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Equities First Offers Better Loan Products To South African Customers

There are quite a few people who are in need of simple loans for their businesses or private accounts, and they do not wish to go to a bank for what they need. They will use Equities First instead of the local bank, and they will see their loans pass through the system quickly. This article explains how anyone who is interested in a large loan may use Equities First.

#1: The Equities First Difference

The staff at Equities First keeps everything quite private, and they understand their clientele has quite a lot of net worth. They are offering loans that may be quite large, and they will show the customers how simple it is to apply for each loan. Very little is asked of the customer, and they will learn quickly they may take as many loans as they need.

#2: Loans Are Not Justified On The Application

Equities First does not ask for a justification for each loan as they may not have specific purposes. The company prefers to help their customers manage their loans with as little hassle as possible. They ask for financial information that helps them make decisions, and they will not go any further with the client. The loans are funded when they are approved, and the closing may happen quickly.

#3: How Does The Loan Close?

Equities First will bring in a lawyer to help close the loan, and they will oversee the contract that lists the terms of the loan. The customer may go on their payment plan as soon as the papers are signed, and they will find it quite simple to ensure the loan will disperse its funds the same day. The customers gets what they need when they have completed their papers, and they may use the cash for anything they need.

#4: When May Customers Apply?

Customers may apply for their loans at any time, and they will find it quite simple to submit an application when they need. They will go through the process in moments, and they may ask for different sums of money on each new application. Customers and businesses often need specific amounts of money at different times, and they will make differing requests throughout the year.

Equities First ensures the customer feels they have been given the proper services for a loan, and they close quickly. The funds are dispersed, and the customer may spend as they feel necessary.

Visit for more.

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The Expansion of FreedomPop

Of the many mobile carriers to choose from, a recent review has found that among the many options, one mobile carrier stands out among the rest due to not only the quality of the carrier with the offered services, but also due to the affordable price that this mobile carrier offers the best services at. This mobile carrier is known as FreedomPop which is a fast growing and international mobile carrier that has been taking the world by storm with a high quality and affordable options that no longer makes cellphone coverage a luxury. The goal of FreedomPop was to make sure that cellphone coverage and communication is a necessity that is now affordable.


In a recent FreedomPop review, this mobile carrier has been rated highly to be great for individuals all over the world with a variety of different incomes. FreedomPop has been reviewed to be a great option for growing families that are in need to be in communication with each other and is also reviewed to be great for individuals that are just starting out on their own for the first time. FreedomPop is a unique service that was started in Los Angeles and has attracted millions of users that only have to pay a small signup fee to get access to the cheap and great services.


What makes FreedomPop a unique cellphone carrier is due to the fact that the services that are offered to the customer are offered free with limited usage. This includes not only free texts and phone calls, but also includes free data. The best part about this is the fact that the unused services rollover to the next month and continue to add up to the limited services. Though the offered free services are limited, FreedomPop has also made sure that the extra services are affordable to the customer.


FreedomPop has been able to grow at an exponential rate due to the fact that FreedomPop offers services that are affordable. In addition to cellphone services, FreedomPop also offers inexpensive wifi as well as inexpensive internet. The founders of FreedomPop want to continue to expand the company in order to make sure that communication to different regions is considered to be an affordable aspect of life. For future expectations, FreedomPop is expected to continue to grow and to develop their services in order to help others have access to the best way to communicate.

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Don Ressler And Adam Goldberg – Taking TechStyle Group To The New Heights Of Success


JustFab is a company found by Don Ressler and Adam Goldberg in 2010 and is a subscription e-commerce fashion retailer offering a personalised experience to its members through the fashion trends and preferences indicated by its members. By 2012, the company had a member base of over six million, which continues to grow rapidly. The company offers a wide range of fashion products, apparels and accessories, including handbags, footwear, denim, dresses, jewellery, and more.



