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Bob Reina: This Is The Man The World Needs

Bob Reina is the CEO and founder of Talk Fusion, which is a company that has clearly gotten the attention of its customers and the people that look at tech products for a living. Talk Fusion has made a lot of head waves over the past decade, and they are all positive. They are positive because it comes from a positive person in Bob Reina. He does not see anything in life as a challenge or too hard to overcome. In fact, for Bob Reina, it is just the opposite. He sees it as a chance to grow. He wants to grow and he wants the company to grow. He also wants all of the customers that are using Talk Fusion to grow with him. Learn more:


He is the type of leader that wants to take everyone along with him for the ride. He is not merely interested in his own self-interests and his own needs. He looks at the world around him and likes to find out what can be improved and what can be changed. This has worked out very well for him because he keeps in touch with the people around him as well as the people on the street. He values feedback and he takes it to heart as well. He is not the type of person that is just going to smile and nod and keep on moving.  Learn more:


He is also not the kind of person that is going to sit idly by and let people suffer. That is why his employees are given the chance to deliver Talk Fusion to a charity of their choosing. He is well aware of all of the good that Talk Fusion can do for people. Because of this, he wants people to get their hands on it and he wants people to have fun with it while also growing as well. Learn more:


When people grow and when people see that they have a chance to do something special and unique with their lives, that is a wonderful thing to behold. They start to believe in themselves and what the future holds.


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Exciting Things You Should Know About Panama

Panama is one of the best-rated tourist destinations in the world and justifiably so, it offers what many tourists would love to see and feel. Apart from having some of the most fascinating artifacts on, Panama also boats of a rich history that is defined by the evidence that has been preserved for centuries to date.

It offers tourists a great opportunity to explore the various activities the coastal strip that extends more than 2,490 kilometers has to offer. So, if you are in the process of planning a holiday, you may want to include Panama in the top places to visit for reasons as shown below by Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa.

Enjoy time in the only city in a rainforest
Panama is full of wonders and great landscape that one would love to experience more than once. One of the most spectacular landmarks is the capital of the country at, which is built in a rainforest, the only of its kind on earth. This offers visitors a chance to enjoy the biodiversity and the vibrant culture offered at the city. The natural landscape and the various amenities build within the city make the destination a tourists’ favorite as it offers a haven where they can relax.

Visit the Panama Canal for great activity and fun
One of the most important places in Panama is the Canal, which is both an economic hub and a popular site among tourists like Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa. The Canal is the most preferred tourist attraction site in Panama. It also hosts some of the biggest businesses and is said to contribute more than 30 percent of the revenue collected in the entire country. However, the money that is earned from the canal in form of revenue is not due to the tourism, but other activities.

See rare bird species
Panama is reputed for the great climate that has managed to keep hundreds of bird species alive on The country has more birds than both Canada and the United States combined. With more than 970 species, Panama has won a place in the 25 countries that have the highest number of bird species.

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa
Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa, a staunch supporter of the Panama business community, is a respectable leader who has amassed wealth of knowledge in business management and mentoring. He has worked with more than five companies as president and director and his role as a mentor has come out as a success among upcoming entrepreneurs in Panama.

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Saving Money With a Coworking Space

Real estate is a major expense for companies and leasing office space, particularly in Manhattan, can have many challenges. Not only are there moving costs, renovations and your standard rent costs, but there are a number of other rent concessions that tenants are able to actively negotiate such as a free rent period during your lease as well as building operating cost and tax allocations. Companies that are best able to negotiate these costs tend to have lower rental costs but will still on the hook for significant office rent payments over the life of their lease. Luckily, there is another way with shared office space options.


Companies like Workville operate in the shared office space market that’s taking over New York. Their business model is to effectively buy or rent office space that is conveniently located in the center of major areas like Manhattan and create an office environment that resembles that of any large professional company. Instead of a large company their tenants tend to be smaller start-up companies who will sub-lease a portion of this office space from Workville.


Tenants are rewarded with convenient locations, professional management, and shared conference rooms and utility bills. In addition, there are shared receptionists and coffee machines, as well as janitors and other maintenance personnel. All of the benefits of a professional business setting are present and tenants don’t need to do anything to maintain their space, other than pay their monthly bill of course.


