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Financial Institutions Efforts to Reaching the Communities

Creating a good rapport is an essential part of any business or any organization. This is thus an encouraging factor for firms to join and support community programs. It is in this light that NexBank declared to help the Dallas Women’s Annual Luncheon. NexBank donated $100,000 to support this cause.

This year’s luncheon was to be held at the Hilton Anatole Hotel on 20th October. The different speakers during the luncheon included, Dr. Hope Jahren and another person from Time’s Magazine 100 most influential people. The event received live coverage where it would be aired in 20 schools reaching an approximated 10,000 students.

Every year, the Dallas Women Foundation luncheon is attended by over 1300 people in different positions in the society. This foundation is a world leader where girls and women advancement is concerned.

NexBank SSB is a financial institution that is Dallas based and was founded in 1934. In Texas, NexBank is the 12th largest bank and consequently the 179th largest financial institution in the United States of America. The total assets of NexBank are a total of $6.4 million. It has three different branches. The primary one NexBank SSB is located on McKinney Avenue suite 1100. The other Branch is NexBank McKinney also on McKinney Avenue suite 1700. The third branch is NexBank Preston Center on Luther Lane. It currently has 87 staff members spread across their three offices.

The services offered in NexBank include Institutional Services, Mortgage Banking, and Commercial Banking. The services provided under Institutional services are treasury management, investment banking, and real estate advisory. In mortgage banking, one can become a client. Other products in Mortgage Banking are warehouse lending and wholesale and correspondent lending. Commercial Banking products are lending, agency services, credit services and treasury management.

NexBank has different types of clientele that include Financial Institutions, Individuals, and Corporations. NexBank prides itself on providing solutions that are made for a specific purpose. Having been around for a long time, you can only expect the best.

If you are wondering where to bank or which bank will serve your financial interest the best way possible, then NexBank should be your choice. Imagine getting three times the average exchange rates. This does not have to be in your imagination because NexBank makes it a reality.