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Can you Afford a $170 Hamburger?

Motion pictures and popcorn or a shake and a hamburger are luxuries now that Venezuelans cannot afford anymore. According to Open Corporates, the stores are empty, no one is buying anything but food and necessities, even if they can afford it.
A 21-year-old man named Jose Figueroa, who makes a salary of approximately $35 a week, was waiting in line at a pharmacy with his family. They were waiting to see what was going to be deliverd because that was there only chance of getting what they needed, and they had no idea what the delivery trucks were bringing.

This family, like all of the others in the neighborhood, have been doing this once a week for as long as they can remember. There is no end in sight.

This is the option for the middle-class locals unless they buy from the black market. That is really out of the question for the common people, though, because the price is typically 100 times the normal cost.

Visitors to the country during this time will find that they cannot use a foreign credit card in all of Venezuela, so prices in foreign currency is going to be extravagant!

A sign on the street sold a hamburger at 1,700 Venezuelan bolivares or $170. This price is based on the going rate of 10 bolivares for a U.S. dollar. More information posted on

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The Great Bernardo Chua

Bernardo Chua was one of the most influential CEO’s in MLM history by a lot of people’s standards. He set a new pace for growth in the coffee and tea industry by combining network marketing with one of the world’s largest channels, products that changed the lives of hundreds of millions every day. OrganoGold was only one of many of his achievements, having paved his way years before the company was ever even thought of. It only serves to imagine what company would have possibly taken its place if it didn’t become one of the biggest threats in the direct marketing industry today.

Speaking with a little more perspective, one of the top earners in the industry is in the company, (Holton Buggs). The company has broken many records in sales and in leadership if counted, and still remains a monopoly in an essentially open market. It has excellent ratings for its customer service, and has seen growth even through its age as a company. It only makes sense that the reason it has come this far is because of the man at the helm.

And it has easily been recognized. Bernardo has been accredited in many different shades, not just as a CEO but as a businessman in general. He has had a very large role in expanding the OrganoGold opportunity in to as many other countries as possible, to ensure that those who were interested could properly take advantage. In fact, to this day, OrganoGold is one of the few network marketing companies whose product is available in most every major location in the world.

Bernardo Chua has been the founder and CEO of OrganoGold for eight years, and the company still continues on its stride to this day. He has always strayed towards the network marketing business model, and will continue to so that distributors can earn money while promoting a product that is actually used in most people’s day-to-day lives. OrganoGold is home to thousands and thousands of both customers and distributors every month, and you can thank Bernardo Chua for it all!

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The use of Videos in marketing is the new idea in the market

Talk Fusion last month offered the customers 30 days free trial version of their products to the users. Finding ways of sending a video proved to be not possible at all costs. Through thorough research and assistance from an IT specialist, he found how one could send an email using an email.


Talk Fusion was founded in the year 2007, and it has been on the rise in growth under the leadership of Bob Reina. Talk Fusion is always dedicated to improving the businesses and improve individual’s lives through proprietary, patent- pending video technology.


Talk Fusion is proud to be a member of the prestigious Direct Selling Association (DSA). It is because of the quality of services that they offer to their customers. Giving back to the community, friends and families is also part of Talk Fusion’ agenda. It aims mostly at supporting animals welfare globally. All these are intended to bring a positive change to the world.


The launch of the 30-day free trial version is being offered in nine different languages and across 140 countries. It brings the possibility of customers globally to try the products that Talk Fusion is offering. Once an individual or corporate has signed up, they can access video email, live meetings, sign –up forms and the latest WebRTC Product of the Year Award-Winning Video Chat in 2016.


The free trial version will allow them to understand and get to know the power of video marketing tools. The products are well placed on the website of Talk Fusion, which is so easy to use. To get the best out of the experience, there is a virtual library that is strategically placed to be helpful to the users. The virtual library offers the user step by step guides, tutorials of video products and resources that are easily understood.


Talk Fusion will have the chance to increase the users’ marketing efficiency, improve in competition and also easier communication among the users. Talk Fusion will enhance businesses ability in many other faces, and products will be more comfortable to be marketed to the target market. Customers will experience the power of digital marketing through Talk Fusion.


