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The connection between DACA and the Frontera Fund

Civil migrant and human rights groups are created with the purpose of protecting the values and rights of those that would otherwise not be in a capacity to defend and protect themselves. They ensure that whatever is envisioned in the constitution is followed to the letter and every one regardless of their immigration status is treated with as much humanity and dignity as any other person would be. This organization are self-funded or financed by those who believe in the need to protect human and civil liberties. They also ensure that the money they collect and control is put to the right use and attain what it was meant to do.

Frontera Fund

This is a fund that was started by Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin they started the fund to help people who were facing unfair treatment. The fund was started with 3.5 million dollars that were part of a settlement that was awarded to the two due to their illegal arrest and subsequent prosecution by the county. The fund helps Mexican immigrants mostly in Arizona who despite facing harsh and brash odds they are able to get into the country and try to be part of the American dream. The fund has worked on numerous cases getting litigators to work with clients and migrants to ensure that they do not face discrimination or other forms of denial of opportunity. Their work has especially been felt along the border where the largest number of Hispanic immigrants can be found.

DACA a short form for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals is a system that was created to provide undocumented young people who have satisfied various prerequisites conditions a reprieve from deportation. These persons are granted a social security number according to them a fair opportunity to work in the U.S. it is usually renewable every two years. It has also granted recipients the ability to get a driver’s license.

On September 5th Ken Paxton who is the current Texas Attorney General sent a letter addressed to the president asking him to do away with the program or he would go to court for the same. After his threat a governor and 9 other attorney generals joined in on the foray. The program currently has about 800,000 individuals some of the best brains in their respective fields. DACA recipients are named as over 95% employed paying a lot of tax to the government as well as being leaders in areas that require a lot of expertise that has to give the country an advantage over other countries. They are called dreamers for a reason as they came to the country as a dream of their parents to get a better life and now they are living that reality.


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The Influence of George Soros in the 2016 American Election

You probably saw, if you watch the U.S. television, the pink march movement that occurred in the public streets of the biggest metropolitan cities of the United States, in a protest against some of Trump’s public speeches, especially the one where he states his opinions on women’s rights, hence the pink clothing.

Definitely, not every American is happy with the current state of their country’s elections. Trump won by very few points, and Hillary still had the popular votes.

Some of his decisions are not pleasing the American population, and many powerful people are rooting and supporting the movement, George Soros, the magnate, and philanthropist, being one of them.

George Soros was one of the biggest supporters of Hillary Clinton in the 2016 elections. He did his supporting by donating huge chunks of money to invest in her candidacy against Donald Trump. Her campaign had many funders who were afraid of some of Trump’s public declarations and what he is capable of doing with that much power in hands. George Soros was one of these businessmen, declaring that “Trump is doing the work of ISIS.”

Why is Soros so afraid of the hate speeches of the newest U.S. President? To understand this, you have to go way back and analyze the childhood of the businessman. The billionaire and philanthropist come from a family of Jews, and he was born in Budapest, Hungary. There, he experienced for himself the advances of the Nazi Army against Jews of that nation when they conquered Hungary and were searching for Jewish families all over the territory.

As a Jew in students’ age, George Soros experienced censure in his own skin, and the fear of returning home and not finding his family was something that he felt every day, and same goes for his parents. The lack of freedom of expression hit everyone in the community. Learn more about his profile at

Because of this reason, the magnate was frightened of Donald Trump assuming the presidency of the United States. Not because of the new U.S. President roots for Neo-Nazism, but because, during some of his speeches, Trump expresses a profound lack of feeling for cultural diversity. The “Build a Wall” campaign is one of the philosophers around the world’s biggest fear, because of how it makes the American people have that feeling of “pure blood,” a sense that is very detrimental for a world so deep in the globalization.

George Soros, however, lost his bet, and despite investing millions of dollars in the campaign of Hillary Clinton, Trump won the elections. However, this is not the only election that the billionaire has influenced positively, as he was also seen in the elections where he tried to beat George Bush. He is an influential figure in political disputes all over the world, not just in the U.S.

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As a philanthropically figure, who is always donating to noble causes and dedicating his time to raising awareness about the importance of freedom of expression, he very deeply wants the world to be diversified and to embrace cultural diversity, be it sexual orientation, race, religion or country of origin. Read his profile at Forbes.

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Yeonmi’s Harrowing March To Freedom

No-one could doubt the sincerity of Yeonmi Park or the harrowing experiences she had. Details are unimportant because the truth of her story is the way she portrays it. The fact that her father died only months after finding freedom, and the price her mother paid, using her body to protect her daughter are self-evident in the telling. While it’s somewhat unclear just exactly happened during her flight to freedom, the heart of Park’s story seems undoubtedly true. Of course there are detractors from her story; there are so many that could benefit from discrediting her.

But the descriptions of passing into China, and the fear that Yeonmi would be deported are the experiences that so many people have when they try to flee from such an oppressive environment and history such as hers. Thus when she talks of ‘paying off’ the border guards, and the many other hells she suffered crossing the Gobi Desert, it’s not so important whether the details have changed or not. She is helping others all over the world seek and find freedom; something she says she had never really ‘tasted. To her freedom meant an abundance of food. Like her many members of oppressed nations feel the same.

Thus, like so many who have suffered abuse the tendency to make the story palatable to readers, Youtube viewers and listeners, can be very important. What matter that there is some variance in a story of grossly abused peoples. The important part is that members of developed countries can never sympathize, they can only empathize with the plight of subjected peoples to harsh regimes that exist in various places in the world.

So, when her interviewer on doubts the veracity of parts to her story, it doesn’t matter. No-one could ‘fake’ the sincerity and truth that is hers to tell the world. It makes you want to read her book and support her efforts to help others throughout the world obtain the freedom she so cherishes.