. This is because Fisher is that outstanding in helping over 1,500 clients globally to regain/maintain their online reputation, digital marketing, and public relation needs.

He empathizes and cares for his clients, because he was once in their shoes. Even though he wasn’t involved, he witnessed the unfortunate outcome of former companies and former colleagues.