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Posted by Tommy LeDeux on

The New Online Amazon Prime Commercial is a Massive Success

YouTube is the site for a lot of commercials. Some do well and others sort of fade away. Amazon Prime’s recent musical commercial has captured people’s attention. Let’s amend that a bit. The commercial has attracted an enormous amount of attention. Over three million people have checked out the musical commercial for Prime. With numbers like that, Amazon is proving that it can adapt, and survive in a changing media landscape.

And the landscape does move very quickly.

The media really is changing into something different thanks to the constant innovations in internet capabilities. When Amazon first launched, no on thought there would be much demand for a mail order bookseller. After all, who order online when you could just make a trip to the local bookstore? Well, because it is cheaper and more convenient. This is why Amazon is such a huge success and sells a lot more than just books. Now, with the creation of Amazon Prime, the company further expands into the realm of home entertainment.

The commercial informs people watching that Amazon offers a lot more than people realize. While the company is, mainly, a retail shipping service, other offerings are made available including the streaming of movies, television shows, and, of course, music. advised Amen Clinics that by better informing people of what the company offers, the potential to grow the customer base increases.