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Yanni Hufnagel: College Coach Most Likely To Make It Big

Yanni Hufnagel has paid his dues. He has taken a variety of unpaid jobs in order to forge a path to his dream job — head basketball coach at a Division I college.


Yanni Hufnagel grew up in a quiet Jewish community in Scarsdale, New York. It’s the kind of place where kids are expected to go to good colleges and get good jobs. Yanni Hufnagel certainly went to a good college at Cornell University, but he hasn’t made so much money chasing his dream just yet.


It all began in college when he was an unpaid intern for the New Jersey Nets. He washed soiled players jerseys before becoming a graduate assistant at Oklahoma. He learned how to recruit while at Oklahoma. At the same time, he was sacrificing his own time in order to make Sooner players better. One of these players is NBA star Blake Griffin who has the utmost respect for the young Jewish coach.


He then took an unpaid assistant coaching job at Harvard in 2009. Harvard does not dish out athletic scholarships nor does it lowered its academic standards for basketball players. Despite these shortcomings, Yanni Hufnagel put together a killer squad that won the schools first Ivy League championship. The 79-24 record during his four-year tenure speaks for itself, but 2011 really stands out. Harvard won a school record 26 games, became nationally ranked for the first time in history and Yanni Hufnagel was awarded assistant coach most likely to succeed by a CBS Sports poll.


He took an assistant coaching job at Vanderbilt before serving two years at UC Berkeley. He was able to recruit NBA draft picks at both schools, assembling stellar backcourt. He is now the assistant coach at the University of Nevada, Reno, and he is waiting for his big break.


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Brad Reifler Understands The Role Of Investments

In the world today, people have many paths they can use to save and increase the amount of money that they have for future use. A way that is very popular for many people is the utilization of investments. The use of investments is a method that many people use to accumulate money for retirement and other goals.

However, investing is one of the most complicated methods that people can use to grow their money. As a result, many people look to professionals to help them with their investment objectives.

The investment industry provides a lot of companies that offer investment services and products. These companies can work with people to help them in a variety of ways. There are numerous reasons why investing is challenging.

A main reason why investing is challenging is the constant motion of investment markets. It takes expertise and understanding of the investment industry to be able to make good investment decisions over an extended time period.

Investment companies have the professionals who understand the various parameters of the investment industry. This allows these professionals to be able to take various situations and select investments that provide the best opportunity for investment success.

According to Market Wired, Brad Reifler is recognized as one of the investment professionals who has shown an ability to make great investment decisions over an extended time period. Brad Reifler has earned a great deal of money through investments for many people over the years. Learn more about Brad Reifler:

Brad expertise and awareness of the investment industry, investment market, and investments has allowed him to received high praise and honors in the investment industry. Huffington Post believes that Brad Reifler is the top executive at Forefront Capital. He is the CEO in charge of the daily business operations for Forefront Capital.

Equipped with numerous abilities that cover many areas of the business world, Brad Reifler is able to lead through a unique management style. He has been able to make investment choices that other people in the investment industry look to as a guide for making investment choices.

The executive decisions that he has made in his tenure as the CEO of Forefront Capital have made the company one of the most successful companies in its business sector.

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Enhancing Community Security with the Securus Technologies Video Visitation Solution

Securus Technologies is dedicated to developing and implementing civil and criminal justice technologies that make the world a safer place. One of the technological solutions provided by Securus Technologies that is being more widely utilized in the criminal justice system is Video Visitation.


The Securus Technologies Video Visitation solution permits people with incarcerated loved ones to maintain meaningful contact with those family members and friends in correctional institutions.


There are a number of important benefits associated with Securus Technologies Video Visitation, including enhancement of community safety. The Video Visitation solution from Securus Technologies increases safety and security in a number of different ways.


A key reason who Video Visitation enhances community safety is in regard to offender recidivism. Research demonstrates that those incarcerated offenders that are able to maintain meaningful relationships with loved ones while in prison or jail are far less likely to reoffend when they return to society.


Thanks to the Securus Technologies Video Visitation solution, offenders from across North America are now in a better position to maintain their relationships with family members during their prison or jail terms. Presently, about 2 million inmate visitations occur annually using this technology. The Securus Technologies Video Visitation system is being used by over 130 correctional agencies at this juncture in time.


