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Kyle Bass: A Floundering Investor That Has Given Lots Of Bad Advice


Kyle Bass is a well known hedge fund manager that first made headlines back in 2008, after it appeared that he predicted 2008’s economic crash. However, there has been speculation that he may have simply been spreading information that was given to him by another investor. After this accurate investment advice, the predictions that he has made regarding the economy have had a tendency to be highly inaccurate, and his appearances on television have been far less profitable. Despite this, Kyle Bass appears to have a lot to say. In fact, he is significantly more visible on television than in the past. In addition to making inaccurate predictions about the economy, he has been involved in ethically questionable schemes to make money and formed associations with questionable characters in the business world.


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Unfortunately, many people listen to his investment advice, believing him to be an expert. Some investments that he has recommended are not only bad advice, but they simply aren’t even possible to make. Once he gave the advice to make invest against China’s currency, despite the fact that their currency is too regulated for anyone to do this.


Another bit of advice he gave to investors was to keep drug companies from getting patents on medications they create to have the drugs manufactured themselves. This wouldn’t be possible for very many investors to do, given the high quality lawyers that defend drug companies in court.


However, this is very similar to Kyle Bass’ notorious scheme that denies drug companies patents. After he denies the patents, he invests large amounts of stock for the purpose of making money after drug companies recover from the damage he caused them. He has founded an entire organization for this purpose, and it has kept many people from receiving appropriate treatment.


Given the harebrained nature of a lot of his advice, it seems questionable if he even fully believes it himself. While it is possible that he does, he also could be just looking for things to say to give himself visibility and gain followers.

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Asia Is In A Huge Credit Bubble According To Investment Advisor Kyle Bass

Kyle Bass the legendary hedge fund blogger that predicted the 2008 financial collapse two years before it actually happened believes China is going to go through the same issues as the United States, but those issues will be 400 times worse than the 2008 debacle. Bass has several reasons to think China is heading toward a financial eruption, but the Chinese say Bass is crazy. Bass, on the other hand, is betting billions that he is right. Bass and his company, Hayman Capital Investments, is betting that China’s currency will depreciate by at least 30 percent over the next two years. If that happens, Bass will make billions. Not that Bass is hurting financially. No one is sure how much Bass is worth, but it’s safe to say he is one of the wealthiest men in the investment industry.

Bass told a Fox Business News interviewer that the banks in China are carrying too much debt. Many of the loans aren’t collateralized properly, and the Chinese government has been pumping capital reserves into their banking system for at least the last 12 months to keep the value of their currency stable and to keep their gross domestic product rate around 7 percent. Bass claims the Chinese won’t be able to keep this capital reserve subsidy program in place very long. That means Bass and the other hedge fund managers that are betting against the yuan will make billions.

Winning is the name of the game for Kyle Bass. He won in 2008 when he bet the market would collapse due to the subprime mortgage bond scam. And he won recently when he bet the Japanese yen would depreciate against the dollar. The Hayman Capital hedge fund has more than $80 billion in assets under management, but the partners are concerned that the days of double-digit returns are long gone. Bass has been talking a good game, but thanks to his high-profile backing of former Argentinian President Christina de Kirchner, and his support of General Motors when the company was clearly in the wrong. GM put faulty airbags and power steering mechanisms in some GM models and Bass blamed the victims, not GM for the disaster.

Mr. Bass is not the kind of guy that runs away from controversy. He thrives on it. He recently became partners with Erich Spangenberg, the famous patent troll, and that partnership has raised more than a few eyebrows. Bass is shorting drug company stocks while Spangenberg brings up charges of price gouging by those companies.  Full story on Bass’ controversial career can be read here:

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William Skelley Named as Leader of the Next Generation of Real Estate

William Skelley has been named as the leader of the next generation of real estate. William has founded iFunding which is a real estate investment firm. This has proven to be a really innovative company that allows people who don’t have a lot of money to invest in real estate. William Skelley has attended the first annual dinner of the group which is held on January 27, 2016. This event has been hosted as an invite only event. This dinner was hosted by Michael Stoler, the host of “The Stoler Report: NY’s Business Report”. This is a show that deals with trends in real estate and business.

