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Visual Start Up Companies Are Becoming A Necessity In E Commerce Markets

Visual start up companies have hit the ground running and the e-commerce market is behind them one hundred percent. While visual search has been thought about, created, and worked on for the past couple of years the use of current visual search technology has cornered a new market. Young tech savvy shoppers have begun using the upcoming tech as a way to avoid going to crowded shops and malls with an added bonus of being able to compare prices within seconds as well as check any sales or coupons. However there are some downsides to shopping online. An article recently published in Live Mint has opened up the problems some online retailers are facing.

Since tech savvy millennials are the e-commerce demographic their wants and needs are what marketing experts focus on in order to make sales. One such millennial who often enjoys shopping online says that she may find a blouse or dress she likes but if her size is out of stock online she goes to a physical store instead of browsing the web for an exact match or similar product. This is where new tech start up companies swoop down and save the day. Take Stylumia Intelligence Technology Pvt Ltd for example, this company offers a visual search engine that allows their users to snap a picture of a desired item and run it through a database where similar or exact matches pop up.

Companies like Stylumia have been popping up everywhere but Slyce is one visual search company that has been around for years and has a few products that use visual search already out for public usage. Slyce was co-founded by serial entrepreneur Cameron Chell who has over twenty-five years of experience in technology and the growth of tech focused companies Slyce’s first product made available to the public has been dubbed their universal scanner and its holds true to its name.

The scanner is available on any smartphone and can scan bar codes, 2D images, and 3D images then run the picture through its database to find matches. From pictures in magazines to bags on display Slyce’s futuristic technology can find matches based on color, brand, and style then whip up results in less than two minutes. Last year Slyce purchased Canadian app “Snip Snap” which allows users to snap a picture of a coupon and store it in the app for later use.

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Brazilian Construction Partners With Fluor To Work Oil/Gas Projects

The Brazilian economy is booming every year, and the country is searching for new revenue streams wherever they can. Oil and gas deposits in Brazil are being tapped for the first time in many cases, and the country is offering contracts to companies who can open these deposits quickly. Fluor Construction out of America has partnered with Construcap in Brazil to provide capital and resources, and this article explains how their partnership will make Brazil’s economy flourish.

#1: Why Must Fluor Partner With Construcap?

Construcap is a large construction firm in Brazil that has received contracts for oil and gas across the country. Construcap is one of the largest construction companies in the country, but they need assistance from Fluor to fund the sheer number of projects they have received. Fluor will help Construcap grow their business to the size that is needed to face all these projects, and the money offered by Fluor will show Construcap what is necessary for the future.

#2: The Construcap Directive

Construcap has been asked to essentially jump start the oil and gas industry in Brazil. There are oil and gas deposits everywhere that must be tapped today, and the country will take in billions of dollars every year in oil and gas licensing. There are many places in the country where jobs will be created instantly once the deposits have been tapped, but the construction of the rigs must be finished before the money is made.

#3: How Much Can Brazil Grow?

The Flour/Construcap partnership on sewage jobs is just one partnership that will help the Brazilian real estate industry grow. There are quite a few of these projects going on across the country, and building has been going on since the day the Olympics and World Cup were awarded to the country. Brazil will continue to grow until they have tapped all their resources properly, and the country will likely create tens of thousands of jobs just because of new building that occurred.

The Brazilian economy is growing with the help of the oil and gas industry, and Fluor’s infusion of capital in the country has created a boom for the people who live there. Brazilians who have been looking for jobs will have places to work related to the oil and gas industry, and Construcap will benefit because their bottom line will improve. Everyone benefits through a partnership that brings more building power to Brazil.

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CipherCloud: A Leader in Cloud Security

Cloud computing and usage of cloud services are booming, with the total market for public cloud services expected to reach $210 billion by 2016. However, as more and more companies turn to cloud computing for their data operations, there becomes a question of security, namely how these companies are going to protect their sensitive information when it is impossible to control where the data is stored in the cloud or know who has access to it. CipherCloud, a San Jose based cloud security company, believes it has the solution to address these concerns.

CipherCloud’s solution is an Open Platform that encrypts sensitive information in real time before the data is sent to the cloud, making the information illegible to outsiders. The encryption key is controlled only by the owner of the data, and is never shared with the provider of the cloud. The platform can also monitor who is looking at the information, and alert the company if it detects any suspicious activity. Other areas covered by the platform include data loss prevention, tokenization, malware detection, and key management.

CipherCloud’s product is unique in that is does not affect the usability of a company’s applications, and it provides a single solution for dealing with multiple data security issues. Users are also offered visibility and control of their data while it is in the cloud.

