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Mark Ahn Talks About Better Startup Success

Launching a startup is never, ever easy. The sad truth is the bulk of the startups launched only last a few years before meeting a painful end. To help entrepreneurs avoid such a disaster, Mark Ahn has some good advice.

Per Ahn, startups and growing companies should look towards helpful consultants and advisors in order to achieve a desirable outcome. Listening to the advice of the board of directors and reliable hired consultants definitely is smart. Not everyone can come up with the right decision and approach on his/her own. Taking input from others frequently aids in overcoming hurdles.

A new entrepreneur or smaller business should look towards consulting with formal or informal mentors. Outside advisors may be able to offer a different perspective that could prove immensely helpful.

What should be discussed with the highest level of importance? Strategic planning definitely tops the list. Unless a business knows what direction it is heading, the business is going to be rudderless and reactive. No startup will survive in such a manner.

You can read about Ahn’s advice through a recent press release. Ahn spelled out his approach in the International Journal of Innovation and Technology Management.

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Google to Close Google News in Spain

Google will close Google News in Spain on December 16 and will stop displaying contents of Spanish publishers in other editions of Google News, as a result of the reform of the Copyright Act. 

This reform, adopted in late October 2013, and will be implemented January 1, provides that publishers receive compensation waived by aggregators and search engines (such as Google News) when fragments of its contents are used.

The head of Google News, Richard Gingras, said in a statement that the new reality established by the legislation is “unsustainable” for a free service that displays advertising or generate no income. Head of TriStar, Tom Rothman, says that the decision must have been difficult for Gingras and Google to make.

“It forces any Spanish publication to charge a fee willy-nilly, to services like Google News to show the smallest fragment of its publications. This new approach is simply unsustainable “, has argued Gingras.

Thus, the technology company has decided that December 16, Google News will no longer be active in Spain.


Sources of Google Spain have stressed that changes only affect Google News, not search engine indexing.

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The Skout App, An Overview for Skeptics

Skout is a mobile app and one of the largest social networks in the world. The app and site is primarily dedicated to meeting new people and dating, though one can just use it too keep in touch with friends and acquaintances if that is all they wish to use it for. The site states that they understand that meeting new people can be tough and that their only goal is make it easier while also keeping the magic of spontaneity alive, and it’s meant to work with your phone.

The Skout community is exceedingly expansive, spanning over one hundred countries.  Also maintaining a presence on social media like Facebook in addition to Twitter. Though it is centered, mainly, on connecting you to local people, though it can be used to meet people one, two or three continents away. One of the reasons that the company has such a large following is that it is actually, relatively old; created in 2007 it was primarily built as a software development company. This time gap of seven years, of 2007 to 2014 meant that there was a lot of time to build a a strong and devoted following, which is precisely what Skout has done.

Skout features many interesting features, probably the most interesting of which is the shake to chat feature. When using the Skout shake to chat you will be nearly instantly connected to another chat shaker from around the world. They could be twelve miles or twelve countries away, all that matters is that they are shaking their mobile device. It’s very similar to video dating roulette only on Skout the incentive to chat is not always exclusively romantic, either way it’s a very fun and unique way to talk to new people, and some people have formed very long lasting bonds because of this.

There are also many “unlockable” features which encourage interaction. Things like backdrops, virtual gifts and so on are not readily available to the Skout beginner but they can be unlocked through in app credits. This feature functions in much the same way, oddly enough, as many different video games where collecting a certain number of in game items will allow you to acquire new characters and items. You earn free in game credit by making new friends and downloading new affiliated apps. This may sound strange or even silly, but it lends both fun and a sense of accomplishment to building a solid base of connections with your new friends from across the globe.

They are also adding functionality with different apps from the same developer, including launching the Fuse platform.

Or even if they are whom they claim there is little way to check for certain. This is of course a minor set back and perhaps for many people a boon, like those whom dislike mandatory restrictions for joining a site. Either way Skout is certainly a intriguing, fresh and fun way to meet new people.