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Posted by Tommy LeDeux on

German Publishers Try to Make Ad Blocking Software a Crime

Surfing the internet used to mean having to see dozens of pop-up ads on nearly every website you visited. Now, most people use the handy and free ad blocking software, which tells you how many ads are blocked each you visit a web-page, which is a strangely satisfying experience. However, businesses don’t seem to feel the same way, especially the ones who are used to making a great amount of passive income from those annoying ads.

That’s why publishers in Hamburg, Germany have decided to try and take legal action in order to make blocking ads a crime. reports that may sound a bit ridiculous, but I assure you that the businesses who have potentially lost millions of dollars in revenue due to the simple ad blocking software don’t take this issue lightly.

Yet, the publishers attempts ended in failure when the court decided (rightly) that the ad blocking software should not be considered illegal, and that people should have the right to decide what they are exposed to each time they log on the internet. Also, these ads often have tracking software which is a direct violation of the privacy rights of internet users.

Hopefully, the lawsuit brought in Germany does not give anybody else the idea to waste the justice systems time, because people have taken their privacy into their own hands by downloading the free ad blocking software, and they don’t intend on giving up that privilege easily.