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Beneful Brings Natural Ingredients To The Pet Foods Market

The development of the Beneful brand has continued apace in recent years as the brand has become one of the worlds leading developers of natural pet foods from one of the world’s leading manufacturers. Beneful commercial  was developed as a natural pet foods brand with a focus on providing healthy feed for pets without the need for the large number of processed foods and fillers found in many different products across the pet foods market; the name Beneful was even created as a source of fresh foods with an English translation of “full of goodness”.

When launched in 2001, Beneful developed a line of impressive wet foods developed to look, smell, and taste similar to stews developed for humans as the need for natural products was spotted early by Purina. Beneful should be seen as the world’s leading natural pet foods manufacturer with a range of wet and dry foods developed using only natural ingredients designed to make sure every pet parent can provide their loved one with an affordable, but nutritious meal from one of the world’s most trusted pet food producers.

Beneful has always had its focus on the pets who actually eat their food products than the pet parents who choose their foods based on the different products they believe provides the healthiest option for any family pet to enjoy. Living a healthy life has seen the development of new areas of the pet foods market and the Beneful brand itself who have made the move to provide a better standard of food for pets who are now seen more as members of the family than as pets who need to be cared for and fed in the best possible way.


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How to Watch out for Your Dog’s Care

As the general stereotype states, taking care of a dog is hard work. Dog care is more than just tricks and obedience, dogs have grooming standards, active standards, and food standards to adhere to as well. For people considering adopting a new dog into their home, consider the following steps of dog care before bringing home the happy member of the new family from Beneful.

Dog grooming is more than just a bath and a haircut. Just like people, hygiene is crucial to a dogs health on Though pet owners should bath their dogs depending on how much time they spend outside and inside, a professional groomer can offer a few different features that are not as easy to accomplish at home. This includes anal gland cleaning, ear cleaning and nail clipping. Just be aware, most grooming places only do anal gland cleaning upon request, so be sure to request one whenever the dog is in need of this.

Though there are the standard shots that dogs need such as the parvo virus shot, there are a few additional ones that are considered optional on Beneful on amazon. Talking to the vet about the surroundings of a dogs home is important, and it is beneficial to ask them if there are any special vaccinations that might be more beneficial for the dogs geographic surroundings. For example, dogs in the desert face different types of health risks than dogs in a swampy area. Ask the vet, and stay on top of the latest health information available.

Most of the reasons provided for rehoming a dog is that the dog is not as obedient as the pet owners initially hoped that they would be. Training is crucial for a dog to learn how to function within the family. There are personal training options available, but there are also group training that will teach our dog the basic commands. These classes are also helpful because they teach us how to be pet owners, how to keep our command and leadership, and how to adapt to the strange personalities our dogs may possess.

A mistake I have made myself is feeding my dog the wrong type of food, or not feeding them the right amount of food. Most people do not know how much food is actually required for a dog, and they allow open feeding. This can be a problem as it may cause them to overfeed. Most dog food will have instructions on the back that mention the appropriate amount to feed dogs based off of their breed or their size. Additionally, dogs need a balanced diet just like we do. Choosing a food brand like Beneful is important for keeping dogs on a balance diet, with real meat and vegetables, and with added vitamins that keep their coat and bones healthy and beautiful.

Yes, as many people say, taking care of a dog is hard work. Sometimes, there are things owners have too look out for that is not common knowledge. There is tons of information available online for making sure each dog has the best care possible. For more information on dog care, vets are a great place to start for basic questions.

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First Priorities for New Dog Owners

When I first experienced the joy of dog ownership, I immediately rushed to learn everything I could about how to best take care of my dog. I borrowed books from the library about dog health and nutrition, obedience, training, and housing my new pup, Buddy. Buddy was full of personality, but also full of energy, and would soon be weighing up to 80 lbs. That’s a lot of dog to raise, and a lot of dog to feed. I found a local vet and inquired about vaccinations, neutering, micro-chipping, and regular wellness exams. I searched online, diligently, for hours, reading articles about how to best raise my dog. Should he attend local obedience classes, or could I do it at home? Most importantly, what dog food would best meet Buddy’s nutritional needs, as well as make him happy? I wanted to make sure Buddy would be happy, but also safe when as he grew up.

