A family o sporting legends the story of Michel Terpins.

Michel Terpins took part in the 25th edition of the Sertões Rally.This was to be his 10th participation in the rally and he was together with his teammate of the Bull Sertões Rally Team Maykel Justo.The duo Michel Terpins, 40, and Maykel Justo, 37, put on a good show for themselves over the 3,300 kilometers, of which 1,999 was special terrain. The course took them into different cities that included Goiás where they passed through Goianésia, Goiânia, Aruanã and Santa Therezinha de Goiás.The next stop was in Mato Grosso this took the participants through Barra do Garças and finally, there was the last three cities of Mato Grosso do Sul with crossings through Coxim, Aquidauana, and Bonito. This edition was especially challenging because of the terrain that included hills, winding roads, and cliffs.They emerged position six overall having completed the entire circuit. in the 24th edition, Michel Terpins had also taken part with his partner who was still his teammate Maykel Justo, they had never been partners before then they were able to work together and achieve spectacular results onboard their T-Rex vehicle In this edition they came in as position 5 overall in their category as well as position 1 in the second stage of the course.The navigational skills of his partner were very critical in this stage as it was one of the toughest a compared to the other six stages.After this spectacular performance, they chose to remain a team and continue participating in future championships together. Michel Terpins has over the years been able to achieve other championships in sports as he began his career as a rider where he competed in the country’s Cross Country Rally Championship here he became known for his unique riding skills culminating in him become one of the reigning champions in the sport.After he left the sport he was elected chairman of the Cross Country Rally Championship this was due in part to his leadership capabilities as well as experience in the sport.He continues to endeavor to grow the sport and make it more mainstream across brazil.