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Brian Bonar And His Magic Touch When It Comes To Management

Brian Bonar is not your ordinary average guy. He is the Chief Executive Officer of Imaging Technologies Corporation that is a global leader in matters related to developing color management software and integration of digital imaging software for service organizations. He has been able to provide able leadership to the company making it rise from just a manufacturer to a marketing organization. Through strategic acquisitions, his company has been able to expand its market by providing imaging products and services as well. So as to grow the company more efficiently, he has spearheaded a new approach that targets new and existing markets by providing some administrative measures that never existed before.

ITEC also bought SourceOne Group, Inc, a professional employer organization that is Virginia-based. It provides medium and small businesses with human resource and payroll services. The acquisition was expected to bring around $40 million in added revenue yearly. Because the personnel sector was advancing towards growth every year, it is a good avenue for ITEC to offer its office services and products to even a bigger client base. The same will result to added profits, customer retention as well as improved services and products.

The acquisition was not the first one the company has made. It has in the past acquired other office products re-seller companies that have ended up improving its infrastructure in terms of sales personnel. This acquisition strategy has played a very crucial role in leveraging the company’s access to customers and capital throughout the world.

Headquartered in San Diego, California, the company manufactures and distributes various imaging products for different market segments. The company’s variety of products includes software, copiers, systems products and operations and network products for businesses. When selling, ITEC describes supplies, hardware, software and service as a systems solution.

The company has an award winning software called ColorBlind that has a suite of applications that enable both professional and novice individuals to produce accurate images that are usable in different hardware and applications. Brian has been the man behind most of the company’s recent developments and success strategies.

He has also been a Director in Dalrada Financial Corporation for not less than twenty years. He has also previously worked for different companies in roles he has performed diligently. A good example is IBM, U.K Ltd, where he worked for a period not less than seventeen years. He is the kind of person who does not shy away from making bold moves provided they are right and can enable him make business progress. His success in the corporate world can be attributed to offering the best service and value to his customers at all times probably the reason he keeps enlarging the customer’s circle and network.

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Chicago Crowdfunding Group Buys the Tycoon Real Estate

On 9th of November 2015, five real-estate crowdfunding platforms jointly announced of their interest in acquiring Tycoon Real Estate, which a platform based in California. The Tycoon Real Estate gained its notoriety immediately its former CEO and founder appeared on Shark Tank this year.

The acquisition of Tycoon becomes the first-ever purchase of crowdfunding platform of real estate. The buyers, Patch of Land, American Homeowner Preservation, CrowdFranchise, EquityRoots and Peer Realty failed to disclose the exact financial terms of all-cash transaction.

Jason Fritton, who is the CEO of the Patch of Land said that there was a bigger awareness of the real estate crowdfunding due to Shark Tank episode that featured Tycoon. Jason also pointed out that despite that it did not go well as planned, they still had the opportunity to put things in order regarding regulatory environment allowing crowdfunding and how fruitful firms are leveraging SEC regulations and JOBS Act to crowdfund millions of dollars in real estate industry.

This acquisition provides leaders in crowdfunding industry with a unique opportunity to make a change in the Tycoon portal. The change – according to Peer Realty’s CEO, Jordan Fishfeld – will include transformation of the portal into a platform that is educational and show the whole world why Sharks were on the wrong about the industry. Mandy Calara, who is CEO of CrowdFranchise also showed excitement about the acquisition and highlighted how the Title III’s approval and timing were ideal. He also added that anyone interested in real estate would now be in a position to invest.

The CEO of the American Homeowner Preservation, Jorge Newbery highlighted that there was a powerful community sense in the nascent industry. He also shed light on how the collaboration of the five platforms foretold a bright crowdfunding future.

“There is always an instinctive sense of improvement in making it possible for people to find local investments in real estate, hotels and other franchised ventures,” said Bhavik Dani, organizer. Dani was full of joy in joining the other four platforms that share similar goals.

About Majeed Ekbal

Majeed Ekbal is a senior executive in marketing sector. His experience that surpasses 15 years has instilled him with highly professional skills that enable him to spread new business operations.

