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Bob Reina: This Is The Man The World Needs

Bob Reina is the CEO and founder of Talk Fusion, which is a company that has clearly gotten the attention of its customers and the people that look at tech products for a living. Talk Fusion has made a lot of head waves over the past decade, and they are all positive. They are positive because it comes from a positive person in Bob Reina. He does not see anything in life as a challenge or too hard to overcome. In fact, for Bob Reina, it is just the opposite. He sees it as a chance to grow. He wants to grow and he wants the company to grow. He also wants all of the customers that are using Talk Fusion to grow with him. Learn more:


He is the type of leader that wants to take everyone along with him for the ride. He is not merely interested in his own self-interests and his own needs. He looks at the world around him and likes to find out what can be improved and what can be changed. This has worked out very well for him because he keeps in touch with the people around him as well as the people on the street. He values feedback and he takes it to heart as well. He is not the type of person that is just going to smile and nod and keep on moving.  Learn more:


He is also not the kind of person that is going to sit idly by and let people suffer. That is why his employees are given the chance to deliver Talk Fusion to a charity of their choosing. He is well aware of all of the good that Talk Fusion can do for people. Because of this, he wants people to get their hands on it and he wants people to have fun with it while also growing as well. Learn more:


When people grow and when people see that they have a chance to do something special and unique with their lives, that is a wonderful thing to behold. They start to believe in themselves and what the future holds.


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Louis Chenevert, Former CEO of United Technologies Corporation (UTC)

United Technologies Corporation (UTC) is a well-known global company with several investments worldwide. At United Technologies, management aims to continuously invest in technology, people as well as innovation. The company recognizes the fact that decisions made today have a great impact on the outcome of future success.

UTC expects to recruit approximately 25,000 people over the next three years in the U.S. Out of this number, there will be 5, 000 new posts to help support growth in their innovation platforms. Investments in innovation grows the business as well as the supplier’s business who play a primary role in helping UTC deliver their commitments to customers. The dedication and willingness of UTC to invest in various technologies will help support the U.S manufacturing and economy jobs.

GTF Investment
The Pratt & Whitney GTF( Geared Turbofan engine) was on display at Capital Hill in mid-July this year. The GTF engine was a 10 billion dollar investment designed to change the industry. This engine reduces noise footprints by 75%, emissions by 50% and fuel burn by 16%. Having entered into service in 2016, the GTF is currently being flown by 14 airlines on seventy-two aircraft.

About Louis Chenevert
Louis Chenevert is a popular businessman who hails from Quebec, Canada. Mr. Chenevert served as the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of United Technologies Corporation. Louis was also the President of Canada’s Pratt & Whitney Company. In 1999, Louis was elected president of Pratt & Whitney. In March 2006, he was elected as the Chief Operating Officer and President of UTC. However, Mr. Chenevert stepped down as UTC’s Chief Executive Officer on December 8, 2014, and was replaced by Edward Kangas.

Louis holds a bachelor of commerce degree in production management from HEC Montréal, which is an affiliated Business School of the University of Montreal. In 2011, he received a doctorate honoris causa from HEC Montréal. Apart from that, he has been serving as an Exclusive Advisor at Goldman Sachs in the Merchant Banking Division from September 8, 2015. Louis is a recipient of the 2009 Honor Award from the National Building Museum. In 2011, Chenevert was named Person of the Year by Aviation Week & Space Technology, the U.S. aviation trade magazine.

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Jose’ AuriemoNeto’s Contributions to the Success of JHSF

Jose AuriemoNeto is a Brazil leader whose specialty is the high-end real estate industry. Jose AuriemoNeto is the President of JHSF Real Estate. Mr. Neto is also the chairman of the board of directors of JHSF Real Estate. JHSF Real Estate was founded in 1972. Over the years, Mr. AuriemoNeto has significantly participated in the commercial and residential incorporation. Neto has also contributed to the establishment and administration of shopping centers, international commercial airports, and five-star hotels. Also, JHSF Real Estate is widely recognized for its abilities to spot new opportunities in its respective markets.

JHSF Real Estate is characterized by outstanding components that make it fruitful and popular. The company is made up daring, innovative and self driven individuals whose primary aim is to offer sustainable solutions to problems in the market. This outstanding company’s attribute has made it possible for AuriemoNeto to partner with other organizations. Mr. Neto has conducted development projects in Salvador, Manaus, New York, Miami and Punta del Este in Uruguay and learn more about JHSF.

JHSF Real Estate is made up of four other business units. The four units are Incorporation, Shopping Center, Airport and Fasano Hotel and Restaurants. After 42 years of being operational, the company’s efforts were recognized in 2007. The company was ranked in the highest segment of Corporate Governance of the Bovespa.

