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Danilo Diaz Granados Grants Luxurious Day for Miami Invitees

Already known for his long history of amazing events, Danilo Diaz Granados has truly outdone himself this time with a party in July for Miami’s elite. The TOYS for BOYS co-founder treated the hand-invited guests to bottles of fine champagne, fine dining, helicopter rides, racetrack time, and boat rides at sunset.

Each guest was first treated to breakfast at Dame Zaha Hadid’s One Thousand Museum sales center. Afterwards, there was a private tour of this newly constructed, Biscayne-area building. Next, the guests were whisked away by helicopter to the Palm Beach Race Track, where they were allowed to take a lap around the track in a car of their choice. Then it was back to the helicopters and on to a lunch at the River Yacht Club where each guest was treated to Dom Perignon. The day ended with a scenic boat ride along the bay at sunset, riding in the newest boats of sponsors Van Dutch and Technomar.

Granados and his business partners worked hand-in-hand with several high-end organizations and local companies to pull off this unforgettable day filled with great foods, helicopters, boats, and racing.

There can be no doubt that each guest had a terrific and luxurious day out in the great city of Miami. Already known for his long history of luxurious sensory events, Granados has really outdone himself with this one, and it will be interesting to see how he tops it.

A graduate of Babson College in Massachusetts, Granados earned a degree in Economics and Entrepreneurship before moving to Miami. Granados then started a luxury boutique for the Latino community which offered luxury vehicles, jewelry and watches, and modern art. This is when TOYS for BOYS was founded. As a luxury boutique combining a wide array of fine items for Miami’s elite men, TOYS for BOYS has been a major success and has received a high amount of exposure and has truly thrived within both the local community and nationally. With further events such as this one, there is no count that TOYS for BOYS will continue to increase in exposure.

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Keith Mann: The Unselfish Leader

When we are young, we all look to be accepted, liked, and appreciated for our accomplishments. That doesn’t just change as we get older, but when we are young, we really need adults that are going to be in our corner, supporting us, standing by us, and believing in us. It gives a certain sense of confidence that we can accomplish anything that we set our minds to and nothing is out of reach and nothing is impossible. It is important to mold those minds at a young age, because so much development in the brain happens then and it can really have a negative or positive impact, depending on what is said and how it is said.

That is why what Keith Mann is doing is so important and so vital to the success of our children’s future. He wants to give them a head start and all of the tools they need to succeed with flying colors. Along with Keely Mann, they have introduced the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement, which they are working on with Uncommon Schools. It allows for future business leaders and young minds to get a scholarship. This scholarship is for one graduating senior each year in the Uncommon School districts.

I really like the word Uncommon. Too often, children are influenced by what they see on TV and what they look at on their computers. They want to be common and they want to be like everyone else. With this magnificent award, they can stand on their own two feet and stand out in the best possible. They can realize that being uncommon is actually a good thing. It means you aren’t afraid to have an original idea, big dreams, and big thoughts. You don’t need to be anyone but yourself. You are good enough and someone believes in you and wants to reward you for your achievements. It doesn’t get any better than that and that is one of the highest achievements in my mind. It sets them off on the right foot and it leaves the world in a better place for the future.

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Talk Fusion and Bob Reina Revel In Success


Talk Fusion is a company that has achieved one success after the other since its founding in 2007. Recently, Talk Fusion was given a prestigious industry award for innovative browser-to-browser apps. The Talk Fusion Video Chat was the program named in the award. Talk Fusion produces more than a Video Chat program. Scores of other excellent programs are services are made available by the very reliable company.

Talk Fusion is currently the “7th largest video communications company in the world” and this is thanks to its CEO Bob Reina. Reina is also the man who founded the company many years ago. Reina felt that AOL’s inability to include reliable video content in emails presented an opportunity. While the one-time internet giant couldn’t develop the right program, Reina and his associates were up for the job. Video Email is the hallmark of Talk Fusion’s services. And Reina never grew stagnant with his management of company. New services were always in the development pipeline.

Video Email, Video Newsletters, Live Meetings, and more are part of the Talk Fusion product/service line. Not only are customers capable of taking advantage of these programs, associates looking to sell and promote them can do so as well.

Bob Reina truly has created a fantastic video marketing company. Reina’s success has spawned not only a growing company, but also a growing charity network. Reina and Talk Fusion are heavily involved in charitable giving. Recipients of the charitable funding are found in the United States and around the world.

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The Best Ski Resorts for Your Future Vacation

Are you someone who loves to ski whenever you get the chance? If this is the case, you must do some skiing in Lake Tahoe if you haven’t already. This is one of the most famous destinations for skiers in the entire world for a very good reason. It has some of the most beautiful scenery and magnificent slopes that you will find anywhere. People come from dozens of countries every year to do their skiing in Lake Tahoe and they are never disappointed. Here are a few of the resorts that you might like to try.

1. Squaw Valley Resort

This ski resort in California has a wide variety of things to do. It is perfect for couples who want to bring their kids with them. There are plenty of activities to keep the little ones busy while mom and dad hit the slopes. There is a kids day camp where children are taken on hiking and swimming excursions with trained counselors. Luxurious accommodations can be found at The Village at Squaw Valley. This is located right in the middle of all the action. You will be just a stone’s throw away from fine dining and entertainment.

2. Alpine Meadows Resort

Alpine Meadows offers a wide variety of activities that go far beyond skiing. Families and couples will be able to explore the beauty of the nature that surrounds them in this scenic paradise. Activities such as rollerskating, biking, golf, wall climbing, hiking and geocaching are available. A pool and hot tub are also available for guests to enjoy. There are slopes that are specially designed for beginning, intermediate and expert level skiers.

