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Under the George Soros Watch.

A lot of information has been published and said about the life and times of George Soros. He is a man of stature and clout in societies around the globe. The first things that come to mind when Soros is mentioned on Bloomberg include hedge funds, philanthropy, politics, human rights, education and, of course, the Open Society Foundations.

George Soros also speaks of his early life with enthusiasm. It is a period that shaped his character and principles of life. George was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1930, at a time when Europe fell under the command of Communists and the invasion of the Nazis. War and civil strife wee the order of the day and most of his peers in the time fell victim to the gun.

In his teenage years, Soros summoned his inner strength and fled a war-torn Hungary. He headed west and later settled in the United Kingdom as a refugee. Over the course of another fifteen years, Soros would live in London as an asylum seeker. During the same period, he got lucky and enrolled for higher education at the London School of Economics. This opportunity served as the stepping stone for his career and entire life.

After graduation in 1952, Soros obtained an entry-level position in one of the growing hedge funds in London. He took advantage of the opportunity and quickly learned the game. Soros always had a big dream for his future and several years later the quest to achieve it led him to New York. Here, several asset management companies made enormous profits from the input and expertise provided by Soros.

Two decades were enough for Soros to summon his energy once again and get into a private business. The Soros Management Fund was born, and Soros impressed his clients with his wise business choices and profit margins. Around the same time, George became a philanthropist and contributed to solving the plight of detainees in South Africa and the fall of communism in Eastern Europe.

Perhaps the under looked facts about Mr. Soros is his love for the scribe. He has become an accomplished author. Soros has published over a dozen books and essays. In public, he is always commenting and voicing his opinion on various economic, political and humanitarian matters. This year, George has been wary of recurring global economic trends that remind him of 2008. This observation comes from the underperformance of global stocks and currency in the opening weeks of 2016.

In an economic forum in Sri Lanka, George pleaded with investors to exercise caution in their dealings. The problems currently experienced by the Chinese economy seem likely to find their way into a host of other developing nations.

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Coriant Switches Leadership to Shaygan Kheradpir

Coriant, the international fiber-optic cable and network company, recently appointed Shaygan Kheradpir as Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board.

Kheradpir joins Coriant after a stint as CEO at Juniper Inc. and Operating Partner at Marlin Equity, which topped off his past 28 years in the telecom industry. He also spent several years in the financial and technology sectors. His leap into Coriant leadership comes as the company focuses on growth strategies and products that matter most to their consumers. He succeeds former President and Chief Executive Officer Pat DiPietro.

Mr. DiPietro said on the company’s website that he is honored to welcome Shaygan to Coriant. He went on to say that his insight and guidance on focused operational execution have been important aspects of the success of many companies, including Coriant. Shaygan worked with Coriant earlier this year to develop strategy.

His leadership comes as the company grows in size and output due to demand for data-centric end-user technology like cloud infrastructure, metro and long haul fiber-optics as well as hyper-scale data centers.

Kherdapir said that the market will continue to require forward thinking. He continued to say that Coriant will enable their customers with cost-disruptive and competitive networking solutions in a fast-paced technological industry.

Shaygan has a multiple advanced degrees including a PhD from Cornell University in addition to a smattering of patents. He also spent time on the board of the U.S. National Institute of Standards & Technology in addition to the Cornell University Engineering Council.

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Manse on the Marsh is an Assisted Living Facility Offering a Wide Variety of Amenities

Manse on the Marsh, located in downtown San Luis Obispo, California, is an assisted living community dedicated to giving people an inviting and beautiful residence. The assisted living facility offers seniors a way to remain independent and assisting with personal care needs.

Privacy and Living Arrangements
According to the blog privacy and living arrangements are vital to whether a family chooses one assisted facility over another. Traditionally facilities vary from community-like settings to one freestanding building. Manse on the Marsh falls into the category of assisted living facilities in a community-like setting. It offers residence a wide range of living options based on their needs, comfort and need for privacy. One option includes an apartment with fireplace. Another option for those who want more independence is a free-standing cottage with a fully equipped kitchen. Other room and housing options include:

• 1-bedroom apartment
• Studio apartment
• 2-bedroom apartment
• Companion suites
All private residences include common areas for residents to socialize, relax and have fun.
Guests are welcomed. Guests can join residents for meals and stay overnight. Manse on the Marsh includes plenty of guest parking. Pets are allowed. The assisted living facility also has parking for residents who own vehicles.

