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George Soros’ Free Advice to Chinese Financial Industry

George Soros boasts of six decades of experience in the world of investment banking. All this time he has seen the global economy grow and giants such as the US, China, and the European Union dominate global trade.

At the same time, Soros has upset great odds to make a name for himself as he has become a pioneer of investment banking. His history dates back to the 1930’s in Hungary where he was born and raised. Soros left his war-torn motherland to seek a better life. This quest on landed him in London as a refugee. Luckily for Soros, opportunities came in plenty even to refugees in London. Soon, he was enrolled at the London School of Economics where the greatest thinkers of the time sharpened their skills.

George Soros ventured into investment banking immediately after college. At the time, the global economy was finding its feet, and investment banks were playing a critical role in development projects. Over a period of three decades, Soros became a celebrity figure in these circles owing to his shrewd business dealings. Eventually, he opened his private firm known as the Soros Management Fund.

The success he achieved in financial markets on also put Soros on the road to pursuing other personal goals he harbored in life. For instance, he founded and funded the Open Society Foundations. Soros was known to be a thinker throughout his career, and he hypothesized on economic, political and social issues. One of his best concepts is that of an open society where members accept the realities of life, life is sacred, human rights are respected, and the authorities are accountable to their subjects.

The idea of an open society impressed George Soros so much hence his involvement with the Open Society Foundations up to date. While Soros has a busy time in his philanthropic ventures, he still has the time to follow up on economic and political trends around the world. For instance, he has been on the forefront of creating amicable solutions to the asylum crisis in Europe besides lobbying political leaders to take rapid action.

Earlier this year, George Soros cautioned on the future of the Chinese economy at a global economic forum in Asia. In his evaluation, he cited the ballooning debt the Asian giant possesses said to be more than the global average of 1.4 trillion Yuan. Soros feels the debt coupled with an uncharacteristic boom in the real estate sector bears signs of a looming financial crisis similar to those that precipitated the global crisis of 2008.

These sentiments sent shock waves across the global financial markets since Soros has the experience and history of predicting such adverse economic occurrences. He further advised the Chinese government to take structural adjustment measures before it’s too late.
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Even Beer Production is on Hold in Venezuela

A recent article for the Panama Post just reported that the largest beer brewing company in Venezuela, Cervecería Polar, has announced that it is halting production of beer. News spread on twitter, apparently stems from a failure of the brewing company to be able to restock its inventory and necessary ingredients in order to keep production going. At the root of Cervecería Polar’s problem is that the government of Venezuela will not allow the company to pay foreign suppliers for the basic materials that the company needs for brewing. Currently, the only way for the company to get access to these necessary materials for its production is to import them. The government of Venezuela has previously raised alarm by threatening to expropriate the company, which accounts for more than $3 billion in revenue each year.
“If the government of Venezuela does not act immediately to allow the company to import the supplies it needs to continue production, then the company could be forced to shut down and fire an estimated 10,000 workers in its main production plants” says Manuel Gonzalez in an interview. This remarkable outcome could also indirectly affect more than 300,000 employees in related services. It is hard to tiptoe around the fact that if a company of this size were to go under in Venezuela, the country would indeed be on the brink of a disastrous economic meltdown.


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Handybook Changes Game for Mobile Crowd

Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua were roommates at the Harvard Business School back in 2012 and it was there that the pair developed the idea that would change their lives. Hanrahan had already found success over in Europe thanks to his real estate business in which he bought old warehouse spaces and converted them to lofts. Now Hanrahan needed that big, new, shiny American idea — and it came to them one night sitting on the floor of their apartment. The apartment that Hanrahan and Dua shared was littered with unfinished home projects, including the construction of basic furniture. This was their moment, they would go on to establish Handybook.

Handybook, or Handy, is a simple concept at its core — as all great ideas tend to be. Handybook seeks to connect people who need a service performed with those that aim to offer said service for a certain price. Right now Handybook is clearing 10,000 completed jobs per month throughout the 13 major cities that they are operating in. Of those 10,000 jobs the majority of work completed relates to basic home cleaning services: cleaning the house, putting together furniture, helping someone re-arrange and so on. In order to keep up with the staggering 10,000 completed jobs the pair of Hanrahan and Dua have had to carefully cultivate a freelancer culture that simply works.

