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Nick Vertucci Helps People Gain Financial Freedom

There are a lot of people that are in search of financial freedom. So many of them seek this financial freedom through a side job that may actually allow them to quit their full-time job. Many of these people will look for the financial freedom that they seek through real estate investing.


This is where they may consider things like flipping houses and selling these homes for profit. When it comes to things like this Nick Vertucci is going to be one of the most reliable sources for flipping homes. He has been doing this for years, and he has proved himself to be successful in this area.


Retired police officer Nick Vertucci has been so successful with investing in real estate that he decided to start his own real estate academy. This is where he takes the time to show people that may have been skeptical about the possibilities of becoming financially free from debt through real estate how they can make great investments.


There is a large amount of property available for people to invest into in the United States and beyond American soil. Nick Vertucci is the person that is going to help people realize where they can best find these opportunities. He has a plethora of products and training seminars for those people that are trying to avoid some of the pitfalls that can actually come with investing in real estate. Everyone does not automatically know what is considered a good or bad investment. Nick Vertucci can help people see what areas are going to be best for creating opportunities that will last.


Nick Vertucci is someone that knows about the possibilities that exist in the real estate world, and he wants people to know that they can gain financial freedom if they take a little time to invest in themselves and find out how they can profit. He has already done this for himself, and he is giving other people the blueprint that they need to gain the same type of success. He has worked in law enforcement for close to two decades, but he realized that the ability to obtain financial freedom was not found in a traditional job. What Vertucci realized was that he had to take control of his own financial destiny. He made a decision to get into real estate, and this has been the thing that has changed his life.

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Finding your Worth and Wealth in Nick Vertucci

Nick Vertucci might have been born from a loving and caring family, but while growing, up, Nick got exposed to a lot of hurts. As a young boy, the interests of Vertucci were well taken care of by both mum and dad. However, after the demise of his father, Nick’s life changed for the worst. Getting raised by only a single parent, Vertucci’s mom found it hard to raise her family after the death of her husband since she only had odd jobs to do.

In some way, the hard life shaped Nick Vertucci to be a better man because even after he lost his first company, he never gave up on his family. While struggling, Nick Vertucci got introduced by his friend to a real estate workshop, where he got to learn the best practices regarding the sector. After making millions of dollars from the knowledge acquired from the seminar over the years, he decided to do something that would, in turn, help people facing life’s dilemmas succeed in life.

It is in 2013 that Vertucci decided to establish the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy, an institution renowned for helping many people meet their financial obligations through real estate. As a man always excited about his current accomplishments, Nick has come up with a proven system that has since helped many other people generate wealth. Working with a team of industry leaders, Nick Vertucci ensures that the NV Real Estate Academy equips everyone with the right tools and knowledge to succeed in real estate.

At the institution, you get to learn how to engage in commercial investments, asset protection, rehabbing and flipping properties, wholesaling and flipping contracts, buying and holding properties for long-term cash flow, as well as leveraging the IRA and 401K to fund all of your investments. Working closely with a team comprising of individuals like Nicole Marshall, Jamie Tomlinson, Nick Lamagna, Jeff Wilson, Mindi Cicero, Nicolette Gardner, Amberly Morgan, Cassandra Early, and Dana Monson, Nick has been able to help many people that had once reached rock bottom gain a footing over their lives.

Through the NV Real Estate Academy system, you get to learn how to buy property at a low price, renovate it, and then sell the asset at a slightly higher price. The good news is that the NVREA System is one that can get reused over and over again. Thanks to Nick, the life of many people across the globe has changed forever.

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A closer look at David Giertz

David Giertz is currently the President of Nationwide Financial Distributors at the Nationwide Life Insurance Company. David Giertz became President of the company in 2013. Previously, Mr. Giertz was the Senior Vice President of Nationwide Distribution & Sales Life Insurance Company.


Nationwide Financial is currently based out of Columbus Ohio. The company address is One Nationwide Plaza Columbus Ohio.


Mr. Giertz also held a position for 5 years as VP of Sales with Citigroup Financial Services. Before becoming VP of Sales at Citigroup David Giertz was a Financial Service Adviser for the company. Giertz has always been a bright and ambitious businessman which has certainly served him very well throughout his career.


