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Lori Senecal Departs From Her Role of CEO at CP&B At The Closing of 2017

In March of 2015, CP&B brought in a new CEO. Lori Senecal has made an impact in all businesses she has been affiliated with. The position she took in CP&B was a new role within the business. Before she took this role, Lori played as the President and the CEO for MDC Partners Network. To this day, she is still fulfilling that role.


CP&B Needed change to take place in order for the business to continue to prosper. The agency was able to become more flexible within the startup. One of the many things that Lori Senecal was able to help with was the acquisition of the American Airlines account in October of the year 2015. This account was previously held by the TM Advertising agency. The account had been held by this business for 25 years prior to switching to CP&B.


Lori has played a key role in bringing more leaders out within the company. The decisions that are being made by these leaders are what is helping the business to prosper further. When Lori decided to step down from her position at the end of 2017, the hope is that those leaders are going be better because of the teachings by Lori Senecal and associates.


According to GCReport, the 10 offices which are held by entrepreneurs are held by people who are passionate about creating and building more for the business. The regional leaders will share the responsibility and resources with the company in all of their regional offices. The strategic roles within the business for leaders and the lessons they were taught by Lori Senecal is going to be what makes each new leader more successful through the company.


Everyone in the advertising business knows the name Lori Senecal. She was brought into the business in March of 2015 and her whole tenure was played out from the beginning. She entered into the agency with the goal of departing once she fulfilled her role. Since Lori has signed with the company, she has not let one client down and has not lost one client since the beginning. This is a strategic goal that she tries to instill into all of her global leaders.



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