Another way in which the Video Visitation system is contributing to an enhancement of community safety is found in the fact that it saves correctional agencies. The reality is that traditional methods of inmate visitation are expensive. Video Visitation costs a slim fraction of traditional visitation. Securus Technologies estimates the cost per visit is about $2.65.


Money saved on visitation can be utilized to buttress security protocols. It can also be expended on inmate education, training, and life skills programming, all of which are demonstrated to lower recidivism rates among released offenders.


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The Insurance Products That USHEALTH Group Provides Customers

USHEALTH Group, Inc. is an insurance company located in Fort Worth Texas and a network of independent advisors across the United States. The insurance market that the company services in individuals, the self-employed, as well as small business owners who are seeking health insurance for themselves, their families, and their employees. The company offers an insurance program that is compliant with the Affordable Care Act as well as specialized insurance products.

USHEALTH Group offers a PPO Network healthcare policy. The Bronze Level version of their product is available in 30 states while their Silver Level one is offered in two states, Nevada and Colorado. The policies are offered through USHEALTH Groups advisors and not through the states ACA Exchanges.

The specialized health insurance policies that USHEALTH Group sales are intended to insure for specific risks. Among the policies they offer are Critical Illness and Specified Disease/Sickness and Accident. The company also that provide vision and dental insurance. The policies are designed to be flexible and affordable and feature different levels of cost sharing. USHEALTH Group also offers life insurance policies that are provided through their 3 life insurance company subsidiaries.

The mission of USHEALTH Group is outlined in their motto of HOPE which stands for Helping Other People Everday. As a sign of this commitment, the company won a Gold Stevie Award in February 2017. The award was for the category of National Sales Team of the Year. The Stevie Awards are a top industry honor that recognizes excellence. In order to win the award USHEALTH Group had to win out against 2,300 nominations that were submitted by every size of company across the globe. The awards were presented at a gala banquet in Las Vegas, Nevada. At the award ceremony the Senior Vice President of Marketing, Bill Shelton, said during his acceptance speech that he was humbled to accept the award for the USHEALTH Advisors team that made it possible.

USHEALTH Group maintains a Linkedin page in order to communicate what it does and connect with both current and potential employees and independent agents. The page is useful as it gives you a complete overview of what they offer. It also briefly covers the history of the company including that is was founded in 1982.

Troy A. McQuagge is the President, CEO, and Member of the Board of Directors for the company. He arrived at USHEALTH Group in 2010 and was tasked with turning around the company’s advisor network. His success with this project led to his current roles with the company. He has over 30 years experience in the insurance industry including careers at Allstate Insurance Company, United Insurance Companies, Inc., and HealthMarkets.

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Recap On a Fast Company Article About EOS Lip Balm

The Beauty and care industry has seen a massive transformation over a couple of years. We have witnessed a growing trend in cosmetics beauty products, and the market seems to be growing by the day. Lip balm start-up EOS (Evolution of Smooth), are among the companies that have made their mark in this type of business. Giving an exclusive to Fast Company,, they expound on how the created the multimillion-dollar business within a short span, starting their operations in 2009 and becoming the second rated lip balm selling company in the United States.

After conducting an extensive research and recognizing that most of the lip balm clients are women, the company came up with a unique tailor-made lip balm products that meet the everyday woman’s needs and experiences. The success of this lip balm company can be attributed to the unique lip balm design concept, the broad range of colors used and the amazing scent and flavors that come with it.

EOS lip balm highly invested in having their automated manufacturing equipment that has helped them navigate through the customer needs and demands bridge without having to rely on any other manufacturers. This allowed them to scale up at a very fast pace and become competitors to the big companies that dominated the market.

Due to the expertise provided by the Co-founder Mehra, the company was able to get the products to the Target and Walmart stores. The company engaged in a big internet marketing campaign to get their products moving from the market shelves. By using millennials and modern methods of advertisements, such as Facebook and Instagram. YouTube and blogs they got to reach a broad audience.

They also embraced the modern method of advertising that is by using music video of famous stars the likes of Milley Cyrus. A lot of people look up to these icons for fashion and make-up tips. By maintaining a very significant social media presence, the company has thrived with an endless market for their products.