Obviously freelancers are trying to get involved with this huge application in order to get their work seen by as many people as possible. That still hasn’t allowed Hanrahan and Dua to let their quality standards down. Of the hundreds of thousands of different applicants that want to be freelancers only 3% of them are ever accepted. This is due to a careful screening process that prioritizes quality and customer safety/satisfaction above profit.

The app itself is so simple as to boggle the mind. You can easily scrub your way through various job requests before putting in your own: fill out the time/date of the work needed, how much you are paying, and where the job will be completed and the rest is history.

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Asia Is In A Huge Credit Bubble According To Investment Advisor Kyle Bass

Kyle Bass the legendary hedge fund blogger that predicted the 2008 financial collapse two years before it actually happened believes China is going to go through the same issues as the United States, but those issues will be 400 times worse than the 2008 debacle. Bass has several reasons to think China is heading toward a financial eruption, but the Chinese say Bass is crazy. Bass, on the other hand, is betting billions that he is right. Bass and his company, Hayman Capital Investments, is betting that China’s currency will depreciate by at least 30 percent over the next two years. If that happens, Bass will make billions. Not that Bass is hurting financially. No one is sure how much Bass is worth, but it’s safe to say he is one of the wealthiest men in the investment industry.

Bass told a Fox Business News interviewer that the banks in China are carrying too much debt. Many of the loans aren’t collateralized properly, and the Chinese government has been pumping capital reserves into their banking system for at least the last 12 months to keep the value of their currency stable and to keep their gross domestic product rate around 7 percent. Bass claims the Chinese won’t be able to keep this capital reserve subsidy program in place very long. That means Bass and the other hedge fund managers that are betting against the yuan will make billions.

Winning is the name of the game for Kyle Bass. He won in 2008 when he bet the market would collapse due to the subprime mortgage bond scam. And he won recently when he bet the Japanese yen would depreciate against the dollar. The Hayman Capital hedge fund has more than $80 billion in assets under management, but the partners are concerned that the days of double-digit returns are long gone. Bass has been talking a good game, but thanks to his high-profile backing of former Argentinian President Christina de Kirchner, and his support of General Motors when the company was clearly in the wrong. GM put faulty airbags and power steering mechanisms in some GM models and Bass blamed the victims, not GM for the disaster.

Mr. Bass is not the kind of guy that runs away from controversy. He thrives on it. He recently became partners with Erich Spangenberg, the famous patent troll, and that partnership has raised more than a few eyebrows. Bass is shorting drug company stocks while Spangenberg brings up charges of price gouging by those companies.  Full story on Bass’ controversial career can be read here:

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Premium Dog Food – Billion Dollar Market of Deliciousness

Premium dog food has scaled the market when it comes to luxury dog food. The billion dollar market has increased rapidly throughout the years, and consumers are finding that they don’t mind spending extra money on their pooches to ensure that they are satisfied and healthy. Premium dog food is detailed with lean meats and hearty vegetables and fruits that fill each bag, box and can with delicious, wholesome ingredients. The ingredients that are used are enriched with vitamins and carefully selected from farmers and ranchers throughout the region. They contain organic ingredients that do not contain any fillers or harsh chemicals that can be hard for your pup to digest. Dogs are part of our families and they should be expected to each just as healthy as we do.
One premium dog food that has hit the market is called PurinaStore Beneful. Purina has been producing quality dog food for many years, and has developed a healthy, natural ingredient brand called Beneful. Beneful offers many different types of products that are suitable for different breeds as well as what your dog may be experiencing at the time. We all know that dogs go through different issues such as weight gain, allergies or just need a well balanced dog food and Beneful can provide exactly what your dog needs.

Premium dog food has definitely taken over the market when it comes to healthy, wholesome dog food. They have taken great pride in providing a high quality dog food and treats that give your dog the proper nutrients that it needs. Premium dog food generally costs a little bit more than the cheaper brands, mainly due to the quality of ingredients. Research has shown that dogs are healthier when they follow a diet that is closely in line with their ancestors, the wolves. We all know that wolves live in the wild and eat a very earthy, healthy diet full of nutrients. Beneful dog food is checked for quality control and is placed into a detailed process of ensuring that each product is full of satisfaction and guarantee that your dog will love it. Beneful is available on Amazon(

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Dogs Love Wet Foods And Dry Foods From Beneful

Healthy Dog Food From A Premium Company

Dry dog food, wet dog foods and dog treats are always made with much more care when they come from a premium dog food company. This is a fact. The premium dog food company that you choose to supply your dog’s meals should make their food with real ingredients. I choose to feed my dog Beneful’s brand of premium dog food for this very reason. Beneful makes their dog food with real meats, so you know that your dog is getting something good in every one of their meals. You should take a look at their Amazon site : to find out exactly what they offer. However, I can share my personal experience in this post as well.

