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Rock your Support for Autism with this Go Fund Me Campaign

Music has always been an important part of Sanjay Shah’s life. He always enjoyed singing, playing instruments and entertaining in his country of Dubai. When the 44- year old, along with 42- year old Usha, his wife, had their youngest son, Nikhil, they had no idea that he would be diagnosed with autism a few short years later.

A Shocking Diagnosis

It was Shah’ love of music –and the love of his son –that inspired him to create Autism Rocks! This program is designed so that Shah performs gigs to raise money for autism research. After hearing of Autism Rocks!, and that Nikhil loved no rapper more, Snoop Dogg arrived in Dubai to greet the singer and his son, agreeing to perform with him at a show to help bring more awareness to autism and to raise more money.

The Artists Support Autism Rocks!

Snoop Dog is just one of many performers that has rose to the cause and performed with Shah. Other act that have performed with him include Lenny Kravitz and . So far, the results of Autism Rocks! efforts are substantial. Research for 15 different programs to identify autism earlier are underway. More great plans are in the works as well. Every single penny raised goes directly to autism research. Shah couldn’t be more pleased with the results, but as any parent, he isn’t satisfied and wants more research into autism.

Show your Support

If you want to be a part of the rockin’ fun, your support for Autism Rocks can be made via the new Go Fund Me campaign. This campaign allows you to contribute any amount that you are comfortable donating, and send a personal message to Shah, his son, and others that are struggling to learn more about the very mysterious condition known as autism. Every penny counts when it is time to do autism research.