The most attractive feature for tenants is the ability to avoid the lengthy commitment that many lease agreements have. Given the start-up nature and limited history of many smaller companies it can be challenging for them to commit to the long-term lease agreements that they might otherwise be burdened by. Shared office spaces like those offered by Workville avoid all of that and provide companies with the ability to be flexible with their real estate commitments, only taking the space that they currently need and not requiring them to project their real estate needs several years out into the future. Many companies pay for additional office space to prevent needing to expand later on. Arrangements like those offered by Workville help to avoid all of that, allowing companies to save money on their real estate.

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Entrepreneur and Published Author, Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is a published author and Entrepreneur with over 15 companies to his name. He is also a public speaker, a columnist, and a philanthropist. Pulier has a history of transforming small businesses into multi-million dollar ventures and has raised hundreds of millions of dollars for his companies and the ones he cofounded with other partners.

Some of the firms he founded include Digital Evolution, Media Platform, US Interactive, Desktone, Akana, TM Forum and ServiceMesh.

Mr. Pulier has also invested in a number of charitable organizations and venture capital funds. They include Trident Capital, Monitor Ventures, and e-Companies. The father of four serves on the board directors of The Painted Turtle, which is a summer camp organization for children suffering chronic illness. He is also a member of the Innovation Board for the XPRIZE Foundation

Eric Pulier’s Education

Mr. Pulier attended Teaneck High School and graduated in 1984 before joining the Harvard University for his BA. Degree in 1988. He studied Visual and Environmental Studies, American Literature, Computer Science, and English. During his days in college, he authored pulierLeg, a weekly column for the Harvard Crimson weekly magazine.

Government Assignments

Mr. Pulier was picked to organize the “Bridge to the 21st Century” for Al Gore and Bill Clinton that commemorated their 2nd inauguration. The event that ran for several days was held at the Mall in Washington, DC and attended by several thousands of people. The members of the Congress, US Supreme Court, and the Senate also attended.

Eric Pulier’s Philanthropy

Mr. Pulier is an active philanthropist and a financial donor to many charitable organizations including the XPRIZE Foundation. XPRIZE is a non-profit entity involved in the design and management of public competitions meant to encourage the development of technology-based ideas that help humanity.

Mr. Pulier is also the founding donor of ACE Foundation, an organization that focuses on reshaping how the methodologies of developing software to solve the humanity’s challenges. The organization is working on several projects simultaneously including micro-transaction systems for distribution of clean water. The Ace Foundation has also made a partnership with HeroX to fund contests on technological developments that can solve the global humanitarian challenges.

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Immediate annual review

Recently, the number of corporations ditching the ordinary annual employee review process and looking for something different has greatly increased. Frequent and informal check-ins between managers and employees are replacing the obsolete systems. At Scoutahead, real time feedback is the basis of our platform.

Why are companies ditching the old system? Firstly, heavy investments by corporations to complete review, this requires a lot of paper work while using the traditional method. Secondly, Lack of innovation, creativity, poor collaborated teamwork has been a setback for the traditional review.

The traditional enactment appraisal has no value for most companies. Various HR departments have started to adapt to moving the appraisals online, but continuous feedback has not been put into consideration. At Scoutahead, the gap is filled by continues feedback and employee participation in determining of their evaluation is taken care of.

Raj Fernando

Raj Fernando holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of London. He is the founder and chief executive of Scoutahead. Before forming Scoutahead, Fernando was also the founder and chief executive of Chopper Trading.

He started his career while still in college at Chicago Mercantile where he worked as a volunteer. In the year 2002, he started Chopper trading having worked for different positions at the Chicago Board of Trade. In the year 2015, he sold his company chopper trading to DRW Trading Group. His company Scoutahead was intended to develop corporate and professional development and production through safe and progressive communication structures. Fernando is a philanthropy who supports various projects in the United States such as The Clinton Foundation, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metropolitan Chicago and Wounded Warriors.

