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Bob Reina: This Is The Man The World Needs

Bob Reina is the CEO and founder of Talk Fusion, which is a company that has clearly gotten the attention of its customers and the people that look at tech products for a living. Talk Fusion has made a lot of head waves over the past decade, and they are all positive. They are positive because it comes from a positive person in Bob Reina. He does not see anything in life as a challenge or too hard to overcome. In fact, for Bob Reina, it is just the opposite. He sees it as a chance to grow. He wants to grow and he wants the company to grow. He also wants all of the customers that are using Talk Fusion to grow with him. Learn more:


He is the type of leader that wants to take everyone along with him for the ride. He is not merely interested in his own self-interests and his own needs. He looks at the world around him and likes to find out what can be improved and what can be changed. This has worked out very well for him because he keeps in touch with the people around him as well as the people on the street. He values feedback and he takes it to heart as well. He is not the type of person that is just going to smile and nod and keep on moving.  Learn more:


He is also not the kind of person that is going to sit idly by and let people suffer. That is why his employees are given the chance to deliver Talk Fusion to a charity of their choosing. He is well aware of all of the good that Talk Fusion can do for people. Because of this, he wants people to get their hands on it and he wants people to have fun with it while also growing as well. Learn more:


When people grow and when people see that they have a chance to do something special and unique with their lives, that is a wonderful thing to behold. They start to believe in themselves and what the future holds.


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Meet Jackson Family Wines’ Julia Jackson

Julia Jackson, middle child and youngest daughter of Barbara Banke and Kendall-Jackson founder Jess Jackson, is quite accomplished for being such a young woman. Not yet 30 years old, she is already an integral part of her family’s wine business. Her business acumen, her commitment to creating a quality product and her dedication to her charitable foundation make her a force to be reckoned with.

Born in San Francisco in 1988, she received her bachelor’s degree from Scripps College before pursuing graduate studies at Stanford School of Business.

Check more:

As spokesperson for her family’s wines, which include not just Kendall-Jackson but Arcanum and Verite among others, Ms. Jackson believes that Sonoma is the best place to go for Cabernet despite the fact that Napa has long been known for Cabernet. She likes to point out, as proof, that her family’s Verite has won perfect scores of 100 points from wine critic, Robert Parker, on nine different occasions.

Not content to simply enjoy her family’s success, however, Julia founded Cambria Seeds of Empowerment to give back. Seeds of Empowerment celebrates women who have overcome hardship and are empowering others to do the same. They offer grants to non-profits that embrace equality, community and spirit. Honorees for this grant include Dr. Victoria Kisyombe who has been working to redesign traditional Tanzanian economic models to allow women to participate, and Yin Myo Su who has been putting her efforts into establishing a socially and environmentally responsible model of business in her native Myanmar.

With so many accomplishments under her belt at such a young age, it will be interesting to see what the future holds for Julia Jackson.

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Recap On a Fast Company Article About EOS Lip Balm

The Beauty and care industry has seen a massive transformation over a couple of years. We have witnessed a growing trend in cosmetics beauty products, and the market seems to be growing by the day. Lip balm start-up EOS (Evolution of Smooth), are among the companies that have made their mark in this type of business. Giving an exclusive to Fast Company,, they expound on how the created the multimillion-dollar business within a short span, starting their operations in 2009 and becoming the second rated lip balm selling company in the United States.

After conducting an extensive research and recognizing that most of the lip balm clients are women, the company came up with a unique tailor-made lip balm products that meet the everyday woman’s needs and experiences. The success of this lip balm company can be attributed to the unique lip balm design concept, the broad range of colors used and the amazing scent and flavors that come with it.

EOS lip balm highly invested in having their automated manufacturing equipment that has helped them navigate through the customer needs and demands bridge without having to rely on any other manufacturers. This allowed them to scale up at a very fast pace and become competitors to the big companies that dominated the market.

Due to the expertise provided by the Co-founder Mehra, the company was able to get the products to the Target and Walmart stores. The company engaged in a big internet marketing campaign to get their products moving from the market shelves. By using millennials and modern methods of advertisements, such as Facebook and Instagram. YouTube and blogs they got to reach a broad audience.

They also embraced the modern method of advertising that is by using music video of famous stars the likes of Milley Cyrus. A lot of people look up to these icons for fashion and make-up tips. By maintaining a very significant social media presence, the company has thrived with an endless market for their products.


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Chinese Volatility in American Markets According to Kyle Bass

Kyle Bass, founder of Hayman Capital Management, recently discussed his predictions for the market in 2016, and how China’s volatility could affect the United States. Bass believes that the root of China’s problem lies with their banking system. Drawing parallels to the recent crisis in Europe, Bass points out that banking systems overshadowed GDP at an alarming rate in both cases. While China’s GDP is roughly $10 trillion, the banking system is almost $35 trillion. Bass chides investors for not being adequately worried, and predicts a credit cycle and losses looming on the horizon.