Mr. Ekbal has also been in a position to fix together several successful approaches to business in addition to bringing together several different teams with an aim of profiting the city. Currently, Ekbal works as a professional in the New Business Development. Visit his website for more news and information.

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Let Your True Colors Shine Through with Lime Crime Cosmetics

Lime Crime is a cosmetic company that encourages people to express themselves the way they want to through vibrant colors and creativity. The L.A.-based company was founded by Doe Deere who followed her dream, started out small, and grew her company into something much bigger. An extensive variety of lipsticks, nail polishes, eye makeup as well as other beauty products are available in popular boutiques in the U.S. and also online internationally.

If you’re into bold, bright colors and have an eccentric style of your own, Lime Crime has the perfect collection of lip products for you! Unicorn Lipsticks may look like your “average lipstick” but these are rich colors that really stand out from the crowd. From mild (like “Babette”, a pinky nude) to wild (“No She Didn’t”, a bubblegum blue), there is a shade that is sure to satisfy everyone’s taste for color. Another lip product that Lime Crime offers is their Velvetines Line. These lipsticks come in vials, goes on as a liquid, and dries to a velvety-soft finish; like the texture of a rose petal. Last but not least are the Carousel Glosses. These are super-pigmented like a lipstick but are infused with lots of sparkle and is extremely glossy. A perfect choice for a night on the town or if you just feel like being noticed!

Now for those gorgeous eyes of yours; colorful eyeliners and Zodiac Glitter! Like the rest of Lime Crime’s cosmetic line, the eyeliners are no joke! They are bright and hyper-pigmented. To add even more razzle dazzle to your look, try using the Zodiac Glitters along with your eyeliner. These prismatic beauties are multi-dimensional and are never flat. Each glitter has its own personality just like each of the zodiac signs! Keep those colors in place all day and all night long with Lime Crime’s Glitter Helper. This water-resistant adhesive works with all brands of glitter and can be used for a “layered” look. A little goes a long way!

Last but certainly not least, Lime Crime offers a small but sweet variety of candy-colored nail polishes. They look good enough to eat, will attract many a unicorn and are chemical “3-free”.

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Why Assisted Living May Be The Right Decision

The field of senior care has been drastically changing in the last twenty five years. For those who can still take care of themselves but need a bit of help, assisted living centers have become an excellent option for individuals who want to live independently instead of with family. Most assisted living facilities offer a wide range of services depending on the specific need of the individual. These facilities focus on helping seniors live a normal, thriving life as apposed to treating them like they can no longer care for themselves. Assisted living nowadays has a multitude of options of housing, location, and activities.

Many places offer a variety of room types, from studio to two bedroom apartments, assisted living creates a private home for each resident. Costs can vary depending on the size of the offered home, however most offer a basic rates for room and board as well as covered meals. Along with general services, assisted living facilities offer health and exercise programs as well as planned group trips, social clubs and access to medical health on site. It is important to remember all facilities differ, even within the same city, so ensuring you chose a quality facility should be a top priority.

If you’re looking to retire or already live along California’s central coast, The Manse on Marsh has been named the premier independent assisted living facility on a continual basis. They provide a higher quality of living and take what their residents say about their services to heart and to ensure their happiness they conduct satisfaction surveys within their community.

Chris Skiff, the owner of The Manse on Marsh, has been devoted to senior living since his twenties, and Senior Advisor feels he’s built one of the best residencies. At the age of twenty-three he started developing affordable senior apartments with the west coast’s largest development firm. After twenty years working in senior care his top priority is to erase the traditional view of an “old folks home” and create an improved quality of life for seniors.

Not only is the service and work ethic wonderful, the living itself is beyond a dream. Rooftop patios decorated with plants to give a charming look and a spectacular view of the surroundings. They’ve also got a home theater with surround sound, fresh popcorn and theater style seating. If books are your thing they’ve got an expansive library and complete access to computers, fax machines and printers. They offer a salon for both men and women, fresh fruit available daily, wellness and fitness centers, detailed personal laundry and much more. The Manse on Marsh is more than just an assisted living facility, it’s a place to live our your golden years without sacrificing your independence, luxury and a quality lifestyle.  They can be contacted online through their website.

