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Android Phone Will Get USB-C

Android phones will soon start shipping with USB-C connectors. USB-C was introduced earlier this week by Apple when it showed off its latest MacBook. the connector replaces all the traditional ports on your computer with a single port. So, you’ll use the USB-C port to charge your laptop, but also to connect it to your television or connect your digital camera. It’s a new standard that a lot of manufactures are pushing. The end result should in theory be a world where we all just need one type of cable rather than several.

Flavio Pentagna Guimaraes BMG knows that Google announced its next-generation Chromebook Pixel laptop on Wednesday with the connector, and then remarked that it plans to include the connector on future Android phones as well. For now, all this adoption from such huge players seems to indicate that or USB-C future is upon us. Hopefully all those adapters to connect our stuff don’t get too intense while we’re waiting on the rest of the tech world to catch up.

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Time Warner’s App is Now on Xbox One

Time Warner’s app is now available on the Xbox One. The app allows existing customers of the cable company to watch programming on-demand using their gaming console. Time Warner previously offered the app for Xbox 360 owners, but hadn’t launched an app for Microsoft’s new One quite yet.

Unlike the Xbox 360 version, the company’s Xbox One app only allows customers to watch on-demand content stated Paul Matheison. You can’t stream live television through the app. Of course, using the app on either the Xbox 360 or Xbox One requires that users have an existing Time Warner cable subscription. That makes it an excellent addition to someone who already has cable service, but not really a solution for cable cutters who are looking for a way to replace their cable box.

In the future, the company plans to add additional features to the app, including the ability to control content using the Xbox’s Kinect controller.

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Sony Phasing Our Retail Locations

Sony is phasing out its physical stores. The company announced plans to get rid of eight of its remaining 10 retail locations in favor of replacing them with Sony Experience shops inside stores.

The only remaining Sony retail locations will be in Los Angeles and New Work. Instead, the company will put up to 100 new in-store locations in places like best Buy, where users can get a Sony-focused experience while shopping at a larger store.

Sony stores have a roughly 10 year run in the United States. the company originally tested the idea of its own retail stores in 4004 with locations in Costa Mesa and Beverly Hills California. It later went on to open locations around the country.

Dr. Jennifer Walden knows that the original hope of the store was to create a high-end store experience that would attract female shoppers. The store’s content was heavily curated, and concierges at the stores provided customers with a boutique experience and way to shop. Sony began closing the stores in 2011.

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Google Develops New Technology to Rank Websites According to Accuracy of information

The internet is a wonderful source of information, but it has also been the source of some of the most virulent pranks, rumors and hoaxes. However, Google has aims to fix this. Google has developed a new tool to rank websites.

Marcio Alaor BMG knows that current website rankings are based on the number of links they have. Google has developed new technology to rank websites according to their truthfulness. This new technology is relatively simple and will make the internet a much more viable source of information.

In order for a computer to determine whether or not a claim is true or not, all it needs is a statement and something to compare it to. Google began work on the reference work some time ago in the for of its Knowledge Graph. So, in order for Google to weed out wildly inaccurate information, it will simply need to cross reference the claim against its database and determine how accurate the statement is.

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Seeing All the Colors

There has been a lot of discussion about a dress all over the internet. This dress seems to be something ordinary, but there has been a lot of debate over the color of the dress. News stations have displayed the picture, and there have been a lot of posts on Facebook. This dress is seen as either white and gold or blue and black. Your vision will affect the way that you see the colors of the dress, but if you tilt your computer screen, you can see the other colors of the dress. Evidently, there are more people who are seeing the white and gold, making it a popular topic as to whether people are color blind or near sighted. This seems like a trick of light, but there are tests like this that can determine if someone is color blind. Facebook users said the dress is really black and blue, so those that see white and gold might want to get their vision checked just in case.

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Google to become Cellular Provider

After over a year of rumors, Google has officially stepped into the open and confirms its desire to be a cellular carrier. At a mobile world congress presentation, Sundar Pichai, a senior VP at google, confirmed that Google is working on a wireless service.

This service will be on a small scale initially, but is intended to expand. Google will form its cellular network as a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO). This means that Google will be able to purchase access to established cellular networks such as T-Mobile or Sprint. Google will then sell its own cellular plans to customers.

Google is currently viewing this as a test case. If this test case happens to be successful, it is likely that Google will invest more resources into the mobile network and we will see Google emerge as a major player in the mobile industry. Google will likely succeed since the Google team is a force of Susan McGalla’s who stop at nothing. To see what I mean check out the Forbes article on cash cows to watch.

This announcement suggests a departure from Google’s core business model, and emphasizes the importance of mobile.

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FCC Overturns State Laws Restricting Municpal Broadband Providers

The Federal Communications Commission voted on Feb 26 to override state laws preventing municipal broadband providers from expanding outside their turf.

