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Cancer Treatment Centers of America: Providing the Facts

Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) has partnered with WebMD to inform the public about cancer treatment options. No one wants to hear the words “You have cancer” and facing battle against disease can be daunting and scary. That’s why it’s so important to stay as informed as possible and always know your options.

On their WebMD page, CTCA lays out multiple different kinds of cancer with clickable options for more info regarding each particular type. They list lung, prostate, colon, breast and different types of breast cancer, skin, and integrative, as well as tips for outsmarting cancer. Cancer patients can click on their type of cancer to find out more information. For example, if you click on “Lung”, you are taken to a second page that outlines what you should know about lung cancer in great detail, including how common lung cancer is, who it mostly affects, risk factors, treatment options, an explanation to better understand lung cancer, and a link to more information. Each type of cancer has a similar page so that patients can stay informed and seek help.

CTCA also states the importance of getting a second opinion and seeing a cancer specialist. Each of these points has a page outlining its importance in detail, similarly to the info pages about each type of cancer.For example, the page about getting a second opinion goes into detail as to why it is so essential. While your primary doctor can help, it is essential to seek help and fight your cancer from the very start. A second opinion can help you find different methods of treatment and streamline your goal of becoming cancer free. Each of these informational pages is clear cut and easy to read, ensuring that patients seeking information have access.

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George Soros Donates $18 Billion To Fight Human Rights Abuses And Discrimination

While the Wall Street Journal was the first to report about it, many other publications have now confirmed that George Soros has officially donated $18 billion to his charitable organization the Open Society Foundations. As an avid supporter of human rights and democratic causes, Soros has always been open about his points of view. His donations to Hillary Clinton during her run for the president of the United States was well-known as well as his support of many other democrats who were running for office. Some people believe that his donations around the world have created the tipping point for many positive changes that will effect the world for years to come.

The $18 billion he has transferred to the Open Society Foundations will definitely help Asia for quite some time. It was there that a conflict between Maoist insurgents and the king’s own forces created a terrible atmosphere of violence and human rights abuses. A young woman named Devi had her sister killed in front of her and her daughter captured by forces that accused them of being Maoists. If not for the Open Society Foundations, it would have never been discovered that her daughter was electrocuted to death while being placed underwater in a tub. Because of the discovery, three of the people who killed her face convictions.

While the Open Society Foundations has been accused of getting involved in politics, its real mission is to improve the wellness and basic rights of human beings everywhere. The money donated from George Soros has helped tremendously, and along with the already donated amount of $18 billion, he has commented that there will be another $2 billion more coming. In total, Mr. Soros has donated over $30 billion to a spread of causes. Some of these causes include basic human rights in many different countries, support of politicians who favor equal treatment for everyone, anti-authoritarianism campaigns, and minority groups including the LGBT community and refugees.

George Soros has been inspired to help people based on what he sees as inequality in today’s world, but he is also driven by his own past. This is due to the fact that Mr. Soros lived in Nazi-occupied Hungary during the 1940’s. This gave him a good picture of what a closed society looks like, and he left in 1948 to come to the United States to make a better life for himself. In doing so, he vowed to himself that he would use a lot of his own fortune to make life better for others.

Recently, George Soros has increased the amount of money he donates to Open Society Foundations, because he sees the need to do so. The Trump presidency has brought about a new kind of urgency, and a large part of his donations in 2016 went to prevent further hate crimes from happening due to the attitudes that Mr. Trump’s campaign had created. Mr. Soros has always been open about his points of view and is proud to be able to support marginalized groups and other people who face tyranny, poverty, and human rights abuses.

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What Lifeline Screening Means to Do for People

Anyone who has had issues with their health or who has any risk factors for diseases may be considering health screening. They will need to make sure they are being screened for the right things and the people who are doing the screening know what risk factors they are looking for. Lifeline Screening has always been committed to the screening process and they know how important it is to screen people for health issues. Screening is necessary for anyone who wants to make things better for their health and for their wellbeing. It is what has allowed so many people the chance to learn more about a disease they might have instead of just wondering about it.