Due to its ability to help customers comply with global compliance regulations, and its proven solutions to businesses’ top concerns with the cloud, namely data privacy, and data residency, CipherCloud already serves more than 150 global financial services. Pravin Kothari, Founder and CEO of CipherCloud, states the next step for his company is to create reliable and fully supported security solutions that are flexible, easy to use, and work in the most demanding industries. These future solutions will solve complex security issues, and help build trust in the growing market of cloud computing.

Pravin Kothari is a familiar acquaintance with security issues. After the success of ArcSight, a security company which he Co-Founded and acted as Senior Vice President of Engineering, Kothari formed CipherCloud in 2010. The company launched in February, 2011, and initially worked primarily in Salesforce environments. Now, CipherCloud employs more than 500 individuals with more than 2 million users, and customers in government agencies, and some of the largest financial, insurance, healthcare, telecommunication, and gaming companies worldwide.

CipherCloud is an award winning company, with its platform named as SC Magazine’s Best Product of the Year in 2015, and FIPS 140-2 validated technology. It’s no wonder, then, that the company recently received $50 million from investors, such as Transamerica Ventures, Delta Partners, Andreessen Horowitz, and Deutsche Telekom. CipherCloud intends to use the investment to hire more employees, and open up their product to new markets, as it continues to address the chief concerns within the cloud. Businesses and organizations are convinced cloud security is an area worth investing in, and have placed their trust in CipherCloud.

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Putin Not An Ally of the EU Against ISIS According to George Soros

Those leading the EU and the United States shouldn’t go around thinking that Putin’s Russia has what it takes to be their ally in the fight against the Islamic State. Putin’s strategy involves weakening the EU and causing it to fall apart, which can be done by flooding it with refugees from Syria.
Russia has undertaken various military actions in the region, including launching bombing campaigns in southern Syria. When bombs start falling on population centers, this causes people to flee. Many refugees are going to Jordan and Lebanon. Russian air attacks have also taken place in the northern regions of Syria. By providing air power, the Russians are helping Assad’s ground forces move forward for an attack against Aleppo. Over 70,000 people have sought refuge in Turkey as a result of the air bombing. If the ground offensive intensifies, this could result in even more people fleeing their homes.

According to an article written by George Soros and published by Project Syndicate, Putin may be a good tactician, but his strategic thinking skills are lacking. One important point that I saw Soros make is that Putin didn’t start his Syrian intervention as a deliberate effort to make the refugee crisis worse from the start. Russia intervening in Syria put them at odds with Turkey, which has caused trouble for both parties. But Putin soon realized that continuing military actions in Syria would potentially put the EU on the path to disintegration and was happy to seize the opportunity.

Forbes billionaire George Soros has previously warned that there would be tough times ahead for the EU during the 2008 financial crisis. Even though they have been able to move ahead after the crisis, the current refugee situation is a huge issue that could show to be too much. Even Germany’s Angela Merkel agrees with Soros that the migrant crisis has the potential to completely destroy the EU.

As a highly successful investor, George Soros frequently gives his opinions on global economic and political issues. According to Forbes, he is currently the richest hedge fund manager in the world and has a net worth of around $24.5 billion. His economic predictions and opinions on world affairs are highly regarded, especially in the global business community.

Another reason as to why George Soros is a highly respected and influential individual is the magnitude of his philanthropic efforts. His biography in the Wall Street Journal shows that he has made over $7 billion in donations to various charitable causes. The Open Society Foundation which he started aims to support democracy and human rights all throughout the world and has a goal of replacing authoritarian regimes with free societies.

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Yeonmi Park Stands Up and Speaks Out About North Korea

Many in our country take freedom for granted. Many of us have never had to deal with an oppressing government that controlled every facet of their life, and treated women as nothing but usable artifacts that were tossed to the side like garbage. Yeonmi Park had to endure that kind of abuse first hand in North Korea. Yeonmi recounts her disturbing events in her book “In Order To Live”.

Yeonmi was born in the North Korean city of Hyesan when the Kim dictatorship was the force around so much famine, brutal treatment of women and even death. At this time in North Korea, woman were used as prostitutes and sold into forced marriages and Park was one of the unfortunate souls that was in the middle. Park was witness to, and a part of, the brutal treatment of human beings that was in many ways, compared to the treatment of Jews during the holocaust. She recounts her childhood in much detail until her defection to China at age 13. Park states that even in Northern parts of China, Korean woman were treated as something that could be traded or disposed of.

Park and her mother were finally able to reunite and travel across the Gobi together to freedom. She now studies criminal justice in South Korea and is working as an activist. She recently spoke on The Reason TV about her experiences at the UN Human Rights Session on North Korea. She is recovering well and hopes that her book will shed more light on such a dim country in order to prevent other woman from experiencing the same brutality and she and her family did.



