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George Soros Supporting Democracy And Democratic Ideals

If all the affluent investors and people in business start to think like George Soros, then there is no doubt that world would be a much better place to live in. George Soros is amongst the most generous philanthropists to have walked on the face of the earth. George Sors has given away a total of $12 billion towards charity in his life, and if that wasn’t enough, George Soros recently announced that he would be transferring $18 billion to his charity foundation, Open Society Foundation, recently. It would make his charity foundation, Open Society Foundation, the second most prominent private charitable organization in the world right after the Gates Foundation, supported by Bill and Melinda Gates.

George Soros has supported many protests to defend human rights and end marginalization of individual sections of societies, even when he has been criticized mainly for it. Supporting movements like Antifa as well as Black Lives Matter has bought him a lot of slack, but that hasn’t stopped him from doing what he feels is right. George Soros says that the financial success Soros has achieved in his life has given him the freedom to take the political and social stand he wants without being hesitant about it. Taking a stand on the controversial matter is something that he has never been afraid of, and he is amongst the first few public figures to come forward to stand with the LGBTI community and fight for their rights. George Soros has also been raising his voice for the victims of the drug abuse and the immigrants, refugees, and minorities.

The Open Society Foundations, started by George Soros in 1979 is amongst the wealthiest foundations in the world with an annual budget of over $1 Billion. The foundation doesn’t only channel its funds in humanitarian efforts, policy reform, economic development, education, and justice reforms, but also supports many pro-democratic organizations and influential individuals across the globe. It can be said that George Soros has spent more money in promoting democratic ideals than any other men on the planet, and he continues to do so without hesitation. George Soros has vowed not to let capitalism take over the world once again, which is a threat that he sees now. As a man who has witnessed both the world wars and knows the downsides in politics that led to it, he believes that it is his responsibility as well to ensure that right political direction is chosen.

George Soros’ Open Society Foundation is functional in more than 120 countries. It is the second largest philanthropic organization in the world and with the recent transfer of $18 billion made by Soros to the organization; it has become loaded to support various initiatives with more enthusiasm. George Soros does not only use his financial abundance for philanthropic initiatives but also to sway the political direction in right path. It is for this very reason, George Soros has been supporting Democratic Party for a long time, and continues to support various politicians who are Democrats.

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Different Methods Of Marketing With Market America

There are plenty of things to say about working with Market America. One thing that can be said is that it is one of the most lucrative opportunities that people can take part in. The only thing is that people need to understand what this type of opportunity is being offered to users. The most important thing to realize about Market America is that it is offering an opportunity for people to make money promoting products from companies and making commissions from the products that are being sold. In order to succeed, it is important for people to understand the different methods that can go into succeed in this type of opportunity.

One method of success is providing content that is going to rank highly on search engines. This is known as search engine optimization, or SEO. One thing about Search Engine Optimization  is that it is one of the most lucrative methods of generating income with a website. However, there is more to it than just writing online. Another thing that can help people gain traffic and ranking is linking. Links from high ranking sites can also bring some extra boosts to the rankings of the website. This can increase the likelihood of selling content from Market America.

Other than SEO, people can also advertise online. There are plenty of advertising programs that can help people get the word out on their business. Another thing that people can do is pay for advertising space on different platforms. Then there is social media engagement. This will help people spread the word on Market America products. Also, people will also gain trust from the community with social media engagement. All that is needed is relevant topics. Users can establish their authority in the niche of their choice and build their brand with their chosen social media platforms.

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Talk Fusion’s Latest Technology.

Recently, Talk Fusion has introduced an amended version of live meetings. It is a virtual program that allows users to have refined transmission of information and thus be able to communicate. It presents the most recent communication panel and makes use of the WebRTC system. This system is widespread because of its competence and reliability. The announcement was made by Bob Reina, the founding father of Talk Fusion.


Bob Reina is the man who started Talk Fusion. He also stands as its chief executive officer. He studied at South Florida University, USA. He later entered the Tampa Police Academy where he graduated top of his class and earned the most sought after Award of Merit. He worked solely on his police work until he was introduced to network marketing in 1990 and decided to pursue the venture on a part-time basis.


After identifying his skillfulness in marketing, Bob Reina resigned from his work as a police officer and focused entirely on network marketing. He launched Talk Fusion in 2004. Together with his associate Jonathan Chen, Bob came up with Talk Fusion’s first product, a program called Video Email. The company has continued to come up with new software and new marketing strategies over the years. Furthermore, Talk Fusion has also ventured into many humanitarian undertakings under Bob Reina’s leadership.


