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Metal Gear Solid 5 News

Metal Gear Solid has become one of the most beloved game franchises of all time. Fans like Haidar Barbouti know that the original Metal Gear debuted over twenty years ago on the Nintendo console. Since its creation, Metal Gear has gone through many transformations and sequels. Metal Gear did not hit critical acclaim until the game was released on the Playststion console.

Metal Gear Solid was released in 1998, and it received great reviews. As technology continues to get better with time, so does the Metal Gear series. The Playstation 3 showcased the true potential of the Metal Gear series. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns Of The Patriots was released in 2008 for the PS3. MGS4 received the highest ratings out of any Metal Gear game. IGN reviewed the game a 10/10.

Now, almost ten years later, Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain is set to release for next generation consoles. MGS5 will take place in an open world, a first for the Metal Gear series. New screenshots have been released onGamerant. The images shows the main character, Solid Snake, covered in blood. The bloody image of Solid Snake may lead people to believe that Metal Gear Solid 5 will be less stealth based than previous games. Whatever direction Metal Gear Solid goes, the fans of the series will be coming along for the ride.

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DQN: A Glimpse at the Future of AI

Google subsidiary Deep Mind has developed an algorithm which learns from experience in order to determine its next best action, so as to secure the highest possible reward. Deep Q-Network, or DQN for short, as the algorithm is called, is currently limited to the domain of Atari video games. The algorithm is housed in a computer with slightly more power than an average desktop, and works at processing the incoming information from any of the Atari games that it is playing. DQN begins its learning process from scratch, not knowing anything about the particular game it is engaged in. After spending considerable time practicing and learning, the algorithm is able to map out the best possible button pressing procedure to secure a high score in the game.

Bernardo Chua is aware that this kind of technology seems applicable to countless domains outside the realm of just video games. Yet, DQN does have its limitations, seeing as it struggles with long term planning, since it does not yet have a means to remember older actions that it has undertaken. For this reason, it struggles more with games that require greater foresight. That being said, Deep Mind employees are optimistic of the potential of this kind of computing ability, extrapolating that it could serve the scientific community well in the future by analyzing data and drawing conclusions. However it develops, DQN provides a window into the near future of artificial intelligence.

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5G 1TBps on the Horizon

The University of Surrey has achieved 5G speeds of 1Tbps in recent tests, putting some considerable distance between themselves and the competition. The university houses the 5G Innovation Center, headed by Dr. Rahim Tafazolli, who oversaw this project among others in the hopes of breaking technological ground. Tafazolli explained that these speeds surpass any other tests previously done, rivaling current fiber optic speeds, all while doing so wirelessly said Marc Sparks. This level of advancement would likely not be available to the public anytime soon, given that commercial companies would need more time and investment to make these networks viable for the general populous’ use.

Tafazolli expressed that new applications which could not be supported by the current 4G networks will emerge in the coming years, though what they might be remains a mystery. The latent possibilities of such a powerful network is astounding, and has the ability to change the world and how we interact with it forever. These changes, though apparently inevitable, ought to be responsibly undertaken. Should only a segment of the population be privy to these advancements, the likelihood of more virulent socioeconomic clashes will rise, presenting a danger to all. The internet and its subsidiaries have always been a right for everyone, provided individuals can access it. Yet to willfully inhibit certain percentages of people from accessing newer and more appealing avenues of the web is a dangerous path to start on.
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Too Much?


1996. The biggest internet provider was AOL and on July 3rd Independence Day would take theaters by storm. Who wouldn’t want to watch the Fresh Prince blow up aliens and save the world. A task he did again the following year in Men In Black. Independence Day was one of the first movies to really use the internet for advertising. Their website was a simple countdown used magnificently to build anticipation for the movie.
Flash forward to today or even five years ago. We as a consumer have heard the news about the rapid decline of movie ticket sales. Movies can be pirated or rented for a mere dollar, of which the movie industry is quick to blame illegal downloading or the like for the problem. But is it?
An ad for the latest and greatest movie pops up on your Facebook feed and you don’t hesitate to click that like button. Over the course of liking the movie till release day you are bombarded with info about the movie and its production.Headlines are made about who is on site during filming, and updates to any new information regarding story line said Gianfrancesco Genoso.
Perhaps if we weren’t told so many things about the film itself as well as cast and crew we would be more inclined to pay the fifteen dollar ticket price. Less is more after all.
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Technological Entrepreneur Bruce Levenson Continues to Create Innovative Solutions to Better the World

Bruce Levenson is a well educated man who has created an empire with his knowledge, skill, and beliefs as a philanthropist. Focusing his efforts on the issues and solutions that plague the common person, he has made life easier for a great number of people over the past 40 years.