David Giertz has over three decades experience within the financial services industry. Mr. Giertz has help Nationwide experience exceptional growth during his tenure. David Giertz is responsible for a revenue growth of 6 Billion dollars in profitable based revenue.


*Business development tips:


Mr. Giertz created a number of advanced development workshops. These workshops helped other employees reach their full business potential. Implementing these workshops helped numerous employees reach top level management positions within the organization.


Giertz admits his business success lies in the ability to directly address customer concerns. Identifying the immediate needs of each client is critical in order to become successful in any business. In addition, David Giertz stresses the importance of client feedback. Client feedback can help an agent plan a successful business plan as well as strategy.


*Educational Background:


David Giertz received his B.S. in Business from Millkkin University. In addition, Giertz has a MBA in Business Finance from the University of Miami. He credits his success in business to his educational background as well as his business experience within the financial industry.


Mr. Giertz stresses the importance of maintaining a healthy mind as well as body. He is an advocate of exercise and healthy eating habits. David Giertz believes that you are what you eat, as simple as that.


Finally, without a doubt David Giertz is a success in more ways than one. He also believes in giving back to those less fortunate. Therefore, David Giertz continues to make sizable donations to various charitable organizations.

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How Brazil Plans on Tackling Its Waste Problems

Excess human waste and pollution levels have grown to become a major problem worldwide. There are a handful of different countries around the world that are struggling to contain all the human waste that builds up year after year.


The Brazilian government has come up with a way to crack down on excess human waste. Members of the government have decided to team up with BNDES (National Bank for Economic and Social Development) to improve sanitation ratings and resource areas.


There is a hope that there will be a decrease in waste levels after concessions are built to contribute to improving local sanitation scores. A majority of sanitation services in Brazil are run by public power. About three-fourths of those services are provided by state-level organizations. If government agencies could work well with other private companies, so much more can be accomplished.


BNDES will continue to collaborate with the states that need help financially. The drop in water levels in Brazil can be directly related to the movement of financial resources at the state companies of the water sector.


Private enterprises have more resources than government-run companies. It is important that the government is willing to work with private enterprises to prevent water from going to waste. There should be more investments in sewage systems.


Mr. Felipe Montoro Jen has worked as a CEO (chief executive officer) for several different companies. His job is to make financial decisions and direct his staff to complete his to-do list. Felipe Montoro Jen earned an undergraduate degree from Getulio Vargas Foundation and a graduate degree from the Thunderbird School of Global Management.


He has worked as a director at Foz do Brasil SA, San Antonio Energia SA, Concessionaria do Centro Administrativo, and Fonte Nova Negocios e Participaçoes SA. Mr. Felipe Montoro Jen specializes in renewable technology and energy efficiency. He is brilliant when it comes to running a business. He has several years of experience.

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How To Work With The Realization of Having To Work More Like Flavio Maluf

When people become entrepreneurs, they take on a new world of responsibilities. Therefore, they have to learn to pace themselves. In many cases, people are met with conflicting feelings when it comes to being an entrepreneur. While it is an exciting idea to be able to make a bit of money while working the type of job where one sets hours, there can be points when one burns out on what he is doing. This is why it is important to look up information from people such as Flavio Maluf who has succeeded as an entrepreneur. One thing that he has learned that is important is the need to set a pace.


One thing that is not a good idea is to try and overwork everything. One thing that entrepreneurs learn is that their limits are going to catch up to them when they don’t mind them. Another thing that entrepreneurs are going to realize is that they are going to have days and times when they are just not able to be productive. As frustrating as it is, one of the lessons that entrepreneurs learn is how to make the most of their productive times and find a resolution during their less productive times.


One thing that Flavio Maluf reveals about the life of an entrepreneur is that there are no set working hours at the beginning. The entrepreneur has to take care of the whole business in most cases. Also, dedication is not always going to win. The one thing that does win is self knowledge. When one knows his limits, then he can find something that is more in line with what he wants and what he is capable of doing. Self knowledge is a very important part of entrepreneurial success. People who are not aware of what they need and what they can do are going to experience many different kinds of failure.