The bone density screening is one thing that Lifeline Screening offers for people who have issues with their bones. It can tell them whether they are at risk for osteoporosis or whether they need to be concerned about the risk factors in the future. Lifeline Screening has made the test simple and effective so people don’t have to worry about the issues that would come from a test like it. The company also offers different solutions to those who have had the test depending on what the results of the test were.

Thanks to Lifeline Screening, many people have found out they have osteoporosis. While it is difficult to stop disease, people who learn they have it in advance can do different things to slow the progression of it. They can also learn more about the genetics of it and whether their children or those who have come after them are more at risk for it because they have had it. Lifeline Screening makes it so that everyone will have a chance to learn about their health and how they are affected by the different things like osteoporosis.

For those who have had diseases in the past, Lifeline Screening takes that into consideration. They want to be sure everyone knows they are going to get well if they learn they have a disease. They also want to be sure that everyone who comes into the office is able to find the solutions they need. Finding solutions to health problems is an extremely important part of fixing things and making things better for everyone. Doing it allows medical professionals to continue helping people who come to them for their various health and wellness issues.

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Jeunesse Creates Effective Weight Loss Supplement With Zen Bodi

Each year across the globe, tens of millions of people desperately search for the magic bullet in their quest for weight loss. Researchers have long known that the key to weight loss is not through supplements alone but through a combination of good nutrition and vigorous exercise.


Jeunesse Global, is one of the most dynamic health and beauty companies to hit the scene in decades. Jeunesse has now developed a product that takes the physical fitness, nutrition and supplemental aspects of weight loss into account, creating a holistic product that gives users real results.


Known as Zen Bodi, the system involves the use of sophisticated, cutting-edge weight loss supplements in concert with a proven system of exercise and nutrition. Created by some of the top minds in sports medicine, Zen Bodi is not some kind of fad diet or empty-promise miracle system that claims to be able to burn fat without effort. On the contrary, it is a set of dietary supplements made from powerful, all-natural ingredients that can only truly have their potential unlocked if the user is willing to follow the overall program, including the exercise regime that was designed by one of the world’s foremost personal trainers.

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But what Zen Bodi can do is deliver uncommon results. Many users have been able to lose 25-50 pounds in a matter of weeks, gaining fat-burning muscle in the process that ensures that the fat will stay off. More importantly, the Zen Bodi system encourages users to get active and stay active. The success of the system is not just measured in pounds that have been shed, but, rather, it is measured in the overall health improvement and better all-around physical fitness of participants.

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Zen Bodi is also specially formulated to help suppress appetite, a crucial aspect of any weight-loss program, especially for those whose primary issue is overeating. But the real focus of the Zen Bodi system is the creation of dense muscle mass. Weighing far more than fat, the building of muscle can give users an incredibly lean, fit appearance that they would never be able to achieve at similar weights without the program.


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Louis Chenevert, The Business Guru With A Mind On Conservation Of The Environment

Louis Chenevert is a businessman and former CEO of United Technologies Corporation, UTC. UTS is an American based a multinational conglomerate that deals with the research, development, and manufacturing of high-tech products. Louis was elected as the Chairman of UTC in March 2006.


During his tenure at UTC as the CEO, Louis Chenevert left a legacy that other CEOs have been unable to match. He managed to steer the company to significant gains in the acquisition of Goodrich while the market was undergoing a recession period. The deal with Goodrich took a whole year in negotiations and was marked as a signature deal. This proved the commitment, business insight, and patience that Louis Chenevert has.


Louis Chenevert has also worked with General Motors as the General Manager in the production department for 14 years. Before General Motors, he had worked with Pratt & Whitney Canada where he was elected as the president of the company after working for 6 years.


