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A New Wave in Model and Actor Representation is Happening at Nine9

The world of acting and modeling can be a tough one in today’s market. Stepping up to the plate and revolutionizing how actors/actresses and models are represented in the industry today is Anthony Toma, CEO and founder of Nine9 The UnAgency. Anthony brings his enthusiasm and passion for opening doors in people’s lives to the forefront of his duties every day.

The idea for Nine9 came to Toma while he was working within the grocery business. He had bought into a franchise based out of Orlando, Florida and was in the acting and modeling related sectors of business. While the franchise has plenty of investors, it unfortunately went under. Undeterred, Anthony went on to implement his ideas and strategies into his own company, Coral Reef Productions Inc., which now operates as Nine9.

He starts his day by tending to his children and then taking them to school, getting his brainwaves going by playing some rhythm games on the way. After the kids are set on their day he furthers his mental energy building by listening to business building or other motivational audio books as he travels to his office to begin making ideas come to life and read full article.

The key to his success is his ability to not only implement ideas but to listen to his clients. Listening and truly hearing are one of the keystones to any relationship with a client. Bringing ideas to life is a natural talent for Anthony. Starting with assembling the idea onto paper he then begins to poke holes in the idea, looking for any flaws or potentially unforeseen occurrences that may arise. Once a satisfactory idea has begun to take shape he presents it to his team to see what holes they can find and Nine9 of Twitter.

Nine9 is different from the rest of the competition as it brings forth new ideas and new strategies to make dreams come true. The format at Nine9 is to give the power to the models and actors themselves to enable better working opportunities to arise and what Nine9 knows.

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José Borghi knows the value of advertising to mobile devices

José Borghi is a highly regarded publicist located in Brasil. He is the CEO of the publicizing company, Mullen Lowe. Mass media is known to have a wide-ranging reach, often pulling in the attention of small and large companies, alike. For publishers, mass media is often thought of as being a great tool for getting your message across to a large number of people, in a short amount of time. Many, consider this to be a revolutionary method of reaching potential customers, as well as making people aware of your company, many of who might otherwise have never known of your brand. The common use of smart phones and mobile devices, make it far easier for companies to reach their audience.

In addition, digital advertisements that are delivered over the internet can contain embedded video and audio to better convey your message, by comparison to print. In Brasil, they noticed a 14 percent increase in returns on their investments for marketing of their businesses in 2015, by comparison to the prior year. José Borghi believes that digital advertising online will only continue to generate exceedingly large returns on marketing investments. José has gone as far as saying that returns may be as high as 10 billion dollars.

The United States, by comparison has a much more advanced online presence and during the very first half of the year 2015, over a 27 billion dollar return profit was achieved. This is a staggering rise of 20 percent, by comparison to the prior year. An Advertising Report concerning Internet Revenue believes this rise in returns is due to the use of marketing delivered specifically to mobile devices. José Borghi agrees with this assessment and noticed an increase in revenue of 51 percent for digital advertisements that were directed at mobile devices. for more.