For those unfamiliar with Kyle Bass, it is important to note that his career has had a series of highs and lows. He rose to prominence for accurately predicting the subprime mortgage crisis of 2008. This newfound fame and success was not to last though, as a series of poor calls has had a rather detrimental effect on his reputation.

One point of contention that Useful Stooges was the first to raise for Bass critics is his involvement with, and support of, Argentina’s ineffectual and amoral government. Another example of his lack of ethical principles would be his defense of General Motors in regards to fatalities caused by faulty power steering and non-deploying airbags, all in an attempt to protect his investments.

On his blog if the aforementioned instances were not enough to cast a questionable light on the practices of Kyle Bass, then the specifics of his scheme involving pharmaceutical companies certainly should. Bass and his partners select a pharmaceutical firm, short-sell their stocks, and then utilizes a front organization, the Coalition for Affordable Drugs, which he set up in order to challenge their patents. This inevitably causes the stocks to drop, and Bass to earn quick money. One especially detrimental effect this has is that the firm’s prices rise while their incentive to fund research plummets, causing significant harm to those who rely on the firm’s products to alleviate symptoms or even prolong life.

While Bass foresees a 10-20% downturn in U.S. markets by year-end, this won’t be as bad as the financial crisis on a global level. It is important to remember that while Bass has proven correct in the past, he is far from infallible.

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Coriant company appoints Shaygan Kheradpir as the CEO

Shaygan Kheradpir is currently the chairman and chief of board at Coriant innovative networking solutions. Shaygan graduated from Cornell University with a degree in engineering and has so far posted a great record working for various industries.

He began his career at GTE Corporation where he held the position of chief information officer. While working at GTE Corporation, he increased the quality and efficiency of the products that were being produced. This saw him to his highly advanced experience working in the financial and technology service industries.

After leaving GTE, Shaygan joined other organizations like Juniper Networks where he held the position of CEO. He greatly drove to the development of the company. This is in terms of an upgraded cloud builder growth markets and networking and an improved working plan. He has also worked as a technology officer at Barclays.

Following his close working with the senior management team at Merlin Equity Partners, he was recently appointed the CEO at Coriant Company. Following his over two decades experience, the company is looking forward to having Shaygan successfully lead the company to overcome the highly competitive market. This will help in creation of more market opportunities.

According to his statement, he based his main drive to joining Coriant to the large enterprises, data networking solutions, their innovations on technology and the growing customer base. Over the years he has gained much experience working in operating and industries businesses.

Shaygan Kheradpir came in to succeed the former Coriant CEO Mr. DiPietro who passed on the leadership position with great confidence in Shaygan. He is expected to upgrade innovative architectural network, service creation and operations that will aid in reducing the cost on operating networks. This will therefore work in upgrading levels of programmability and automation to offer low cost networking solutions.

Currently, in over a hundred countries, Coriant has been recognized for innovative networking solutions it offers to great network operators. By this it has attracted many customers including the global Tier 1 communications service providers, government agencies and cloud providers. The company has also worked in placing target markets in electric utilities, mobile and fixed line service providers, submarine network operators, content providers and an upgrade in the government agencies.

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The Kyle Bass Factor

Kyle Bass is a well-known financier out of Argentina. Currently he works in capacity as a manager of hedge funds in Texas, but this wasn’t where he came into prominence. Bass became known the world over for his successful prediction of the sub-prime lending crisis which led to the economic collapse of 2008 in America. Bass made a ton of money from it, and went on to predict a similar crisis in Japan, which resulted in monetary stimulus packages after the fact. Now he has his sights set on China, and many are curious to see if his contemporary predictions will be borne out.

“…they have grown 400% in eight years,” Bass says of China’s burgeoning economy. It’s his view that because of this extensive growth, a “bubble” of debt has been built which will burst within the next several years. China has made loans which are for greater assets than the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Basically they’ve pulled a “Wimpy” out of Popeye. Wimpy is famous for saying: “I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today,” and growing fat that way. China has grown fat on food they’ve eaten, but deferred payment for. The other shoe is going to drop, and it’s just a matter of time. At least, that’s Bass’s view. And, especially considering that surrounding countries have loaned to China “aggressively”, as Kyle said in another article, the entire market is poised to collapse. China as a tumbling domino looks like it’s going to be the first that knocks down quite a few more.

