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Why e-commerce companies should Venture into the Visual Search technology now

Research shows that consumer views the quality of a product through an image as paramount. It also shows that consumers complain that the text based search systems are inefficient in providing the customers in what they are looking for. These facts are from Slyce Technology Company. It’s estimated that visual imaging system will increase sales more than $20 billion in the year 2018.

Visual search systems have been used by Amazon and Google before. Pinterest and also are testing the new ways for searching or browsing from the usual text based searches. Since the invention of the web, text bases search boxes remain unchanged. The significance of this new technology in e-commerce companies is immense. has also confirmed that the method has significantly increased sales, and it’s planning to roll it all its operations. The companies that have already rolled out the technology express optimism in the way the software if efficient in understanding and interpreting images.

The software is very efficient in sites selling items online. The initially tested the software in women boots in its stores in Canada. On clicking the visual filter button, the software presents the clients with the images that are relevant from the search. It’s also diverse in that the customer can search different images on particular characteristics.

As every business is positioning its presence online, Slyce Technology Company is offering solutions to companies seeking visual imaging technology. The company is developing technology that is relevant to commerce specifications to help them boost their sales. The company is based in Toronto, Canada. It has positioned itself as a pivot player in developing web technology. It offers technology to retailers, brands, app developers and digital publishers. The company is working with an expanding list of innovative developers and fortune brands.

Cameron Chell co-founded the company. He is an experienced entrepreneur with over two-decade experience in management and technology industry. He is also the co-founder of business instincts group. The organization facilitates the business to grow their strength in management through a process called RIPKIT. Mr. Dale Johnson is the executive the executive chairperson and director of the company. He brings an extensive experience from the corporate world. The slyce company is focused on providing unique solutions in visual web technology. He is also the executive president for optimal payments Plc.

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Book a Choir With Handy

The holiday season is one that many of us look forward to each year. As the old year draws to a close, we move on to the new one happily. Part of any celebration of the new year is the chance to hear live music. Hearing a choir sing can make any party even better and a tremendous sense of joy. The good folks at Handy know this. This is one of reasons why they have created a new service with their app.

Their app allows you to summon the entire Oxbridge choir to your door. This easy to use app allows you to have the choir come to your gathering when you want them to show up. Any lovely holiday party can made yet brighter by having a choir sing for your and your party.

Handy is an app that was created to help make life easier and better for people. The Handy app can be downloaded without a problem. Many people have found that working with Handy allows them to accomplish things they want done in life at a price they can easily afford. While the app primarily focuses on providing people with access to cleaning services, the app can also be used for other purposes as well.

Those who have used Handy over the years since it was created have found that the app is ideal for their needs. Many users report that it is very easy to navigate and allows them to set up terms that they find ideal. In many cases, a user can spend less than five minutes creating a request for a specific service and then have many possible potential options to pick from when completed. This helps both users and those in search of clients connect more easily. A business will find it useful to reach out to customers via Handy to generate new business. Someone in need of specific services can use the app and avoid the need to call multiple companies and make sure the company they pick can do the job they have in mind when they want it done.

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Philanthropist Urbana Reveals The Different Sides To His Personality

The figures we see and hear about in the media are often seen as one dimensional figures known for only a specific aspect of their life and personality. Occasionally, one of the people we know about for a specific aspect of their life will reveal to us a range of other interests that reveals them to be a far more rounded individual than we first suspected. One person who fits this bill is Jon Urbana, who is best known for his work as a lacrosse coach for his own range of camps. Recently, the successful entrepreneur has been showing the world his creative side in a series of blogs and Twitter posts.

Jon Urbana is perhaps best known as a successful businessperson who has developed the Next Level Lacrosse Camps business that takes place in Colorado each year. This business in operated in conjunction with Urbana’s role as the Head of Business for the Laser and pulsed light equipment supplier Ellipse USA.

Despite being best known for driving both of these business opportunities to a high level of success, Jon Urbana has also looked to develop different creative outlets for his life since his days as a lacrosse player with the Wildcats. One of these is the music that has recently been uploaded to Soundcloud and social media platforms for the general public to enjoy. The former Villanova lacrosse standout has always looked to develop his skills as a guitar player, but has recently looked to develop his musical skills as an electronic musician working on original music and remixes.

Alongside the development of his skills as a musician, Jon Urbana has also revealed himself to be a successful and respected philanthropist, gaining grassroots support for organizations like Earth Force through some creative charity promotions, like the videos seen after the jump.

Jon Urbana Supports Earth Force, A New Fundraiser from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

The photography skills he has been working on for a number of years have been revealed on his personal blogs, which also feature work by the photographers and artists who have influenced his work. One of his pics, called Earth Temple, just went viral.