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YouTube Famous Wengie Sets the Stage for Beauty

YouTube has exploded since it launched in 2005, becoming a platform for a new generation of celebrities. Although YouTube started out with music videos as its main attraction, it has drastically changed since it first debuted. Today one can find videos on anything from beauty tutorials to video game reviews and that is how YouTube celebrities come about. Commonly referred to as YouTubers, these celebrities can range from comedy to life hacks and provide YouTube with a truly diverse feel.

YouTube celebrity Wengie is currently the most subscribed beauty channel in Australia. She mostly focuses on makeup tutorials and the latest fashion trends. She also maintains her blog, The Wonderful World of Wengie. Since starting her page over 5 years ago, she has been fully committed to her work in beauty and fashion, and consistently puts out new videos for her subscribers. She draws her inspiration for her work from everyday things and people and has been interested in beauty since her time primary school. Despite her mother having no interest in beauty and fashion to teach her to ropes, she was obsessed all the same.

As a beauty guru, Wengie believes that natural beauty starts from the inside out. She begins her days with ginseng tea and soy coffee to fill up on antioxidants, as well as eating as much skin healthy foods as she can to keep her skin clear and glowing. Wengie is also an avid YouTube viewer herself, often looking to videos when she wants to find something out. Whether she is looking for professional makeup artists or everyday inspiration, it can all be found on YouTube.

Though she started it all as a way to vent and keep herself occupied, her dedicated work on YouTube has taken off and branded her as a YouTube Celebrity. YouTube stars are just like everyone else and in Wengie’s case, she takes pride in providing tips and advice and loves to get feedback from her loyal following. She is as down to earth as it comes and it shows in her videos.

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His Brand is Crisis

Reputation is everything. Businesses and individuals work hard to create a favorable reputation through their deeds and words. But no one is perfect and, in the age of the Google search, one false move can change a good reputation to a bad one in an instant. When that happens, Darius Fisher is the person that can help.

Fisher was recognized by PR Week in their Innovation 50 for 2015, a yearly list that highlights the top talent in digital marketing and public relations. He co-founded and is president of Status Labs, an online reputation management firm that specializes in digital marketing and online image management. Status Labs opened in Austin, Texas four years ago and since then has added offices in New York and São Paulo. Fisher and his team at Status Labs specialize in managing online image crises for their clients, which include executives, politicians and Fortune 500 companies. In addition, Fisher works with them to proactively manage their online presence.

Fisher’s ability to turn image problems into strengths is best illustrated by his own ability to overcome negative public relation issues. His previous company came under fire for offering Wikipedia edits that favored his clients, which violates their editing policy. More recently Fisher’s partner in Status Labs, Jordan French, resigned after controversy surrounding the demolition of an East Austin business. His ability to maintain a positive online presence despite such recent controversies is a testament to his skill and illustrates exactly the level of service he is able to offer clients.

Darius Fisher graduated with honors from Vanderbilt University and worked as a copywriter and political analyst before founding Status Labs. Fisher built partnerships with public figures and Fortune 500 companies, which enabled Status Labs to rise to prominence so quickly and become THE premier online reputation management firm. His expertise in digital presence and online reputation makes him one of the most sought after individuals in the field.

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Rock your Support for Autism with this Go Fund Me Campaign

Music has always been an important part of Sanjay Shah’s life. He always enjoyed singing, playing instruments and entertaining in his country of Dubai. When the 44- year old, along with 42- year old Usha, his wife, had their youngest son, Nikhil, they had no idea that he would be diagnosed with autism a few short years later.

A Shocking Diagnosis

It was Shah’ love of music –and the love of his son –that inspired him to create Autism Rocks! This program is designed so that Shah performs gigs to raise money for autism research. After hearing of Autism Rocks!, and that Nikhil loved no rapper more, Snoop Dogg arrived in Dubai to greet the singer and his son, agreeing to perform with him at a show to help bring more awareness to autism and to raise more money.

The Artists Support Autism Rocks!

Snoop Dog is just one of many performers that has rose to the cause and performed with Shah. Other act that have performed with him include Lenny Kravitz and . So far, the results of Autism Rocks! efforts are substantial. Research for 15 different programs to identify autism earlier are underway. More great plans are in the works as well. Every single penny raised goes directly to autism research. Shah couldn’t be more pleased with the results, but as any parent, he isn’t satisfied and wants more research into autism.

Show your Support

If you want to be a part of the rockin’ fun, your support for Autism Rocks can be made via the new Go Fund Me campaign. This campaign allows you to contribute any amount that you are comfortable donating, and send a personal message to Shah, his son, and others that are struggling to learn more about the very mysterious condition known as autism. Every penny counts when it is time to do autism research.