Jose AuriemoNeto values his family. Jose AuriemoNeto is a husband to Mariana and a father to their children. Recently, AuriemoNeto and his family traveled to New York for a six-month vacation. AuriemoNeto’s children are now enrolled in schools in their new niche, New York. Neto’s intention in New York is to improve its image. Neto has a construction project that involves the building of a high-rise apartment. AuriemoNeto is also constructing a five-star JHSF hotel facing Central Park on the Fifth Avenue. This investment strategy is necessary. It will create apartments for rent and not for sale.

AuriemoNeto went to FAAP University in Sao Paulo. He began his career experience with JHSF in 1993. In 1997, JHSF created a services department that later emerged successful. Neto then seized the opportunity and developed the first shopping destination of the services department. Mr. Neto’s Shopping destination has experienced success in its development.

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A Review of JHSF’s Success Under the Leadership of Jose Auriemo Neto

JHSF Partipacoes SA is a Brazilian real estate developing company. The entity specializes in the development of high-end properties. Over the years, JHSF has engaged in the development of several residential and commercial properties in Brazil and outside the South American country. In addition, the company is credited for developing hotels, shopping centers, and an international business airport.

Some of the shopping centers owned or administered by JHSF include Shopping Ponta Negra, Cidade Jardim Shops, and Shopping Metro Tucuruvi. Shopping Metro Tucuruvi was constructed by the company in 2013. It managed the premises for three years before selling it in 2016. Jose Auriemo Neto, the company’s president, authorized the sale. The project was unique given that it allowed JHSF to successfully integrate it with the nearby subway and local bus terminal. This process resulted in a project having positive impacts on the society.

Since its founding in 1972, the company has constructed many properties. Its focus remains to be the creation of sustainable projects that have minimal impact on the surrounding while providing residents with the best living environment. The corporation is a strong believer in quality, innovation, and sustainability. The company’s first offices were based in Sao Paulo, where it is still headquartered. JHSF has opened other offices in Salvador, Miami, New York, and Punta Del Este.

Recently, JHSF expanded its businesses to include an executive airport. The company noted the need to provide business executives with a private airport that addressed their needs in terms of offering them with premium services. The airport is located in Sao Paulo. It has been cleared to serve other international airports directly. Moreover, JHSF operates The FASANO chain of hotels and restaurants. Click here to know more.

About Jose Auriemo Neto

Jose Auriemo Neto is a Brazilian real estate expert, who is based in the city of Sao Paulo. The shrewd entrepreneur is the chief executive officer of the successful JHSF Company. He took over the company’s management in 2014. Over the years, he has helped in enhancing its operation.

Before joining JHSF, Jose worked for B Store and Cidade Jardim. He was the founder and CEO of Cidade Jardim. The experience that he gained from these companies enabled him to sharpen his management skills and business strategies. Jose has been able to provide visionary leadership at JHSF.

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Doug Levitt Looks Beyond the American Dream with “The Greyhound Diaries”

We are consistently told the American dream can be attained by anybody with the correct level of driver and determination. The musician and artist Doug Levitt believes the American dream has largely been placed out of reach for many communities who are struggling simply to make ends meet, as Levitt has shown through his own impressive project, “The Greyhound Diaries”; the project has seen Levitt take regular bus journeys across the U.S. from 2004 onward using the many hours spent traveling between destinations to discuss the difficulties of life seen by people from all over the central regions of the U.S.

The Greyhound Diaries” could be seen as a reaction from Doug Levitt to his earlier career incarnation as a foreign correspondent based in the U.K. During his time working with many major news outlets, Doug Levitt began to feel the true problems facing people across the U.S. were being ignored by mainstream media who were basing their news on a few major metropolitan areas. Stepping back into his early love of news reporting, Levitt chose to bring the stories of the people he encountered on his journeys to the public in the form of songs, photographic images, and the spoken word; “The Greyhound Diaries” has become a labor of love for Doug Levitt, who tours the country bringing free shows to not for profit groups and regional arts centers where he brings to life the issues facing people on the fringes of U.S. society.

Doug Levitt was born and raised in Washington D.C. to a family with political ambitions in local government that he states did not allow him to gain a full view of life in the difficult aspects of society for people across the nation. Levitt often refers to Washington D.C. as being recession proof with residents largely unaware of the financial restraints of society outside the U.S. capital and learn more about Doug.

Always looking to learn and expand his knowledge of many aspects of life, Doug Levitt attended the prestigious Cornell University where he studied physics with world renowned scientist Carl Sagan, before arriving at the London School of Economics to study political science and more information click here.

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Copa Star Hospital Model to be Sold to Other Brazil Capitals

Copa Star is a beacon of hope for the people around Copacabana, as it applies a luxurious concept. Having exhibited an excellent ability to offer unique services, the model will soon get deployed in other parts of Brazil for an equally exciting experience. Copa Star is most probably the only hospital where you enter and are welcomed by beautiful painting and artwork.