Is Kyle correct? Well, it’s hard to say. Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner is a high-profile socialist out of Argentina with whom Bass has substantial ties that have made him suspect in many people’s eyes. But he has also struck a blow against big pharmaceuticals with his organization “The Coalition For Affordable Drugs”. This coalition is responsible for causing the value of high-profile pharmaceutical stock to drop based on its aggressive campaigns. Bass has been able to make money in the stock market this way. The net result has been that politics in America has become bipartisan for once; politicians on both sides of the aisle scrambling to find a way in which Bass’s loophole may be permanently closed; and legally.

Were Bass’s actions concerning the pharmaceutical industry underhanded, or doubly brilliant? Again, it’s hard to say. Getting one over on the pharmaceutical industry these days is kind of like getting one over on Big Tobacco. There are statistics which indicate as many people die each year from pharmaceutical-related fatalities, as those who die from traffic accidents. Big Pharmaceuticals are being undermined, and that seems good. But is Bass just a gambler? Well, now the game is “wait and see”. If he’s right about China, opportunist or no, the guy is worth listening to. And that, in a nutshell, is the Kyle Bass Factor.

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Town Residential: Key Developments Coming Up

The month of September saw the largest application for construction of revolutionary residential projects around the city. The major projects are expected to be built in different locations, mainly Bronx, Brooklyn, and Staten Island. The project also intends to cover up to 100,000 square feet of residential office and retail space. To get a closer look on these projects, you can read below and learn more as published by The Real Deal.

There are plans to develop a massive office building on One Vanderbilt Avenue, Manhattan. The building will have over 1.3 million square office space and standing 67 stories tapping into the ever growing skyline population on NYC luxury real estate. Only the first to 3 floors will contain retail space. Another structure will be erected on Lincoln Avenue in Bronx. Cheritt Group is building a 25 story residential building to cater for customers looking for middle class residential units. The building will contain up to 785,000 square feet of residential space, 33,000 fir retail and 3000 square feet for community facilities. Another Cheritt property will be erected on 2401 Third Avenue with approximately 345,000 square feet total space. The building will have space foe community facilities, another one for retail services and approximately 335,000 square feet residential space. Green land Forest City is not left behind either. It applied to develop a park on a 22 acre piece of land named Pacific park Development in Prospect Heights. The building will be 26 story with 346,000 square feet in total. It will contain 322 rental spaces, a public school with a capacity of 616 sitting spaces on its second and third floors.

Reality Developers applied to construct an 11 story building with 162,000 square feet of residential space, 27,000 synagogue and 127,000 square feet of retail space. L and M Development partners are also seeking to erect a residential building in 4439 Third Avenue that is going to be affordable with 12 stories, 139,000 square feet for residential space containing 133 residential units and 11500 square feet for commercial retail services.

For clients who are seeking residential spaces, office space and retail space, they can contact Town Residential to have a look at the current properties and services available. Town Residential is a service division that is dedicated to advising, branding, project development, marketing, advertising and do active sales operations on aspects of NYC luxury real estate developments. It is a company that is experiences with a team of personnel who are competent and always advising on the best available services or making your property known to potential customers as well as realization of desired sales.

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CCMP’s Interactive Private Equity Model is Growing Sustainable Corporate Investments

CCMP is a global investment firm that has interests in private equity, capital buyout and growth equity investments. The New York based company operates in North America and Europe and has a net worth of over $12 billion with satellite offices in London, Tokyo and Hong Kong. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital was founded in 1984 and invests in a variety of target sectors, which include consumer and retail companies, industrial companies, healthcare companies and energy companies. The success of CCMP is attributed to its management style and business creation model, which has established the firm as a world-class investment entity.

The Stephen Murray CCMP Capital on crunchbase acronym reflects the names of the previous management partners that it serviced as a venture capital and private equity arm. CCMP stands for: Chemical Ventures – Chase Capital – Manufacturers Hanover Capital/J.P. Morgan Partners. The name is a reflection of CCMP’s relationship with its predecessors Chase Bank, Chemical Bank, Manufacturers Hanover and J.P. Morgan. In 2007, CCMP raised $3.4 billion to establish itself as an independent private equity firm. CCMP currently has 35 companies in its management portfolio, which include Aramark, Quiznos Sub, Cabela’s and Brand Energy & Infrastructure Services.

Over the years, CCMP has earned the trust of limited global partners that represent the private equity and asset sector. These investors reflect a vast array of entities, which include public pension capital funds, endowment funds, sovereign wealth capital funds, corporate pension funds, foundations and investors that have a high net worth. In addition, CCMP investment specialists contribute an impressive amount of their personal financial assets to contribute to the funds from their affiliate partners.

