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Gregory Aziz Implements Proper Strategies To Achieve Positive Results

Having a strategy is essential when engaging in corporate matters. The right plan helps to ensure that one can foresee the opportunities that exist in within the economy, and come up with the best techniques that can be employed in the process of taking advantage of such chances to reap maximally from financial investments. Gregory Aziz is an entrepreneur who is always keen in identifying the different opportunities that exist in the corporate market, and as a result, he is currently the leader of the most successful railroad and car manufacturing company in the world.

The National Steel Car enjoys dominance in North America since no other entrepreneur has been bold enough to invest in the sector. Aziz has great skill when it comes to matters of industry management. He borrows the art of company leadership from the Affiliated Foods Company that he was managing once he completed his studies. The food business was started by his father, and Greg J Aziz’s desire to be part of the managerial team saw him take over the full leadership of the organization before leaving to manage his own company.


Born in 1949, Gregory Aziz has lived in Ontario for the better part of his life. Affiliated Foods is located also located in Canada, and in 1971, Gregory Aziz joined the company as he wanted to improve his skills after he graduated from the University of West Ontario. Affiliated Foods specializes in the delivery of fresh food products, and Gregory Aziz led the organization to success for about 18 years. Most of the company supplies are shipped to Europe, South America, and Central America. Click Here For More Info.

Leading Affiliated Foods to success was one of the most significant achievements that was made by Greg Aziz before deciding to go solo in the entrepreneurial sector. The success of Gregory J Aziz at the National Steel Company has seen the company rise higher the ladder of success every year. When he acquired the organization 1994, only 3,700 cars were being manufactured on an annual basis. However, five years later, the firm was able to quadruple the number of cars that it produced to 13,000.


The organization has also helped to provide employment chances to many residents within North America, and most people are making a living out of engaging themselves in the manufacturing process. The National Steel Car has approximately 3000 personnel who have been permanently employed, and this number has risen from an initial 600 individuals.

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How Obsidian Energy Achieved Success

Obsidian Energy is the current name of the company which used to be known as Penn West Energy Trust and later Penn West Petroleum Limited. It is a company which produces oil and natural gas and it is based in Alberta, Canada. Over the past years, the company was flourishing and hitting major market capitalization of nearly 9.5$ Billion.


However, the institution has its area of production which are the Pembina Cardium, Peace River oil sands and Alberta Viking. Penn West Petroleum changed its name to Obsidian Energy on 26 June this year due to certain irregularities over the past three years.


During the end of 2013, the net assets of Penn West Petroleum were at $3 Billion and as per this year, the net assets had dropped tremendously to $380 million. When it comes to production, the same case applied as it used to produce 135000 barrels per day and this year, it produces 28000 barrels per day.


The employees three years ago were 1415 but due to the company deteriorating it consists of 407 employees at the current year. Penn West Petroleum Limited changed its name due to the inconveniences on accounting and debt crisis in the firm. There is also another issue that caused the downfall of the firm which was the price of the products in the market which dropped.


Shareholders of Obsidian are urged to cope with the changes since it has new resolutions and amendments to make in the industry. Obsidian symbol was denoted in the stock exchange markets as “OBE”. This was because it was earlier denoted according to the Penn West Petroleum Limited. Obsidian Energy came up with certain principles in which it will enable the company to grow and never back to its earlier position of the breakdown. See This Page to learn more about the company.


They include a disciplined technical and commercial decision making, persistent progress and innovation and lastly accountable and transparent energies with their shareholders. It is committed to resolve the accountability with its shareholders, partners and societies so as to expand economically. Obsidian Energy is working to progress and build its name with a great reputation in future.


More On: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Obsidian_Energy


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The Remarkable Achievements that Gregory Aziz has made in his Career

National Steel Car has dominated North America’s railroad freight and tank car manufacturing industry for more than 100 years. The firm is owned by Gregory J Aziz who has been striving to ensure that it offers its clients quality products by adopting remarkable engineering and manufacturing strategies. He is also the CEO and president of National Steel Car. Aziz’s management skills have transformed the firm into an innovative, diverse, dynamic, and value-driven business. The company’s workforce coordinates well with its administration, and this has made it successful. The businessman motivates himself to ensure that his firm provided exceptional products to all rail operators in North America.


Greg has achieved a lot in his career as an entrepreneur. He was raised in Ontario, Canada and later joined the University of Western Ontario to pursue his economics degree. Aziz got his first job at Affiliated Foods. He was promoted to serve as the company’s manager and assisted growing it into an international importer. In the late 1980s, Aziz started an investment banking career in New York. He made a fortune and acquired National Steel Car as a branch of the Hamilton National Industries in 1994. The businessman is the chairperson of the company.


The productivity of the National Steel Car was quite low when Gregory J Aziz purchased it. He has employed remarkable strategies and administration skills in growing the company. Within the first five years as the head of the firm, the businessman expanded its workforce from 500 to 3000 employees. The annual production of the railroad freight car manufacturer also increased from 3,500 to 12,500 cars. It is currently North America’s most successful company in the sector. National Steel Car is an ISO 90001:2008 certified enterprise and has won the TTX SECO award 18 times. The company is planning to expand its clients’ base from North America to the rest of the world. Refer to This Page.


Greg Aziz has a wife and two children. He currently acts as the head of National Steel Car’s equestrian team and was among the benefactors of the Anglestone Tournament in 2009. The businessman and his family are fans of horseracing. The Hamilton community acknowledges him for the significant donations that he makes to charity. Organizations that he has supported include the United Way, Salvation Army, Hamilton Opera, and Theatre Aquarius. His railroad freight car and tank manufacturing company has offered jobs to thousands of Hamilton residents, and this has assisted in growing its economy.




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Securus Technologies Making a Positive Difference in Prison

Every time I drive up to the prison that I work, I am reminded that I am taking a huge risk when in close contact with some of the countries most dangerous felons. These inmates are not happy about the overcrowded conditions, so they are lashing out at the only authority they are in contact with. The instances of violence towards corrections officers was reaching a tipping point, so my superiors decided to make some changes that would help to secure the facility and keep us all in a safer position.


Securus Technologies was called to help us with the violence outbreaks in our facility, and things have taken a turn for the better soon after. The company and all thousand employees is based in Texas, and to date already has their unique call monitoring system installed in thousands of the most violent and dangerous jails in the country. CEO Richard Smith of Securus Technologies says the success of the company is based on the fact his employees are all committed to making the world safer for us all to live.


The LBS software is the key to the functionality of the monitoring system, it takes the officers out of a small call center and instead listens to every single word the inmates say on the prison phones. If the software detects inmates are talking about things from fighting, contraband, weapons, to drugs, my team will get an instant alert which puts us in the unique position of getting ahead of the issues. Once we get the alerts, we jump to action and in a sense are removing the threat before it even has the chance to occur. This has helped our facility to serious decrease the amount of violent episodes between inmates and officers over the last few weeks already.