Earth Temple – credit: Jon Urbana

Get in touch with Jon at and follow him on Instagram at @jonurbana.

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Charles Koch: An American Example

A philanthropist, an American businessman, author, and CEO of Koch’s Industries are among many of the was in which people refer to 80 year old Charles Koch of Witchata, Kansas. In addition to being a well known figure in the financial phere, Koch says that you may also call him a liberal. This came as a shock to those who know of his conservatism and his close alliance with the republican party. His support of the free market is another reason this came as quite a surprise to Charles Koch’s fellow free market supporters. However, in this case, liberal has taken on a new meaning.

Charles Koch is a liberal in the sense that he supports the well-being of all Americans, and has stated that he is trying to find some common ground with the current White House administration. When explained, the term seems less of shock considering Koch has a long line of libertarian views that he has had no problem sharing. So why the sudden search for common ground with democrats when Koch has had no issues public criticizing Obama’s administration? While he has refused to comment on his political views about the primaries because he fears it will be exaggerated and twisted, he did say that he wanted to start finding a way to work with democrats. This in no way means that Charles Koch has a new party. He has been bold about disagreeing very strongly with government intervention in the free market and believes that further regulation means further crippling the economy. However, they have identified problems they can unite against and are taking it from there. So far they have united on issues pertaining to education reform and reducing the occupational licensing that can often make it difficult for people who are unemployed to find jobs.

Standing in the way of progress is not at all the legacy of Charles Koch. Regardless of what you think of his political opinions, he has been named the nineth richest man by Forbes which has afforded him the opportunity to do tremendous good and has allowed him a great deal of influence with important people. Whether you agree or disagree with his views on policy, is without a doubt an authority on finances to say the very least. His willingness to work with what many people might see as “the opposition” to find solutions rather than rally against the people he disagrees with should serve as an example to his peers and to politicians.

This piece was published on Yahoo Finance as found in the link below:

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Coriant company appoints Shaygan Kheradpir as the CEO

Shaygan Kheradpir is currently the chairman and chief of board at Coriant innovative networking solutions. Shaygan graduated from Cornell University with a degree in engineering and has so far posted a great record working for various industries.

He began his career at GTE Corporation where he held the position of chief information officer. While working at GTE Corporation, he increased the quality and efficiency of the products that were being produced. This saw him to his highly advanced experience working in the financial and technology service industries.

After leaving GTE, Shaygan joined other organizations like Juniper Networks where he held the position of CEO. He greatly drove to the development of the company. This is in terms of an upgraded cloud builder growth markets and networking and an improved working plan. He has also worked as a technology officer at Barclays.

Following his close working with the senior management team at Merlin Equity Partners, he was recently appointed the CEO at Coriant Company. Following his over two decades experience, the company is looking forward to having Shaygan successfully lead the company to overcome the highly competitive market. This will help in creation of more market opportunities.

According to his statement, he based his main drive to joining Coriant to the large enterprises, data networking solutions, their innovations on technology and the growing customer base. Over the years he has gained much experience working in operating and industries businesses.

Shaygan Kheradpir came in to succeed the former Coriant CEO Mr. DiPietro who passed on the leadership position with great confidence in Shaygan. He is expected to upgrade innovative architectural network, service creation and operations that will aid in reducing the cost on operating networks. This will therefore work in upgrading levels of programmability and automation to offer low cost networking solutions.

Currently, in over a hundred countries, Coriant has been recognized for innovative networking solutions it offers to great network operators. By this it has attracted many customers including the global Tier 1 communications service providers, government agencies and cloud providers. The company has also worked in placing target markets in electric utilities, mobile and fixed line service providers, submarine network operators, content providers and an upgrade in the government agencies.

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Eric Pulier: The Modern Enigma

Eric Pulier has carved a niche for himself as one of the most accomplished entrepreneurs in the recent past. Having started his computer programming strategies while still in fourth grade, Eric has managed to grow over the years. His interest was highlighted when still in high school when he started a company that focused on computer databases. This expertise was later developed when he went to Harvard University. Since then he has established himself as one of the most successful individuals in his field of expertise. He graduated from the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology with the highest possible honor in the year 1988.

His career formally picked up in the year 1991 after he founded the People Doing Things firm. This company has been highlighted and credited with dedicating itself to the education needs of the society through the use of technology. After three years, Eric founded the interactive Digital Evolution Company. However, the most outstanding thing about his character was highlighted through the formation of a network in the private sector which dedicated itself in addressing the concerns of children who were chronically ill. The children affected in this sense could now have a platform for sharing their experiences and thus this made the process quite bearable for the other children.