Fine Dining
Fine dining is also included at Manse on the Marsh as a part of the available activities. The main dining area is both spacious and elegant. There is a chef onsite to prepare fresh, tasty meals. Residents have the option to eat meals on the assisted living facility’s informal bistro area. The bistro area is a large patio area with comfortable seating. The patio also includes a sitting space with a fireplace.
Residents can also have meals delivered too their apartments, cottages or rooms.

Amenities and Activities
Assisted living facilities usually have amenities, or features, that make them different. Some offer laundry services and other a library. Each try to make the amenities feel like home for residents. Manse on the Marsh is no different. It offers a wide variety of amenities to make residents feel like the never left home. For instance, the facility has a fitness center, movie theater and hair salon. Manse on the Marsh even has transportation for residents wanting to attend events, shop, visit family or volunteer.

For residents who aren’t as independent as their neighbors, Manse on the Marsh has plenty of things to do. Residents can socialize during religious services, music time, book clubs, yoga and lectures.
For residents who aren’t as independent as their neighbors, Manse on the Marsh has plenty of things to do. Residents can socialize during religious services, music time, book clubs, yoga and lectures.
Anyone looking for an assisted living facility with community in mind may want to investigate a facility like Manse on the Marsh. Facilities like this have residents in mind when including amenities and special features while helping residents stay safe.

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Chinese Volatility in American Markets According to Kyle Bass

Kyle Bass, founder of Hayman Capital Management, recently discussed his predictions for the market in 2016, and how China’s volatility could affect the United States. Bass believes that the root of China’s problem lies with their banking system. Drawing parallels to the recent crisis in Europe, Bass points out that banking systems overshadowed GDP at an alarming rate in both cases. While China’s GDP is roughly $10 trillion, the banking system is almost $35 trillion. Bass chides investors for not being adequately worried, and predicts a credit cycle and losses looming on the horizon.

For those unfamiliar with Kyle Bass, it is important to note that his career has had a series of highs and lows. He rose to prominence for accurately predicting the subprime mortgage crisis of 2008. This newfound fame and success was not to last though, as a series of poor calls has had a rather detrimental effect on his reputation.

One point of contention that Useful Stooges was the first to raise for Bass critics is his involvement with, and support of, Argentina’s ineffectual and amoral government. Another example of his lack of ethical principles would be his defense of General Motors in regards to fatalities caused by faulty power steering and non-deploying airbags, all in an attempt to protect his investments.

On his blog if the aforementioned instances were not enough to cast a questionable light on the practices of Kyle Bass, then the specifics of his scheme involving pharmaceutical companies certainly should. Bass and his partners select a pharmaceutical firm, short-sell their stocks, and then utilizes a front organization, the Coalition for Affordable Drugs, which he set up in order to challenge their patents. This inevitably causes the stocks to drop, and Bass to earn quick money. One especially detrimental effect this has is that the firm’s prices rise while their incentive to fund research plummets, causing significant harm to those who rely on the firm’s products to alleviate symptoms or even prolong life.

While Bass foresees a 10-20% downturn in U.S. markets by year-end, this won’t be as bad as the financial crisis on a global level. It is important to remember that while Bass has proven correct in the past, he is far from infallible.

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ORM Company Surpasses Expectations

Status Labs is an international firm. They manage their clients’ reputations online. Also a digital marketing and public relations service, they help companies clean up their search parameters and increase their Google ratings. Since its beginnings in 2012, revenue has increased nearly 1000 percent. This significant profit is attributed to the company’s ability to solve all digital communications difficulties, according to founder Darius Fisher. He is not bragging, just stating the facts. The client base has increased accordingly, and the company has clients in 35 countries. Their workforce grew by 12 percent in 2015, and Status Labs will continue to hire in the first quarter of 2016.
Status Labs clients are varied and include politicians, athletes, and many other public figures. These clients come from industries as far reaching as philanthropy, real estate, beauty, politics, and healthcare. Reputation management is serious business and customers have flocked to take advantage of their services.
Fisher is president of Status Labs. Fisher attributes his company’s success to individualizing each client’s unique needs. Sally Kohn of The Daily Beast calls it “digital hygiene” that needs to be addressed like any other hygiene concern. Status Labs handles online crises and repairs digital reputations for their clients. However, they try to shore up each client’s online presence before it enters into crisis mode and requires extensive repair. A checklist is used to ascertain online entities and guard against incursion.
The Internet has changed the way public relations firms operate. Since a web page is likely to be the first glimpse into a company and their motives, emotion and storytelling are key components of what Status Labs sells. This is the same whether introducing a new product, managing a politician’s reputation, or increasing media awareness. According to Status Labs, Google is the new first impression and no one can deny that; reputations do matter; and you must look your best in search results. Scandal is no longer perceived to be a good thing; yes, you want to keep people talking, but you don’t want to bring down your own business simply to be in the headlines.

