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Are Europeans Ahead of American Banks With Respect to Cryptocurrencies?

In order to “Make America Great Again,” the top Texas bankers need to fund those things which the nation excels at. What is America good at? Should it try to get on board with cryptocurrencies? Did the Texas Bankers Association (TBA) Annual Strategic Opportunities Conference discuss cryptocurrencies?

European Banks Adding Cryptocurrencies

The United States has lead the world with many inventions, including the light bulb, automobile, airplane and Internet. But, some are worried that it is falling behind. There are no more American manufacturers of televisions any more.

Some think the Europeans are ahead of Americans in terms of wireless technology. Finland might be the most Internet savvy nation in the world. When 400 European banks accepted Bitcoin, some American bankers might have worried.

Shouldn’t the Texas Bankers Association discuss this as part of its panel on “Reinventing Community Banking: Perspectives on Competing by Innovation?” NexBank CEO John Holt was a speaker at the aforementioned panel. He might have discussed the American banks that accept Ripple.

Safe Innovative Products

NexBank is an innovative bank with a high return on investment for its shareholders. NexBank has even been ranked in the Top 10 for its asset class for pretax return on equity. The bank offers consumer, student, business and institutional services.

The fear that many have with cryptocurrencies, like BitCoin and Ripple, is that they might be a bubble. They might lack substance. They are also very difficult to protect against hackers. Digital currency security might be a key issue for Texas bankers.

Right now, the European banks seem to be ahead of American banks with respect to cryptocurrencies. American banks are concentrating more on proven technology and mortgages. Each nation has its specialty and NexBank continues to focus on its profitable market niche.