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Martin Lustgarten: A Generous and Successful Investment Banker

Investment banks are a middleman between investors and a company when the company issues stock or bonds. They often will buy all or a lot of a company’s shares directly from the company when the company holds its initial public offering (IPO). The investment bank will then sell these shares on the market becoming a proxy of sorts for the company. This makes things a whole lot easier on the company who is selling their shares, and the investment bank can make a profit in the process, as well.

Investment banks also take the role of advising, both, buyers and sellers on procedure and implementation, pricing and structuring, transactions, negotiation, and business valuation. They go further than this and also connect buyers and sellers who might be a good match. Assisting with pricing financial instruments, the investment bank also aims to maximize the revenue of all parties involved and helps them to navigate regulatory requirements that they might not be so familiar with.

Martin Lustgarten is a successful entrepreneur and investment banker, who lives in Florida, and is the founder and CEO of Lustgarten Martin; a notable investment banking firm. His firm’s success is mainly due to his experience and leadership as well as his knowledge in the field of investment banking. Lustgarten continues to attract new clients due to its outstanding reputation, record of success, and also Martin’s acumen. In fact, Martin has been said to be one of the easiest people to work with and his clients appreciate the personal and direct approach he takes when dealing with them.

Personally, Martin is a vintage watch trader, a lover of all things vintage, enjoys collecting aesthetic items, is a juggler, and is always looking for the next opportunity.

In his free time he not only enjoys the Florida sun, but is also a social media enthusiast. Martin coaches people, including his own team members, to be successful in the investment banking industry and has always been known to be generous with his experience and knowledge.

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White Shark Media Is Poised For Success



White Shark Media is a digital marketing agency that gives clients online marketing solutions made specifically for those small and medium-sized businesses they serve. They have been acknowledged as one of the fastest growing digital agencies on the continent. That growth is a result of their reputation of creating cost-effective search marketing campaigns while simultaneously giving their customers exceptional service.



The agency has helped thousands of companies across the continent to grow their businesses by taking use of their online tactics and their array of proprietary marketing tools. One component of their success is tracking their customer’s marketing efforts. They use keyword tracking, Google Analytics integration and competitive intelligence to maintain being fully accountable for each and every client, at all times.



White Shark Media was founded in 2011 by 3 entrepreneurs with great experience in offline and online marketing. Their goal was to conquer the growing market by delivering a product and a service that was never seen before. The winning formula ended up being a combination of offshore and domestic presences with talented employee bases. They share everything they have learned with their clients and in turn the clients benefit from the agency’s concepts.



Their very first client is still with them to this day and as of now they have over 150 employees, in 3 different countries. They were invited to Google headquarters in 2012 in recognition of their rapid growth and were given a support team to leverage their growth. This collaboration resulted in White Shark Media being awarded the Google AdWords Premier SMB Partnership in 2014. This group is made up of hand-picked strategic partners that meet Google’s stringent eligibility requirements.



Microsoft has also recognized the agency, engaging in an alliance with them to become part of their very selective Bing Ads Authorized Reseller program.



White Shark Media is led by Gary Garth, the CEO and co-founder. He is responsible for guiding the company’s growth. He has over 15 years of experience in the industry. In White Shark Media’s early days, he worked as Chief of SEM and was responsible for ensuring the best work methods were communicated through the sales department’s market approach.



His experience came from being the Director of Agency Sales for the Danish division of Europe’s leading radio station. He developed the media agency program and ultimately tripled the advertising revenue over only five years.



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Sky is the Limit; 11 Securus Field Service Specialists to get BICSI installer 1 Certificates

Securus has announced that 11 of their field specialists will be receiving the internationally recognized BICSI installer 1 certification. This announcement was made on 28th September, 2016. The company is a market leader in the provision of technology solutions for civil and criminal systems. They aim to provide monitoring, corrections, investigations and other programs that enhance the safety of the general population.

BICSI, short for Building industry and consulting service international, is a professional association that supports the world of ICT. The services that are covered under ICT include data, voice, and electronic safety, visual and also audio technology. When one is a member of the BICSI, they are supposed to take care of designing, installing and managing projects in information and communications technology. These projects include optical fiber distribution systems, and also their pathways and spaces. The projects could also include wireless systems infrastructure. There are more than 20,000 people in the world who get service from the BICSI. The services include getting training, conferencing, credentials and publications. These services span over 00 countries around the world.

About Securus

This company is based in Dallas, Texas. It serves close to 3500 public safety, correctional and law enforcement agencies in the country. They serve over 1.2 million inmates by providing them with management of incidences, monitoring of products, biometric system analysis, communication and dissemination of information to the public. The main goal of the company is to make the country a safer place to live in.

The company got recognition earlier this year when BBB stated that they had achieved the accreditation standards that they recommend. These standards include genuine efforts to resolve customer complaints. This normally indicates that the administration of the company is not blind at all to the needs of the public and that the company wants to get better at service delivery. Securus is definitely a trend setter within the ICT community.


