Cass Dojo the Teachers Pet

What is Class Dojo?

Class Dojo is one of the most innovative ed-tech apps available. Its the perfect platform that provides the needs of teachers, students, and parents. The Class Dojo app teaches children with a gaming base. The teacher has full control of the app. She assigns each student an avatar and an assignment for each day. It provides parents a report on what the child accomplished today.

Benefits of Class Dojo?

The teacher is able to take attendance and track each student’s progress. The students enjoy learning by playing a video game. It looks and sounds just like a game with educational content. The Class Dojo creates a positive community. The teachers reward the students after they complete an assignment, show good behavior or help others. The students love to showcase their awards to each other. This encourages them to do their best and be kind to others to get more rewards.

Class Dojo’s impact in the classroom?

This app has successfully created a community right in the classroom. Its an easy app for Parents to receive daily progress reports that measure their child’s success. They are able to see if the child received any badges or need improvement. The app makes communication between parents, teachers, and students easy. Parents no longer have to wait until report card time to know how the student is doing in class.

Class Dojo Effects on Kids

This innovative app sharpens the children’s computer skills and makes them accountable. They are given an assignment that’s fun to do. Once they complete the task they get rewarded for a job well done. By the same token, if the work is not completed they get told to finish it. Every student strives for those positive remarks from the teacher to show off to their friends and family. A badge from the teacher gives them a great sense of accomplishment.