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How Sam Tabar Climbed The Ladder

Sam Tabar has a passion for working within the legal field and is spectacular at what he does. It’s an incredible challenge, to say the least, when it comes to getting your foot in the legal door and making your start. Everything that Sam accomplished after beginning his legal career is an interesting read. The work that he has done as a lawyer and as a Capital Strategist is known to be one of the very best. Sam Tabar put so much work into creating a name for himself, and has plans to ensure that his clients are satisfied with all of the work that he does for his clients.

At this point, Sam is working within the great city of New York at a company known as Full Cycle Fund. Many doors were opened to him because of his many qualified talents including the very first company to employ him, Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP. It’s plain to see why this company valued Sam so much and chose to have him work within Capitol Strategy and Business Development.

The time that he spent with kadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP didn’t go to waste. When Sam joined the team, business development was taken to the highest heights to credit of one person, Sam Tabar. His love and passion for his career, and his appreciation for his clients are the main ingredients for his continued success.

Sam also worked for a company called Sparx, amazing them as the Co-Head of Business Development and Managing Director. The business began to flourish with his help and well-tuned knowledge and years of field experience.

The Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP is the company that Sam chose when he made his move back into the legal field just for the love of his career. He is now a Senior Associate with this company and is said to be one of the best because of his work here.  Read more about his remarkable legal career on Lawyerist.

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The Master Behind The Mind Of George Soros

There are very few people in this world that could take credit for actually leaving a mark, but George Soros has done just that. Throughout his life he has impacted not only his own personal triumphs in business, but he has also impacted the world financially. One of his biggest risks, which ended up making him billions of dollars was that one single day trade with the British pound. It was just his brilliant mind that set him free and allowed him to take a chance on something that others speculated would be his biggest failure. He not only proved the people wrong, but he most certainly broke the bank!

George Soros built his career and also his fountain of profits based on his beliefs that the financial markets were an easy target because they were always in a constant flux. He knew that the weaknesses of the market would need to be assessed relatively fast and he wasted no time in making his investment choices which proved to be his greatest victory of all time. It would be safe to say that where currency is involved, George Soros is somewhere behind the scenes. From the British pound to the Thai baht, speculations grew far and wide that he was indeed the mastermind behind the history.

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Early in his career he had a few financial positions with some New York firms, but he craved a much bigger position as he founded the Soros Fund Management. His ideas grew from the Hedge Funds into the Quantum Fund. The annual reports often showed a profit most people could only dream of seeing. And with all his wealth being built from his brilliant ideas, he still found time for his personal life, which has also proven to be in his favor, with three marriages under his belt and five children of his own.

Life is indeed good for George Soros and he has not been shy in the way of helping the world when he possibly can. He is known for his large charitable contributions through his Open Society Foundation. Since his retirement in 2000, and having now written five publications about his perspective in the financial world. He has gained recognition as one of the wealthiest investors in the world.

Many people have tried to understand his method of thinking and duplicate his good fortune. But truth be told, there was no “set” method to his madness and he has been quoted as saying he just had an instinctive physical reaction and he knew that timing was everything. So whether or not somebody else could ever possibly repeat the life George Soros has lived, well it goes without saying; George Soros is one of a kind.

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Police Raid Offices of Marca Socialista

On Friday morning, at approximately 11 am, Venezuelan police raided the headquarters of the Marca Socialista, a vocal left-dissident political organization.
With a warrant signed by criminal court Judge Denisse Bocanegra Diaz, police officers raided the offices of Marca Socialista’s national headquarters with intent to search for “objects of criminalist units”. This included “counterfeit foreign currency”, “information storage units”, “firearms”, and “documentation related to financial translations”, Linked In insiders reported Friday.

Marca Socialista issued a press statement claiming that the officers of the CICPC (Venezuela’s equivalent of the FBI in the United States) arrived heavily armed, gave no explanation for why they were there, and stayed for no more than half an hour. The organization claims that the officers “failed to find what they were looking for”.

The founder of the organization, Nicmer Evans, has also confirmed to officer Manuel Gonzalez that following the sudden and inexplicable raid, he received two phone calls from Douglas Rico, the director of the CICPC. In the first call, Rico, Nicmer Evans is quoted to have said, “claimed to be unaware of the operation and asked for explanations”. In the second call, Evans claims that the CICPC director “tried to justify that the cause for the raid was not related to Marca Socialista”.

The political group has claimed that this is just another incident in a string of attacks by the Venezuelan government, in retaliation for their outspoken condemnation of government corruption and other critical opinions.

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Skout Shows Diversity in Features and Executive Leadership

Skout is a cool app. It is one that has becomes the centralized online location for all of those that want to flirt. That is the magic behind this app. It has become the best go-to app for all of those people that are interested in finding something that they would like to spend some time with. The reality is that many dating apps are pushing users in the dating stage far too soon. The cool thing about Skout is that this site gives you the ability build things up at your own speed. The dating game can be a lot of fun when you take things slow, and Skout allows people to meet others on their own terms and establish some conversation before things get deep.