The newly introduced product enables individuals to submit one-way videos and hold video based conferences via live meetings. It supports a maximum of 15 hosts and 500 participants. The new software has significant features like exploiting recording technology that does not require a separate download which is substantially going to benefit the average computer users as well as marketing procedures and is also easy for beginners. This version also provides sharp video and strikingly clear audio. Live Meeting has come to be the subsequent Talk Fusion Video Suite invention that reaps benefits from the advanced technology of the Web Real-Time Communications.


Talk Fusion’s applications are known for permitting consumer users to increase their proceeds and at the same time maintain loyal customers. Marketers and entrepreneurs who work solely, vend off Video Suite all over the world. Not so long ago, the firm was able to bring up a program called Talk Fusion University that provides the companies’ associates with on-net training, that will improve and boost sales. Learn more:


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George Soros Donates $18 Billion To Fight Human Rights Abuses And Discrimination

While the Wall Street Journal was the first to report about it, many other publications have now confirmed that George Soros has officially donated $18 billion to his charitable organization the Open Society Foundations. As an avid supporter of human rights and democratic causes, Soros has always been open about his points of view. His donations to Hillary Clinton during her run for the president of the United States was well-known as well as his support of many other democrats who were running for office. Some people believe that his donations around the world have created the tipping point for many positive changes that will effect the world for years to come.

The $18 billion he has transferred to the Open Society Foundations will definitely help Asia for quite some time. It was there that a conflict between Maoist insurgents and the king’s own forces created a terrible atmosphere of violence and human rights abuses. A young woman named Devi had her sister killed in front of her and her daughter captured by forces that accused them of being Maoists. If not for the Open Society Foundations, it would have never been discovered that her daughter was electrocuted to death while being placed underwater in a tub. Because of the discovery, three of the people who killed her face convictions.

While the Open Society Foundations has been accused of getting involved in politics, its real mission is to improve the wellness and basic rights of human beings everywhere. The money donated from George Soros has helped tremendously, and along with the already donated amount of $18 billion, he has commented that there will be another $2 billion more coming. In total, Mr. Soros has donated over $30 billion to a spread of causes. Some of these causes include basic human rights in many different countries, support of politicians who favor equal treatment for everyone, anti-authoritarianism campaigns, and minority groups including the LGBT community and refugees.

George Soros has been inspired to help people based on what he sees as inequality in today’s world, but he is also driven by his own past. This is due to the fact that Mr. Soros lived in Nazi-occupied Hungary during the 1940’s. This gave him a good picture of what a closed society looks like, and he left in 1948 to come to the United States to make a better life for himself. In doing so, he vowed to himself that he would use a lot of his own fortune to make life better for others.

Recently, George Soros has increased the amount of money he donates to Open Society Foundations, because he sees the need to do so. The Trump presidency has brought about a new kind of urgency, and a large part of his donations in 2016 went to prevent further hate crimes from happening due to the attitudes that Mr. Trump’s campaign had created. Mr. Soros has always been open about his points of view and is proud to be able to support marginalized groups and other people who face tyranny, poverty, and human rights abuses.

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Louis Chenevert, The Business Guru With A Mind On Conservation Of The Environment

Louis Chenevert is a businessman and former CEO of United Technologies Corporation, UTC. UTS is an American based a multinational conglomerate that deals with the research, development, and manufacturing of high-tech products. Louis was elected as the Chairman of UTC in March 2006.


During his tenure at UTC as the CEO, Louis Chenevert left a legacy that other CEOs have been unable to match. He managed to steer the company to significant gains in the acquisition of Goodrich while the market was undergoing a recession period. The deal with Goodrich took a whole year in negotiations and was marked as a signature deal. This proved the commitment, business insight, and patience that Louis Chenevert has.


Louis Chenevert has also worked with General Motors as the General Manager in the production department for 14 years. Before General Motors, he had worked with Pratt & Whitney Canada where he was elected as the president of the company after working for 6 years.


Louis Chenevert’s highest ranking accomplishment was his pet project dubbed the GTF. This project saw his idea chosen by Airbus. In 2011, Louis took part in the development of a new concept that helped the aircraft engine burn hotter. This concept relied on decoupling the fan which had the potential of greater payoffs for both large and new engine designs. Louis’ ideas helped UTC in meeting their commitment when it comes to investing in quality technological advancements. These advancements drive the company’s growth to date both in terms of revenue and creation of manufacturing jobs which in turn has boosted the American economy tremendously. Get More Information about Chenevert here.



