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How Troy McQuagge Helped the Industry

USHEALTH is a part of a huge market in the individual health insurance industry. While it is a popular company now, it has not always been that way. In fact, the company struggled in the beginning and there were some problems that came along with the opportunities that people had with the company. The previous CEO of the company did not work hard to make it better and he did not do what he could to bring change to the company. Instead, it was one that was left failing and people who used it as insurance were wondering what happened to it.


In 2010, Troy McQuagge made a move to take over the company. He became the CEO of the company very quickly and immediately started to make changes that would bring improvements to USHEALTH. Because of this, he was not only able to be the CEO but also the president of the company. The fact that he turned USHEALTH around to a new point so that people would be able to enjoy it in the way that they wanted was beneficial and something that allowed Troy McQuagge the chance to make sure that things would work well for the company.


Since the beginning of his career with USHEALTH, Troy McQuagge has done all that he can to make sure that he is a positive influence on the company. Now, they are profiting more than ever and that has led to big increases in the things that they are able to offer. While they have always been able to offer different services to the clients that they work with, they are now confident that they can make things better for the people who they do business with. All of this has led to them being able to grow their insurance opportunities and make more options for their customers.


While Troy McQuagge was improving the company, he had one thing in mind: a better business. He was able to accomplish this but it doesn’t end there. He recently won the award for making the company better. One Planet gave him an award for being the best CEO. This was a huge honor and one of the first times that he had won an award for simply doing his job. It was also the first time that Try McQuagge was able to win something from One Planet because it is something hard to do.