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If you Want Supple Lips And A Beautiful Smile, Go With Evolution of Smooth’s Lip Balms

In order to have good looking lips that are not dried out or chapped, especially during winter and weather changes, a lip balm is a must have to maintain the lips health. Evolution of Smooth is making this easy for people with their fun and all-natural lip balms, which work perfectly to keep the lips looking full and moist. Even the kids will use this lip balm in its with its fun applicator.
Most peoples first thought when it comes to a nice smile is the teeth, but the lips are actually important as well. Everyone has seen and felt dry and chapped lips before, they do not look good nor are they fun to have, as they can be very painful when cracking. Lip balms can help keep the lips healthy with natural oils and antioxidants, while allowing them to retain their natural moisture. Evolution of Smooth lip balms are perfect for this as they are all natural and are safe to use multiple times each day.

The lip balms provided by Evolution of Smooth come in many varieties as well as different scents and flavors to match different tastes. Their applicator is a unique ball shape that most people have probably seen at the retail store. EOS’s lip balms are not only extremely effective at keeping the lips healthy, but they are a bargain at only a few dollars per balm.

Evolution of Smooth is wide spread and has a lot of recognition the world over. There are many celebrities who advertise the product that actually use it themselves as well.  Evolution of Smooth’s lip balms and most of their personal care products can be found at major retailers and store that have personal care sections, such as Walmart and Target, or online on,Amazon or eBay.

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Solvy, A Determined Russian Entrepreneur’s Educational Platform

Math is among the compulsory subjects in many school systems. SOLVY is an online platform where students can access mathematical problems that have been picked by their teachers based on their interesting topics. Through SOLVY, instructors can assign homework to their students via notifications. In case a student needs help, SOLVY sends notifications to instructors. SOLVY is an application that saves student’s and teachers’ time by assisting them to use their time efficiently.

SOLVY provides a real world experience for math learners because it is readily available in various devices including cell phones and computers. From graphs to online tutorials, SOLVY offers an interactive session between students and facilitators. Through SOLVY, teachers can see student’s work by pinpointing errors and misunderstandings as well as providing solutions. SOLVY has included Algebra in its contents.

About Alexei Beltyukov

In 2015, the PRNewswire released a statement that Alexei is the newest entrepreneurial endeavor on his SOLVY appointment. Alexei was thrilled to interact with teachers, administrators, facilitators and educators. He answered their questions about SOLVY on how interactive and educative the software is.

Beltyukov is a proponent of education who values the broadening of the school system through continuing education. He is proud of SOLVY as it has drawn the attention of EdTech experts and educators.

A Daily Motion video shows that Alexei Beltyukov is a successful, prominent entrepreneur who graduated from INSEAD School with a Masters in Business Administration. He is the founder of various organizations including Endemic Capital, Solvy, New Gas Technologies, and A-Ventures.

Alexei was appointed the Chief Operating Officer of Solvy, a company specializing in the online educational system. Besides, Beltyukov is a philanthropist. He facilitated the initiation of Russian Alumni Scholarship in his former school INSEAD.

In 2013, Alexei Beltyukov founded Endemic Capital a company specializing in funding Russian startup companies. He is a committed philanthropist in helping Russians live better a life. Beltyukov works in close collaboration with the Russian government to promote economic growth, support, and guidance via Skolkovo Foundation, where he serves as the Vice President.

The Foundation offers funds, grants and opportunities to Russian entrepreneurs, technologists, startups and skilled business persons. Alexei Beltyukov commits to expanding opportunities across Russia.

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Harper’s Bazar Releases List of Best Plastic Surgeons

Harper’s Bazar just released a list of the top 24 four plastic surgeons. Each of these plastic surgeons is at the top of their profession and has performed some cutting edge procudures. The list names surgeons from around the country who have been praised by their patients as some of the best in the business. It includes stand outs like Massachucett based Leonard B. Miller, who is known for his natural face lift that supposedly leaves no scars, as well as Beverly Hills based Raj Kanodia, who is known for sculpting the noses of celebrities.

These plastic surgeons are culled from a list of thousands of plastic surgeons who performed a record breaking 1.6 million cosmetic surgical procedures in 2012. All of the surgeons are board certified doctors who are highly respected in their field. They are working in an area when nearly everyone has had some kind of cosmetic procedure preformed including chemical peels, skins smoothing lasers and botox, all of which are non invasive treatments. These doctors, who also perform the noninvasive procedures are the best of the best when it comes to surgical procedures.

If you are looking for the best results, there is no reason not to go under the knife and experience the benefits of the best procedures with the biggest results. And if you are looking to go under the knife, why not choose to visit the best of best and use one of the very capable doctors on this list.