It is about time you forgot about the general hospitals feeling. Right now you enter any room within Copa Star, and you feel like you are in a five-star hotel. Apart from the exquisite décor that the hospital wears, there is also the high-tech equipment aimed at improving the doctors’ performance. In days to come, they are to commence on highly complex surgeries.

Some Important Nuggets Worth Picking Concerning Copa Star Hospital

For the people who frequent the Rio de Janeiro/São Paulo Area Bridge, it is time to take advantage of Copa Star Hospital, which holds such a high regard in Brazil entirely. The health facility is designed in an outstanding way, possessing a beauty to behold. It comprises of various units where different specialists handle differentiated issues.

It is important to appreciate that it is a kind of a hospital offering comfort for their patients, through maintaining exceptionally high cleanliness standards. You have also not thought about the kind nurses who serve the patients willingly. Should they need to be ferried elsewhere, customized autos are made available for those patients. It is just splendid! Read more about Copa Star at NA FaceTV.

Various Ailments Treated From Copa Star

Gynecologists handle women’s issues comprehensively. You might need to understand about early menopause and some of the symptoms to consider checking consider. Again through mammography, the specialists believe that you could be able to detect breast cancer before its effect spreads too much. Their package is complete and no doubt every woman needs to keep in touch with them.

Children, whether boys or girls also need regular check-ups. Some conditions like phimosis affect either gender and are treatable if you check with the pediatrics. As observed, most children tend to fall ill during schooling sessions, hence the need to be observant.

There are several other illnesses treated in the said hospital. Talk of anemia, cancer, excessive sweating, blood pressure, to mention but a few. Emergencies are also excellently handled at Copa Star. Everything about this hospital is succinctly detailed, from building to services.


Soon Copa Star will be Brazil’s reference hospital. They are working towards defining top quality service, and this is what hospitals entail. Apart from differentiated treatment, they also understand that you need that smile coupled with a warm welcome. The idealizers of the entire package designed the best there could ever be. Visit their profile page on Facebook

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Blind Tastings Can Lead To More Sales For Traveling Vineyard Wine Guides

What is the best way to sell wine? It is a question that wine guides for Traveling Vineyard ask themselves every day. These wine guides may have one of the best jobs on planet earth. Not only do they get to sell the best drink known to man, but they also get to make a living while partying.

Wine guides for Traveling Vineyard host wine tasting parties in their communities. These parties can be hosted at the wine guide’s house, or they can take place remotely at a friend’s or stranger’s house. Once all of the guests have arrived, the wine guide simply takes everybody through a wine tasting from light to dark.

Traveling Vineyard provides all of the online training. The guides are easily capable of guiding the tasting of some of the world’s best wines. The wine guide then leaves ordering information with all of the guests so that they may order some of their favorite wines from the tasting. The wine guide then benefits from commissions taken from all the sales generated from the event.

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So what would you do if you were a wine guide to sell more wine? One of the best ways to get people more intimately connected to the wine is with a blind tasting. This can be done in two ways.

You can simply wrap every single bottle of wine up with tinfoil or wrapping paper. Nobody can see inside the wrapping of the wine bottle. The guests cannot know if the wine is a spicy Zinfandel or a light Pinot Noir. This forces the guests to investigate the wine more thoroughly for a better understanding of the wine.

But I believe the best way to host a blind wine tasting is with blindfolds. Guests must rely on their senses when they cannot see. It forces them to dive into the wine on every level in order to understandThe complexity. This kind of activation of the senses really forces the guest to understand what they like and dislike about wine. This will lead to a greater understanding of their tasteWhich will lead to more sales.

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Global Lender Equities First Holdings Returns Shares of ANGLE plc and Concludes Transaction in the UK

Equities First Holdings is a worldwide leader in alternative shareholder financing solutions. The company announced that it had completed the Andrew Newland transaction of over $1.35 million in ANGLE plc’s shares. This was the first deal by Equities First Holdings as a collateral financial solution.

The three-year commercial facility, conducted in 2014, was one of the first transactions carried out by Equities First Holdings in the United Kingdom. The company acquired Meridian Equity Partners Limited during the 2014 summer. It was the rebranded as Equities First (London) Limited. It commenced its operation immediately after acquisition. Equities First (London) Limited is regulated and authorized under the registration number 605564 by the United Kingdom Financial Authority.

The return of the first client with the initial loan indicates that the company is in business. The founder and CEO of Equities First Limited, Al Christy, said that they had gained success through their subsidiary companies. They have completed over 70 transactions. They have earned the people’s trust in financial solutions.

