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The connection between DACA and the Frontera Fund

Civil migrant and human rights groups are created with the purpose of protecting the values and rights of those that would otherwise not be in a capacity to defend and protect themselves. They ensure that whatever is envisioned in the constitution is followed to the letter and every one regardless of their immigration status is treated with as much humanity and dignity as any other person would be. This organization are self-funded or financed by those who believe in the need to protect human and civil liberties. They also ensure that the money they collect and control is put to the right use and attain what it was meant to do.

Frontera Fund

This is a fund that was started by Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin they started the fund to help people who were facing unfair treatment. The fund was started with 3.5 million dollars that were part of a settlement that was awarded to the two due to their illegal arrest and subsequent prosecution by the county. The fund helps Mexican immigrants mostly in Arizona who despite facing harsh and brash odds they are able to get into the country and try to be part of the American dream. The fund has worked on numerous cases getting litigators to work with clients and migrants to ensure that they do not face discrimination or other forms of denial of opportunity. Their work has especially been felt along the border where the largest number of Hispanic immigrants can be found.

DACA a short form for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals is a system that was created to provide undocumented young people who have satisfied various prerequisites conditions a reprieve from deportation. These persons are granted a social security number according to them a fair opportunity to work in the U.S. it is usually renewable every two years. It has also granted recipients the ability to get a driver’s license.

On September 5th Ken Paxton who is the current Texas Attorney General sent a letter addressed to the president asking him to do away with the program or he would go to court for the same. After his threat a governor and 9 other attorney generals joined in on the foray. The program currently has about 800,000 individuals some of the best brains in their respective fields. DACA recipients are named as over 95% employed paying a lot of tax to the government as well as being leaders in areas that require a lot of expertise that has to give the country an advantage over other countries. They are called dreamers for a reason as they came to the country as a dream of their parents to get a better life and now they are living that reality.