Don Ressler announced that the company received a major boost in 2011 when it received $33 Million in funding from Matrix Partners, which helped the company to recruit Kimora Lee Simons as its President and Creative Director the same year. The company has been in the news for its growth potential and business model and has been attracting a lot of attention from venture capitalists, hedge funds, mutual funds, and public market financiers. The total backing in valuations received by the company reached $1 Billion, making it one of the recent examples of how the public want to be the part of potential private start-ups that could transform into a successful IPO.



Adam Goldberg and Don Ressler, co-CEOs of TechStyle Group, previously known as JustFab Inc, confirmed recently that the company has been able to generate another round of funding of $85 million through new financier, namely Passport Special Opportunity Fund. The move was processed in conjunction with the existing investors of the company – Shining Capital, Matrix Partners and Technology Crossover Ventures.



Both the branches of the TechStyle Group, JustFab and Fabletics, are an all-inclusive brands. As the company aims to constantly upgrade their offerings to its members and use innovation as a tool to lead from the front, it along with its skillful team of designers launched “All Size” Campaign. This helped the company to reach out to its target audience further and make a strong tie with its member base. Few of the celebrities have also released their collection through JustFab, which includes famous names like Avril Lavigne and Elle and Blair Fowler.



One of the fastest growing labels of TechStyle Group has been Fabletics, which by 2016 has six physical stores and as per the company’s announcement, around 75-100 more stores are in the pipeline to be opened in the next five years. The company believes in providing value for money, quality products and personalised services to its consumers. And, so far it has been pretty successful in achieving their mission as per the company’s image in the market. Other brands of the TechStyle group include ShowDazzle and FabKids.

Read about what TechStyle has planned next on their blog, which frequently features interviews with CEO Don Ressler and associates.

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The Success Journey of Todd Lubar in the Real Estate Industry

Todd Lubar is a renowned businessman, President of TDL Ventures, LLC, and an entrepreneur who have passed the corridors of success through sacrifice commitment and enthusiasm to learn new tricks. Todd kicked off his career as a loan originator working for Crestar Mortgage Corporation a move that gave him the desire to join the mortgage industry. In 1995, he followed his passion and launched into the under occupied sector, the Real Estate Industry. At the time, Todd had only ideas on venturing into the industry but lacked experience and enough capital to start off at top speed. He took his time and collaborated with financial institutions, CPA’s, Mortgage lenders, and existing Real Estate agents to learn more about the industry’s requirements.

With time, Todd Lubar had all figured out, and he was ready to establish his company. Before that, he got an equity position with Legacy Financial Group. The position made him learn how to control assets and liabilities to complete a project and speculate the validity of a project. Todd had an opportunity to broker loans as a single bank as well as an opportunity to act as a direct mortgage bank. In the year 2002, after he got enough experience, Todd established his company Legendary Properties, LLC. Todd thought that having a residential development firm would get him clients who have been denied construction loans by the banks and that it would give him a solid base to get in the real estate business.

After successfully creating a good relationship with his clients through purchasing, rehabilitating, and reselling houses, Todd moved a step higher by establishing Charter Funding. The Charter Funding has grown to be the largest privately owned company dealing with mortgage banking in the United States. Charter Funding was a subsidiary of Magnus Financial Group an affiliation that saw Todd expand his operations due to the accessibility of products and capital.

In 2007, there was an economic turmoil that hit the real estate industry. Todd saw it as another opportunity to venture in other industries and established commercial demolition company, scrap metal company as well as a night club. Todd resumed to real estate business in 2009 and continued with his work of mortgage banking a business he holds dear to date.

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Exciting Things You Should Know About Panama

Panama is one of the best-rated tourist destinations in the world and justifiably so, it offers what many tourists would love to see and feel. Apart from having some of the most fascinating artifacts on, Panama also boats of a rich history that is defined by the evidence that has been preserved for centuries to date.

It offers tourists a great opportunity to explore the various activities the coastal strip that extends more than 2,490 kilometers has to offer. So, if you are in the process of planning a holiday, you may want to include Panama in the top places to visit for reasons as shown below by Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa.