Among the standouts is is Austin, Texas based Jennifer Walden. According to the Harper’s Bazar list Walden is known for a wide range of face and body procedures, including labiaplasty. After training with some of New York’s best doctors, she moved to Texas,where her name is a much guarded secret and is shared in confidence at dinner parties and between close friends. She has since acquired a long waiting list.

Dr. Walden
recieved her degree from the University of Texas Medical Branch, and was the salutatorian of her class. She was mentored by Dr. Sherrel Aston at the Manhatton Ear, Eye, and Throat hospital. In addition to being recognized by Harper Bazaar, she has also been an expert commentator on plastic surgery on a variety of media outlets.

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Halloween Cat Ears With Your Own Hair!

With Halloween right around the corner, you want to dress up as something, so why not a cute, little cat? Wengie said, All you need to make your own hair stick up like two cat ears are the following items:


  • Your Hair (DUH)



  • 2 Thin Hair Ties


It’s a very simple thing with very little required to do it!
The rest is simple, but be careful you don’t damage or pull your hair in any way or it could hurt!


  • Separate your hair into two sections and tie up two small sections into two hair ties


  • Poke the pipe cleaner gently through the middle of the pig tail just so it touches your scalp.


  • With the pipe cleaner in the middle, separate your hair into three sections.


  • Braid your pig tail with the pipe cleaner in the braid.


  • Using a bobby pin, fasten your hair in a bump shape onto the top of your head.


  • Bend the pipe cleaner into the desired, pointy shape to create your cat ear!


  • Repeat for the other side.


You can vary this by taking thicker or thinner pieces of hair to make your pig tails or adjusting the tightness of the braids. The tighter the braid, the neater the look.

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Kyle Bass: A Floundering Investor That Has Given Lots Of Bad Advice


Kyle Bass is a well known hedge fund manager that first made headlines back in 2008, after it appeared that he predicted 2008’s economic crash. However, there has been speculation that he may have simply been spreading information that was given to him by another investor. After this accurate investment advice, the predictions that he has made regarding the economy have had a tendency to be highly inaccurate, and his appearances on television have been far less profitable. Despite this, Kyle Bass appears to have a lot to say. In fact, he is significantly more visible on television than in the past. In addition to making inaccurate predictions about the economy, he has been involved in ethically questionable schemes to make money and formed associations with questionable characters in the business world.


You can read the full story on

Unfortunately, many people listen to his investment advice, believing him to be an expert. Some investments that he has recommended are not only bad advice, but they simply aren’t even possible to make. Once he gave the advice to make invest against China’s currency, despite the fact that their currency is too regulated for anyone to do this.


Another bit of advice he gave to investors was to keep drug companies from getting patents on medications they create to have the drugs manufactured themselves. This wouldn’t be possible for very many investors to do, given the high quality lawyers that defend drug companies in court.


However, this is very similar to Kyle Bass’ notorious scheme that denies drug companies patents. After he denies the patents, he invests large amounts of stock for the purpose of making money after drug companies recover from the damage he caused them. He has founded an entire organization for this purpose, and it has kept many people from receiving appropriate treatment.


Given the harebrained nature of a lot of his advice, it seems questionable if he even fully believes it himself. While it is possible that he does, he also could be just looking for things to say to give himself visibility and gain followers.

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Brian Torchin Has The Path To A New Medical Job Laid Out For Everyone

Brian Torchin knows the medical industry pretty intimately, and he uses that information to supply his clients with information every day. His plan for his clients unfurls when they work with HCRC, but he also has a personal blog that helps offer information to people who are looking for jobs. That is how he helps people who need basic information for their job searches, and he also give people a lot of information that changes the direction of their searches.

The information that is offered on his blog is usually about searches that people are doing as they ask their questions. He wants to be sure that people can get their questions answered, and he also wants to know how easy it will be for people to approach the results they need with the resume they have. The results that people need pertain directly to their resume, and that is why Brian Torchin will tell people to change their job search if their resume does not fit the jobs they apply for.

He will place people or get them interviews where he can, but he mostly helps people be sure they are actually applying for the right jobs. That makes it much easier for the clients to go in the right places to look for jobs, or they can ask specific questions about their search that he can answer. Brian Torchin knows more about this than anyone, and that is why he is the best place to get answers.

Everyone who needs a better medical job has their best chance in Mr. Torchin and his services. He believes that he can fix the problem for most clients, and he can find the job that works for them.

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Keeping A Close Eye: Help for Mothers at School

Mothers rejoice. Now mothers can keep a very watchful eye on their children all day and every day while they attend school, wherever it is. The app is called ClassDojo where teachers and students have been able to communicate as well by making classrooms open to their educational community. Teachers already are working toward giving students positive messages about their skill development and value development such as work ethic, treating others with respect or kindness and being a helpful individual to others. These are some of the values that ClassDojo is being used to reinforce.