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Clay Seigall Hoping To Grow Seattle Genetics By Over 100 Employees

Seattle Genetics CEO Clay Siegall has big plans for the company. To implement over 12 new drug patents and add over 100 employees to their workforce. Siegall’s company has manufactured pharmaceuticals for many different diseases, but cancer is its primary focus with its best seller being Adcetris. But now Siegall wants to explore the use and sale of 33A, a pharmaceutical that is undergoing clinical tests at the moment, but is being worked on to treat forms of Lukemia. The company also plans to add drugs for treating breast and bladder cancers, and the new employees will be coming to the company production centers both in the US and Switzerland.

Dr. Clay Siegall got his PhD in genetics from George Washington University, and has dedicated much of his career to cancer research and treatment. Prior to founding Seattle Genetics, he served at the National Cancer Institute as part of their research team. He also has been on the boards at Bristol-Myers Squibb, Alder BioPharmaceuticals, Mirna Therapeutics, and the Board of Governors of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Business Alliance. He helped found Seattle Genetics in 1998, and has raised over $300 million in capital funds throughout his time as CEO. He’s also entered into a distribution partnership with Takada Pharmaceuticals to market his products outside the US and Canada.

Siegall’s company has manufactured and tested antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) and Adcetris is their highest-selling product. ADCs are a special kind of antibody used for targeting tumors and cancerous cells associated with lymphomas such as Hodgkin’s. Siegall has also entered into agreements with Genentech over the use and distribution of SGN-40.

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Immediate annual review

Recently, the number of corporations ditching the ordinary annual employee review process and looking for something different has greatly increased. Frequent and informal check-ins between managers and employees are replacing the obsolete systems. At Scoutahead, real time feedback is the basis of our platform.

Why are companies ditching the old system? Firstly, heavy investments by corporations to complete review, this requires a lot of paper work while using the traditional method. Secondly, Lack of innovation, creativity, poor collaborated teamwork has been a setback for the traditional review.

The traditional enactment appraisal has no value for most companies. Various HR departments have started to adapt to moving the appraisals online, but continuous feedback has not been put into consideration. At Scoutahead, the gap is filled by continues feedback and employee participation in determining of their evaluation is taken care of.

Raj Fernando

Raj Fernando holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of London. He is the founder and chief executive of Scoutahead. Before forming Scoutahead, Fernando was also the founder and chief executive of Chopper Trading.

He started his career while still in college at Chicago Mercantile where he worked as a volunteer. In the year 2002, he started Chopper trading having worked for different positions at the Chicago Board of Trade. In the year 2015, he sold his company chopper trading to DRW Trading Group. His company Scoutahead was intended to develop corporate and professional development and production through safe and progressive communication structures. Fernando is a philanthropy who supports various projects in the United States such as The Clinton Foundation, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metropolitan Chicago and Wounded Warriors.

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Let Wen by Chaz Take Care of Your Hair

Everyone wants to have healthy and thick hair. It is quite unfortunate that not everyone has achieved this. There are many reasons as to why your hair does not look as good as you wish it could. Here as some tips on what you can do to make it better.

  1. Keep it moist

Try using coconut oil and castor oil. These oils will not only add moisture but also help to lock in the moisture in your scalp. They also help in keeping dandruff away. Also, take a lot of water. It can never be too much.

  1. Understand your hair type

This will help you in choosing the products you need. Products may be doing wonders for others and not be good for you at all. If your hair is not so strong, you may want to reduce the use of blow dryers and flat irons.

  1. Consider supplements

Sometimes the problem is from within. You can visit a doctor who can prescribe some supplements.

Wen hair by Chaz Dean Products are also here for you. The products include shampoos and conditioners among others. The Wen hair shampoo is unique. Chaz found out that the lather in shampoo makes the hair dry and weak. He sought to find a solution to this, and he did. His shampoo is made of natural products such as eucalyptus, lavender, apples and bananas just to mention a few. This will leave your hair glowing and feeling fresh.

Chaz began developing products for a salon he worked in. It took him over nine months to come up with his first QVC released product. He actually tested these products on his hair. This only shows just how good the products are. When he saw the good effects, he started using the products on colleagues and clients. He asked them to give feedback on the products.




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A Charitable and Very Capable Business Man


Sam Tabar, Chief Operating Officer for Full Cycle Energy Fund as PRNewswire indicates, has spent quite a bit of his career in the fund management industry overseeing budget strategies for financial institutions. In this capacity, he has provided fund managers with targeted introductions to institutional investors such as endowments, foundations, pensions, fund of funds and family offices.


After receiving his MA and BA at Oxford University, and following his graduation from Columbia Law School, Sam Tabar began his career as an Associate at Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP. While with that firm he counseled clients on regulatory and compliance issues, hedge fund formation and structure, employment issues, side letters, investment management agreements, and private placement memoranda.


As per, Sam Tabar has also spent several years in Asian regions of the world where he perfected his business strategies. While there, he worked as a hedge fund manager for groups including: PMA Investment Advisors in Hong Kong, Merrill Lynch in the Asian Pacific region, and the largest independent fund in Asia Pacific, the SPARX Group. In this capacity he worked and managed all facets of a global marketing effort.