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Talk Fusion and Bob Reina Revel In Success


Talk Fusion is a company that has achieved one success after the other since its founding in 2007. Recently, Talk Fusion was given a prestigious industry award for innovative browser-to-browser apps. The Talk Fusion Video Chat was the program named in the award. Talk Fusion produces more than a Video Chat program. Scores of other excellent programs are services are made available by the very reliable company.

Talk Fusion is currently the “7th largest video communications company in the world” and this is thanks to its CEO Bob Reina. Reina is also the man who founded the company many years ago. Reina felt that AOL’s inability to include reliable video content in emails presented an opportunity. While the one-time internet giant couldn’t develop the right program, Reina and his associates were up for the job. Video Email is the hallmark of Talk Fusion’s services. And Reina never grew stagnant with his management of company. New services were always in the development pipeline.

Video Email, Video Newsletters, Live Meetings, and more are part of the Talk Fusion product/service line. Not only are customers capable of taking advantage of these programs, associates looking to sell and promote them can do so as well.

Bob Reina truly has created a fantastic video marketing company. Reina’s success has spawned not only a growing company, but also a growing charity network. Reina and Talk Fusion are heavily involved in charitable giving. Recipients of the charitable funding are found in the United States and around the world.

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Skout Shows Diversity in Features and Executive Leadership

Skout is a cool app. It is one that has becomes the centralized online location for all of those that want to flirt. That is the magic behind this app. It has become the best go-to app for all of those people that are interested in finding something that they would like to spend some time with. The reality is that many dating apps are pushing users in the dating stage far too soon. The cool thing about Skout is that this site gives you the ability build things up at your own speed. The dating game can be a lot of fun when you take things slow, and Skout allows people to meet others on their own terms and establish some conversation before things get deep.

Skout had also surfaced as the most convenient app for networking for jobs. Meeting people in new cities can be easy. Finding a job on a new city can be a nightmare. Sometimes the flirting leads to a friendship that turns into a relationship. Someone may have the desire to move close to where the other person is. The Skout app will help with this as well. That is why people that flirt and date with Skout will also network and acquire job leads as well. This can lead to a better career sometimes. It may seem hard to believe that people can boost their career standing with a job, but it is a possibility.

Laura Dunn certainly knows about the job possibilities that are linked to Skout. She has become someone that rallies among the workers that are tweaking this app. She approves budgets and gives the green light for projects that are taking place behind the scenes at Skout. Dunn is the SKout CFO and she believes in networking through social media.

There are people that are also elated to see how the Skout app has continued to educate people on things like the cultures of new cities with the intriguing virtual travel feature. More than 10 million people have signed up for virtual trips within the last year. This is a sign of the grow that comes by way of new features. Many people have decided to sign up for this Skout app just to see how the Skout virtual travel feature works. This is type of innovation that attracts new users. It also keeps the older registered users loyal.

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Bob Reina The Creator Of Something Life Changing

Bob Reina recently celebrated his birthday on the 31st of May. This took place during the May Dream Getaway which featured all the Diamond Associates and above. This birthday get together was held on the Chapel Lawn of the Grand Wailea hotel. During the celebration, Bob Reina received birthday wishes by his users via video emails. Once the first clip ended there was a second secret video clip which was an idea by Allison Roberts who is the VP of training and development.

She had installed a secret email account where users could send their very own private message to Bob Reina. They utilized CONNECT in order to send their special birthday wishes. This was an amazing gift for the great mentor and CEO Bob Reina who has become a favorite amongst Talk Fusion users. His vision and enthusiasm to help people succeed has made him a crowd favorite.

Often times people do not understand the power of the Talk Fusion Suite. The Suite is very versatile and can now be utilized on both Android and iPhone platforms. The video chat does not require any special updates or plugins in order to function optimally on any smartphone. The software also incorporates the new WebRTC technology. This technology enables the creators to provide the very same features while making the suite smoother and a lot more powerful. The overall performance of the applications are greatly improved as various coding pathways were optimized.