My research paid off. First Buddy was given a full medical exam, his first round of vaccinations, and a microchip, so they if he ever got away, every pet parents worst nightmare, he would be returned home safely. I also had him neutered, for his own health and happiness. Buddy was eating puppy chow at this point, but I’d revisit the issue soon.

I chose my local pet store for training, and attended a number of classes there with Buddy. He learned simple commands, such as “Sit” and “Stay,” as well as how to safely walk on a leash. While at the local pet store I scanned the aisles of dog food and was overwhelmed by the number of options. What matters most when choosing a Beneful dog food? I headed to my vet to learn more.

The most difficult decision I had to make was about feeding Buddy. There are lots of dog food types and brands out there, and it can be very confusing. There are many, very expensive brands out there, so I spoke to my veterinarian and asked for advice. He assured me that I did not need to spend an outrageous amount of money for dog food, but should focus on choosing a food with complete nutrition, wholesome ingredients and great flavors that Buddy would love. He also advised me that treats would be a great tool for training Buddy, but that dry or wet food daily should make up the bulk of his diet.
I decided to let Buddy decide, and performed a taste test.

After a few trips to the pet store, I chose Beneful. Buddy loves Beneful’s taste and texture. And I feel good knowing that Beneful will provide him with compete nutrition. Buddy knows exactly what time breakfast and supper are, and comes running when he hears his can of Beneful wet foo being opened. I’m even teaching Buddy to “Speak,” using a peanut flavored treat that has been remarkably effective.

When adopting a dog, health, behavior, and nutrition should be the first priorities.

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Ten Toxic Foods for Dogs – Give Your Dog a Complete Diet with Beneful

At Purina, we know that your pet becomes part of the family as soon as you bring them home, so you want to keep them in the best health. Purina products are made like they are preparing it for their own pets, and they truly are. Their slogan describes the dedication and commitment Purina employees put into their products: Your Pet – Our Passion.

Nestle Purina has established a solid reputation over the past 100 years by using high-quality ingredients and high standards in manufacturing. Beneful is one of the most recent varieties from Purina. It is a nutritious whole food dog food that ensures your four-legged friend is getting 100 percent of the nutrition needed in a tasty new recipe. The new Beneful is made with chunks of lean meats and veggies, such as carrots and potatoes that are crunchy morsels of food for your favorite dog.

Beneful on purina comes in 13 different dry kibble varietes, over 20 canned types and four different treats. It is a perfect, well-rounded nutritious diet for your pet, and there is a healthy choice for every season of their life.

Toxic Foods for Dogs

There are foods that are extremely toxic for your dog though they are perfectly fine for humans.

There are some foods that are fine for humans but are extremely toxic for your dog, so avoid giving these 10 foods to your four-legged friend.

1)avocados – including the stems, leaves and skins because it contains an enzyme called persin, which is poison for your dog.

2) liquor or any food made with a liquor – it affects a dog’s liver and brain just it does for a human. A small amount will cause vomiting, diarrhea, difficulty breathing, a coma and with more may even cause death.

3) sugar-filled drinks and foods – they cause obesity, cavities, diabetes and other diseases.

4) onions and galic – in all forms can destroy a dogs red blood cells, which can lead to anemia, Symptoms of anemia include vomiting, no interest in food, problems breathing and weakness.

5) Caffeine – included in coffee beans or grounds, energy drinks, cocoa and soda. Too much caffeine is fatal for a dog.

6) Milk and milk products – incuding ice cream and cheese because it leads to diarrhea, stomach upset and digestion issues.

7) Chocolate – even white chocolate is dangerous because of an element called theobromine which cause a dog to vomit, have diarrhea, and dehydrated; it can also cause tremors, seizures, and death.

8) Gtapes and Raisons – They do not make good treats because they cause kidney failure. and within one day, your dog will become depressed and lethargic.

9) Raw fish, meat and eggs – There is always the risk of salomonells poising or E.coli, and there is an enzyme in eggs that blocks the absorption of B vitamins that are vital to their system.

10) Too much salt – excessive amounts of salt will cause excessive urination and dehydration that leads to sodium ion poisoning. Tremors, seizures, diarrhea, dpression and vomit are all common signs of toxicity.