Bruce grew up in Chevy Chase, Maryland although he was born in Washington, DC. Bruce is married to Karen Levenson and they have three children. All of his children are boys. Bruce Levenson received his higher education from the Washington University which is located in St. Louis. He then attended American University where he studied law. During his time at American University he began his workings as a writer. His journalism career began at the Washington Star newspaper.

Bruce has initiated many different programs to help his fellow humans in a number of different areas. He has been an adviser to the private equity firm BIA Digital Partners and he was on the Board of Directors of the NEPA (Newsletter and Electronic Publishers Association). He was recognized in 1977 for his work with Ed Peskowitz at UCG by being inducted into the Hall of Fame of the Software and Information Industry Association.

Along with his work at the University, he has created a program at the U.S. Holocaust Museum for students of inner city backgrounds to teach them of the history of the holocaust and gives them tour guide training for the museum. Bruce Levenson is a founding donor of this museum as well as a major donator to the Seeds of Peace and the SEED Foundation.

Currently he is part of the United Communications Group. His other business dealings include being a founding partner of the Atlanta Hawks LLC. He is currently the Managing Director and major partner of the organization and the Phillips Arena. Since 2004 he has held the position as the Hawks’ Governor on the NBA Board of Governors. In 1977 he co-founded the United Communications Group. His business dealings include being a founding board member of a media company called TechTarget NASDAQ. It is listed as TTGT in the trading industry.

His wife has worked with him on projects such as the creation of the Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership. This program provided at the University of Maryland is targeted at teaching the inner city students the fundamentals of running nonprofit organizations with success.

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Secret Wars is Coming to Audiobook Format

Incredibly interesting news has emerged from the world of Marvel Comics. In honor of the new Secret Wars story arc, the original Secret Wars comic series from the 1980’s is being adapted in audio book format.

Producing an audio version of Secret Wars is not the first time a major story arc has been adapted into a radio theater event. 20 or so years ago, the BBC produced excellent radio theater versions of The Death of Superman and Batman: Knightfall. Both legendary D.C. Comics stories were released in cassette format. The adaptations were produced relatively quickly after the original comics were published and both storylines were huge sellers with massive crossover appeal. The “average person” who was not a comic book fan bought those books.

Secret Wars is another matter. The maxi-series never really achieved popularity beyond the core comic book audience.

Fans like Susan McGalla know that several other audio books based on Marvel Comic storylines including The Death of Captain America have been produced. Choosing the original Secret Wars as a subject for an audio presentation does come as a surprise.

Honestly, Secret Wars was not popular among comic book readers. The maxi-series was considered a critically flop. The effects of the first Secret Wars really did not have much an effect on the Marvel Universe to much of a degree. The new Secret Wars series definitely will since the Ultimate Universe and the traditional Marvel Universe are merging and much of the past of Marvel Comics is being wiped away.

Obviously, this is garnering a bit of a buzz so maybe there is an audience for the original series. Perhaps trade paperback sales have been brisk.

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Christopher Cowdray and The Dorchester Collection: Supreme Hotel Management

In 2007, Christopher Cowdray became Chief Executive Officer of The Dorchester Collection. With experience in managing luxury hotels in England, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Africa, Cowdray brought 30 years of executive international hotel experience with him,

He came with the vision of Dorchester Collection being the supreme hotel management system. Already, The Dorchester Collection had 5 hotels in Europe that symbolized cultural and class. Today, following their plans of expanding into the Middle East, Asia, and the Americas, they’ve added 5 more to their parade of excellence.

The Dorchester Collection carries with it a reputation for unrivaled fashion. They’re not a group of cookie-cutter accommodations. The design of each hotel snuggles into their location. The architectural designs, the decorative patterns inside, the pattern of the rooms, the spas, the menus, all radiate the local culture.

Cowdray believes in the concept of service. All employees, regardless of their position, give the best possible service to those in their sphere of influence. As a result of the cultural luxury and excellent service, The Dorchester Collection is a byword for both the travel and hotel industry. This translates into greater occupancy.