A CEO often strives to invest in the latest technological advancements to ensure future success for the business. Louis Chenevert is a strong believer in this principle. Employee education goes hand-in-hand with this idea. The current performance of a company is normally very crucial when it comes to success. For a CEO to be efficient in what he or she is doing, they must always think about the future of the company. Check Chenevert on



UTC is always at the forefront when it comes to coming up with environment-friendly designs. Louis Chenevert pioneered this idea while selling the company’s products. This was evident by the reduction of the company’s greenhouse gas emissions by 26% and reduction of water consumption by 53%.


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Dr. McKenna Sheds light on his success

Dr. Mark McKenna is not new to many people. In the world of entrepreneurship, he is known for his hard work and unique investment ideas outperforming other entrepreneurs who are committed to their business. In the field of medicine, Dr. McKenna has also shaped a lot of things and introduced various innovations that have made him get recognition for his hard work and innovative ideas. So why has Dr. Mark McKenna been so successful in different fields?

During an interview with Ideasmensch, he shed some light as to why he has been able to achieve great things in life. He shared some of inspiring success stories that can be used by the upcoming entrepreneurs who want to establish a good name for their businesses. He said that the idea of starting OVME which is a successful medical aesthetic company came because he had the experience working in the medical aesthetic industry. Through such experience, he was able to understand the needs of different people and that is why he decided to start the company to help those in need.

Dr. McKenna says that if you want to achieve success, you must follow a simple key, waking up early and starting your day early. The major benefit of starting your day early is to ensure that you can improve management skills. You will also improve your time management. Also, he is good at setting smart and specific goals that are achievable, and visualization also helps him to stay focused and also be creative. It is through the combination of such practices that Dr. Mark McKenna has been able to beat other entrepreneurs and at the same time building a stable career establishing himself as a professional in medical field.

Regarding education, Dr. Mark McKenna is also well-educated being a surgeon who obtained his degree from Tulane University which is a recognized medical institution. He is passionate about serving different patients and also involving himself in community work. While many people just prefer investing in a particular field or simply building their career. Dr. Mark McKenna is one of those few individuals who has ventured into different fields because apart from being a successful doctor he has also successfully managed businesses.

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Obsidian Energy Is Looking To Expand and Continues To Lead The Oil And Gas Industry With Its Safety Standards

Obsidian Energy, formerly known as Penn West Petroleum Ltd., is a mid-sized Canadian gas and oil producer, located in Calgary, Alberta, that produces around 30,000 boe every day. Since its re-branding efforts to cement itself as Obsidian Energy, the company has become leaner and looks to expand. By encouraging a culture of entrepreneurship and accountability, Obsidian expects to become more and more successful as the years roll on.


The management team at Obsidian Energy includes David L. French who is the President and Chief Executive Officer, David Hendry; the Chief Financial Officer, Tony Berthele; the Vice President of Development & Operations, Andrew Sweerts; the Vice President of Production and Technical Services, and Mark Hodgson; the Vice President of, Business Development & Commercial. Combined, their leadership team has over a hundred years of experience in the energy and gas and oil industry. Obsidian’s Board of Directors includes George H. Brookman; the Acting Chairman in Calgary; Alberta, John Brydson; the Director in Greenwich; Connecticut, Raymond D. Crossley; the Director in Calgary; Alberta, and quite a few other notable names.


Community and the environment matter to Obsidian Energy, and the company is committed to impacting the communities where it operates in a positive way. To support their passion to do so the company has put together the Community Matters Program, which represents a solid commitment to respect the communities it works in. The program is helpful in the way it reminds the company’s workforce as well as its contractors about the importance of paying attention to the concerns of the community and encouraging open communication with locals who want to know more about what the company is doing. Obsidian Energy even has a toll-free number as well as email where community members can get answers to their concerns or questions.


Obsidian Energy also focuses on the health and safety of its employees and the communities it operates in. By working on improving safety standards and raising awareness, the company is constantly updating how it operates and the ways that it prevents any serious accidents from happening. Part of the safety measures that Obsidian takes includes ensuring that its employees report any injuries or incidents, that they comply with safety practices, that the management checks-in and makes sure that audits are taking place, and that any jurisdictional regulations are followed. Visit This Page for more information about the company.


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Gregory Aziz Implements Proper Strategies To Achieve Positive Results

Having a strategy is essential when engaging in corporate matters. The right plan helps to ensure that one can foresee the opportunities that exist in within the economy, and come up with the best techniques that can be employed in the process of taking advantage of such chances to reap maximally from financial investments. Gregory Aziz is an entrepreneur who is always keen in identifying the different opportunities that exist in the corporate market, and as a result, he is currently the leader of the most successful railroad and car manufacturing company in the world.