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One of The Highest Qualities of Assisted Living is Available For You to Take Advantage of Today!

Is your parent or loved one having a difficult time in living at your home due to you not being their during the day as you are obligated with being at work? Many parents of adult children will live at their homes due to being obligated with receiving assistance in their day to day activities. Unfortunately, this required form of assistance isn’t available during the day when the home’s caretakers are at work or away from home. Therefore, it is highly recommended for such seniors to seek an assisted senior living home that provides them with optimal services, appliances, amenities and activities for quality living.

When it comes to finding an assisted senior living home, it is highly recommended for prospective clients to ensure that they are placing themselves in a facility that has been reputed as being a reliable, clean and well-run establishment. Whether you are seeking a home that provides you with fun and relaxing activities, clean amenities and appliances that makes one’s live that much easier, then The Manse on Marsh is going to be one of the best choices for one to invest in. The Manse on Marsh employs only the most eager staff members to ensure that their residents are well taken care of. After the hiring process of The Manse on Marsh, each staff members is properly trained on how to care for each of their residents in accordance to their special needs. Every resident of a senior living home will have a special kind of ailment or debilitation that will need specific kinds of treatment(s) and/or care. Therefore, it is an essential necessity to ensure that every staff members is properly trained to tend to such issue(s), and they certainly are at the Manse on Marsh.

Another part that can be really important is climate.  Which can affect everything from the condition of the facility, to the comfort of the citizens therein.  That’s why it’s really vital to choose accordingly, and do online research.

By choosing an assisted senior living home like The Manse on Marsh, a resident and their family members can have great comfort in knowing that the individual(s) who chooses to live in the facility will be taken care of. Your quality of life is important to each and every staff member of The Manse on Marsh. Be sure to make the right choice of senior living today!

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About Shaygan Kheradpir’s New Role In Coriant

In September 2015, Coriant, a respected supplier of innovative networking solutions to the biggest network operators in not less than 100 countries announced that Shaygan Kheradpir had joined its team as the Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer. Shaygan joined the company as having worked with the senior management team in the beginning of 2015 in the role of Operating Officer.

He assumed the new position and promised that he would drive the company’s growth strategy forward and improve strength on all matters related to it offering the most cutting edge solutions in the current competitive end user market. Shaygan is a respected personality in matters related to leadership in business and operational experience. He brings experience that will play a very integral role in improving the company’s demand for data-intensive end user applications that drive improved market opportunities that are expanded. The applications include a 100G multi-terabit metro as well as long haul transport deployments that help in hyper scaling data and infrastructure cloud build-outs underlying the strong evolution of 4G and 5G.

Shaygan said that he was attracted to Coriant because it offers comprehensive solutions that are guided by world-class technology, expanding cloud base as well as global reach. He said that under his leadership, Coriant would enable all its customers have access to networking solutions that are cost-disruptive and optimized for the best degree of service agility and programmability.

He has not less than 28 years of experience technology and business leadership and is accustomed to making big strides in financial services, telecom and technology industries. He started his professional career at GTE Corporation and proceeded to be appointed the Chief Information Officer at Verizon. He was also an executive member of the executive team that was held responsible for driving systems modernization, innovation and efficiency as well as coming up with pioneer product initiatives. He has also served in Barclays in the role of Chief Operations and Technology Officer and he made history as being the first technology executive to sit on the company’s Executive Board. He proceeded to take leadership positions in many other companies and achieved success.

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New Highland Institutonal Products President

Mr. Dondero, a graduate from the University of Virginia got high honors from McIntire school of commerce posting his focus in finance and accounting. In his career path, James Dondero is also a Certified Management Accountant.