In more recent years, in order to help females in Asian and African countries, Sam Tabar invested in THINX; a company whom among other things was providing charitable donations to the country of Africa, particularly African women.


Working with THINX inspired Tabar to help raise money to assist children in the remote parts of Southern Africa that suffer from the disease HIV/AIDS. It also inspired his creation of a GoFundMe campaign for charitable purposes. To this day, he continues to take part in charity driven work.


Tabar’s fluency in French, and Japanese and, of course, his native language, English, has allowed him to do business with different world regions. Currently, he puts all of his varied skills to use by assisting Full Cycle Energy Fund in their mission to revolutionize our relationship with waste by converting a costly environmental problem into clean, valuable fuel that can be used to power communities around the world. Contact Sam through Thumbtack, or check out some of his investment tips on PR Newswire.

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How IAP Worldwide is Helping the World

Recently, the company that states that it serves with ingenuity and purpose, IAP Worldwide, has recently purchased DRS Technologies Inc. This is great news as DRS Technologies on Bloomberg exists to aid in the areas of aviation and logistics. This is a welcome and big addition for IAP Worldwide as they serve in the areas of helping during natural disasters and assisting military installations around the world.

There are multiple key areas in which the addition of DRS Technologies will be a big help to IAP Worldwide. Aircraft repair management, mission support and logistics services as well will all be a big part of how DRS can be helpful for them. IAP is able to help in ways that many other organizations cannot. Helping in the area of military installations is just one of many ways, especially during natural disasters. These military installations on are often the size of a small city.

There are numerous technologies that can be of great benefit for IAP, but the purchase of DRS Technologies is making that possible. There is plenty of opportunity for IAP Worldwide, as this has increased their areas of opportunity on As they integrate all of the aspects of their business that are a part of this new acquisition this helps them to achieve the long-term goals and long-term growth. The ability to double the size of the area in which customers can be acquired is huge.

The need for National Security Programs is increasing, and it’s no surprise that aviation and communications tools are making a bigger presence in the marketplace. Many government agencies and organizations are vying for their opportunity to get IAP Worldwide to assist them with their missions and support now and in the future. The CEO of IAP Worldwide, Doug Kitani, believes that this is there opportunity to serve the government in a big way.

Kitani has mentioned in recent press releases that he believes this will not only make the government feel safer, but they can play a more integral role in how the government strategically plans in advance for bigger safety measures.

IAP Worldwide Services has been serving our country for more than 60 years, and is focused on improving the scope by which they can continue to serve for the main purpose of security and program management.

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Bob Reina: An Example Of A Man With Passion

One thing that could be said about Bob Reina is that he is a man with passion. It is passion that gets people to go the extra mile. This is why he is so successful. This is especially true when it comes to starting up a business. One has to have the passion that will keep him going. One thing that is not going to make a man successful is if he does the bare minimum. The bare minimum of work needed is rarely enough for a man to succeed. He has to have motivation, purpose and a good work ethic so that he goes above and beyond.


Bob Reina has all of that and more. He has a passion which is bringing forth marketing solutions. Among the things he has wanted to do for people is bring forth something that could make it easier to connect with and market to people. Talk Fusion is that company and product that makes it easier for people to do so. When people sign up for Bob Reina’s products, they will experience the difference. As a result, they will now want to go back to the older way of doing so. The whole point is to use tools that are effective.


 Bob Reina is also passionate about helping people that have become a victim of misfortune. He often provides donations to people who have found themselves in the aftermath of a natural disaster. Bob makes sure that people have a chance to get their lives back on track. He is also very patient when it comes to the plight of certain people. He does have the empathy needed to continue to provide donations to people that need it so that they can continue to get back on their feet from whatever tragic occurrence caused them to fall down

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NYC Real Estate Offers Luxury Opportunities To Buyers


NYC real estate buyers are looking for particular things that will help them enjoy the city more. Enjoying the city is something that people dream about when they are trying to buy a place to live, and they also have to make sure that they are shopping in a place where they can learn the best places to live. There are many people who are trying to get the most modern and amenity filled place to live, and TOWN Residential knows how to help these clients.

Clients who are trying to make the most of their time living in New York will find out that they can live in a place that gives them a good view of the city, and they will be able to find a place to work that is just as much fun. Someone who wants to find the best location should speak to TOWN Residential bout NYC real estate, and they can look at all the different places that will be perfect for them. TOWN Residential will help people shop for the right places at the right prices, and they will help them uncover places to live that are helpful for them.

The first thing that people need to do is show the broker at TOWN Residential their budget, and then they need to see all the places in the city that will be the most fun to live or work in. They will get a lot of good information about shopping for NYC real estate, and they will see the results of long search that helps people live in just the right area. There are many who will enjoy savings a better lifestyle when they are shopping with TOWN Residential. The brokers take buyers around NYC real estate, and they help complete the deals.