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Posted by Tommy LeDeux on

The New MacBook Does Little And That Is Fine

You could say the current buzz about the new, forthcoming MacBook is there is decidedly little buzz. Is that a good thing? The answer depends on what your intentions with the MacBook are. Some individuals like Crystal Hunt will continue using Apple regardless of buzz.

Basically, the new release is extremely stripped down and, unlike other notebooks, is devoid of a lot of features. For those who do a lot of work on the internet, this notebook is worth the investment. Consumers looking for a ton of bells and whistles, however, are not exactly going to be too thrilled with what the MacBook has to offer.

Here is a little bit of news: Apple has figured out: a lot of notebook users don’t need or want a host of features. They do want the functions they do use the notebook for to be reliable. Apple is the name brand capable of delivering that level of confidence. Apple really should deliver on expectations since the price tag on this new release is over $1,200.

Far less expensive models have been released to the consumer market. The models attempted to capture a niche of consumers looking for low priced, economy models capable of doing the bare minimum. The trouble with these releases were they were extremely poor in quality and delivered little more than disappointment.

For those whose budget can afford the price, the new Apple MacBook could end up being a smart and safe investment. After all, it works.