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George Soros Supporting Democracy And Democratic Ideals

If all the affluent investors and people in business start to think like George Soros, then there is no doubt that world would be a much better place to live in. George Soros is amongst the most generous philanthropists to have walked on the face of the earth. George Sors has given away a total of $12 billion towards charity in his life, and if that wasn’t enough, George Soros recently announced that he would be transferring $18 billion to his charity foundation, Open Society Foundation, recently. It would make his charity foundation, Open Society Foundation, the second most prominent private charitable organization in the world right after the Gates Foundation, supported by Bill and Melinda Gates.

George Soros has supported many protests to defend human rights and end marginalization of individual sections of societies, even when he has been criticized mainly for it. Supporting movements like Antifa as well as Black Lives Matter has bought him a lot of slack, but that hasn’t stopped him from doing what he feels is right. George Soros says that the financial success Soros has achieved in his life has given him the freedom to take the political and social stand he wants without being hesitant about it. Taking a stand on the controversial matter is something that he has never been afraid of, and he is amongst the first few public figures to come forward to stand with the LGBTI community and fight for their rights. George Soros has also been raising his voice for the victims of the drug abuse and the immigrants, refugees, and minorities.

The Open Society Foundations, started by George Soros in 1979 is amongst the wealthiest foundations in the world with an annual budget of over $1 Billion. The foundation doesn’t only channel its funds in humanitarian efforts, policy reform, economic development, education, and justice reforms, but also supports many pro-democratic organizations and influential individuals across the globe. It can be said that George Soros has spent more money in promoting democratic ideals than any other men on the planet, and he continues to do so without hesitation. George Soros has vowed not to let capitalism take over the world once again, which is a threat that he sees now. As a man who has witnessed both the world wars and knows the downsides in politics that led to it, he believes that it is his responsibility as well to ensure that right political direction is chosen.

George Soros’ Open Society Foundation is functional in more than 120 countries. It is the second largest philanthropic organization in the world and with the recent transfer of $18 billion made by Soros to the organization; it has become loaded to support various initiatives with more enthusiasm. George Soros does not only use his financial abundance for philanthropic initiatives but also to sway the political direction in right path. It is for this very reason, George Soros has been supporting Democratic Party for a long time, and continues to support various politicians who are Democrats.

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