President and Co-founder of Highland Capital Management, James Dondero hails from Dallas, TX. Over the years, Jim has gained much experience working with credit and equity markets. While working with the Highland Capital Management, started in 1993, he has pioneered the development of Collateralized Loan Obligation offering solutions on credit to retail and institutional investors

He began his career as an analyst in the Morgan Guaranty training program back in the year 1984. Since then, Jim has had his leadership in various organizations. The period between 1985 and 1989, Jim worked as a Corporate Bond Analyst after which he went to the portfolio management at American express. From 1989 to 1993, he helped build GIC subsidiary of Protective Life right from initiation to over $2B in AUM holding the position of a Chief Investment Officer. Currently Mr. Dondero is a member of board at American Banknote and MGM Studios. In addition, he is the chairman of CCS Medical, Cornerstone Healthcare and Nexbank.

Following a recent appointment, Terry Jones was appointed President of Highland Institutional Products. He has worked with financial services industries and has an experience of not less than twenty five years. Having studied at Columbia College, Jones got his BA in Economics. Furthermore, he has the right to use the Chattered Financial Analyst designation since he is a Certified Management Accountant.

Prior to joining Highland as a permanent employee, Jones was the Highland Funds lead Director. He was also a member of board at Genworth Life Insurance Company. Holding positions of the President, founder and CIO of Battersby Capital Management, this worked greatly in equipping him with much experience.

With Jones in the organization, they look forward to vast development. This will be achieved through business solutions offered hence bringing growth in the institutional sales platform. Mr. Jones is also expected to elevate infrastructure on Highland’s risk management. With this achieved, applicable risks will be identified, assessed and mitigated.

In his speech, Mr. Jones said that Highland Capital Management is in good positioning to survive in the current changing market. Additionally, with the risk management capabilities, clients will receive transparency that will help them understand both opportunities and risks involved.


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The World of Art Collecting

The world of art collecting is filled with excitement, stress, extravagance and beautiful pieces. Many individuals purchase and collect for a variety of reasons. Many collect art for business and others collect art for pleasure. Many art collectors are extremely wealthy with disposable income. This financial ability gives art collectors the opportunity to buy anything and everything they desire. The majority of art collecting is a passion – a love between individual and artwork. While art collecting is a passion for many, there are those individuals that collect art for the purpose of re-selling the pieces to others. Many art collectors love the process of purchasing art. They love the feeling of looking at the art, examining the strokes of paint and learning about the artist. There are many people out there that enjoy that process.

The world is filled with art collectors. These individuals go to art auctions in New York, France and Asia and bid on pieces that mean the most to them. Many of these collectors pit themselves against the other when bidding on art. These mini battles are usually friendly in nature and they are only used to see who can purchase the art at the right price. Going to art auctions can be quite enjoyable for many collectors, especially when they are bidding on famous paintings and sculptures.

Adam Sender is an art collector with a massive art collection of 800 art pieces by the most famous artists of contemporary art. In 2014, Sender began the journey of selling the bulk of the art collection that he had accumulated over the years. It is reported that the collection that he planned on selling was worth a range of $70 million to $80 million. While the bulk of his art collection was to be sold at the New York auction house Sotheby’s, he still had a vast amount of art in his personal collection.

When someone purchases art for their collection, a variety of emotions is expressed during the process. One must have a emotional connection to the art that they are planning on purchasing. They must be able to love the artwork enough to spend a significant amount of money on it. An art collector must follow their gut and their heart when deciding on adding a piece to their collection.

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How to Watch out for Your Dog’s Care

As the general stereotype states, taking care of a dog is hard work. Dog care is more than just tricks and obedience, dogs have grooming standards, active standards, and food standards to adhere to as well. For people considering adopting a new dog into their home, consider the following steps of dog care before bringing home the happy member of the new family from Beneful.

Dog grooming is more than just a bath and a haircut. Just like people, hygiene is crucial to a dogs health on Though pet owners should bath their dogs depending on how much time they spend outside and inside, a professional groomer can offer a few different features that are not as easy to accomplish at home. This includes anal gland cleaning, ear cleaning and nail clipping. Just be aware, most grooming places only do anal gland cleaning upon request, so be sure to request one whenever the dog is in need of this.

