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Expert Interview with Wendy Huang of the Wonderful World of Wengie on Beauty Trends

According to Wengie, she became obsessed with fashion and beauty at a young age even though her mum was never into it. Wengie gets inspired everyday by the people and things around her life. She adds that if you stop and look around, there are such a large number of delightful individuals and things to take in. As far as to the one she looks to and admires, she cherishes taking a gander at what StyleNanda and Park Sora do. Hence, she loves their sense of style and fashion which are Korean design/cosmetics brands. On YouTube, Wengie additionally takes after an extensive variety of beauty gurus also where she particularly loves cherish Batalash.

About learning on beauty, she explains how it began with Dolly when she was a young girl. According to her, a considerable measure of the cosmetics tips were difficult to take after as her eyes were totally not the same as the models and also the products were fantastically costly for her at the time. In any case, Wengie reads magazines religiously and while she grew up, she used to turn into online forums. She believes it is astonishing how much information someone can gain from others and after that practice it in your room at whatever point you have an extra minute. Nowadays, she would simply swing to YouTube; there’s nothing you can’t discover on YouTube, from expert cosmetics specialists to regular young ladies.

After frequent sharing of beauty tips to Asian readers, the audience seems to get more fascinated by skincare hauls and makeup tutorials. There is a lot of information around American and Australian products although not much to Korean and Japanese cosmetics. The Wengie’s favorite beauty trends presently are natural makeup and glowy skin. According to her, on the off chance that you can make it so individuals can’t generally tell the kind of makeup you are wearing, that would be the actual skill. On the other hand, circle lenses are Wengie’s must-have makeup product whenever she is not wearing makeup. They are simply contacts lens that makes the size of the pupil to look bigger and thinks what they do is amazing. She believes they maker someone to look more refreshed and awake even without concealer.

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Wengie Gives Some Great Life Hacks To Viewers

Wengie is a very popular beauty blogger that regularly posts interesting videos about a variety of subjects. Her claim to fame has come from her posts on Youtube. She can post on anything from makeup tutorials to life hacks. In a recent video about ten different life hacks, she goes over some helpful and simple tips and tricks to make the average person’s life a bit easier.


– Shave your sweater with a regular disposable razor


She shows the viewer how to shave the lint and the pulling off of her sweater to make it look new. The technique is simple and only takes a few minutes.


– Her second hack was to use a staple remover to get a key on and off of a traditional metal key ring.


– The third hack was to put all of your belongings that you will be needing for the day with the items that you never forget such as your keys or your phone. That way you won’t be doing without your items.


– She recommends that you write random numbers and letters over written information that you don’t want anyone to see. If you just cross it out then people may be able to see what it was. If you try her technique no one will ever be able to make it out.


– She recommends putting unfolded laundry on your bed so that you will have to fold it to be able to go to sleep.


Wengie said that you can put a piece of cardboard in a ziplock bag in order to keep documents from being bent in your backpack.


– She suggests that you put newspaper in the bottom of your garbage bag to soak up any liquid that may collect in the bottom and make a mess.


– She hangs sticky back hooks at the sides of her garbage can to secure handles and keep them from slipping from the sides.


– She shows the viewers how to use a marker to indicate the perfect spot to turn the shower handle to for your shower.


– She uses a colander to sift all of the small crumbs from bags of cereal.


– Her final hack is to take a photo of the inside of your fridge before you go shopping so that you don’t buy things that you already have.


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