3. Diamond Peak Ski Resort

Diamond Peak is open from the middle of December until the middle of April. This resort offers skiing lessons for people of all ages that are given by qualified ski instructors. Slopes have varying levels of difficulty for people of all experience levels. There are many different places to buy food while you are skiing and after you are finished. Food options come in all price ranges. Incline Village offers visitors many different options in terms of shopping, dining and lodging.

4. Boreal Ski Resort

Boreal Ski Resort offers all-mountain terrain in an area that spans 500 acres. There is also a tube park for people who are not interested in skiing. Snowboarding lessons are provided at this resort. However, you will need to register in advance.

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Kyle Bass Warns Of Possible Collapse

The collapse Bass warns of isn’t total. He sees China taking a dive in the next two to three years based on the implosion of their ever-expanding credit bubble. He believes when this implosion takes place, it will affect the United States economy. He’s put a number on it: Bass says there’s a 40 to 50 percent chance the collapse will happen this year.

It’s an interesting prediction, but taken in light of Bass’ career choices over the years, it may very well be a spurious one.

Kyle Bass manages a hedge fund out of Austin, Texas. But the man is Argentinian by heritage, and strongly allied with socialist despot Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, economic anti-hero of Argentina. The woman has knocked the country into default two times over the course of only 13 years; demonstrating the kind of poor leadership that will ultimately be of historical importance. Meanwhile, Bass continuously praises her financial decisions. What kind of economist does that? One who’s economic ideal isn’t conventional to American sensibility, it sounds like. Many socialistic thinkers have had the kind of economic ideals Bass seems to follow. Consider that he has endorsed Hillary Clinton as the “most sane” candidate in the upcoming election. This certainly describes his political sensibilities. Clinton is the globalist candidate this round, and socialist economy tends to favor this perspective over nationalist economic ethic. It’s understandable, then, that Bass would ally himself with Clinton’s economic sensibilities. This would also explain his support of Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, and CAD.

CAD is the Coalition for Affordable Drugs, which UsefulStooges reports is an ostensibly humanitarian organization who’s purpose seems to be the forced decrease of prices pharmaceutical companies can sell their medicine for. In reality, this is a stock-market manipulation scheme. Bass uses CAD to undercut big-ticket companies legally, which forces a stock declination, allowing him to short-sell his holdings with them and make a fortune. Meanwhile, the pharmaceutical companies in question lose funding for research and development, suspending breakthroughs nigh indefinitely.

With these things in mind, Bass’ predictions about China are almost certainly informed by a socialistic economic ethic in direct conflict to traditional statist economies, and therefore dangerous.

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Devco Financing Heldrick hotel.

New Brunnswick Development Corporation (Devco) is a private non-profit making organization that deals in urban real estate development. The company was formed in 1970’s to boost the city’s rejuvenation. The company helps a failing city to rise again through; strong strategic alliances, public-private partnerships and innovative project financing structure. Over the years, Devco has capitalized on the momentum by always opening a project, break around another, and financing other projects.

As first reported by Press of Atlantic City, the Devco to finance Heldrich Hotel Brunswick running down to operate (press of According to the report, Devco provided $20 million for the unpaid CRDA loan received by the Middlesex County Improvement Authority from Casino Reinvestment Development Authority. Devco, which developed in 2005 through the corporation, is keen to help it rise again. Notably, the company is to oversee more than $200 million in public and private financing to Gateway project in the city’s Chelsea section.
Pointed out by Chris Paladino, the Devco’s financing of Heldrich is timely as the hotel is currently struggling to attract guest. In 2015, for example, it only had 63.5 percent occupancy making hotel not to be able to sustain its operations. Worsened by its cash-strapped state the hotel used about $776,000 cash to finance public capital expenses like mattress and carpet replacement. Therefore to help Heldrich, Devco pumped in a loan to make it healthy and pay the senior and junior bonds.
Even though the new law signed by Governor Christ Christie blocks state agency from giving loans, grants and subsidies to business that don’t pay loans, Devco gave Heldrick hotel the $20 million knowingly and given that there exist tangible and measurable economic impacts it fall will have on 235 unionized workers, tax and the 1000 customers who visited in 2015.


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Avi Weisfogel and his GoFundMe Campaign for Operation Smile

Avi Weisfogel is proud to be part of a GoFundMe campaign that was launched to assist the Operation Smile, an international charity medical organization that offers free surgical lip procedures for kids. They also offer services to young adults that have cleft lips, palate and other deformities on their face. Weisfogel is targeting to get at least $2000, to ensure that every child has the hope of having a healthy and brighter future.


Weisfogel spoke of the belief and aspiration of Operation Smile in ensuring that every child has hope no matter what comes their way. He stated that his background and passions led him to choose Operation Smile as children deserve the best care that is available. Operation Smile works with a number of medical professionals, governments, organizations and hospitals to create models for surgical care. The look for the most effective solution that will benefit as many children as possible in various places globally. It was founded in 1982 by Kathy and Bill Magee to help children based in the Philippines before it spread globally.


About Avi Weisfogel


Avi Weisfogel has a wide background in sleep disorders and sleep treatment. He started the Old Bridge Dental Care in 1999 and managed his dental practice for over 15 years. He won various accolades in his community for being the Best Dentist for a number of years. He then started exploring how physicians and dentists could work together to help patients who had sleep disorders. In the year 2010, he established the Healthy Heart Sleep, which worked with physicians all over the globe to advise them on the setting up and running of sleep labs.


In 2012, he went on to establish Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient to help dentists know how to add and serve patients with sleep disorders. In 2014, Dental Sleep Masters was the next thing he established with the aim of breaking into the sleep world through using oral appliances for treatment. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Biology from the Rutgers University. He also has a DDS from New York University. He has a thorough knowledge on sleep apnea and it enables him treat his patients.


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