Though there are the standard shots that dogs need such as the parvo virus shot, there are a few additional ones that are considered optional on Beneful on amazon. Talking to the vet about the surroundings of a dogs home is important, and it is beneficial to ask them if there are any special vaccinations that might be more beneficial for the dogs geographic surroundings. For example, dogs in the desert face different types of health risks than dogs in a swampy area. Ask the vet, and stay on top of the latest health information available.

Most of the reasons provided for rehoming a dog is that the dog is not as obedient as the pet owners initially hoped that they would be. Training is crucial for a dog to learn how to function within the family. There are personal training options available, but there are also group training that will teach our dog the basic commands. These classes are also helpful because they teach us how to be pet owners, how to keep our command and leadership, and how to adapt to the strange personalities our dogs may possess.

A mistake I have made myself is feeding my dog the wrong type of food, or not feeding them the right amount of food. Most people do not know how much food is actually required for a dog, and they allow open feeding. This can be a problem as it may cause them to overfeed. Most dog food will have instructions on the back that mention the appropriate amount to feed dogs based off of their breed or their size. Additionally, dogs need a balanced diet just like we do. Choosing a food brand like Beneful is important for keeping dogs on a balance diet, with real meat and vegetables, and with added vitamins that keep their coat and bones healthy and beautiful.

Yes, as many people say, taking care of a dog is hard work. Sometimes, there are things owners have too look out for that is not common knowledge. There is tons of information available online for making sure each dog has the best care possible. For more information on dog care, vets are a great place to start for basic questions.

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The Kyle Bass Factor

Kyle Bass is a well-known financier out of Argentina. Currently he works in capacity as a manager of hedge funds in Texas, but this wasn’t where he came into prominence. Bass became known the world over for his successful prediction of the sub-prime lending crisis which led to the economic collapse of 2008 in America. Bass made a ton of money from it, and went on to predict a similar crisis in Japan, which resulted in monetary stimulus packages after the fact. Now he has his sights set on China, and many are curious to see if his contemporary predictions will be borne out.

“…they have grown 400% in eight years,” Bass says of China’s burgeoning economy. It’s his view that because of this extensive growth, a “bubble” of debt has been built which will burst within the next several years. China has made loans which are for greater assets than the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Basically they’ve pulled a “Wimpy” out of Popeye. Wimpy is famous for saying: “I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today,” and growing fat that way. China has grown fat on food they’ve eaten, but deferred payment for. The other shoe is going to drop, and it’s just a matter of time. At least, that’s Bass’s view. And, especially considering that surrounding countries have loaned to China “aggressively”, as Kyle said in another article, the entire market is poised to collapse. China as a tumbling domino looks like it’s going to be the first that knocks down quite a few more.

Is Kyle correct? Well, it’s hard to say. Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner is a high-profile socialist out of Argentina with whom Bass has substantial ties that have made him suspect in many people’s eyes. But he has also struck a blow against big pharmaceuticals with his organization “The Coalition For Affordable Drugs”. This coalition is responsible for causing the value of high-profile pharmaceutical stock to drop based on its aggressive campaigns. Bass has been able to make money in the stock market this way. The net result has been that politics in America has become bipartisan for once; politicians on both sides of the aisle scrambling to find a way in which Bass’s loophole may be permanently closed; and legally.

Were Bass’s actions concerning the pharmaceutical industry underhanded, or doubly brilliant? Again, it’s hard to say. Getting one over on the pharmaceutical industry these days is kind of like getting one over on Big Tobacco. There are statistics which indicate as many people die each year from pharmaceutical-related fatalities, as those who die from traffic accidents. Big Pharmaceuticals are being undermined, and that seems good. But is Bass just a gambler? Well, now the game is “wait and see”. If he’s right about China, opportunist or no, the guy is worth listening to. And that, in a nutshell, is the Kyle Bass Factor.