The Live Meetings application that is contained within the Talk Fusion Suite allows the user to conduct conference calls on a global scale and allow up to 500 attendees simultaneously to join the broadcast. This is an amazing number of attendees and thanks to the WebRTC technology this can be done through a web browser and a camera. Any platform with those 2 requirements are able to use the software. Bob Reina and his team of professionals are constantly striving to further improve the user friendliness of the application as well as make it available on a global scale.

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How Sanjay Shah’s Experience Has Boosted The Growth of Solo Capital

The best ways that people can secure their future and that of their children is to ensure that they make investments that are able to cushion them now and in the future. To achieve this goal it is imperative that the investments made be sound and able to earn the person maximum revenue. For one to make sound it is necessary to seek the services of the best and experienced financial and investment advisors there is. Solo Capital Markets is one of the best international boutique financial services company that is headquartered in London in the United Kingdom. This firm was incorporated in September 2011 by Sanjay Shah. The company is also referred to as Solo Capital Ltd and Solo Capital UK. The company is controlled by Solo Group Holdings.

The company mainly engages in investment, proprietary trading and consultancy. It has managed to help different clients who seek their services in different parts of England achieve their financial goals. In proprietary trading, the company mainly deals with FX, Commodities and Derivatives. In the consultancy division the company engages in investments, performance and human capital. In the last division of the international boutique firm is the professional sports investments that include commercial advisory and representation, asset and performance management and talent acquisition. The team in each of the divisions is specialized to give professional investment advice to the clients of the firm. Through the efforts of the founder and chief executive officer, the firm took over Old Park Lane Capital, a stockbroker focusing on natural resources.

Sanjay Shah founded Solo Capital in 2011 as an international boutique financial services company. He is a qualified medical doctor although his passion for business led him to the business industry where he has become a towering figure. He owns other companies in London, The British Virgin Islands, Dubai, Luxembourg, Malta and in the Cayman Islands. He is considered as one of the wealthiest individuals and it is stated that at the beginning of 206, he was worth two hundred and eighty million dollars. Mr. Shah has offices both in London in the United Kingdom and in Dubai.

He is the founder of Autism Rocks which significantly helps in raising autism awareness. He often partners with notable musicians where they come together to raise funds to support those with the condition and fund autism research.

Learn more about Sanjay Shah:

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New CEO Shayegan Kheradpir Is Just What Coriant Needed

As a leader in networking technology, Coriant is always looking for a way to become the next biggest thing in the field. They make sure that they are always doing what they can to be able to improve their networking capabilities. A recent press release from Coriant talks about the way that they are now innovating new technology to ensure that they remain the best of the best when it comes to networking. They want to make sure that they give it their all and they think that a new CEO will be exactly what they need.

With experiences like Verizon and the cloud behind him, Shaygan Kheradpir is the obvious choice for a new CEO for Coriant. He knows what he is doing when it comes to the way that networking works, but he also knows what he is doing when it comes to managing a business that works in the field of networking like Coriant does. He also knows how to create new ideas that will lead the company to be one of the best in the industry. By providing the company with his experience and expertise, he will be able to help them get to where they want to be in their business.

There have been many projects that Kheradpir has worked on, but networking has always been his specialty. He excels in networking abilities and makes sure that he is always on top of what the next best thing is in the industry. He has worked with other industry experts to develop the ideas that have brought him to where he is at and has been given the opportunity to make himself better through these opportunities. During his time with some of the biggest networking companies, he honed his skills and never stopped learning about what the best practices were according to the way that things were networked.

Coriant has seen the way that Kheradpir works and enjoys the things that he is able to do. They know that he is innovative and that he is focused on the best of the best when it comes to networking. They also know that he can do what he wants according to the company and that he is able to provide people with the ability to get what he needs out of it. There have been many times when Kheradpir has exemplified his expertise and Coriant trusts that he can do that with their company.

Although Coriant has done well in the past, they are always looking for ways to improve what they are doing with networking. They want to be the best instead of just one of the best. They know that it is important to provide the best experience possible for their customers and know that a new CEO is just what they need. Since they have hired Kheradpir as their new CEO, they have seen a large amount of improvement in the way that they are able to help customers and dedicate time to employees.