Through his success, he was elected to be the manager of the Presidential Technology Exhibition in the entire District of Columbia. This provided a platform for him to be involved in the initiatives to make the society a better place. Eric is also the founder of wide entities that are involved in philanthropic initiatives that have been formulated for the sole purpose of making life better for everyone.

The philanthropic Initiatives

The philanthropic works that have been initiated by Eric Pulier are spread across the globe. He has always prided himself in being a positive element in the world. Eric has continuously sought to donate to initiatives that have a better impact on society. He is a notable donor to non-governmental organizations across the world. He is also at the helm of an organization that seeks to innovate new solutions to address the challenges that face mankind in the current world. One of the most profound organizations in this regard is the Painted Turtle which has committed itself to offering children with chronic conditions a future that they can make a living out of.

Arguably, the credentials of Eric Pulier will continue rising over the coming years. He has received acclaim from the individuals that have had the honor of working with him and also alongside him. His sense of inclusive leadership has ensured that the company has continued to enjoy success which is almost guaranteed over the next few years.

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My Car Accident Was Bad, But Nobilis Health Was A Big Help

I had a seriously bad car accident that changed my life, but I also have to say that Nobilis Health changed my life as well for the better. When my car accident happened, I was actually right down the street from one of Nobilis Health’s facilities. I was taken to the Nobilis Health emergency room to be treated, and I couldn’t believe the amount of doctors that came to my rescue. My injuries were serious because I had a broken back, broken legs, one arm was broken, my collarbone was broken, I had broken ribs, and my face was almost unrecognizable.

There is no reason in this world why I should have lived through this car accident, and even though it wasn’t my fault, I still feel so lucky to be alive. I don’t remember much of anything after going into the emergency room because I was in a lot of pain, and I guess I passed out. I remember waking up in recovery, and I had a nurse talking to me about my condition. After asking her about what happened, I was told about the car accident and about the problems that my body was having. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, and I asked for a mirror.

Although she didn’t have to, the Nobilis Health nurse decided to take a mirror out of her pocket, which was in a compact that she brought around with her, and she allowed me to see myself. I immediately started crying when I saw how ravaged my face was, especially since I couldn’t recognize myself. The nurse touched my hand and told me that no matter what I was going through, she was going to help me as much as she could, and everything would be okay. I almost felt like the nurse was just saying what I wanted to hear, but she was obviously sincere about what she said.

I spent a lot of time in the hospital recovering, but being that I’ve been in a hospital before, I have to say that the Nobilis Health facility is one of the best hospitals I’ve been to. I’ve had many health problems in the past, which brought me to one hospital after another, but the service I received at Nobilis Health was one of the best. I was very well cared for, my needs were all addressed, and when the time comes for me to get additional surgeries, I plan on going to Nobilis Health.

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Kyle Bass And His Many Sides

At a time when Clovis Oncology’s shares were pulling back and many investors recoiling at the thought that they can make an investment out of that, famous hedge fund manager Kyle Bass of Hayman Capital Management thinks that many investors and even Wall Street was overly punitive in dealing with the negative news. He made news when he set his base case at around 45$ per share and the bull case to $90 per share. On his base case, he made an assumption that the FDA would approve another drug made by Clovis called Ruca and possibly, Rociletinib in the coming few months.

On the other hand, his bull case makes an assumption that is highly dependent on whether the drug company can make the drug company extend the drug to many more uses. The bull case scenario also makes an assumption that Clovis owns both drugs plus another very valuable one that is at an advanced development stage. A few days ago, the drugs company was asked to demonstrate Rociletinib’s abilities as a cancer curing drug by the FDA.

Kyle Bass is not a new name in the hedge fund circles, but he is a controversial one. He is not a new name to making news either. He first of all burst into the limelight when he was able to make a correct prediction in the 2008 mortgage crisis and made a killing out of the same. While at that, many people saw him as a genius who could do nothing wrong because during the same period, he had been nominated for an award for roles in directing and writing a script for The Sixth Sense.

However, as time moved on, he proved to many that he could do things wrong with the same if not better finesse. He suddenly became a media friendly personality who did not waste any chance to appear on television to offer his insights into matters related to the financial markets. Unlucky for him, his once correct predictions and charisma had withered. He found himself on the other side of the fence when most of his predictions went opposite.

Bass is not a shy man, and his history with the press shows that. Even after making all the wrong predictions, he would comfortably go ahead and become bosom friends with people such as Christina Kricher who has made grievous financial mistakes that has cost her Argentinian people a big deal. He would make use of any available opportunity to defend her actions even when knowing very well that he was totally misplaced to take such a stand.

He also has an insatiable hunger for quick money. He then went ahead and started a campaign that was all about ripping off drug companies by short selling their stocks and then going ahead to challenge one or more of their patents.