Louis Chenevert’s highest ranking accomplishment was his pet project dubbed the GTF. This project saw his idea chosen by Airbus. In 2011, Louis took part in the development of a new concept that helped the aircraft engine burn hotter. This concept relied on decoupling the fan which had the potential of greater payoffs for both large and new engine designs. Louis’ ideas helped UTC in meeting their commitment when it comes to investing in quality technological advancements. These advancements drive the company’s growth to date both in terms of revenue and creation of manufacturing jobs which in turn has boosted the American economy tremendously. Get More Information about Chenevert here.



A CEO often strives to invest in the latest technological advancements to ensure future success for the business. Louis Chenevert is a strong believer in this principle. Employee education goes hand-in-hand with this idea. The current performance of a company is normally very crucial when it comes to success. For a CEO to be efficient in what he or she is doing, they must always think about the future of the company. Check Chenevert on



UTC is always at the forefront when it comes to coming up with environment-friendly designs. Louis Chenevert pioneered this idea while selling the company’s products. This was evident by the reduction of the company’s greenhouse gas emissions by 26% and reduction of water consumption by 53%.


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The Achievements of David Giertz in the Financial Sector

David Giertz is an individual who is well-known for his expertise in the field of finance. He offers financial advisory services on matters of social security checks. David currently heads the department of sales and distribution at Nationwide Financial. The enterprise was reliable for clients seeking services that involve investment plans, financial advice, and insurance plans. The firm prides itself on helping customers on issues related to stocks, bonds, and security markets. The financial advisor’s success in business emerges from his resilience towards hard work while performing his duties. The company acknowledges his efforts for exceeding annual targets subjected to him.

The financial advisor has knowledge and skills in designing technological solutions that aim at improving efficiency in organizations. His 30-years experience in the field of finance has positively influenced the growth and development of Nationwide Financial. Before his entrance to NFS, David Giertz held several job opportunities in multiple companies including Mutual Life Insurance, Citicorp Investment Services, and Money Securities Corp. Throughout his career, David rose through the ladder to become top leadership icon.

Due to his excellent performance in the corporate world, David Giertz saw himself being awarded a certificate by WABC. He is also a member of FINRA where he performs duties as a stockbroker. He earns an incredible reputation from individuals who have approached him on issues related to retirement benefits. His expertise has seen him helping clients seeking advisory services in investment and portfolio management.

The financial expert uses social media platforms to educate individuals on finance issues since people can quickly reach him. David Giertz discusses social security and retirement plans with his customers, a matter that is not entertained by other financial advisors. He believes that individuals who are to retire should be given access to enjoy their retirement benefits. David advocates for some money to be set aside for luxurious activities.

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Dr. McKenna Sheds light on his success

Dr. Mark McKenna is not new to many people. In the world of entrepreneurship, he is known for his hard work and unique investment ideas outperforming other entrepreneurs who are committed to their business. In the field of medicine, Dr. McKenna has also shaped a lot of things and introduced various innovations that have made him get recognition for his hard work and innovative ideas. So why has Dr. Mark McKenna been so successful in different fields?

During an interview with Ideasmensch, he shed some light as to why he has been able to achieve great things in life. He shared some of inspiring success stories that can be used by the upcoming entrepreneurs who want to establish a good name for their businesses. He said that the idea of starting OVME which is a successful medical aesthetic company came because he had the experience working in the medical aesthetic industry. Through such experience, he was able to understand the needs of different people and that is why he decided to start the company to help those in need.

Dr. McKenna says that if you want to achieve success, you must follow a simple key, waking up early and starting your day early. The major benefit of starting your day early is to ensure that you can improve management skills. You will also improve your time management. Also, he is good at setting smart and specific goals that are achievable, and visualization also helps him to stay focused and also be creative. It is through the combination of such practices that Dr. Mark McKenna has been able to beat other entrepreneurs and at the same time building a stable career establishing himself as a professional in medical field.

Regarding education, Dr. Mark McKenna is also well-educated being a surgeon who obtained his degree from Tulane University which is a recognized medical institution. He is passionate about serving different patients and also involving himself in community work. While many people just prefer investing in a particular field or simply building their career. Dr. Mark McKenna is one of those few individuals who has ventured into different fields because apart from being a successful doctor he has also successfully managed businesses.

