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Investment Firm Highland Capital

Highland Capital Management is an investment firm based in Dallas, Texas. It specializes in providing debt and credit management securities. With this firm, a number of investors will be in position to get more sound management when it comes to overseeing credit. As well as being one of the top investment firms for managing debt securities, Highland Capital Management also offers a wide range of other financial services that benefit many investors. The firm currently has offices in other areas of the world such as New York City, Singapore, Seoul South Korea and Sao Paulo, Brazil. The firm has been in existence for over twenty yeas and has been able to establish itself as a leading financial services company throughout the world.

At the beginning of the firm’s history, it started out as on that primarily focused on providing life insurance. Over the course of the firm’s first three years, it gradually became a top life insurance company. While it experienced a bit of success, it looked to expand on its offerings and provide more options to a growing client base. As a result, the firm began to expand by offering more financial services to clients. During the next several years, the firm would evolve into one of the most comprehensive financial services firms in the world. This would help establish it as one of the most recognized in both North America and the rest of the world.

By the mid 1990’s Highland Capital Management began offering a product that would allow it to stand out among its competitors. It began offering collateralized loan obligations which allowed it to provide a more efficient way of managing debt securities for investors. The firm would also expand on its product and services as well. During the 1990’s, Highland Capital Management began offering financial advisory, wealth management and asset management services. Highland Capital would offer private equity securities and hedge funds as well. This enabled the firm to become a leading company in the industry. Nowadays, the firm continues to provide outstanding financial services to a number of different clients. It provides assistance to pension fund investors, individuals, corporations and government entities.