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Terrible Towel Fashion

The fans in Pittsburgh bleed yellow and black. No matter what sport it is hockey, baseball, or football they love their black and yellow. The almighty Pittsburgh Steelers have so much influence on their facebook fan’s that they have started “It’s Not Just Friday, Its Steelers Friday” where they encourage fans to wear the Pittsburgh colors on Friday’s as well. Walking through downtown Pittsburgh, you can see how much the team means to the fans. The organization felt as though a change was needed in the fashion department. They hired former retail manager and former Wet Seal chief executive officer Susan McGalla. With her knowledge of fashion and what people want they felt as though she was the best choice from ireport for the job with the mission to go more street and to appeal to the younger fans. Susan McGalla did extensive research and found that men want more sports stuff to wear to work and women want to be able to dress up and down in their favorite team gear. They added more pink and animal print for the women instead of just black onesies. She has made her job easier by asking the fans on wikipedia important questions, she states ” We are constantly innovating around the fans. we are bringing in focus groups talking about how we can have them share and be a part of the organization in more vibrant ways”. Susan McGalla has years of experience in the fashion industry. The University of Mount Union graduate from Pittsburgh, Pa. She is the current president of American Eagle Outfitters inc. The Business woman doubles as a consultant for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Susan McGalla is the director of strategic planning and growth for the Steelers organization. She has worked in retail for a number of years which makes her more than qualified for the Steelers organization.

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Sam Tabar’s Vast Business and Law Experience

Sam Tabar is a capital strategist and renowned attorney in New York City. He is currently serving as the Chief Operating Officer at FullCycleFund, where he is in charge of raising capital and overseeing the firm’s taxation, legal and operational activities. The Los Angeles, CA based company was founded in 2013 to finance and operate environmentally friendly energy projects. Tabar is very passionate about investing, his business skills include management, strategy and merger and acquisitions. He uses his wide experience as a hedge fund expert to advice investors on various issues including startups, commodities trading and investment management.

One of the noble projects he supports is THINX, which also inspired his own charitable efforts. The startup supports women in America and Africa. According to, the initiative got a start after it received funding from the Kickstarter campaign and other crowdfunding campaigns. The company specializes in making fashionable, yet functional undergarments for women. The garments are designed to offer women comfort and confidence during menstruation cycle. This is the reason they come in 5 different styles. THINX undergarments are available through the group’s website. The company also undertakes wholesale product distribution. The THINX initiative has gone a long way to keep women in school.

About his career, Tabar joined Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom law firm in 2001 as an Associate. In September 2007, Sparkx Group Co/PMA Investments Advisors Ltd appointed him as their MD and Co-Head of Business development. He served at Sparkx Group/PMA Investments Advisors Ltd for a duration of 4-years. His responsibilities included raising capital, negotiation, providing legal counsel and business strategy and development. Tabar joined Bank of America Merrill Lynch on February 2010 as Head of Capital Strategy and Director for the group’s Asia and Pacific region. He was also in charge of finding investors and linking them with fund managers.

Tabar headed back to the law in September 2012, when he joined Adanac LLC, BVI as Director. In September 2013, he moved to Schulte Roth and Zabel LLP. He was responsible for fund formation and structure, hedge fund management and regulatory and compliance issues. Tabar is a member of the New York State Bar. He graduated from University of Oxford in 2000 with a BA with honors; he also holds a master’s degree in Law from Columbia University. Tabar was the Columbia Business Law Review Associate Editor while he was a student. He is fluent in English and French.

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New CEO Shayegan Kheradpir Is Just What Coriant Needed

As a leader in networking technology, Coriant is always looking for a way to become the next biggest thing in the field. They make sure that they are always doing what they can to be able to improve their networking capabilities. A recent press release from Coriant talks about the way that they are now innovating new technology to ensure that they remain the best of the best when it comes to networking. They want to make sure that they give it their all and they think that a new CEO will be exactly what they need.

With experiences like Verizon and the cloud behind him, Shaygan Kheradpir is the obvious choice for a new CEO for Coriant. He knows what he is doing when it comes to the way that networking works, but he also knows what he is doing when it comes to managing a business that works in the field of networking like Coriant does. He also knows how to create new ideas that will lead the company to be one of the best in the industry. By providing the company with his experience and expertise, he will be able to help them get to where they want to be in their business.

