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Bob Reina: This Is The Man The World Needs

Bob Reina is the CEO and founder of Talk Fusion, which is a company that has clearly gotten the attention of its customers and the people that look at tech products for a living. Talk Fusion has made a lot of head waves over the past decade, and they are all positive. They are positive because it comes from a positive person in Bob Reina. He does not see anything in life as a challenge or too hard to overcome. In fact, for Bob Reina, it is just the opposite. He sees it as a chance to grow. He wants to grow and he wants the company to grow. He also wants all of the customers that are using Talk Fusion to grow with him. Learn more:


He is the type of leader that wants to take everyone along with him for the ride. He is not merely interested in his own self-interests and his own needs. He looks at the world around him and likes to find out what can be improved and what can be changed. This has worked out very well for him because he keeps in touch with the people around him as well as the people on the street. He values feedback and he takes it to heart as well. He is not the type of person that is just going to smile and nod and keep on moving.  Learn more:


He is also not the kind of person that is going to sit idly by and let people suffer. That is why his employees are given the chance to deliver Talk Fusion to a charity of their choosing. He is well aware of all of the good that Talk Fusion can do for people. Because of this, he wants people to get their hands on it and he wants people to have fun with it while also growing as well. Learn more:


When people grow and when people see that they have a chance to do something special and unique with their lives, that is a wonderful thing to behold. They start to believe in themselves and what the future holds.


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Stephen J. Rotella’s Expertise and Accomplishments in the Finance Sector.

Stephen J. Rotella is a finance professional who has made several professional accomplishments. He currently works for Stone Castle Cash Management where he is the incumbent CEO. Rotella used to work for various firms before joining the company. He was once appointed as the executive deputy president of the JP Morgan Chase. His expertise made Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corporation to hire him as its president. Stephen joined WMI Holdings Corporation in 2005 and acted as its COO up to October 2008. He was also appointed to be the president of the company and held the office for five months. The finance professional oversaw the firm’s commercial, mortgage, and retail lines. JP Morgan Chase chose him to manage its community development team. WMI Holdings Corporation later appointed him to lead its Home Loans Department and read full article.

In 1998, Stephen J. Rotella became the COO of Chase Home Finance, which was founded by JPMorgan Chase. He held the office until 2001, and in July 2003, he became the head of the Chase Home Finance. As form 1991, Stephen worked for Chase Manhattan Mortgage Company where he was the executive deputy president. Rotella was the senior vice president of finance, marketing, and product development of Chase Morgan as form 1987.

Stephen had an opportunity to work in sectors such as retail brokerage, mutual funds, and system consulting before he was hired by Chase Morgan. Consumer Mortgage Coalition also appointed him to act as its president. BalletMet, which is an art related firm, appointed him to sit on its board of directors. The finance expert was once part of the Chase’s Housing Advisory Council, which is an organization that that strives to better the provision of lending services so that they can be accessed by everyone in the community. Rotella once sat on the board of Mortgage Bankers Association. He was part of the advisory council of Vericrest Financial before it changed to Caliber Home Loans. Stephen Rotella was awarded a bachelor’s degree in economics from the State University of New York in 1975. He is also a holder of an MBA in Finance and Information Systems, which he was awarded from the Albany-based the State University of New York.

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Equities First Offers Better Loan Products To South African Customers

There are quite a few people who are in need of simple loans for their businesses or private accounts, and they do not wish to go to a bank for what they need. They will use Equities First instead of the local bank, and they will see their loans pass through the system quickly. This article explains how anyone who is interested in a large loan may use Equities First.

#1: The Equities First Difference

The staff at Equities First keeps everything quite private, and they understand their clientele has quite a lot of net worth. They are offering loans that may be quite large, and they will show the customers how simple it is to apply for each loan. Very little is asked of the customer, and they will learn quickly they may take as many loans as they need.

#2: Loans Are Not Justified On The Application

Equities First does not ask for a justification for each loan as they may not have specific purposes. The company prefers to help their customers manage their loans with as little hassle as possible. They ask for financial information that helps them make decisions, and they will not go any further with the client. The loans are funded when they are approved, and the closing may happen quickly.