Mothers now can utilize this app to observe and stay connected with their children while they are attending school and on other extracurricular adventures. This works both ways as students can showcase their talents and skills that they are developing by uploading photos and videos of the activities they participate in during their school work periods, in essence creating a video portfolio of their work. Parents will be thrilled to witness these sharing documentaries and photo collections of their children as they navigate through their classroom participation exercises. The students level of participation is graded with what are called “digital high-fives” represented by an icon looking like two open hands poised to meet other hands in the high five gesture.

There are digital report cards on each student to be shared with parents by teachers and students with icons representing their grades in categories such as active listening, class contribution, work ethic, helpful attitude, leadership and tenacity or ‘grit.’ Sharing of classroom moments is totally a hit with teachers and parents as they instantly present photos, videos and updates during a live class through out a day of school on the Class Dojo app.

Sharing between parents is also possible with private messaging, instantly so that they can discuss any issues that they have concerns about before confronting the problem if there is one with the others involved. Parents and teachers also can do the same so that if there are issues to sort out with other children and their parents this can also be done before any confrontation takes place.

The classroom has become open in real time to the parental aspect of child raising and a child’s education so that the children will not be forgotten or allowed to slip through the cracks as they have in the past when busy parents who are out earning. Parents will be able to learn about what their children are being taught.

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A List Of Lip Balm Tips If You Want More Kissable Lips

This lip balm is great for dry lips. It hydrates, using antioxidant rich Vitamin E and Shea butter. Because it uses beeswax as one of its main ingredients, it is a natural skin conditioner, leaving lips soft and smooth. It is also 100 percent natural.

This is a great choice for people looking for both a great moisturizer and a treatment in one. It has an anti-aging treatment built into it, which reduces deep and fine lines. It moisturizes and protects with an SPF of 15. This lip balm is magnificent for creating “cushion soft” lips.

Evolution of Smooth lip balm comes in 2 different sizes/shapes. First, it comes in a cute “smooth sphere” which makes for a compact item easily thrown in a purse or put in a pocket.

The lip balms are loaded with great ingredients such as, Vitamin E, Shea butter and jojoba oil, which help to keep your lips silky and smooth. Not only is this product paraben and petrolatum free, but also 100 percent natural, and not tested on animals. And for an added bonus, the balm is loaded with broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection. This is a great product with great results. EOS lip balms are available on and Also check out

This classic brand has a great “barely-there” look with absolutely no stickiness. Much like the others, this product has Vitamin E as one of its ingredients, but also includes aloe and cocoa butter. With an SPF of 20, this fast-acting formula is a must-have for extreme conditions.

This product boasts immediate relief, using vitamins, Shea butter, and chamomile essence. It relieves dryness and soothes chapped lips, without the sticky feeling.



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Lovaganza Announcement Raises Anticipation For A Bohemian Celebration

Lovaganza from J-Scott on Vimeo.

Recently, PR Newswire ran an article detailing the Lovaganza Foundation, the bohemian world-culture company has recently announced the 2020 premiere of the Lovaganza festival. The festival celebration had been postponed in order to take advantage of the latest entertainment technology on The events are renown as especially magnificent and opulent in the old World’s Fair sense of the words. The celebrations, held around the globe, are intended to celebrate and show the diversity of many different cultures. Education and celebration are the name of the game at Lovaganza, and it proves to be an unforgettable event.

Starting in May of 2020 will be the simultaneous occurrence of the four-month long Lovaganza celebration in eight flagship locations around the world; premiering in America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Oceania. Experience a never before seen entertainment technology such as the glasses free 3d immersive films, covering the history, current times, and the possible future of cultures around the world. Included with the never before seen technologies, there will be breathtaking exhibitions and live events to make the experience in learning about cultures around the world even more engaging, allowing you to get elbows deep in experiencing the life of other cultures that this world has to offer.

However, you can get an early taste of the Bohemian Adventure in 2017. The special 2017 Travel Show of Lovaganza is meant to promote the 2020 celebrations, and the missions and goals attached to the great adventure. If that is not enough, the 2017 travel show will also include examples of the new glasses free 3d immersive technology, in every global location. This event will be followed by three main films that will ramp up to 2020, as the filming is already begun around the world in locations such as France, Spain, and the United states. These three major films are going to be presented in the Lovaganza traveling pavilions via new 3d glasses technology, and conventional 3d and 2d theaters.

Distinguishing the two main structures of Lovaganza starting with the Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise which is the profit portion of Lovaganza, made to bring inspiration and wonder to the audiences of the world with the learning adventure of all the different cultures of the world. The Lovaganza Foundation is the other main structure being the non-profit, to show the positive growth and impact of the franchise while supporting global initiatives all over the world.

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