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3 Natural Ingredients That Are Amazing For Healthy Hair

As more and more studies are released that document the dangerous effects of chemicals used in commercial hair care products, women are turning to more natural alternatives for healthy and beautiful hair. Among the most dangerous ingredients used in hair care products are synthetic fragrances which have been linked to birth defects and sodium lauryl sulfate which dries hair out and causes follicle damage.

Luckily, there are natural ingredients that can effectively clean your hair and keep it soft and hydrated. These ingredients are inexpensive, easy to use and completely safe for your hair as well as your body.

  1. Chamomile

Chamomile is known for its calming effects on the mind as well as the body. Chamomile also has a powerful calming effect on hair that is frizzy and damaged. This amazing flower smooths strands that have been agitated and helps make hair more manageable.

  1. Vegetable Glycerin

Vegetable glycerin is a natural humectant, meaning that it draws moisture from the air. By putting vegetable glycerin in your hair, you are encouraging moisture from the air to hydrate your hair and scalp. Vegetable glycerin will also seal in existing moisture while protecting your strands from agitation and breakage.

  1. Rosemary

Rosemary is a powerful anti-inflammatory that can heal scalp conditions like dandruff. This herb is also known for its cleansing properties, making it a fantastic rinse that will remove dirt and impurities from your hair.

Luckily, there are products on the market that use all of these ingredients at once. One popular product is the Cleansing Conditioner made by WEN hair by Chaz. This product acts as a shampoo and conditioner and gently cleans and hydrates hair without the use of toxic ingredients.

WEN’s Cleansing Conditioner uses an all-natural formula that will keep hair healthy, shiny, soft and totally manageable. If you’re ready to ditch the toxic ingredients used in commercial hair care products, switch to WEN’s Cleansing Conditioner to transform hair almost instantly.

To learn more, visit the WEN Hair Facebook page and Twitter account.

View the WEN Company profile here:

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CEO And Creator Of Lime Crime, Doe Deere Speaks About Female Business Ownership And More.

A woman who calls herself Queen of the Unicorns has been seen on social media sites like Instagram with her freshly painted face, bright with color, and she seems to be taking the internet by a storm. Doe Deere is so much more than a pretty face however. Doe is a multi-successful business owner who understands the industry of beauty. Doe was names one of the Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs by a magazine named Self-Made. Doe seems to speak openly about everything from her personal thoughts to her makeup company Lime Crime. She talks about how she created the name to go with her ebay account many years ago and how she might have gave it more thought if the times were different.

Doe says that when she was getting started, back when the internet was young and the unicorns roamed the earth, no one thought about building a brand. As a child Doe said she was deeply into color and loved her paints and pencils. She also loved to use color with clothes and accessories and wear her mom’s makeup. She loves the fact that as an adult she is still able to do what she loves and have some fun even at work.

Doe Deere created Lime Crime Makeup to fill the void that has been in the makeup industry for years. Makeup wearers have been asking for more colors and the makeup company had made a choice to let those colorful requests go by the wayside. Doe Deere listened to what the makeup companies were not hearing and stated to develop colorful makeup that people loved. This is how Lime Crime was born. She used her favorite color, Lime and added something that rhymed, which happened to be the word crime. This is how Lime Crime got it’s name. Doe started to develop a few products and next she launched a full scale product line up that was selling like hot cakes.

Doe started the Lime Crime Makeup Company with a few hundred dollars and a dream. She had the idea and the drive. Both of these were what started her on the path to another successful business venture. Doe Deere understands what the makeup industry needed and wanted and her company gave it to them. As a result Lime Crime has an amazing, colorful product line that is alive and well. And to think, it was all created and brought to life by a female business person, how awesome.

Check out her website:

And watch her at PHAMExpo

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Let Your True Colors Shine Through with Lime Crime Cosmetics

Lime Crime is a cosmetic company that encourages people to express themselves the way they want to through vibrant colors and creativity. The L.A.-based company was founded by Doe Deere who followed her dream, started out small, and grew her company into something much bigger. An extensive variety of lipsticks, nail polishes, eye makeup as well as other beauty products are available in popular boutiques in the U.S. and also online internationally.

If you’re into bold, bright colors and have an eccentric style of your own, Lime Crime has the perfect collection of lip products for you! Unicorn Lipsticks may look like your “average lipstick” but these are rich colors that really stand out from the crowd. From mild (like “Babette”, a pinky nude) to wild (“No She Didn’t”, a bubblegum blue), there is a shade that is sure to satisfy everyone’s taste for color. Another lip product that Lime Crime offers is their Velvetines Line. These lipsticks come in vials, goes on as a liquid, and dries to a velvety-soft finish; like the texture of a rose petal. Last but not least are the Carousel Glosses. These are super-pigmented like a lipstick but are infused with lots of sparkle and is extremely glossy. A perfect choice for a night on the town or if you just feel like being noticed!