#3: How Does The Loan Close?

Equities First will bring in a lawyer to help close the loan, and they will oversee the contract that lists the terms of the loan. The customer may go on their payment plan as soon as the papers are signed, and they will find it quite simple to ensure the loan will disperse its funds the same day. The customers gets what they need when they have completed their papers, and they may use the cash for anything they need.

#4: When May Customers Apply?

Customers may apply for their loans at any time, and they will find it quite simple to submit an application when they need. They will go through the process in moments, and they may ask for different sums of money on each new application. Customers and businesses often need specific amounts of money at different times, and they will make differing requests throughout the year.

Equities First ensures the customer feels they have been given the proper services for a loan, and they close quickly. The funds are dispersed, and the customer may spend as they feel necessary.

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Investing with the Help of Martin Lustgarten

Investing your money can be extremely scary simply because of how much money a person can lose in a bad investment. If you have ever made a bad investment in the past, you are probably hesitant when it comes to investing your money again and trying to find the best type of way to get the most return out of your investment options. This is why it often helps to work with an investment banker who specifically assists clients with all of their investment needs. By working with an investment banker like this, you are going to have the best investment possible and know that you will get a return on your money in the long run.
One of the best investment bankers out there is known as Martin Lustgarten. Martin Lustgarten has the knowledge and experience behind him to be one of the top investment bankers in the country at the current moment. He has gone to school extensively for this particular field and continues to work on an individual basis to ensure that his education is up to date. This allows him to provide only the best knowledge possible to each and every one of the clients with whom he is working. This is why many people choose Martin Lustgarten for their own investment needs and are thrilled with what they are able to get out of this.

Another key benefit to working with Martin Lustgarten as opposed to any other type of investment banker out there is that he takes the time to work with you on an individual basis. Not only can he work with individuals and families on their investment options, but he can also work with a variety of business owners who are simply trying to increase the amount of money they are able to make specifically through their investments. You will find that by working with Martin Lustgarten, you feel confident with all of your investment options and that you know your money is going to grow over the course of time because of working with a professional like this at any time you need.

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Brian Torchin Has The Path To A New Medical Job Laid Out For Everyone

Brian Torchin knows the medical industry pretty intimately, and he uses that information to supply his clients with information every day. His plan for his clients unfurls when they work with HCRC, but he also has a personal blog that helps offer information to people who are looking for jobs. That is how he helps people who need basic information for their job searches, and he also give people a lot of information that changes the direction of their searches.

The information that is offered on his blog is usually about searches that people are doing as they ask their questions. He wants to be sure that people can get their questions answered, and he also wants to know how easy it will be for people to approach the results they need with the resume they have. The results that people need pertain directly to their resume, and that is why Brian Torchin will tell people to change their job search if their resume does not fit the jobs they apply for.

He will place people or get them interviews where he can, but he mostly helps people be sure they are actually applying for the right jobs. That makes it much easier for the clients to go in the right places to look for jobs, or they can ask specific questions about their search that he can answer. Brian Torchin knows more about this than anyone, and that is why he is the best place to get answers.

Everyone who needs a better medical job has their best chance in Mr. Torchin and his services. He believes that he can fix the problem for most clients, and he can find the job that works for them.

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Danilo Diaz Granados Grants Luxurious Day for Miami Invitees

Already known for his long history of amazing events, Danilo Diaz Granados has truly outdone himself this time with a party in July for Miami’s elite. The TOYS for BOYS co-founder treated the hand-invited guests to bottles of fine champagne, fine dining, helicopter rides, racetrack time, and boat rides at sunset.

Each guest was first treated to breakfast at Dame Zaha Hadid’s One Thousand Museum sales center. Afterwards, there was a private tour of this newly constructed, Biscayne-area building. Next, the guests were whisked away by helicopter to the Palm Beach Race Track, where they were allowed to take a lap around the track in a car of their choice. Then it was back to the helicopters and on to a lunch at the River Yacht Club where each guest was treated to Dom Perignon. The day ended with a scenic boat ride along the bay at sunset, riding in the newest boats of sponsors Van Dutch and Technomar.

