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George Soros Donates $18 Billion To Fight Human Rights Abuses And Discrimination

While the Wall Street Journal was the first to report about it, many other publications have now confirmed that George Soros has officially donated $18 billion to his charitable organization the Open Society Foundations. As an avid supporter of human rights and democratic causes, Soros has always been open about his points of view. His donations to Hillary Clinton during her run for the president of the United States was well-known as well as his support of many other democrats who were running for office. Some people believe that his donations around the world have created the tipping point for many positive changes that will effect the world for years to come.

The $18 billion he has transferred to the Open Society Foundations will definitely help Asia for quite some time. It was there that a conflict between Maoist insurgents and the king’s own forces created a terrible atmosphere of violence and human rights abuses. A young woman named Devi had her sister killed in front of her and her daughter captured by forces that accused them of being Maoists. If not for the Open Society Foundations, it would have never been discovered that her daughter was electrocuted to death while being placed underwater in a tub. Because of the discovery, three of the people who killed her face convictions.

While the Open Society Foundations has been accused of getting involved in politics, its real mission is to improve the wellness and basic rights of human beings everywhere. The money donated from George Soros has helped tremendously, and along with the already donated amount of $18 billion, he has commented that there will be another $2 billion more coming. In total, Mr. Soros has donated over $30 billion to a spread of causes. Some of these causes include basic human rights in many different countries, support of politicians who favor equal treatment for everyone, anti-authoritarianism campaigns, and minority groups including the LGBT community and refugees.

George Soros has been inspired to help people based on what he sees as inequality in today’s world, but he is also driven by his own past. This is due to the fact that Mr. Soros lived in Nazi-occupied Hungary during the 1940’s. This gave him a good picture of what a closed society looks like, and he left in 1948 to come to the United States to make a better life for himself. In doing so, he vowed to himself that he would use a lot of his own fortune to make life better for others.

Recently, George Soros has increased the amount of money he donates to Open Society Foundations, because he sees the need to do so. The Trump presidency has brought about a new kind of urgency, and a large part of his donations in 2016 went to prevent further hate crimes from happening due to the attitudes that Mr. Trump’s campaign had created. Mr. Soros has always been open about his points of view and is proud to be able to support marginalized groups and other people who face tyranny, poverty, and human rights abuses.

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