Skelly has jumped into the activity of real estate crowdfunding when the ruling of the JOBS act has passed. He has started his company called iFunding. When many people think about alternative real estate investment platforms, iFunding is the first thing they think about. This isn’t William Skelley’s first achievement. He has also founded an investment bank that handled real estate transactions of $2 billion. He also worked at Rose Park Advisors as a principal. William Skelley often took part in what is known as disruptive innovation. His other jobs included Olympus, and General Electric.

iFunding is a crowdfunding platform that is designed for real estate. One thing that makes this company a little easier to get into than others is that it requires a lot less capital for one to start working with this real estate investment broker. While many other real estate investment brokers require one to have $50,000 in capital to start up, iFunding cuts that amount by a 10th. This makes it easier for more people to open an account and start investing in real estate with huge potentials for profiting.

William Skelley has done a lot of work and made a lot of innovations in the real estate market due to crowdfunding and other innovations that make it easier for people to join in and invest money in real estate. With these innovations, he was able to earn the title of the Next Generation of Real Estate Leaders.

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Helane Morrison Making Big Splash in Corporate Compliance

Women have for a long time taken the back seat regarding the management of social and economic enterprises. However, the turn of the 21st century brought with it massive campaigns for the empowerment of women not only in the United States but also throughout the globe.

As a result, the world has recognized the input of women and placed them at the epicenter of every economy. Take the investment banking sector, for instance, for long it’s been dominated by men. Unscrupulous investors made the sector crumble amid the recent global financial downturn. The industry is nevertheless enjoying a new lease of life with the emergence of game-changing investment bankers such as Helane Morrison.

Helane serves as the managing director at Hall Capital, a premier asset management company based in Bay Area, San Francisco. The firm started out 24 years ago and currently controls over $24 billion in assets on behalf of its clients. Morrison doubles up as lead counsel and senior compliance officer.

Hall Capital enjoys the oversight of two other women, Sarah Stein the president and Hall the chief officer-in-charge of investments. Together, these active women steer the organization to greater heights. Indeed, Hall Capital has become a dominant firm having drawn key family empire into its pool of clientele. Furthermore, the organization can satisfy all its clients, retaining their trust in the long run.

Helene started out her career with the Securities and Exchange Commission where she practiced legal affairs. Before she left her position at the SEC, she got drawn to Hall Capital by the inclusive and friendly administrative hierarchy. She craved the chance to make an impact in the business world in the company of other women.

She is an outspoken professional with an impressive academic record as seen in her profile on the company’s official website, see link Initially, she started out in Journalism after graduating with a Bachelor of Science from Northwestern University. Later on, she enrolled at the University of California- Berkeley School of Law. At this institution, her professional skills made her the chief editor of the California Law Review.

Morrison also sits on the board of the Parks Foundation. She mentors other business executives and aspiring career women through lectures and writing. For instance, her speeches touch on compliance in private funds as well as legal hindrances among investment bankers and advisors. Her background in law and journalism make her a confident and knowledgeable person. You can see her full resume and connect with her on her LinkedIn profile. Helane is an asset to Hall Capital and the legal profession.

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Dr. Daniel Amen is the Authority on Brain Disorders

Dr. Daniel Amen is the among the best when it comes to diagnosing issues with the brain. He has been sought after by television shows, bestselling authors like Rick Warren and clients that want to benefit from his knowledge. He has studied the brain for years, and he has become someone that is very valuable to the world of brain health studies.

What Dr. Amen has done to gain such a huge following is study the various sections of the brain and analyze the very things that cause people to respond in certain ways. He has written about everything from Alzheimer’s disease to anxiety and depression. It all starts in the brain, and Dr. Amen has continued to look for the ways to resolve these issues. With the Amen Clinics he has been able to further his research and develop a lot of techniques that would help him become the popular psychiatrist that he is today. This is one of the reasons that many trust his findings on super foods for the brain and methods for healing things like ADD and depression.

Dr. Amen is very confident in all of findings, and he has found a legion of fans that have become engaged in practicing his principles. Many people have given testimonies about their success. This has been the motivating factor for him to continue his research and dig deeper into the patterns of the human brain.

Over the years he has published both books and articles on various things that affect the brand. He is well-known for his books, but there are also a lot of people that are finding his articles about healthy brain foods. With so much of the nation in an obese state this is the perfect time for Amen to put together a list of foods that are good for the body and the brain. He has articles with the Huffington Post, for example, that inform people about foods that boost brain power. This is one of the things that a lot of people have taken interest in because so many people work long hours. They find themselves exhausted, and they want to know what it takes to stay alert and stay healthy.

Amen has become the authority on disorders because he has had a long time with studying how the brain works. Mulitudes of authors have written on moods, foods and behaviors but they don’t have the experience that Dr. Amen has. He is a certified psychiatrist. This is his profession. His work as an author is simply a channel to relay his findings. He has the experience and he knows how the brain reacts to certain stimulus. This is why he is successful.