Dry Dog Food From Beneful

Dry dog food has never been better. Purinastore’s Beneful Dry Dog Food Original is made with the utmost care for your dog’s health because Beneful uses a well rounded blend of ingredients. Beneful Dry Dog Food Original has all of the nutrients that my dog needs to sustain a healthy lifestyle. It comes in three different blends that have an ingredients list consisting of real meat and real vegetables.

My dog gets more active in the warmer months, so I tend to switch him to a dog food that has more calories to support his desire for moving more. We like to play at the park when it gets warmer out, so buying Beneful Dry Dog Food Playful Life for him is usually enough to give him that extra boost of energy.

Wet Foods From Beneful also makes a variety of nutritious wet foods as well. Your dog will most certainly like either Beneful Incredibites Wet Food or Beneful Chopped Blends Wet Food. Both of these foods are made with real meats and real vegetables. Chopped Blends has this savory sauce that covers the blend, and it comes in a resealable plastic container for easy storage. Incredibites is rich in protein, and it comes in a three ounce can. Dogs love both of these wet foods.



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Kendall Jenner Relives Fashion Nightmare

Remember the saying “old habits die hard?” We are wondering in 2016 if the same applies for old fashions. If you have ever considered yourself to be trendsetter I am sure you are guilty of wearing fashion on Youtube that you would not dare come close to now and I am sure you even have a few throw back items in your closet(and by throw back I do not mean vintage but I do mean throw back in the closet). Whatever the case may be we all have fashion regrets and recently our favorite and stylish Kardashian (well Jenner) Kendall admitted that she remembers the time where she was obsessed with colored jeans.

“I had a collection of them and would wear them every day. I had to wear a collared shirt to school on, so I would wear bright jeans and an odd collar. It was weird!” Kendall recently told a magazine. While Kendall may be the only one to admit that she was obsessed with colored jeans she was not the only one.

Imagine how those in the 70s, 80s and 90s feel as they reflect on the past. Chances are they are petrified by the things they used to wear but that’s fashion in JustFab. The more things change, the more things don’t stay the same. What was cool an ago is a total bust now and what was trendy today in JustFab is a fashion bust tomorrow. No one can ever tell what fashion regrets await us tomorrow all we can do is learn how to embrace the fashion of today.

About Just Fab
JustFab which was one known as Just Fabulous before changing it’s name is a personalized fashion experience. JustFab was founded by Kimora Lee Simmons and was featured in it’s very own reality television show: Kimora House of Fab.

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William Skelley Named as Leader of the Next Generation of Real Estate

William Skelley has been named as the leader of the next generation of real estate. William has founded iFunding which is a real estate investment firm. This has proven to be a really innovative company that allows people who don’t have a lot of money to invest in real estate. William Skelley has attended the first annual dinner of the group which is held on January 27, 2016. This event has been hosted as an invite only event. This dinner was hosted by Michael Stoler, the host of “The Stoler Report: NY’s Business Report”. This is a show that deals with trends in real estate and business.

Skelly has jumped into the activity of real estate crowdfunding when the ruling of the JOBS act has passed. He has started his company called iFunding. When many people think about alternative real estate investment platforms, iFunding is the first thing they think about. This isn’t William Skelley’s first achievement. He has also founded an investment bank that handled real estate transactions of $2 billion. He also worked at Rose Park Advisors as a principal. William Skelley often took part in what is known as disruptive innovation. His other jobs included Olympus, and General Electric.

iFunding is a crowdfunding platform that is designed for real estate. One thing that makes this company a little easier to get into than others is that it requires a lot less capital for one to start working with this real estate investment broker. While many other real estate investment brokers require one to have $50,000 in capital to start up, iFunding cuts that amount by a 10th. This makes it easier for more people to open an account and start investing in real estate with huge potentials for profiting.

William Skelley has done a lot of work and made a lot of innovations in the real estate market due to crowdfunding and other innovations that make it easier for people to join in and invest money in real estate. With these innovations, he was able to earn the title of the Next Generation of Real Estate Leaders.