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Clay Siegall and What has Made him Successful in Cancer Research

Success in medical research on cancer has been elusive for the past few decades. However, because governments have been increasing the funding for research and also because many private firms have started clinical research into better management and treatment of cancer, there have been significant improvements in the field. Dr. Clay Siegall is one of the most committed and self-driven researchers in cancer therapies and treatments. His company Seattle Genetics has been operational for close to 2 decades and during this time, they have made huge strides in improving the quality of medication to deal with cancer.


Clay was interviewed about his passion for clinical research and success in business and this is what he had to say. First, he was asked how he decided that he was going to venture into the field. He stated that he first developed an interest in the field after a close family member to him developed cancer, and almost died because the therapy that was being used to manage it was too harsh. He was most puzzled by the fact that the therapy could have killed the patient, whose cancer was not serious enough to cause death, hence his drive towards developing better therapies.


The second question he was asked was when his company started being profitable. He stated that his business took more than ten years after the IPO to start making a good profit. He confided that he makes money mainly through the sale of their drugs and therapies. A few years ago, one of the drugs that clinical tests company was developing got an FDA approval and has been used to treat multiple cases of lymphomas. It is being used in the US, Canada and 66 other countries.


Then, he was asked whether there are times he thought his business idea was going to fall apart. Clay revealed that the process of getting an FDA approval on any drug is not an easy one and that in the process, a lot of money is used. But he added that being a workaholic is one of the ways he has managed to deal with the pressure to succeed.