Since 2002, EFH has provided alternative solutions to financial problems by supplying working capital against the publicly-traded stock. They have met their client’s needs. Equities First Holdings provides money against public exchanges and trading shares in the world. They have more than 800 transactions through their branches to deliver more than $1.5 billion in funding.

Equities First Holdings is a global company with offices in 10 countries including wholly owned subsidiaries Equities First Holdings (Australia) Pty Limited, Equities First (London) Limited, Equities First Holdings Singapore Limited, and Equities First Holdings Hong Kong Limited.

Equities First Holdings is one of the most advanced alternative financial solutions provider in the world. The company operates offices in London, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Singapore, and Sidney. It has announced the acquisition of Equities Meridian Limited. This is an alternative financial solutions provider based in London. The company offers solutions to highly-rated individuals in Europe, Asia, and Australia. It provides liquidity and attractive levels of investments to investors. EFH has an annual growth of over 30 percent. Its highest growth was experienced in 2015. The 50 percent growth set a landmark in its operations.

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Immediate annual review

Recently, the number of corporations ditching the ordinary annual employee review process and looking for something different has greatly increased. Frequent and informal check-ins between managers and employees are replacing the obsolete systems. At Scoutahead, real time feedback is the basis of our platform.

Why are companies ditching the old system? Firstly, heavy investments by corporations to complete review, this requires a lot of paper work while using the traditional method. Secondly, Lack of innovation, creativity, poor collaborated teamwork has been a setback for the traditional review.

The traditional enactment appraisal has no value for most companies. Various HR departments have started to adapt to moving the appraisals online, but continuous feedback has not been put into consideration. At Scoutahead, the gap is filled by continues feedback and employee participation in determining of their evaluation is taken care of.

Raj Fernando

Raj Fernando holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of London. He is the founder and chief executive of Scoutahead. Before forming Scoutahead, Fernando was also the founder and chief executive of Chopper Trading.

He started his career while still in college at Chicago Mercantile where he worked as a volunteer. In the year 2002, he started Chopper trading having worked for different positions at the Chicago Board of Trade. In the year 2015, he sold his company chopper trading to DRW Trading Group. His company Scoutahead was intended to develop corporate and professional development and production through safe and progressive communication structures. Fernando is a philanthropy who supports various projects in the United States such as The Clinton Foundation, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metropolitan Chicago and Wounded Warriors.

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CipherCloud: A Leader in Cloud Security

Cloud computing and usage of cloud services are booming, with the total market for public cloud services expected to reach $210 billion by 2016. However, as more and more companies turn to cloud computing for their data operations, there becomes a question of security, namely how these companies are going to protect their sensitive information when it is impossible to control where the data is stored in the cloud or know who has access to it. CipherCloud, a San Jose based cloud security company, believes it has the solution to address these concerns.

CipherCloud’s solution is an Open Platform that encrypts sensitive information in real time before the data is sent to the cloud, making the information illegible to outsiders. The encryption key is controlled only by the owner of the data, and is never shared with the provider of the cloud. The platform can also monitor who is looking at the information, and alert the company if it detects any suspicious activity. Other areas covered by the platform include data loss prevention, tokenization, malware detection, and key management.

CipherCloud’s product is unique in that is does not affect the usability of a company’s applications, and it provides a single solution for dealing with multiple data security issues. Users are also offered visibility and control of their data while it is in the cloud.

Due to its ability to help customers comply with global compliance regulations, and its proven solutions to businesses’ top concerns with the cloud, namely data privacy, and data residency, CipherCloud already serves more than 150 global financial services. Pravin Kothari, Founder and CEO of CipherCloud, states the next step for his company is to create reliable and fully supported security solutions that are flexible, easy to use, and work in the most demanding industries. These future solutions will solve complex security issues, and help build trust in the growing market of cloud computing.

Pravin Kothari is a familiar acquaintance with security issues. After the success of ArcSight, a security company which he Co-Founded and acted as Senior Vice President of Engineering, Kothari formed CipherCloud in 2010. The company launched in February, 2011, and initially worked primarily in Salesforce environments. Now, CipherCloud employs more than 500 individuals with more than 2 million users, and customers in government agencies, and some of the largest financial, insurance, healthcare, telecommunication, and gaming companies worldwide.

CipherCloud is an award winning company, with its platform named as SC Magazine’s Best Product of the Year in 2015, and FIPS 140-2 validated technology. It’s no wonder, then, that the company recently received $50 million from investors, such as Transamerica Ventures, Delta Partners, Andreessen Horowitz, and Deutsche Telekom. CipherCloud intends to use the investment to hire more employees, and open up their product to new markets, as it continues to address the chief concerns within the cloud. Businesses and organizations are convinced cloud security is an area worth investing in, and have placed their trust in CipherCloud.