Now for those gorgeous eyes of yours; colorful eyeliners and Zodiac Glitter! Like the rest of Lime Crime’s cosmetic line, the eyeliners are no joke! They are bright and hyper-pigmented. To add even more razzle dazzle to your look, try using the Zodiac Glitters along with your eyeliner. These prismatic beauties are multi-dimensional and are never flat. Each glitter has its own personality just like each of the zodiac signs! Keep those colors in place all day and all night long with Lime Crime’s Glitter Helper. This water-resistant adhesive works with all brands of glitter and can be used for a “layered” look. A little goes a long way!

Last but certainly not least, Lime Crime offers a small but sweet variety of candy-colored nail polishes. They look good enough to eat, will attract many a unicorn and are chemical “3-free”.

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Have a Make-Up Addiction? Let Lime Crime Turn Your Make-Up Dreams Into Reality

Lime Crime was started by Doe Deere, a woman who had a passion for make-up and only a few hundred dollars in her pocket. She took the little money she had and made her entrepreneurial dreams come true by creating Lime Crime.

Lime Crime is a make-up company from Los Angeles that is compromised of Deere along with a couple of other independent make-up lovers. Their main goal was to produce top of the line high quality make-up that not only covers imperfections but also allows their customers to express themselves. Lime Crime promises to deliver cruelty-free, true to color, and beautiful shades of lipstick, eyeliner, nail polish, and other cosmetics.

This amazing make-up company does not discriminate. Whether you love the natural fresh faced look, the punk rocker chic look, or you are more into rocking the fabulous and glamorous pin-up girl look, Lime Crime has plenty of products for you to choose from. All of Lime Crime’s products on will assist you in covering your blemishes or your imperfections. Beyond that, their products can also transform your face into the beauty goddess you have always dreamed of becoming.

One of their top-sellers is a lipstick line called Unicorn. This lipstick comes in a variety of colors ranging from Mint to Be to New Yolk City. Unicorn promises to give you lips that speak louder than words. They also offer several different nail polish colors ranging from Crema De Limon to Parfait Day which are all inspired by confectionery delights.

Lime Crime also offers a great selection of eye makeup. Whether you’re into glittering your peeps up or simply wanting to find eye shadow that can go from business day wear to sultry night wear, Lime Crime has got a great selection for you. All of their eye shadows, mascaras, and eye liners will make your dark browns or baby blues bold and lit up. You will be sure to have all eyes on you when you enter the room wearing Lime Crime.

If you are looking for a new vegan-friendly, cruelty free, inexpensive, and effective makeup line, then doll yourself up with Lime Crime’s makeup line.

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Lawyers and Law in Brazil

Lawyers are people we cannot live without, in cases where a police case is not solved to a satisfactory point, the case is taken to court and in so doing, a lawyer has to be hired. Serving as a lawyer, in this case, involves the practical application of abstract legal theories and knowledge to solve specific individualized problems. Looking at Brazil, this is a country with many lawyers, and this is possible because of the widely spread law schools that have been established within the country. The numerous law firms have produced many lawyers and made Brazil the third leading country with the largest number of lawyers in the universe. This is to show how good conducts and morals are maintained in Brazil. Brazilian law is derived from Portuguese, French, German civil law as well as Italian. This law is based on statutes and partly stare decisis. Since 1988, the federal constitution has been the supreme law of the country and is characterized by its rigid written form. The 26 federate states have the authority to make their constitution and laws, but their autonomy, however, is minimized by the principles established in the federal constitution. The powers of the Union are the executive, legislature and judiciary that are independent and peaceful among them. The superior court of justice handles upholding treaties and federal legislation.

Brazil has produced best lawyers and among them is Ricardo Tosto, who is a graduate of Universidad Presbyterian Mackenzie in business administration. Mr. Tosto is one of the greatest leaders in Brazilian legal matters. He started from scratch and has worked his way to a corporate litigation law company and later established his firm. He is also a member of the international bar association and law firms together with partnership research centers. Tosto was a president of the Sao Paulo a commission for modernization of the judiciary and a founding member of Brazilian Institute for electoral and party law research. He is a co-author of the book processor de tridents also a frequent speaker on legal topics at conferences.

Tosto has stood up for many individuals and companies in nationally known cases as well as Brazilian corporations among many and has provided legal services for them. Some college students are in great gratitude for being their mentor during their internship; he was a pioneer in the adoption of several legal mechanisms as well. He is a lawyer who oversees his firm’s most important cases and offers innovative strategies and in the event of problems, he provides necessary leadership. A lawyer like Tosto should be applauded for his excellent legal services, and upcoming lawyers are encouraged to follow the footsteps or even become much better than him. The future is rest assured to have non-corrupted legal systems.