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Talk Fusion Announces Luxury Vacation Trip To Milan, Italy

Last month, Talk Fusion announced a vacation incentive to Milan, Italy for Independent Associates. The trip is entitled Destination and the vacation is slated for December of next year. This will serve as a motivator for associates building their businesses throughout next year.


Milan is known as being one of the fashion capitals of the world. The city is also known for its shopping scene, cuisine and it is rich with history. Talk Fusion will pay for airfare and accommodations for associates that qualify and they will pay for their spouses, too.


Not only that, but the company’s incentive lineup also includes diamond recognition rings, Rolex watches, a Mercedes Benz and a vacations to Tampa, Maui and Dubai.


About Talk Fusion

The company was established by Bob Reina, who is the founder and CEO. Reina founded the company in 2007, and since then it has grown to become one of the top all-in-one video marketing platforms in the world.


Services And Products

The company offers numerous services and products, including video email, which allows people to create video emails for business use, personal use or for charity.


Creating newsletters the old-fashion way still works, but you can take things to the next level with video newsletters. Talk Fusion has a drag-and-drop interface that you can use to create video newsletters.


Talk Fusion also lets people stream video and host live meetings. Video-chat is another product/service offered by the company and so is signup form creation, which allows you to build your email list.


In short, the services and products offered by Talk Fusion include:


. Video email

. Video newsletters

. Live meetings

. Video chat

. Signup forms


If you want to learn more about Talk Fusion and what they offer, then visit their website today.


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Handybook Changes Game for Mobile Crowd

Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua were roommates at the Harvard Business School back in 2012 and it was there that the pair developed the idea that would change their lives. Hanrahan had already found success over in Europe thanks to his real estate business in which he bought old warehouse spaces and converted them to lofts. Now Hanrahan needed that big, new, shiny American idea — and it came to them one night sitting on the floor of their apartment. The apartment that Hanrahan and Dua shared was littered with unfinished home projects, including the construction of basic furniture. This was their moment, they would go on to establish Handybook.

Handybook, or Handy, is a simple concept at its core — as all great ideas tend to be. Handybook seeks to connect people who need a service performed with those that aim to offer said service for a certain price. Right now Handybook is clearing 10,000 completed jobs per month throughout the 13 major cities that they are operating in. Of those 10,000 jobs the majority of work completed relates to basic home cleaning services: cleaning the house, putting together furniture, helping someone re-arrange and so on. In order to keep up with the staggering 10,000 completed jobs the pair of Hanrahan and Dua have had to carefully cultivate a freelancer culture that simply works.

Obviously freelancers are trying to get involved with this huge application in order to get their work seen by as many people as possible. That still hasn’t allowed Hanrahan and Dua to let their quality standards down. Of the hundreds of thousands of different applicants that want to be freelancers only 3% of them are ever accepted. This is due to a careful screening process that prioritizes quality and customer safety/satisfaction above profit.

The app itself is so simple as to boggle the mind. You can easily scrub your way through various job requests before putting in your own: fill out the time/date of the work needed, how much you are paying, and where the job will be completed and the rest is history.

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Why e-commerce companies should Venture into the Visual Search technology now

Research shows that consumer views the quality of a product through an image as paramount. It also shows that consumers complain that the text based search systems are inefficient in providing the customers in what they are looking for. These facts are from Slyce Technology Company. It’s estimated that visual imaging system will increase sales more than $20 billion in the year 2018.

Visual search systems have been used by Amazon and Google before. Pinterest and also are testing the new ways for searching or browsing from the usual text based searches. Since the invention of the web, text bases search boxes remain unchanged. The significance of this new technology in e-commerce companies is immense. has also confirmed that the method has significantly increased sales, and it’s planning to roll it all its operations. The companies that have already rolled out the technology express optimism in the way the software if efficient in understanding and interpreting images.

The software is very efficient in sites selling items online. The initially tested the software in women boots in its stores in Canada. On clicking the visual filter button, the software presents the clients with the images that are relevant from the search. It’s also diverse in that the customer can search different images on particular characteristics.

As every business is positioning its presence online, Slyce Technology Company is offering solutions to companies seeking visual imaging technology. The company is developing technology that is relevant to commerce specifications to help them boost their sales. The company is based in Toronto, Canada. It has positioned itself as a pivot player in developing web technology. It offers technology to retailers, brands, app developers and digital publishers. The company is working with an expanding list of innovative developers and fortune brands.

Cameron Chell co-founded the company. He is an experienced entrepreneur with over two-decade experience in management and technology industry. He is also the co-founder of business instincts group. The organization facilitates the business to grow their strength in management through a process called RIPKIT. Mr. Dale Johnson is the executive the executive chairperson and director of the company. He brings an extensive experience from the corporate world. The slyce company is focused on providing unique solutions in visual web technology. He is also the executive president for optimal payments Plc.

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Book a Choir With Handy

The holiday season is one that many of us look forward to each year. As the old year draws to a close, we move on to the new one happily. Part of any celebration of the new year is the chance to hear live music. Hearing a choir sing can make any party even better and a tremendous sense of joy. The good folks at Handy know this. This is one of reasons why they have created a new service with their app.

Their app allows you to summon the entire Oxbridge choir to your door. This easy to use app allows you to have the choir come to your gathering when you want them to show up. Any lovely holiday party can made yet brighter by having a choir sing for your and your party.

Handy is an app that was created to help make life easier and better for people. The Handy app can be downloaded without a problem. Many people have found that working with Handy allows them to accomplish things they want done in life at a price they can easily afford. While the app primarily focuses on providing people with access to cleaning services, the app can also be used for other purposes as well.