Skout had also surfaced as the most convenient app for networking for jobs. Meeting people in new cities can be easy. Finding a job on a new city can be a nightmare. Sometimes the flirting leads to a friendship that turns into a relationship. Someone may have the desire to move close to where the other person is. The Skout app will help with this as well. That is why people that flirt and date with Skout will also network and acquire job leads as well. This can lead to a better career sometimes. It may seem hard to believe that people can boost their career standing with a job, but it is a possibility.

Laura Dunn certainly knows about the job possibilities that are linked to Skout. She has become someone that rallies among the workers that are tweaking this app. She approves budgets and gives the green light for projects that are taking place behind the scenes at Skout. Dunn is the SKout CFO and she believes in networking through social media.

There are people that are also elated to see how the Skout app has continued to educate people on things like the cultures of new cities with the intriguing virtual travel feature. More than 10 million people have signed up for virtual trips within the last year. This is a sign of the grow that comes by way of new features. Many people have decided to sign up for this Skout app just to see how the Skout virtual travel feature works. This is type of innovation that attracts new users. It also keeps the older registered users loyal.

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Bob Reina The Creator Of Something Life Changing

Bob Reina recently celebrated his birthday on the 31st of May. This took place during the May Dream Getaway which featured all the Diamond Associates and above. This birthday get together was held on the Chapel Lawn of the Grand Wailea hotel. During the celebration, Bob Reina received birthday wishes by his users via video emails. Once the first clip ended there was a second secret video clip which was an idea by Allison Roberts who is the VP of training and development.

She had installed a secret email account where users could send their very own private message to Bob Reina. They utilized CONNECT in order to send their special birthday wishes. This was an amazing gift for the great mentor and CEO Bob Reina who has become a favorite amongst Talk Fusion users. His vision and enthusiasm to help people succeed has made him a crowd favorite.

Often times people do not understand the power of the Talk Fusion Suite. The Suite is very versatile and can now be utilized on both Android and iPhone platforms. The video chat does not require any special updates or plugins in order to function optimally on any smartphone. The software also incorporates the new WebRTC technology. This technology enables the creators to provide the very same features while making the suite smoother and a lot more powerful. The overall performance of the applications are greatly improved as various coding pathways were optimized.

The Live Meetings application that is contained within the Talk Fusion Suite allows the user to conduct conference calls on a global scale and allow up to 500 attendees simultaneously to join the broadcast. This is an amazing number of attendees and thanks to the WebRTC technology this can be done through a web browser and a camera. Any platform with those 2 requirements are able to use the software. Bob Reina and his team of professionals are constantly striving to further improve the user friendliness of the application as well as make it available on a global scale.

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Philanthropist Alexei Beltyukov Aids Russian Start-ups to Help Economy

In 2014, Alexei Beltyukov recognized that the educated middle-class saw no future in the Russian economy for themselves, and many fled to Eastern Europe. He realized that this talent drain and capital loss was harming the economy.

One way Beltyukov has helped new and struggling businesses was to be a founder of the Skolkovo Fundation in 2010. It encourages innovation, business and improvement of technology throughout the country, focusing on entrepreneurs and small businesses. Over 1000 businesses have been helped by Skolkovo.

The foundation, which is a government-sanctioned organization, provides grant money to promising new businesses, as well as consulting services on strategies, and assists in obtaining tax breaks for Russian companies.

Beltyukov has been involved in numerous other organizations aimed at helping the Russian economy. After graduating from INSEAD (translated: European Institute of Business Administration) in France with an MBA in 1997, he started off in the next year as an associate then Engagement Manager at McKinsey and Co. In 2003, he began founding and co-founding many successful businesses. He was a board member, Executive Director and later CEO of Renova Project from 2004 to 2006. Under his direct supervision were a commercial bank, an insurance company, an airport, a pension fund, a brewery, three meat plants, and much more.

He was Vice-President for Strategy and Business Development at Brunswick Capital, an investment firm in 2003 and 2004. He launched Brunswick Rail Leasing, which has 10,000 railroad cars, putting it in the top three of its kind in the country.

Among others, he founded A-Ventures, a firm started to help struggling Russian companies; New Gas Technologies, a venture project involving petroleum gas; Mechanicus, a car repair firm; Endemic Capital, a resource for start-ups; and Solvy, an online educational source for high school students and teachers.

Since 2008, he has served on the Advisory Council for Special Economic Zones of the Ministry of Economy and as Entrepreneur in Residence at INSEAD, where he also established a Russian Alumni Scholarship to help students from home.  Check out Alexei’s educational project on, and read more about the man himself on