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How Sanjay Shah’s Experience Has Boosted The Growth of Solo Capital

The best ways that people can secure their future and that of their children is to ensure that they make investments that are able to cushion them now and in the future. To achieve this goal it is imperative that the investments made be sound and able to earn the person maximum revenue. For one to make sound it is necessary to seek the services of the best and experienced financial and investment advisors there is. Solo Capital Markets is one of the best international boutique financial services company that is headquartered in London in the United Kingdom. This firm was incorporated in September 2011 by Sanjay Shah. The company is also referred to as Solo Capital Ltd and Solo Capital UK. The company is controlled by Solo Group Holdings.

The company mainly engages in investment, proprietary trading and consultancy. It has managed to help different clients who seek their services in different parts of England achieve their financial goals. In proprietary trading, the company mainly deals with FX, Commodities and Derivatives. In the consultancy division the company engages in investments, performance and human capital. In the last division of the international boutique firm is the professional sports investments that include commercial advisory and representation, asset and performance management and talent acquisition. The team in each of the divisions is specialized to give professional investment advice to the clients of the firm. Through the efforts of the founder and chief executive officer, the firm took over Old Park Lane Capital, a stockbroker focusing on natural resources.

Sanjay Shah founded Solo Capital in 2011 as an international boutique financial services company. He is a qualified medical doctor although his passion for business led him to the business industry where he has become a towering figure. He owns other companies in London, The British Virgin Islands, Dubai, Luxembourg, Malta and in the Cayman Islands. He is considered as one of the wealthiest individuals and it is stated that at the beginning of 206, he was worth two hundred and eighty million dollars. Mr. Shah has offices both in London in the United Kingdom and in Dubai.

He is the founder of Autism Rocks which significantly helps in raising autism awareness. He often partners with notable musicians where they come together to raise funds to support those with the condition and fund autism research.

Learn more about Sanjay Shah:

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Purchase Gifts On Skout For Charity


Being A Superhero In Real Life Means Helping Others

It would be great to have actual super powers. You could fly over the clouds and over your city instead of sitting in traffic. You could have the strength of a thousand men, or maybe you could have the power of immortality. All of the superpowers are interesting to imagine because your life would be entirely different. You can still help other people stay safe and lift their spirits if you do not have the superhero powers that you see in movies or in comic books. Superheroes are people that help people in need. According to a survey that Skout set up on their social media application, around 75 percent of people who were surveyed agree with the notion that superheroes are people that help people in need. Another statistic from this survey indicates that around 80 percent of people in the survey group would actually like to be a superhero in real life.

The survey that Skout set up was just one part of their celebration fro National Superhero Day. The celebration also included a charity to benefit a special, lucky person from the Make A Wish Foundation in the Greater Bay Area. The charity was set up through Skout’s application. Users in Skout’s community had a lot to celebrate with on National Superhero Day this year. They could actually purchase a special superhero themed gift from Skout’s application. People on Skout love to purchase gifts because they are one of the best ways to show other users that you care about them.

The superhero gift idea on Skout was Skout’s latest way of collecting money to help other people. Skout has done other charitable events in the past in order to help people in need. There is always a good cause over the horizon. You can help people in need even if you do not have a real super power. The thing that makes you super in this world just might be your level of compassion and understanding that you have for other people in the world. What have you done today for the rest of the world? Join Skout’s community for a chance to help others today. Skout is a great place to meet people, and make friends, and Skout has recently developed a fun travel app. Here’s PR Newswire’s original article about Skout’s charitable efforts.

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Yeonmi’s Harrowing March To Freedom

No-one could doubt the sincerity of Yeonmi Park or the harrowing experiences she had. Details are unimportant because the truth of her story is the way she portrays it. The fact that her father died only months after finding freedom, and the price her mother paid, using her body to protect her daughter are self-evident in the telling. While it’s somewhat unclear just exactly happened during her flight to freedom, the heart of Park’s story seems undoubtedly true. Of course there are detractors from her story; there are so many that could benefit from discrediting her.