Cowdray doesn’t believe in progress before preparation. While some other hotels open as fast as they can put the doors on, Cowdray is patient. When The Dorchester Collection acquired the Hotel Bel-Air it didn’t meet their luxury codes, so they did two years of upgrades before they opened.

While customers like the amenities that are part of their stay, most of the positive comments are about the staff. While staying at the hotel, customers like to think the staff cares about them and their needs. Cowdray says we remind our staffs of that fact on a regular basis.

When customers stay in a hotel that’s part of The Dorchester Collection they expect the best, and there’s no compromising those expectations. That’s probably part of the reason why, at the European Hospitality awards in 2013, Cowdray received the coveted Lifetime Achievement Award.

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New Nanotechnology Mimics Natural Sunlight Indoors


One of the biggest limits of building design according to an article from  is the accessibility of natural light. Until recently, the only solution has been to reflect some form of natural light from outside, but no suggestions have been implemented that would actually make our minds think we are seeing sunlight via an artificial lighting system.

The Italian company, CoeLux, has developed a new kind of artificial light uses nanoparticles to mimic Rayleigh scattering, which occurs naturally as a diffusion process in the earth’s atmosphere, to trick humans into seeing real daylight. Professor Paolo Di Trapani of Insubria University has spent 10 years developing the technology. It relies on the optical illusion of the Rayleigh effect to make it appear as though the light source is as far away as the sun.

While current versions cost more than ten thousand dollars, the team working on the project hopes to bring affordable products to market in the coming years.

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Teen Fired From Job She Just Got Because of Twitter


A teen learned a valuable lesson about what and what not to put on Twitter. The young adult apparently landed a job at a local pizzeria, but wasn’t so thrilled about it.

According to, she took to Twitter to inform her followers she’d be starting her “F*** A***” job tomorrow, with a series of thumbs down emoticons. It took less than 24 hours for her boss to tweet her back, informing he she would not be starting her job as she had been fired.

The Tweet has since gone viral said Marc Sparks. Some have taken to Twitter to defend the teen, who they claim was just exercising her freedom of speech. Other’s have pointed out that Twitter, is a public space and it is best to watch what you type. This seems to be a point often lost on the youth of today.

The teen doesn’t appear all that upset about her quick dismissal, but it has ignited an interesting debate on Twitter, and could serve as a lesson to other young adults who actually want the job they were given.

Researchers have found that nearly 60% of companies check Facebook, Twitter and Instagram before hiring employees, and about 50% say they monitor workers accounts occasionally to ensure everything remains on the up and up.

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Sell Your Way to a Better Life with Qnet

Qnet is a direct selling firm that was founded in Hong Kong in 1998 by Vijay Eswaran. What makes Qnet unique is the large amount of goods that Qnet sells, and it operates in a multi-level marketing model, something that they mention on Instagram. While many companies claim to allow people to make money by selling their products, Qnet allows almost anyone to make money by selling goods and recruiting others to sell these great products.

Just like any business, being an Independent Representative (or IR) for Qnet requires work. And if you work hard to sell the products, you will be rewarded. Multi-level marketing is not for everyone, but if you can put forth an honest effort and believe in yourself, you can make money. While many of the products that Qnet sells are not going to change the world, you can change your world by selling and expanding your network of people who are also selling. Don’t think you can just sit back, sign up people and watch the cash roll in; rather, most of the money is made by the actual sales person and on the sales of the products. Instead of working in a factory, and getting paid only what the factory owner wants to pay you, and watching the owners get rich from your hard work, Qnet allows everyday people to learn sales skills and put those skills to use selling products, and offers an Android app that can help almost any user.

Qnet sells products that can help everyone. Rather than just focus on collectables, Qnet sells health and beauty products that everyone can use to better their own life. And what could be better than selling products to people who truly believe that these products are helping them feel better?

The sky is the limit when it comes to selling Qnet products. Members of the senior staff at Qnet are a testament to how far one can go if a person works hard enough. Donna Imson was an unemployed single mother of three when she started selling for GoldQuest, Qnet’s line of collectable gold coins. She is now practically a celebrity in direct sales, and the number two person in the company. All because she was willing to work hard and was able to hone her sales craft with Qnet. Don’t let fear hold back your entrepreneurial spirit. Go out and make your better life with Qnet sales.