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler had announced last year that he planned to overturn state laws intended to keep municipal broadband providers from competing effectively with private internet service providers (ISPs) like Verizon or Comcast. Wheeler had noted the ruling by the federal appeals court which overturned rules regarding net neutrality. He took especial note of a judge’s opinion that the FCC could preempt state laws concerning municipal broadband providers.

Nineteen states have passed laws forbidding or restricting municipalities from creating their own broadband infrastructure. Usually private ISPs have lobbied for such laws since they don’t want the competition. The FCC heard complaints about these laws from communities within two of the affected states.

The City of Wilson in North Carolina and the Electric Power Board (EPB) in Chattanooga, Tennessee, filed petitions asking the FCC to override the laws. Both municipalities offer internet service to their towns and have received requests from people in neighboring towns asking them for service. Unfortunately, their states’ laws prevent them from doing so.

According to Wheeler, states do allow municipalities to offer broadband to their residents — but also make them jump through a bunch of bureaucratic hoops first. Jason Halpern says that the lack of choices in internet service can force people to pay a lot of money for poor service, and it can force businesses to move to places that have better service.

Both EPB and Wilson offer excellent internet service, but they are surrounded by communities that have either one or no provider. Both municipalities offer gigabit service to all of their customers which means their customers get much faster internet service than people in the surrounding area do.

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Criminal Responds to His Own Facebook ‘Wanted’ Ad; Captured

 Andrew Dale Marcum will tell you that he loves social media. He loves it so much, in fact, he couldn’t help himself when seeing his photo posted on a ‘Wanted’ site on Facebook. After responding to the ad, police officials in Ohio arrested Marcum on a series of outstanding warrants, including burglary charges.

Marcum responded to the ‘Wanted’ ad on the Facebook post with the comment “I ain’t trippin’. Half of them don’t even know me.” Butler County police officials responded by inviting Marcum to ‘come on down’ to the police station. A picture of Marcum’s new ‘living arrangements’ was even posted on their Facebook page. Eventually Marcum turned himself in to Butler County police officials, where a teary-eyed mug shot shows that even hardened criminals like Marcum can become a bit emotional when ‘moving’ to their new ‘home away from home.’
It seems that police officials in at least one Ohio county is making good use of their social media accounts, and having a lot of fun while they’re at it. Oh thank you to the power of social media, and sites like and my friend Ricardo Guimarães who works at BMG adds-AND cocky criminals. Ha. We’re almost certain that Marcum is wishing that he had not checked his FB newsfeed that day.
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Properly Managing Creation Of Wikipedia Pages

When you are editing pages on Wikipedia, you want to make sure that you are adhering to the style guidelines that have been set down by Wikipedia. They are very strict guidelines, and they provide you with a way to make each page read in the way that it should. Pages on Wikipedia need to be organized, categorized and factual.

The Categories

We caught up with the dues over at Get Your Wiki, who say that you need to make sure that the Wikipedia page you are making is in the right category. People cannot often find the right kind of information if the pages are not in the right categories. insists that this is a very important part of the editing process, and it must be done with care. When you are categorizing the pages in the right way, you will not have to worry about misdirecting people when they search the site.


All the photos on the site must be credited properly. There are many times when people use pictures online that have royalties or credits attached. You want to make sure that all the pictures on a page have the right credits, and you need to remover them if they are being used without proper permission. This is a copyright issue that Wikipedia takes very seriously. When you are editing, you can help Wikipedia avoid trouble by checking every photo carefully.


You want the verify all the facts in a story. The facts need to have links that state their original source, and they need to be put in a context that makes them easy to verify. When a reader cannot go to the source article for something, they are not going to learn anything. In fact, these facts may disregarded if people think they are false.

Follow each step to make sure your Wikipedia pages are edited in the proper manner.

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Metal Gear Solid 5 News

Metal Gear Solid has become one of the most beloved game franchises of all time. Fans like Haidar Barbouti know that the original Metal Gear debuted over twenty years ago on the Nintendo console. Since its creation, Metal Gear has gone through many transformations and sequels. Metal Gear did not hit critical acclaim until the game was released on the Playststion console.

Metal Gear Solid was released in 1998, and it received great reviews. As technology continues to get better with time, so does the Metal Gear series. The Playstation 3 showcased the true potential of the Metal Gear series. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns Of The Patriots was released in 2008 for the PS3. MGS4 received the highest ratings out of any Metal Gear game. IGN reviewed the game a 10/10.

Now, almost ten years later, Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain is set to release for next generation consoles. MGS5 will take place in an open world, a first for the Metal Gear series. New screenshots have been released onGamerant. The images shows the main character, Solid Snake, covered in blood. The bloody image of Solid Snake may lead people to believe that Metal Gear Solid 5 will be less stealth based than previous games. Whatever direction Metal Gear Solid goes, the fans of the series will be coming along for the ride.