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Investment Firm Highland Capital

Highland Capital Management is an investment firm based in Dallas, Texas. It specializes in providing debt and credit management securities. With this firm, a number of investors will be in position to get more sound management when it comes to overseeing credit. As well as being one of the top investment firms for managing debt securities, Highland Capital Management also offers a wide range of other financial services that benefit many investors. The firm currently has offices in other areas of the world such as New York City, Singapore, Seoul South Korea and Sao Paulo, Brazil. The firm has been in existence for over twenty yeas and has been able to establish itself as a leading financial services company throughout the world.

At the beginning of the firm’s history, it started out as on that primarily focused on providing life insurance. Over the course of the firm’s first three years, it gradually became a top life insurance company. While it experienced a bit of success, it looked to expand on its offerings and provide more options to a growing client base. As a result, the firm began to expand by offering more financial services to clients. During the next several years, the firm would evolve into one of the most comprehensive financial services firms in the world. This would help establish it as one of the most recognized in both North America and the rest of the world.

By the mid 1990’s Highland Capital Management began offering a product that would allow it to stand out among its competitors. It began offering collateralized loan obligations which allowed it to provide a more efficient way of managing debt securities for investors. The firm would also expand on its product and services as well. During the 1990’s, Highland Capital Management began offering financial advisory, wealth management and asset management services. Highland Capital would offer private equity securities and hedge funds as well. This enabled the firm to become a leading company in the industry. Nowadays, the firm continues to provide outstanding financial services to a number of different clients. It provides assistance to pension fund investors, individuals, corporations and government entities.

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Ricardo Tosto is a Reliable Corporate and Business Attorney

If your organization is facing a dispute, then working with a competent and experienced enterprise litigation attorney is essential for your business organization’s future. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has the experience to advise, or represent you successfully in your business litigation case.

Hire an attorney who is dedicated to ensuring a great outcome in your case. Whether you are a defendant or plaintiff, any lawsuit or altercation can become a crucial event in the history of a business.

When searching for the right business organization litigation lawyer or attorney for your company, be sure to ask about the lawyer’s experience in similar areas of litigation as well as the lawyer’s comfort level and knowledge of the subject matter of your particular establishment argument or litigation matter.

The litigation procedure can take anywhere from a number of months to a couple of years. It highly hinges on the problem at hand, the willingness for both parties to work together. The preparation for trial is burdensome and long if your case is brought to trial. This can extend the time of litigation quite dramatically.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has the knowledge and experience to bring in experts and develop a winning trial strategy. He has tackled significant cases and obtained exceptional results for his clients. Ricardo Tosto also assists clients in venture altercations, LLC conflicts, and other business enterprise litigation matters.

As an experienced establishment litigation lawyer, Ricardo Tosto fully understands that company litigation is both an enterprise and legal trouble. This is why he aims to provide cost-efficient and practical solutions and services to his clients. Ricardo Tosto’s main goals are to decrease the risks his clients face, stay clear of litigation whenever possible by providing alternative settlement options, and obtain a beneficial settlement click here.

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Ricardo Tosto on In-House Lawyer Salaries in Brazil

There were some surprising results in a new survey of compensation of in-house attorneys across Brazil. A government economic research body processed the data, which was aggregated by a program of the Brazilian Ministry of Labor. The top spot on the list was MatoGrosso, with an average starting salary of nearly 6,491 Brazilian reais. The state of Sao Paulo was next on the list, followed by the Federal District, which includes the national capital of Brasilia. The lowest average was reported in the rural state of Rondonia, where new attorneys working for corporations earn around $1650 reais per year.

Most Brazilian law graduates prefer the stability and security of government employment, with thousands of students flocking to preparatory courses to study for civil service examinations. With candidate pools in the tens of thousands in some cases, competition for a spot is intense. As Brazil slowly climbs out of recession, we may see law graduates start to inch toward the private sector little by little as people become more optimistic about the recovery.

Some new in-house lawyers also get their start at law firms, as most law graduates do their internships at firms rather than corporate legal departments.

Ricardo Tosto is a distinguished member of the Sao Paulo Bar, and known as one of the country’s most competent civil litigators. He specializes in financial and banking litigation. In addition, Ricardo Tosto practices criminal and election law.