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Obsidian Energy Is Looking To Expand and Continues To Lead The Oil And Gas Industry With Its Safety Standards

Obsidian Energy, formerly known as Penn West Petroleum Ltd., is a mid-sized Canadian gas and oil producer, located in Calgary, Alberta, that produces around 30,000 boe every day. Since its re-branding efforts to cement itself as Obsidian Energy, the company has become leaner and looks to expand. By encouraging a culture of entrepreneurship and accountability, Obsidian expects to become more and more successful as the years roll on.


The management team at Obsidian Energy includes David L. French who is the President and Chief Executive Officer, David Hendry; the Chief Financial Officer, Tony Berthele; the Vice President of Development & Operations, Andrew Sweerts; the Vice President of Production and Technical Services, and Mark Hodgson; the Vice President of, Business Development & Commercial. Combined, their leadership team has over a hundred years of experience in the energy and gas and oil industry. Obsidian’s Board of Directors includes George H. Brookman; the Acting Chairman in Calgary; Alberta, John Brydson; the Director in Greenwich; Connecticut, Raymond D. Crossley; the Director in Calgary; Alberta, and quite a few other notable names.


Community and the environment matter to Obsidian Energy, and the company is committed to impacting the communities where it operates in a positive way. To support their passion to do so the company has put together the Community Matters Program, which represents a solid commitment to respect the communities it works in. The program is helpful in the way it reminds the company’s workforce as well as its contractors about the importance of paying attention to the concerns of the community and encouraging open communication with locals who want to know more about what the company is doing. Obsidian Energy even has a toll-free number as well as email where community members can get answers to their concerns or questions.


Obsidian Energy also focuses on the health and safety of its employees and the communities it operates in. By working on improving safety standards and raising awareness, the company is constantly updating how it operates and the ways that it prevents any serious accidents from happening. Part of the safety measures that Obsidian takes includes ensuring that its employees report any injuries or incidents, that they comply with safety practices, that the management checks-in and makes sure that audits are taking place, and that any jurisdictional regulations are followed. Visit This Page for more information about the company.


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Merits in the Operations of the OSI Group

The OSI Group is a privately held company, founded in 1909, that deals in food processing. The company conducts global operations that involve supplying pork, beef, fish, vegetable products, poultry and fish. Additionally, they provide a number of sauces to the customers who seek services from the food processing industry. The company has set up numerous facilities all over the world but still operates like a small scale doing tasks such as benefits assistant, shipping, receiving supervisors, quality assurance manager and account clerk. The OSI Group is well structured as it has local management teams that are very helpful in understanding the local tastes and cultures so that the company can reach out to a wider market.

The headquarters of the Group is in Aurora where the President, David McDonald, oversees all the 50 facilities in 17 countries. Recently, they have been working on expanding presence in many countries such as China where they have been having operations in the last 20 years. They have so far done very well having eight factories and two more are in the process of being constructed. By the end of 2016, they had launched the start a mega factory in Henan province as well as Zhoukou. In China, The OSI group is a supplier to many international companies such as Subway, McDonald’s, Burger King, Yum, Papa John’s, Starbucks and Saizeriya.

The global company is always working with equipment manufacturers so that they can improve their processes that will make the food safety and quality better. They as well work together with their customers so that they can discuss on ways that can help them achieve more and produce better goods.

The subsidiary of the OSI Group in the United Kingdom has been honored with the highly coveted Globe of Honor Award for 2016 by the British Safety Council. This was recognition for its management of environmental risks. It was nominated in a group of 18 organizations as a result of attaining a maximum five stars in the country. They were also vetted by an independent panel of experts that were looking at many aspects of the environmental management. The production location of the OSI Group in the United Kingdom in Scunthorpe has been running since 1989. They produce beef and pork products for many restaurants in the country. They have won the Globe of Honor in 2015 and 2013.

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