Granados and his business partners worked hand-in-hand with several high-end organizations and local companies to pull off this unforgettable day filled with great foods, helicopters, boats, and racing.

There can be no doubt that each guest had a terrific and luxurious day out in the great city of Miami. Already known for his long history of luxurious sensory events, Granados has really outdone himself with this one, and it will be interesting to see how he tops it.

A graduate of Babson College in Massachusetts, Granados earned a degree in Economics and Entrepreneurship before moving to Miami. Granados then started a luxury boutique for the Latino community which offered luxury vehicles, jewelry and watches, and modern art. This is when TOYS for BOYS was founded. As a luxury boutique combining a wide array of fine items for Miami’s elite men, TOYS for BOYS has been a major success and has received a high amount of exposure and has truly thrived within both the local community and nationally. With further events such as this one, there is no count that TOYS for BOYS will continue to increase in exposure.

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Kyle Bass Warns Of Possible Collapse

The collapse Bass warns of isn’t total. He sees China taking a dive in the next two to three years based on the implosion of their ever-expanding credit bubble. He believes when this implosion takes place, it will affect the United States economy. He’s put a number on it: Bass says there’s a 40 to 50 percent chance the collapse will happen this year.

It’s an interesting prediction, but taken in light of Bass’ career choices over the years, it may very well be a spurious one.

Kyle Bass manages a hedge fund out of Austin, Texas. But the man is Argentinian by heritage, and strongly allied with socialist despot Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, economic anti-hero of Argentina. The woman has knocked the country into default two times over the course of only 13 years; demonstrating the kind of poor leadership that will ultimately be of historical importance. Meanwhile, Bass continuously praises her financial decisions. What kind of economist does that? One who’s economic ideal isn’t conventional to American sensibility, it sounds like. Many socialistic thinkers have had the kind of economic ideals Bass seems to follow. Consider that he has endorsed Hillary Clinton as the “most sane” candidate in the upcoming election. This certainly describes his political sensibilities. Clinton is the globalist candidate this round, and socialist economy tends to favor this perspective over nationalist economic ethic. It’s understandable, then, that Bass would ally himself with Clinton’s economic sensibilities. This would also explain his support of Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, and CAD.

CAD is the Coalition for Affordable Drugs, which UsefulStooges reports is an ostensibly humanitarian organization who’s purpose seems to be the forced decrease of prices pharmaceutical companies can sell their medicine for. In reality, this is a stock-market manipulation scheme. Bass uses CAD to undercut big-ticket companies legally, which forces a stock declination, allowing him to short-sell his holdings with them and make a fortune. Meanwhile, the pharmaceutical companies in question lose funding for research and development, suspending breakthroughs nigh indefinitely.

With these things in mind, Bass’ predictions about China are almost certainly informed by a socialistic economic ethic in direct conflict to traditional statist economies, and therefore dangerous.

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How Sam Tabar Climbed The Ladder

Sam Tabar has a passion for working within the legal field and is spectacular at what he does. It’s an incredible challenge, to say the least, when it comes to getting your foot in the legal door and making your start. Everything that Sam accomplished after beginning his legal career is an interesting read. The work that he has done as a lawyer and as a Capital Strategist is known to be one of the very best. Sam Tabar put so much work into creating a name for himself, and has plans to ensure that his clients are satisfied with all of the work that he does for his clients.

At this point, Sam is working within the great city of New York at a company known as Full Cycle Fund. Many doors were opened to him because of his many qualified talents including the very first company to employ him, Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP. It’s plain to see why this company valued Sam so much and chose to have him work within Capitol Strategy and Business Development.

The time that he spent with kadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP didn’t go to waste. When Sam joined the team, business development was taken to the highest heights to credit of one person, Sam Tabar. His love and passion for his career, and his appreciation for his clients are the main ingredients for his continued success.

Sam also worked for a company called Sparx, amazing them as the Co-Head of Business Development and Managing Director. The business began to flourish with his help and well-tuned knowledge and years of field experience.

The Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP is the company that Sam chose when he made his move back into the legal field just for the love of his career. He is now a Senior Associate with this company and is said to be one of the best because of his work here.  Read more about his remarkable legal career on Lawyerist.

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Philanthropist Alexei Beltyukov Aids Russian Start-ups to Help Economy

In 2014, Alexei Beltyukov recognized that the educated middle-class saw no future in the Russian economy for themselves, and many fled to Eastern Europe. He realized that this talent drain and capital loss was harming the economy.

One way Beltyukov has helped new and struggling businesses was to be a founder of the Skolkovo Fundation in 2010. It encourages innovation, business and improvement of technology throughout the country, focusing on entrepreneurs and small businesses. Over 1000 businesses have been helped by Skolkovo.

The foundation, which is a government-sanctioned organization, provides grant money to promising new businesses, as well as consulting services on strategies, and assists in obtaining tax breaks for Russian companies.

Beltyukov has been involved in numerous other organizations aimed at helping the Russian economy. After graduating from INSEAD (translated: European Institute of Business Administration) in France with an MBA in 1997, he started off in the next year as an associate then Engagement Manager at McKinsey and Co. In 2003, he began founding and co-founding many successful businesses. He was a board member, Executive Director and later CEO of Renova Project from 2004 to 2006. Under his direct supervision were a commercial bank, an insurance company, an airport, a pension fund, a brewery, three meat plants, and much more.

He was Vice-President for Strategy and Business Development at Brunswick Capital, an investment firm in 2003 and 2004. He launched Brunswick Rail Leasing, which has 10,000 railroad cars, putting it in the top three of its kind in the country.

Among others, he founded A-Ventures, a firm started to help struggling Russian companies; New Gas Technologies, a venture project involving petroleum gas; Mechanicus, a car repair firm; Endemic Capital, a resource for start-ups; and Solvy, an online educational source for high school students and teachers.

Since 2008, he has served on the Advisory Council for Special Economic Zones of the Ministry of Economy and as Entrepreneur in Residence at INSEAD, where he also established a Russian Alumni Scholarship to help students from home.  Check out Alexei’s educational project on, and read more about the man himself on

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Brazilian Construction Partners With Fluor To Work Oil/Gas Projects

The Brazilian economy is booming every year, and the country is searching for new revenue streams wherever they can. Oil and gas deposits in Brazil are being tapped for the first time in many cases, and the country is offering contracts to companies who can open these deposits quickly. Fluor Construction out of America has partnered with Construcap in Brazil to provide capital and resources, and this article explains how their partnership will make Brazil’s economy flourish.

#1: Why Must Fluor Partner With Construcap?

Construcap is a large construction firm in Brazil that has received contracts for oil and gas across the country. Construcap is one of the largest construction companies in the country, but they need assistance from Fluor to fund the sheer number of projects they have received. Fluor will help Construcap grow their business to the size that is needed to face all these projects, and the money offered by Fluor will show Construcap what is necessary for the future.

#2: The Construcap Directive

Construcap has been asked to essentially jump start the oil and gas industry in Brazil. There are oil and gas deposits everywhere that must be tapped today, and the country will take in billions of dollars every year in oil and gas licensing. There are many places in the country where jobs will be created instantly once the deposits have been tapped, but the construction of the rigs must be finished before the money is made.

#3: How Much Can Brazil Grow?

The Flour/Construcap partnership on sewage jobs is just one partnership that will help the Brazilian real estate industry grow. There are quite a few of these projects going on across the country, and building has been going on since the day the Olympics and World Cup were awarded to the country. Brazil will continue to grow until they have tapped all their resources properly, and the country will likely create tens of thousands of jobs just because of new building that occurred.

The Brazilian economy is growing with the help of the oil and gas industry, and Fluor’s infusion of capital in the country has created a boom for the people who live there. Brazilians who have been looking for jobs will have places to work related to the oil and gas industry, and Construcap will benefit because their bottom line will improve. Everyone benefits through a partnership that brings more building power to Brazil.