But the descriptions of passing into China, and the fear that Yeonmi would be deported are the experiences that so many people have when they try to flee from such an oppressive environment and history such as hers. Thus when she talks of ‘paying off’ the border guards, and the many other hells she suffered crossing the Gobi Desert, it’s not so important whether the details have changed or not. She is helping others all over the world seek and find freedom; something she says she had never really ‘tasted. To her freedom meant an abundance of food. Like her many members of oppressed nations feel the same.

Thus, like so many who have suffered abuse the tendency to make the story palatable to readers, Youtube viewers and listeners, can be very important. What matter that there is some variance in a story of grossly abused peoples. The important part is that members of developed countries can never sympathize, they can only empathize with the plight of subjected peoples to harsh regimes that exist in various places in the world.

So, when her interviewer on doubts the veracity of parts to her story, it doesn’t matter. No-one could ‘fake’ the sincerity and truth that is hers to tell the world. It makes you want to read her book and support her efforts to help others throughout the world obtain the freedom she so cherishes.

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Qnet Meets My Standards

As a long-time vegetarian, and a person who cares about the things that lie behind products I buy, I have been searching for quite some time for a source of nutritional products. I also wanted them to be available online. I have grown tired of the conventional marketplace, with the frustrations inherent in finding what I need. I also grow tired of the endless hustle and bustle of fellow consumers and the sales pitches.

A friend of mine developed an ambition to do some direct selling of products such as those I was interested in, and informed me of the comparatively new Qnet. I write this not so much to sell their products, but to let people know that I found what I was looking for with them. Their concern about health and safety, and strict adherence to vegetarian practices, struck a chord with me. More tellingly, their community involvement and eagerness to be humble in service to humankind, has made me a loyal devotee.

Their product line includes more than nutritional products. They also meet wellness needs, sell skincare, and market fine Swiss watches and jewelry. What sets them apart, however, are their high moral standards and ideals. Everything they brand is tested. They ensure no animals are used in this testing. Their edible products are purely vegetarian, which suits me perfectly.

Qnet’s philosophy is to better yourself to better those around you. But unlike the fine words spouted by many others, they take their social responsibility seriously. They are loyal supporters of the Rashid Centers programs to advocate for and benefit special needs children. They serve international and local communities to enhance quality of life for everyone. Recently, they partnered with the Lions Club to establish a kidney dialysis unit at Shirdi Sai Hospital in Bangladore.

It is a member of the United Nations Glob al Compact (UNGC) Network, the worlds largest corporate sustainability initiative. All of this social effort trickles down into the approach I have found they use with their products. The quality is high, the materials are tested, and I always get something out of the assurance I have that their standards equate with my own. I also believe in giving back, and do all I can. I haven’s decided to buy a Swiss watch yet, but I would turn to this new, Asian based, company were I to invest in one.

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How Class Dojo is Revolutionizing Education

Class Dojo is a revolutionary platform for connecting teachers, students and their parents. It allows for empowering students to showcase their best qualities and do their best work. Teachers love using Class Dojo because it allows for a proactive approach in establishing a positive environment and culture both in the classroom and the school as a whole.

The Class Dojo system encourages students to make contributions to class discussion and stay highly engaged. By using a point tracking system where students are able to see their point totals in real time, it provides a solid level of motivation for students to improve. Teachers love how easy the platform is to use. Class Dojo has an interactive app for tracking student performance that is available for smart devices. It is also accessible through the Class Dojo site.

Imagine a classroom filled with students that are each able to monitor their point totals at any given time. The teacher keeps a class list pulled up on the interactive board where students can see their points attached to their individual avatar. When a correct answer is given, or a positive contribution is made to class discussion, a positive and pleasant sound is heard. Everyone now sees that a point has been awarded and to whom. This is a great positive reinforcement of good habits that is so important for establishing the classroom culture and climate that teachers desperately need on a daily basis.

Class Dojo offers customizable and detailed reports to show each student’s strengths and areas that improvement may be possible. It is easy to follow and a wonderful method of communicating with families exactly what their child is doing to contribute to the class and the school each day. It most definitely takes the effort of every child to make a class and even an entire school achieve success. Through platforms like Class Dojo, managing these efforts becomes much easier. Giving a structured and detailed method for encouraging students and communicating with families is the goal of every school. Class Dojo has become the gold standard of platforms that work to accomplish these goals.