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Louis Chenevert, The Business Guru With A Mind On Conservation Of The Environment

Louis Chenevert is a businessman and former CEO of United Technologies Corporation, UTC. UTS is an American based a multinational conglomerate that deals with the research, development, and manufacturing of high-tech products. Louis was elected as the Chairman of UTC in March 2006.


During his tenure at UTC as the CEO, Louis Chenevert left a legacy that other CEOs have been unable to match. He managed to steer the company to significant gains in the acquisition of Goodrich while the market was undergoing a recession period. The deal with Goodrich took a whole year in negotiations and was marked as a signature deal. This proved the commitment, business insight, and patience that Louis Chenevert has.


Louis Chenevert has also worked with General Motors as the General Manager in the production department for 14 years. Before General Motors, he had worked with Pratt & Whitney Canada where he was elected as the president of the company after working for 6 years.


Louis Chenevert’s highest ranking accomplishment was his pet project dubbed the GTF. This project saw his idea chosen by Airbus. In 2011, Louis took part in the development of a new concept that helped the aircraft engine burn hotter. This concept relied on decoupling the fan which had the potential of greater payoffs for both large and new engine designs. Louis’ ideas helped UTC in meeting their commitment when it comes to investing in quality technological advancements. These advancements drive the company’s growth to date both in terms of revenue and creation of manufacturing jobs which in turn has boosted the American economy tremendously. Get More Information about Chenevert here.



A CEO often strives to invest in the latest technological advancements to ensure future success for the business. Louis Chenevert is a strong believer in this principle. Employee education goes hand-in-hand with this idea. The current performance of a company is normally very crucial when it comes to success. For a CEO to be efficient in what he or she is doing, they must always think about the future of the company. Check Chenevert on Crunchbase.com.



UTC is always at the forefront when it comes to coming up with environment-friendly designs. Louis Chenevert pioneered this idea while selling the company’s products. This was evident by the reduction of the company’s greenhouse gas emissions by 26% and reduction of water consumption by 53%.


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The Achievements of David Giertz in the Financial Sector

David Giertz is an individual who is well-known for his expertise in the field of finance. He offers financial advisory services on matters of social security checks. David currently heads the department of sales and distribution at Nationwide Financial. The enterprise was reliable for clients seeking services that involve investment plans, financial advice, and insurance plans. The firm prides itself on helping customers on issues related to stocks, bonds, and security markets. The financial advisor’s success in business emerges from his resilience towards hard work while performing his duties. The company acknowledges his efforts for exceeding annual targets subjected to him.

The financial advisor has knowledge and skills in designing technological solutions that aim at improving efficiency in organizations. His 30-years experience in the field of finance has positively influenced the growth and development of Nationwide Financial. Before his entrance to NFS, David Giertz held several job opportunities in multiple companies including Mutual Life Insurance, Citicorp Investment Services, and Money Securities Corp. Throughout his career, David rose through the ladder to become top leadership icon.

Due to his excellent performance in the corporate world, David Giertz saw himself being awarded a certificate by WABC. He is also a member of FINRA where he performs duties as a stockbroker. He earns an incredible reputation from individuals who have approached him on issues related to retirement benefits. His expertise has seen him helping clients seeking advisory services in investment and portfolio management.

The financial expert uses social media platforms to educate individuals on finance issues since people can quickly reach him. David Giertz discusses social security and retirement plans with his customers, a matter that is not entertained by other financial advisors. He believes that individuals who are to retire should be given access to enjoy their retirement benefits. David advocates for some money to be set aside for luxurious activities.