The National Steel Car enjoys dominance in North America since no other entrepreneur has been bold enough to invest in the sector. Aziz has great skill when it comes to matters of industry management. He borrows the art of company leadership from the Affiliated Foods Company that he was managing once he completed his studies. The food business was started by his father, and Greg J Aziz’s desire to be part of the managerial team saw him take over the full leadership of the organization before leaving to manage his own company.


Born in 1949, Gregory Aziz has lived in Ontario for the better part of his life. Affiliated Foods is located also located in Canada, and in 1971, Gregory Aziz joined the company as he wanted to improve his skills after he graduated from the University of West Ontario. Affiliated Foods specializes in the delivery of fresh food products, and Gregory Aziz led the organization to success for about 18 years. Most of the company supplies are shipped to Europe, South America, and Central America. Click Here For More Info.

Leading Affiliated Foods to success was one of the most significant achievements that was made by Greg Aziz before deciding to go solo in the entrepreneurial sector. The success of Gregory J Aziz at the National Steel Company has seen the company rise higher the ladder of success every year. When he acquired the organization 1994, only 3,700 cars were being manufactured on an annual basis. However, five years later, the firm was able to quadruple the number of cars that it produced to 13,000.


The organization has also helped to provide employment chances to many residents within North America, and most people are making a living out of engaging themselves in the manufacturing process. The National Steel Car has approximately 3000 personnel who have been permanently employed, and this number has risen from an initial 600 individuals.

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The Remarkable Achievements that Gregory Aziz has made in his Career

National Steel Car has dominated North America’s railroad freight and tank car manufacturing industry for more than 100 years. The firm is owned by Gregory J Aziz who has been striving to ensure that it offers its clients quality products by adopting remarkable engineering and manufacturing strategies. He is also the CEO and president of National Steel Car. Aziz’s management skills have transformed the firm into an innovative, diverse, dynamic, and value-driven business. The company’s workforce coordinates well with its administration, and this has made it successful. The businessman motivates himself to ensure that his firm provided exceptional products to all rail operators in North America.


Greg has achieved a lot in his career as an entrepreneur. He was raised in Ontario, Canada and later joined the University of Western Ontario to pursue his economics degree. Aziz got his first job at Affiliated Foods. He was promoted to serve as the company’s manager and assisted growing it into an international importer. In the late 1980s, Aziz started an investment banking career in New York. He made a fortune and acquired National Steel Car as a branch of the Hamilton National Industries in 1994. The businessman is the chairperson of the company.


The productivity of the National Steel Car was quite low when Gregory J Aziz purchased it. He has employed remarkable strategies and administration skills in growing the company. Within the first five years as the head of the firm, the businessman expanded its workforce from 500 to 3000 employees. The annual production of the railroad freight car manufacturer also increased from 3,500 to 12,500 cars. It is currently North America’s most successful company in the sector. National Steel Car is an ISO 90001:2008 certified enterprise and has won the TTX SECO award 18 times. The company is planning to expand its clients’ base from North America to the rest of the world. Refer to This Page.


Greg Aziz has a wife and two children. He currently acts as the head of National Steel Car’s equestrian team and was among the benefactors of the Anglestone Tournament in 2009. The businessman and his family are fans of horseracing. The Hamilton community acknowledges him for the significant donations that he makes to charity. Organizations that he has supported include the United Way, Salvation Army, Hamilton Opera, and Theatre Aquarius. His railroad freight car and tank manufacturing company has offered jobs to thousands of Hamilton residents, and this has assisted in growing its economy.




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A Look Inside the Market America Convention 2017

2017 rang in the 25th Anniversary of the Market America Convention 2017.
The convention took place in Greensboro,North Carolina and more than 20,000 people came to the convention to enjoy the anniversary arrangements and events.
A stage at the center of the arena was built to bring a marvelous view to those in the levels above and an up close view to those on floor level.
There were amazing new products released during the Market America Convention 2017. To name just a few, those products included,

Isotonix Essentials which features the brand new Turn Up and Turn Down, anti-aging, and who could forget Women’s Health products.

DNA Miracles® brings to you the new Vitamin C+D3 chews and the Pre and Post Natal Protein Shake

TLS® Weight-loss Solutions added a new protein shake to their line, The Trim Tea and Plant Based Shake.

And who could forget Essential Oils by Royal Spa!
They feature five aromatherapy oils to set the mood for an occasion. Whether you want to Focus, Balance, or Refresh you’ll be sure to love their oils.

As we Commemorated 25 Years of the Market America Convention there are certain to be many, many more years to come.

The Market America Convention is set to feature more entrepreneurial success and intoxicating new ways to boost your business!

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