Those who have used Handy over the years since it was created have found that the app is ideal for their needs. Many users report that it is very easy to navigate and allows them to set up terms that they find ideal. In many cases, a user can spend less than five minutes creating a request for a specific service and then have many possible potential options to pick from when completed. This helps both users and those in search of clients connect more easily. A business will find it useful to reach out to customers via Handy to generate new business. Someone in need of specific services can use the app and avoid the need to call multiple companies and make sure the company they pick can do the job they have in mind when they want it done.

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Dating Apps and Meeting People

For many people, meeting people is hard. Many people respond to it in different ways. The common response to the hardship of meeting people is to give up and resign to a non-existent social life that is filled with mere acquaintances. If one does not have a family, then the closest thing he has to a friend is an acquaintance. However, there is a solution to this problem that can be viable for some of the users. This is online dating apps like Skout on zendesk. Dating apps make it easier and more convenient for people to find someone that they can connect with.

There are also plenty of dating apps that are available for uses to sign up on. This gives people tons of options to meet someone from different walks of life that they can connect with. This is much better than the limited options that places that are designated for meeting people. Dating seems to be only for those that are hyper social and extroverted. Fortunately, the availability of online dating apps levels the playing field for people who are not so confident about meeting others outside of the Internet.

One dating app that is worth checking out for people that are more introverted is Skout. Skout is the app that people could use in order to meet others not just for dates, but also for meeting friends and socializing in general. This can also give people practice in getting comfortable in social situations and actually go up and meet people. They can share with each others ways to get out of their shell and become confident in who they are. After all, if one does not feel confident about himself, he is less likely to expect others to want anything to do with him.

Even with dating apps, one is likely to fail at dating. It is just the dating world moved to the online realm. For those that are having problems outside of the Internet, they are likely to have the same problems meeting people to a certain extent. If they know how to get comfortable with people over the Internet, then they might have a chance of meeting the same online friends that they have made. Fortunately, dating apps can provide a platform for users to improve their skills so that they may have the confidence to meet someone outside of the Internet. As one could see, there are plenty of advantages that could come with dating app which may or may not be expected. All that is needed is for one to sign up with a service and fill out his profile as completely and possible.

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I Love Skout For Helping Me To Find A Lot Of Friends

When it comes to dating, I’ve never been one to really play the field. I got sick and tired of the dating game after I was stiffed by someone I had met online. I met the person on another very popular dating website, and when we were set up to meet each other, they never showed. Not only was I hurt by the fact that the person didn’t show up, I was very angry because I had bought a new outfit, new shoes, got my hair done, and I even rented a car for the evening. When I tried to get a hold of the person, they never responded.

Maybe it was a hoax, but it was a very cruel one. I decided that I was done with the dating game, and I only stuck to socializing online. My friend told me that I should join Skout, and of course I was skeptical. She told me that Skout was a great website to socialize on, but that I might be able to find a date on there as well. I was all for social media networks, so I told her I would join just for socialization purposes. I joined Skout one day, and by the end of the day, I had already been on the network for four hours. I found so many things that interested me on the network, and I decided it was something I would include in my regular day.

I downloaded the Skout application to my phone, and I also downloaded the app to my tablet. Anytime I had to leave my house, I didn’t feel bad because I always had a way to get onto Skout. I stuck to what I said, and I chose not to date on the Skout network, but I surely found a lot of friends. I met people from all over the world using the Skout network, and that’s why I was so fascinated with it.

I have explored most of the features that Skout has to offer, especially the Skout Travel feature. I always loved the idea of traveling, but it’s never something that I thought I could do. Using the Skout Travel feature, I’ve been able to virtually travel to different destinations around the world, without ever having to pay a dime for an airplane ticket. Not only do I enjoy virtually traveling on the Skout network, I’ve also enjoyed the company of the many people I’ve met through Skout.

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Skout Helps Me To Meet People Outside Of My Island

I live on a very small island, and I know almost everyone in my area. If I want to see more people, I just go to some fun events on the island. I’m getting sick and tired of the people around my area, so I decided I wanted a change. I recently hooked up high-speed Internet in my home, and I was excited to start using the Internet. I work in a hotel, and I use the Internet every day when I’m on my break. I was finally excited to start using the Internet at home. I recently joined the Skout network.

Many people on my island have joined other popular social media networks, but I heard good things about Skout. Not many people on my island know about Skout, so I thought it was a great way to meet people from other countries. I really wanted to get to know someone from the United States, so I thought Skout would be a great way to meet someone. I signed up for a profile on Skout, and signing up took me only a few minutes. I decided to put up a picture of myself with my family members.

Once my profile was created, I started looking for people in the USA only. I didn’t care which state I found someone in, I just wanted someone new to talk to. I loved Skout from the moment I started using it. I was able to use the “shake to chat” feature because I downloaded the app on my cell phone. Not only am I able to use Skout on my home computer, I’m also able to use it on my new cell phone as well. When I have free time at work, I go on Skout. I’ve even shown people at work how great the Skout network is.

One day I was able to find a nice friend from New York City. The new friend would speak to me through the Skout network until they decided to call me. I got a phone call from my new friend, and we began speaking on a daily basis. Skout helped me to find a genuine friend from the United States, and I hope to pay a visit to them very soon. Of all the social media networks out there, I prefer the Skout network. Skout has helped me to make friends outside of the island that I live on.Find more about Skout on their Twitter page.