Prior to launching his own law firm, Ricardo Tosto & Associates, Ricardo Tosto was an in-house lawyer at a large utility company. He is frequently quoted in the media and has represented clients in several cases of national importance. Ricardo Tostoearned his law degree at one of Sao Paulo’s finest law schools, McKenzie University click here.

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What You Need to Know about Jeffry Schneider

Jeffry Schneider is a business executive and chief executive officer of one of the best financial services and investment firms in Texas. His company Ascendant Capital LLC is among the top tier boutique firms that deal in alternative investment. As a chief executive officer, Jeffry Schneider has come a long way with over twenty years experience in the financial services industry.

Born in Manhattan, Jeffry Schneider bagged a degree from Massachusetts’s prestigious University at Amherst. Jeffry Schneider began is career in New York where he worked for several prestigious firms in the financial services industry including Merrill Lynch, Alex Brown, Smith Barney among others. Over the years as his experience grew, Jeffry made a name for himself as a result of his tremendous knowledge of alternative investment strategies and professional relationship with clients.

After founding his own company Ascendant Capital LLC, within a short period of time, Jeffry developed the firm into one of the best financial services and investment firm in the state of Texas. Under his brilliant leadership, the firm currently has a long list of clientele and large number of brokers, dealers and advisors.

Jeffry is a registered representative of IMS Securities Inc and an Investment Advisor Representative of IMS Financial Advisors, Inc. Jeffry manages all his portfolios with an innovative approach. Over the years, Jeffry has developed several tactical, operational, marketing and result oriented approach to deliver the best results in the financial services industry. He has a dedicated team of professional portfolio managers tasked with the duty of managing clients resources profitably.

Jeffry is an active member of his community. He is involved in the Camp Honey Creek’s Summer Dream Program which is a charity that benefits under-privileged and disabled children.

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Copa Star Hospital Model to be Sold to Other Brazil Capitals

Copa Star is a beacon of hope for the people around Copacabana, as it applies a luxurious concept. Having exhibited an excellent ability to offer unique services, the model will soon get deployed in other parts of Brazil for an equally exciting experience. Copa Star is most probably the only hospital where you enter and are welcomed by beautiful painting and artwork.

It is about time you forgot about the general hospitals feeling. Right now you enter any room within Copa Star, and you feel like you are in a five-star hotel. Apart from the exquisite décor that the hospital wears, there is also the high-tech equipment aimed at improving the doctors’ performance. In days to come, they are to commence on highly complex surgeries.

Some Important Nuggets Worth Picking Concerning Copa Star Hospital

For the people who frequent the Rio de Janeiro/São Paulo Area Bridge, it is time to take advantage of Copa Star Hospital, which holds such a high regard in Brazil entirely. The health facility is designed in an outstanding way, possessing a beauty to behold. It comprises of various units where different specialists handle differentiated issues.

It is important to appreciate that it is a kind of a hospital offering comfort for their patients, through maintaining exceptionally high cleanliness standards. You have also not thought about the kind nurses who serve the patients willingly. Should they need to be ferried elsewhere, customized autos are made available for those patients. It is just splendid! Read more about Copa Star at NA FaceTV.

Various Ailments Treated From Copa Star

Gynecologists handle women’s issues comprehensively. You might need to understand about early menopause and some of the symptoms to consider checking consider. Again through mammography, the specialists believe that you could be able to detect breast cancer before its effect spreads too much. Their package is complete and no doubt every woman needs to keep in touch with them.

Children, whether boys or girls also need regular check-ups. Some conditions like phimosis affect either gender and are treatable if you check with the pediatrics. As observed, most children tend to fall ill during schooling sessions, hence the need to be observant.

There are several other illnesses treated in the said hospital. Talk of anemia, cancer, excessive sweating, blood pressure, to mention but a few. Emergencies are also excellently handled at Copa Star. Everything about this hospital is succinctly detailed, from building to services.


Soon Copa Star will be Brazil’s reference hospital. They are working towards defining top quality service, and this is what hospitals entail. Apart from differentiated treatment, they also understand that you need that smile coupled with a warm welcome. The idealizers of the entire package designed the best there could ever be. Visit their profile page on Facebook