CCMP maintains an exceptional reputation for building the confidence of their limited partners with the execution of CCMP’s world-class investment strategies, hands-on management style and well-researched initiatives. Investment professionals at CCMP have established a routine of getting into the trenches with their management team at each level of the investment process. The goal for each CCMP initiative is very consistent; the objective is to create a universal vision for the future of an investment by structuring an identity for a business and defining its most valuable elements. Once the terms of a company’s financial model, strategic objectives and expectations are understood, then CCMP’s operating team plays an active role in monitoring the development of each initiative. CCMP’s transaction range is between $100 million to $500 million per company, and each company in the CCMP portfolio has an estimated value of $250 million to $2 billion.

The cultural fabric of CCMP is demonstrated by its attributes of teamwork, diversity and integrity. Even though each business that is found in the CCMP portfolio is completely different, the proprietary system that CCMP adheres to empowers portfolio managers to utilize a wide spectrum of resources that are designed to facilitate the execution of strategic plans.

In March of 2015, CCMP suffered a great loss when its co-founder, Stephen Murray, died from health complications at the age of 52. Murray was a key-man in the company’s hierarchy and he played a pivotal role in the company’s growth as the CEO and as a board member for CCMP’s biggest companies, which include Aramark, AMC Entertainment, The Vitamin Shoppe and more. Murray is survived by his wife Tami Murray and their four children.

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Susan McGalla Proves to The World That Gender Doesn’t Hinder Someone’s Achievements

For women who are willing to advance their career this year, there is a lot of advice available out there. However, most of them find the knowledge out there to be far too pandering or even way much generic.

Susan McGalla,is the famous founder of P3 Executive Consulting. This company is experienced in offering consultation to clients, especially on branding, operational efficiencies, marketing and many more.

Most of thewomen she has spoken to are always looking for an authentic perspective which has practical application. Some women who do not want to be targeted as women but as professionals find the buzzwords and party lines to be too hollow. Susan says that the evolution that has occurred over the years is quite encouraging.

Ms Susan McGalla is believed to have grown up in a family with two older brothers. Her father was a football coach, and he did not treat her any better than the brothers, just because she was a girl. Everyone was treated equally in the family, regardless of their gender.

Susan was brought up by parents who encouraged her to work hard and present her good ideas with the required confidence, no matter the people she would address. Her parents taught her that gender didn’t matter at all, and it wasn’t able to hinder or help her achieve anything in life.

Due to this upbringing, she has been equally comfortable with all people, and has managed to do well when working with both men and women. This confidence has made her go places; she has actually become very successful.

McGalla graduated with her BA from Mount Union College. After her graduation, she started her career at the Joseph Horne Company. In the year 1994 she started working for the American Eagle Outfitters.

When Susan was joining the American Eagle, t was a male dominated company. It didn’t actually have any women on the board or even in the executive positions of the company.

With time, through hard work she managed to excel in the company with a career that was an experience she would never forget in her lifetime. Her ascension to the position was responsible for a true culture change where women and men would be treated alike.

Since then Susan McGalla has taken control of her career and has become successful. She has become a great consultant for the top people in who are in the finance sector when they need an insider’s perspective on the world of retail.

Susan’s autonomy over her career is a luxury that she has afforded by years of hard work, being flexibility, and also pursuing what she was passionate about. Being a woman has never limited her achievements.

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The Life of Alexei Beltyukov

Alexei Beltyukov is a very accomplished man. He started his career in medicine, then decided to switch gears and pursue a business career. Alexei attended INSEAD Business School in France where he received his MBA. He is an exceptional business man who has launched multiple successful companies. One notable company he is involved with is Endemic Capital in which he co-founded in 2013. Other companies that were successful under Beltyukov were A-Ventures, New Gas Technologies, and Mechanicus.

Alexei is a huge philanthropist and he shows it by the organizations he is involved with. A-Ventures is a very helpful organization to all those companies that are financial struggling. This organization gives financial assistance to those companies who really need it, which save them from digressing. Alexei still has ties to his former school as he now has a scholarship to those Russians who get accepted into INSEAD. This has helped the enrollment at INSEAD, along with more women that fill the classrooms who are passionate for business.

Today, Alexei is still chasing after his many entrepreneurial endeavors. his most recent accomplishment is his new online homework system for high school students, called This system allows teachers to give homework assignments online. This system is mainly geared toward math students. The system is different than traditional homework assignments because with SOLVY there are no multiple choice options. The student must submit the answer he came to and explain how he came to this answer. This not only challenges the student more, but is also shows teachers where the students are making their mistakes. This helps the teachers to develop their students’ skills better. It is an excellent system that will have an enormous impact on later generations.

Alexei Beltyukov is a very driven and selfless man. The impact he has had on Russia is remarkable and will be felt for years to come. Alexei is a very intelligent man who has launched and saved several businesses. He is an advocate for the education system in Russia as he has helped multiple young men and women develop their skills along with assisting students will college tuition.