There have been many projects that Kheradpir has worked on, but networking has always been his specialty. He excels in networking abilities and makes sure that he is always on top of what the next best thing is in the industry. He has worked with other industry experts to develop the ideas that have brought him to where he is at and has been given the opportunity to make himself better through these opportunities. During his time with some of the biggest networking companies, he honed his skills and never stopped learning about what the best practices were according to the way that things were networked.

Coriant has seen the way that Kheradpir works and enjoys the things that he is able to do. They know that he is innovative and that he is focused on the best of the best when it comes to networking. They also know that he can do what he wants according to the company and that he is able to provide people with the ability to get what he needs out of it. There have been many times when Kheradpir has exemplified his expertise and Coriant trusts that he can do that with their company.

Although Coriant has done well in the past, they are always looking for ways to improve what they are doing with networking. They want to be the best instead of just one of the best. They know that it is important to provide the best experience possible for their customers and know that a new CEO is just what they need. Since they have hired Kheradpir as their new CEO, they have seen a large amount of improvement in the way that they are able to help customers and dedicate time to employees.

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Helane Morrison Making Big Splash in Corporate Compliance

Women have for a long time taken the back seat regarding the management of social and economic enterprises. However, the turn of the 21st century brought with it massive campaigns for the empowerment of women not only in the United States but also throughout the globe.

As a result, the world has recognized the input of women and placed them at the epicenter of every economy. Take the investment banking sector, for instance, for long it’s been dominated by men. Unscrupulous investors made the sector crumble amid the recent global financial downturn. The industry is nevertheless enjoying a new lease of life with the emergence of game-changing investment bankers such as Helane Morrison.

Helane serves as the managing director at Hall Capital, a premier asset management company based in Bay Area, San Francisco. The firm started out 24 years ago and currently controls over $24 billion in assets on behalf of its clients. Morrison doubles up as lead counsel and senior compliance officer.

Hall Capital enjoys the oversight of two other women, Sarah Stein the president and Hall the chief officer-in-charge of investments. Together, these active women steer the organization to greater heights. Indeed, Hall Capital has become a dominant firm having drawn key family empire into its pool of clientele. Furthermore, the organization can satisfy all its clients, retaining their trust in the long run.

Helene started out her career with the Securities and Exchange Commission where she practiced legal affairs. Before she left her position at the SEC, she got drawn to Hall Capital by the inclusive and friendly administrative hierarchy. She craved the chance to make an impact in the business world in the company of other women.

She is an outspoken professional with an impressive academic record as seen in her profile on the company’s official website, see link Initially, she started out in Journalism after graduating with a Bachelor of Science from Northwestern University. Later on, she enrolled at the University of California- Berkeley School of Law. At this institution, her professional skills made her the chief editor of the California Law Review.

Morrison also sits on the board of the Parks Foundation. She mentors other business executives and aspiring career women through lectures and writing. For instance, her speeches touch on compliance in private funds as well as legal hindrances among investment bankers and advisors. Her background in law and journalism make her a confident and knowledgeable person. You can see her full resume and connect with her on her LinkedIn profile. Helane is an asset to Hall Capital and the legal profession.

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Dr. Jennifer Walden Gave Me Liposuction After A Previous Surgeon Botched The Job

Why would I ever want liposuction again after I had a botched surgery before? I had a previous surgeon give me liposuction, and not only were the results bad but I also got a terrible infection, and I ended up in the hospital for over a month. I successfully sued the doctor for malpractice, but I still wanted to complete the work that the doctor had botched.

I’ve lost all the weight that I possibly can, even with intense exercise, but I can’t seem to get the last little bit of fat to go away. I only needed a few pounds of fat taken out, and then I felt like I would be perfect. I live in Austin, Texas, and I wanted an excellent surgeon, so I knew exactly where to go this time. I researched liposuction surgeons and came across Dr. Jennifer Walden.

I found the website of Dr. Jennifer Walden, who is a top Texas doctor, and that’s when I knew I found my salvation. Dr. Walden has performed this procedure many times before, and there was so much information on the website about the procedure that I felt more than confident that she could do it for me. I made it a point to make an appointment with Dr. Walden’s office as soon as possible, even though I was nervous about the upcoming procedure.

I laid everything on the line, and I let Dr. Jennifer Walden know exactly what happened to me in the past, and she gave me all the confidence I needed to go ahead and have her perform my liposuction. The surgery performed by Dr. Jennifer Walden was very different from the previous one I had, and I didn’t feel any ill effects after the surgery was performed. I did have some swelling and a bit of discomfort a few days after the procedure, but I still felt fine. After some time had passed, I could see that the fat pockets that I had on my arms, stomach, and legs were gone, and I have Dr. Jennifer Walden to thank for it.