Enjoy time in the only city in a rainforest
Panama is full of wonders and great landscape that one would love to experience more than once. One of the most spectacular landmarks is the capital of the country at, which is built in a rainforest, the only of its kind on earth. This offers visitors a chance to enjoy the biodiversity and the vibrant culture offered at the city. The natural landscape and the various amenities build within the city make the destination a tourists’ favorite as it offers a haven where they can relax.

Visit the Panama Canal for great activity and fun
One of the most important places in Panama is the Canal, which is both an economic hub and a popular site among tourists like Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa. The Canal is the most preferred tourist attraction site in Panama. It also hosts some of the biggest businesses and is said to contribute more than 30 percent of the revenue collected in the entire country. However, the money that is earned from the canal in form of revenue is not due to the tourism, but other activities.

See rare bird species
Panama is reputed for the great climate that has managed to keep hundreds of bird species alive on The country has more birds than both Canada and the United States combined. With more than 970 species, Panama has won a place in the 25 countries that have the highest number of bird species.

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa
Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa, a staunch supporter of the Panama business community, is a respectable leader who has amassed wealth of knowledge in business management and mentoring. He has worked with more than five companies as president and director and his role as a mentor has come out as a success among upcoming entrepreneurs in Panama.

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Thor Halvorssen’s Human Rights Foundation and About His Personal Life

Thor Halvorssen is the grandson of Oystein Halvorssen and his parents are Thor Halvorssen and Hilda Mendoza. He is a human rights advocate who was born on March 9, 1976 in Caracas, Venezuela.

Human Rights Foundation

Halvorssen founded the Human Rights Foundation (HRF), which is based in New York. His foundation is focused on freeing political prisoners and to promote political and civil rights of those around the world. Since the launch of HRF, it has played a vital role in releasing numerous prisoners of conscience and it given evidence to Truth Commissions. There has also been a few international human rights cases that HRF has gotten involved in by submitting amicus briefs.

His Father’s Imprisonment And Mother’s Shooting

When Thor was a student at the University of Pennsylvania, his father was arrested. This was in 1993, and while his dad was in jail, he was beaten and tortured. He sat in jail for 74 days, and Thor headed the campaign for his dad’s released. Eventually his dad was found innocent of his charges. Thor’s mother was shot and wounded in 2004. She was shot while at a protest in Venezuela. The gunmen were eventually apprehended but were later released.

Oslo Freedom Forum

The Oslo Freedom Forum, a worldwide gathering of human rights advocates, was founded by Thor in 2009. Since 2009, the forum has taken place yearly. The forum allows human rights advocates to gather and discuss important human rights issues.

Thor Halvorssen is a great leader and it’s safe to say he will continue to perform good work for as long as he is able to do so.


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Chris Burch On Making The Most Of Business

When it comes to careers, the one who is able to make it far is one who is willing and able to use a good combination of productivity and creativity. The interesting thing is that it is a tough balance to maintain. This is one of the reasons that people believe that creativity and productivity are mutually exclusive. For one thing, it can be hard to make progress if one is just being creative. However, there are plenty of examples of creativity being useful for business. There are also some people that recognizes how useful creativity is when it comes to business.


Among the people that recognize the usefulness of creativity is Chris Burch. He is someone that is able to look at things from a different perspective. For one thing, when he looks at creativity, he thinks of example such as the use of technology. People have blended technology with fashion in order to come up with some great solutions. For instance, people have used creativity in order to bring forth eyeglasses, boomboxes, watches, and other forms of wearable fashion. One thing that could be said about wearable fashion is that it does come in handy for people.


Also, the other aspect of business is productivity. This is where things get tricky. It is important for people to be productive when it comes to their business. However, in order to make true progress, one has to be creative. Fortunately, there are ways to bring about the needed balance to take things to where they need to be. There could be times set aside for creativity. People could sit together and brainstorm ideas about the direction they want to take the business. Once they decide on the best idea, then they could be productive and follow through with their ideas.