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Posted by Tommy LeDeux on

Beyoncé Loves to ChaCha

Although singer Beyoncé Knowles has been more active on social media these days, the star still keeps a relatively low-profile when it comes to her personal life. When she finally shares a glimpse into her private life, fans are able to see her true personality and feel a little more connected to her. It’s always nice to receive reassurance that A-list celebrities are just like the rest of us.

Recently, PRNewsWire and Susan McGalla watched on as the Houston-native shared a video on her Instagram account while wearing a red “Lone Star Beer” t-shirt and an ankle-length orange and plaid skirt. Beyoncé is seen in the short video dancing and twirling around with a huge smile on her face. The song that was playing in the background is called “ChaCha” by the artist D.R.A.M. The upbeat jam makes you want to get up and dance right along with Bey.

Immediately after posting the video, Beyoncé’s Instagram was flooded with commenters who wanted more details on the hip-shaking tune. Sharing the jovial video with the world not only made Beyoncé more personable, it also gave a huge amount of exposure to D.R.A.M. We can only imagine how amazed D.R.A.M. must have been when he heard that the Queen Bey is a big fan of his music.